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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 20

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 20

Chapter 20 – Adventurer’s Private Education for Her -5-

Among the nurseries in Coven, there are several nurseries that are holding on without going bankrupt without the help of the Empire.

One of them is the Gornek Nursery School.

Gornek, the director of the Gornek Orphanage.

She is caring enough that the children at the nursery school call her grandma rather than the strict director.

Her face is wrinkled and her hair is gray with her age, but she has a sad face and her children follow her without question.

Even for her, her troubles arise unexpectedly.

‘I’d rather say I was taken down the sewer by the homeless…’

She said that a few days ago, religious leaders came to thank her for her dedication and service.

She had visited me several months ago, but this time she said something annoying that was hard to ignore.

-What? Can’t you see the kid you saw last time?

Those were the words of a young nun.

She covered it up by saying that she went out to play for a while, but it might be a problem if you don’t see it the next time you come.

Next time, you should definitely set the target and pass it on, not making a clumsy excuse.

Since it is a coven with poor security, there are many suitable excuses.

Consistent statements are more important than evidence, so it’s easier to decide in advance.

“Keuk… It’s the waist…”

As I get older, my back hurts no matter how much money I spend.

Ignoring the natural phenomenon of aging was still a long way off for him.


I hear the door open.

It must be the prank of the waking children again.

If you don’t keep your sleeping hours, you should throw away your caring image and get scolded.

If they were really kidnapped, the damage would be enormous.


The moment he left the director’s office, tapping her on the waist, Gornek stopped her movement.

I saw two figures wearing robes standing in the dark.

She was startled enough to scream, but she barely came to her senses.

“Who, who are you?”


A male voice came from the robe standing in front.

He is holding a long warhammer in one hand and looking at himself.

The subtle divinity felt in Warhammer…

‘…Is it a church!’

How are you already noticing? Did she go after her after hearing the nun say that she barely saw an orphan?

The weapon in his hand did not come for a good purpose, even at first glance.

At this rate, the sewer that leads to the director’s office is also dangerous.

‘You shouldn’t show me frightened and numb on my feet.’

Seeing as they haven’t attacked yet, there must be no clear evidence for either of them.

‘Think! Think!’

Gornek did not survive this time simply through luck.

She has the basic living skills to eat and live.

“Thank you for taking a long step with good intentions, but it’s difficult to meet the children because they’re sleeping right now… I’m in trouble too if you come to us at a time like this.”

Since you said you were a guest, treat them like a guest at an orphanage.

The figure, presumed to be a man, reaches inside the hood and scratches his chin in annoyance.

“Look carefully-“

He spoke as if educating the person behind him.

At the same time as the man’s low voice, the atmosphere reversed.

The light in his eyes staring at him from behind bothers him.

However, Gornek cannot afford to be wary of that.

Coo coo

The killing spree that would crush Gornek’s weak body was suffocating.

The pressure of life and mana that seemed to take your breath away.

‘This guy!’

He is a different person from the scum who claim to use his strength somewhere.

Quickly convinced that he could never defy this man with his own power, Gornek squeezed his strength to open his mouth.

“Uguk…Why, why are you like this! Aaaaa!!!”

Even if I screamed, there was no reaction from the children who were sleeping in the next room.

Tumble- Tumble- Tumble-

With a warhammer on his shoulder, he approaches step by step.

I doubted whether I was a human from the Church of Mana, as rough as raw.

‘I can’t use black magic…’

Here he should not be used even if he dies.

Even if the sewer goes undetected, if you leave evidence in Coven, Tristan’s land, things will get bigger.

For the prosperity of Nemanatas.

That buck-

With each step he takes, his presence grows like crazy.

In the gaze of Gornek, the uninvited guest gradually grew in size and grew like a mountain.

The warhammer, which had been swinging erratically from his shoulder, was slowly lifted.

‘Lord, die…!’

In the face of death, human nature emerges that cannot be hidden.

Gornek had prepared for death in his heart, but it wasn’t that he wasn’t afraid.

It is best for him to die here without rebelling, for the sake of his group and the progress of black magic.


Because she knows—she made a resolution in her heart, but for humans, the fear of death is not so easily ignored.

That is why sacrifice and martyrdom are noble and praised by all.

Dies, dies, dies, dies, dies, dies, dies, dies, dies

She stared at the flashing Warhammer.

That heinous lump of iron will split his head off, and everything he has worked so hard to build up to this point will be futile.

It seems that the murderous intention to kill oneself for sure burrows into the body and rips out the brain.


Gornek’s jaw trembled in fear.

Instinct overpowers her reason to die fiercely for Nemanatas, and she shows the least movement to live.


Gornek, regaining her movement with her mana, stretched out her crumpled hand as she groaned.

Black flames gather in her hand and draw her orb.


Gornek’s vision is dark.


The one I used at the entrance to the nursery school was sleeping incense.

It is sold in the back alleys, and its use is prohibited in the empire.

It’s an item that doesn’t work on people with a little bit of mana or strong adults, but it’s hard for children and the elderly to resist.

The old black magician who runs the nursery school was unaware of it and proudly came out and started acting that wasn’t even funny.

I know the nature of this old man.

As I approach step by step, the evidence that I do not want to die pours out from my body.

As they are driven into a state abnormality called fear, their focus is disturbed and they cast black magic with a scream that is hard to hear.



Warhammer breaks through Gornek’s skull.

The gathered black magic loses the caster and is scattered in the air.

I swung the warhammer into the air once, spraying sticky blood onto the floor.

Chow ah-

[ Sterling Warhammer ]
▷Inflicts additional damage on undead.
▷He has divinity.
-Warhammer created by melting the rosarios of faithful nuns.

It is a masterpiece that kills the taste of the hand even after a long time with a retired paladin and a drink contest.

“What do you think?”

“I’m sure. Same as that day…”

Rike saw Gornek’s mana and black magic with his own eyes.

As his body overcomes the trembling rage, on the contrary, Rike calmed down and stared at the old man whose head was broken and died.

I didn’t think it was cruel. Rather, this is a masterpiece for Rike.

I finally got to see the picture I wanted.

I have been looking forward to this moment in my life.

Now, you just have to find Hellbroom, find out the truth about her, and make her the same.


Until recently, life was a thorny road with no end in sight for me alone.

Life is knowing that there is a sun in the sky.

The light comes down and illuminates the floor, knowing that there is warmth in the sky.

It was impossible to raise my head and look up.

I did but…

Rike looked at the back of the man standing in front of him.

I threw the corpse of an old man with half a head in the director’s office and pulled out a closet in the corner.

A small door right behind you.

The door is low enough that even an adult would have to bend down to pass through.

Upon opening the door, a shabby wooden staircase leading to the basement welcomes us.

The smell of wet and damp water stings my nose.

As I was about to go down the stairs, I suddenly became curious.

“Aren’t you curious how I know all this, no matter how platinum I am?”

Even when he took out the elongated object called the Warhammer from his bosom, Rike did not say anything.

“…I’m curious, but I just trust the adventurer.”

“Really? It’s a little touching.”

“…If you received this much, shouldn’t you believe it?”

I’m impressed that my favorite heroine relies on me, but she seems to understand it the other way around.

I raised the corner of her mouth slightly at her innocent words.

“As much as you give, you get credit and give back that much… It’s ideal, but the world and human relationships aren’t that simple.”


“This is going to be a long story. Don’t forget what I said when you go in.”



As you go down the creaky stairs, the smell of water and stench intensifies.

As the sewer is approaching, the sound of water is faintly caught in your ears.

If I were alone, it would be ideal to reduce the sound of my footsteps to the maximum and cut them off one by one, but with Rike, that would be difficult.

Originally, I was going to leave Rike at the dorm, tidy up by myself, and then bring him back.

(Those related to me… I want to kill Hellbroom and its knights with my own hands.)

With a strong yet sorrowful look, I reluctantly allowed it.

In the middle of the story, Rike says the same thing to the main character.

The main character is also doing it, but I can’t? If you decide to help, you should finish it perfectly.

‘As soon as I go down? Was it two?’

Even if you know the location itself, you can’t remember details like enemy placement.

What I believe is the search using mana and developed senses.

I firmly gripped the weapon in my hand.

You can see the end of the stairs down there.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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