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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 12

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 12

Chapter 12 – Cracks in Love -1-

[Information on the completion of library interior construction]

It is a post that the library can be used from next week.

Seeing the flare that signaled the start of the episode, I headed straight for the library building.

The library was very busy with cleaners and janitors.

“You are the instructor who came this time.”

“Nice to meet you, Librarian.”

The Librarian was a tired old man.
It’s not a game, but in real life, he looks older than the dean.

Hehe—-I didn’t know that the famous instructor would know me.”

“He’s the one who manages the library at the academy, how could he not know?”

Is there anyone who doesn’t know how much the ‘library’ means in the academy water?
This cliché remains the same in ‘Akka Light’.

“That’s true… I’ve heard of it. You’re a unique person. You might say he’s not like an adventurer… Ah! It’s not a bad thing at all!”

The Librarian swept his beard with an expression of embarrassment at his remarks.

“I don’t mind because I hear it often. Can I go see the library right now?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s difficult. It’s impossible because the final construction and cleaning have not been completed.”

Even if you say that you borrow one book quickly and come out.

The Librarian expressed his intention not to do so.
There were countless forbidden books and complex security magic inside, so it seemed he was busy fixing them.

‘As expected, expedients aren’t easy.’

Even at a glance, you can feel the mana from some of the cleaners.
It’s kind of camouflage, but it shows.

“Then I’ll come next time it opens.”

“You are always welcome to come when you are ready.”

I wanted to retrieve the item before it exploded, but now even the main character can’t enter.

I looked around the library one more time with regret and left the academy.


Rike sits in the dormitory staring at her sword.
It seems like something is being caught, but it is not being caught.

(It shouldn’t have been easy up to this point. You’re not wrong, so just do it.)

She can just feel herself.
That wasn’t a lie.

He was recognized for the first time by a strong man recognized by everyone.
That the time spent like a madman is useless.

I am genuinely happy.

It’s one step closer to cutting off their heads right now.

– Smart smart


No one will come to find you

No matter how much I thought about it, no one came to mind.

In the end, I put the sword back in the house and got out of bed.

I pressed the wooden doorknob open, and red hair swayed.

It is a toy-like movement that attracts cats.

When I lowered my head, it was a face I had seen somewhere.
Perhaps a cadet from the same faculty.

“I’m in the next room, but I’m here to say hello!”

“Ah yes··.”

The red-haired girl’s room is at the end of this hallway.
Right next to me, I’m the only one.

‘Didn’t you hear my name in class?’

They don’t seem to know me yet, but when they hear my name, they’ll back down.

Rike cleared her throat a little and opened her mouth to the conversation she hadn’t had in a long time.

She also expected the picture of the opponent backing away in fright.

“Like…I’m Skadi.”

“I am Seria Electra!”


Instead of running away, she bows as if she is wearing a dress and approaches her playfully.
It was the first time this had happened, so it was difficult to respond.

“If you’re not busy, at least have dinner with me! We’ve been seeing each other for three years, so let’s get close quickly!”


When Rike gets really hungry in her room, she simply solves it with milk and bread provided at the entrance of the dormitory.

It wasn’t a thrift mind, it was just a lack of appetite.

Nutritional supplements for survival.
Meals mean nothing more.

Even when she came to the capital, she rode a carriage straight into the dormitory, so she never went out for meals or anything else.

“I came here with my sister the other day, and it was a nice store! I’ve been there, so I’ll buy some food!”

Rike was dragged outside without saying anything to Seria, who pushed her recklessly.

Rike, who followed her into her shop, ordered one of her soup and shut her mouth.

“Is that really enough? You must be hungry at night.”

“It’s okay···.”

Seria looked at Rike, then picked up her fork and rotated it around her with her fingers.
It was an action that could not be thought of as an aristocratic diet.

“Actually, I thought I would sleep after training. Today, it was hard to stay still, so I went to visit him.”

“Somehow… It feels like I’ve seen a wall that’s too big. I think people who’ve been through the same thing will understand this feelinghaha—-haa.”

Seria laughed with her weak face and ended with a sigh.
Rike doesn’t know anything else, but she can understand that.

Can I hit the right pitch at this time?

It wasn’t easy because it’s been so long since I’ve been talking to someone I’ve never seen before, and even with someone of a similar age.

“It’s okay if you don’t force yourself to talk. I talk a lot.”

Seria placed a small piece of bread on Rike’s bowl, who licked her lips.

“Shall we talk comfortably first? The academy cadets are the same regardless of top and bottom, and they are the same age.”

Although there are high and low ranks that cannot be resisted among the actual cadets, it is stated that both nobles and commoners are equal in print.

When Rike nodded her head slightly after thinking about it, Seria showed her healthy teeth and grinned.

Just in time, the dish was served and hot soup was placed in front of Rike.

“I will eat well.”

“Ah! I thought I’d just let go.”

“Ummm… Now, shall we eat well?”

Only then did Seria pick up the spoon as if she was satisfied.

Seria didn’t want Rike to answer her.
She eats her meal, simply lamentably unraveling her own story.

Ricke was also not as uncomfortable in this seat as he thought.

She had no manners or formality, and she did not force an answer.
As Seria noticed, she avoided all subjects that would make her uncomfortable.


The menu itself was light enough to be called dinner, so the table was not long.

As for Seria, she usually eats fast, so there is no big difference in terms of time with Rike, who only orders soup and eats slowly.

Seria, who came out of her shop, looked at the sky where the sun was still shining and said she was worried.

“Should we go on a field trip to the adventurer’s guild while we’re out? If it’s okay with Rike!”

Rike listened to her story while eating, so he could guess how interested she was in her adventurer.

Seria seems to be thinking of doing adventurers in the capital at the same time as graduating, or building a career and managing the adventurer branch.

Although I wanted to play in the real world, not in the academy right away.

If you change your mind and want to apply for a management position in Adventurer, they say that it is better to come to the academy.

Aiming for her adventurer or even her managerial position, Seria’s primary goal is to abandon her title and surname like her older sister.

‘Last name…’

Even as Rike heard the story, she felt that Seria was already planning her future.
She is different from herself who doesn’t know tomorrow or next week right now.

“Let’s go. I’m also curious about something…”


The two are not intertwined in an affair.

New class. New instructor.
And many causal relationships and human ’emotions’ that cannot be realized with any magical tools.

They started to create cracks in the affair.


“This is why adventurers are said to be vulgar and dirty with stone heads!”

I’m drinking ale at the tavern in the basement of the adventurer’s guild and enlightening the things that ruin the guild’s reputation.

-That bastard sucks again…
– Someone call Lily’s!
-The request went out?
-Cheek Show!!

“If you’re going to talk about how bad the Lizardmen are, please don’t mention the adventurer’s badge! I’d rather understand if the Yongin people say they’re bad.”

One of the adventurers complained to the guild receptionist, Won-chan, that she wanted to fuck a lizard man in the capital square, and that she was talking loudly with her colleagues.

I heard it from the side and covered my face with embarrassment.

“Roman. I’m an adventurer who worships freedom, so I can’t easily skip over the current story.”

“Crazy bastard. Are you going to play?”

“Whoah–Listen to the story.”

Nottingham Greenhill, an adventurer of blue gold just below platinum.
He is a man who has no one eye, but is making a name for himself by defending the party as a white-haired shooter.

He grabbed a wine bottle from his table and used it like a microphone.

“Gentlemen!! If you’re not honest with your own character and are ashamed of it, can that be called an adventurer who values ​​freedom the most!”

-That’s right!!
– After all, the learners are different.
– It’s easy to say where you’re from is important.

– I also think of Lizardman sometimes!!
-Who are you?

Adventurer’s Tavern.
When I look around at the idiots who cannot be rehabilitated, I sigh.

And the fact that regeneration is impossible is the same for this child.

He is not a married woman, but a mentally ill person who goes beyond that and only haunts widows.

“As expected, the madman with a taste for widows is different from the way he talks.”

“Tsk tsk – it’s a kid who doesn’t know the taste of a real woman who prefers virgins. It’s a childhood fantasy tinged with possessiveness.”

“Okay! I understand! Kill me!”

As I jumped up from my seat, Nottingham pulled out a pair of crossbows from his waist.

Even though she drank that much, she didn’t have a tremble in her hand that was aiming at me, which wasn’t her form.

-Me, they fight again!!!

-It exploded again Niimi!!!

– You crazy people! Dry quickly!!

– If you get caught in the middle, you will die! All up!

With a crackling sound, the adventurers vacated their seats, and the two of us were left underground.

“If I win, admit for the rest of your life that the girl who shows off her legs and hips with a garter belt in a maid outfit is the strongest.”

“Kkeukkeuk-You’re like a strong kid. If you taste the widow’s taste, you’ll get away from her visual pleasure.”

“I’ll knock you out and bathe you in the blood of a unicorn.”

Drinking the blood of a unicorn has many benefits, but it has a huge drawback.
Unless you are a virgin or someone you have taken a virgin from, you will not feel sexual desire.

Because of this, there have been social problems caused by knights and adventurers who committed suicide after realizing that they had washed the dishes.

Bicorn is the exact opposite in this case.

Nottingham knew that fact for granted, so he did not tolerate insult and drew the crossbow without hesitation.

I can’t help but be angry because it’s not the same as saying that I’m going to castrate myself.



The crossbow spewed fire, spewing out a handful of flesh in an instant.
Even though he didn’t use the skill, his rapid fire had reached the state.

Turn all combat skills to OFF, kick the table and use it as a shield.


The arrow was lodged in the table.

It is absolutely forbidden to use mana in personal battles between adventurers.
Skills are also prohibited.

An adventurer is a corpse without respect and coercion.

The guild decided to simplify the rules at all, as they fought each other every day saying that it was a long way with a nonsensical quarrel.

〈〈 The winner’s words are the truth. The loser is forbidden to refute. 〉〉

If I win, Nottingham is wrong and I am right.

I lifted the table with pure brute force and threw it at Nottingham.

“You bitch die!!”

Meanwhile, on the upper floor, Rike and Seria opened the door to the Adventurer’s Guild and came in.

“Eek-! The smell of alcohol!”

Seria grabbed her nose as soon as he entered.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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