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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 13

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 13

Chapter 13 – Cracks in Love -2-

The moment I opened the door to the Adventurer’s Guild, I could smell the strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes.

“Eek-! The smell of alcohol!”

Seria unknowingly grabbed her nose.
It’s the first adventurer’s guild in the capital, but it feels somewhat hectic and crowded.

It was like a gambling den in her back alley, not the adventurer’s guild where she felt free and camaraderie as she thought.

There were no lofty strongmen with arms folded in the corner, and no specific genocide was seen anywhere without taking off their armor and helmet.

The first impression was completely different from the adventurer’s guild seen in the story.

What kind of accident happened when people were crowded on the stairs?
A cracking sound echoes from below.

-Don’t lose this time!!
– I bet everything on you! Kill it!
-Head!! Shoot in the head!!
– Long live the Lizardman!

The only thing looking at the two who had just opened the door and entered was a woman wearing a hair band.


“Hey…What’s going on?”

She, who appears to be her receptionist, glanced at the stairs expressionlessly and gave her sales smile.

“It happens all the time, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“That’s right.”

Seeing the receptionist with a liberated face, Seria lost her words for a moment.

“There is something I would like to discuss.”

Rike, who was watching the situation with a nonchalant face, approached the receptionist.

“Please speak.”

“How much do I need to entrust a request to Platinum?”

Seria opened her mouth and the receptionist was momentarily taken aback.
The receptionist quickly returned with a sales smile.

“I’m sorry, but it’s easier to explain if you can prove your identity. Platinum is our guild’s best power, so please understand that it can’t be easily leaked.”

‘So who are you? Do you have money to hire?’ Meaning that.

-I don’t have to work for a while, buthehe.
-Gosh! That sick! Lost again!!

A cheer erupted from the stairway.
Rike didn’t care and took out her post-author’s certificate from her chest.

“I am Ricke Skadi, the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Skadi.”

“···Please wait for a moment.”

The receptionist took out his unique monocle glasses and checked the front and back of the badges made of various metals.
As if the confirmation was over, she nodded her head alone, then got up and took some documents.

“I’ll guide you, so let’s move.”

“Uh… Will I stay outside?”

The nomination request is a secret thing.
An individual’s disgrace may be revealed, and you may have to say something you don’t want to know.

Seria, of course, had no intention of going in with her.
I’m curious about the price, but…

“Let’s go together. I’ll just listen today.”

Rike’s small voice grabbed Seria.

A reception room with soundproof magic installed.

The receptionist showed the contract between herself and her adventurer’s guild not to reveal secrets, and sat down.

“I’ll tell you first, there are currently over 500 requests from Platinum-rated adventurers.”

“…Then is it possible to request after that?”

“No. It’s a request, but it’s entirely the adventurer’s will to receive it. Especially… The higher the rank, the more adventurers pursue interest rather than money.”


“The more money, the better. I think it’s because you have enough money to really rot away, so you want something other than money.”

Attaching the opinion that it is a personal opinion, the receptionist held out a piece of paper.

“This is the most recent ‘money-only’ platinum-rated price.”


As soon as Seria glanced at the paper, she covered her mouth in exclamation.
Rike was also surprised, his eyebrows slightly narrowed.

“If it’s not money, what do you usually receive?”

Apparently, this price far exceeded Rike’s expectations, so he pushed the paper back to the receptionist.

“It’s hard to define something like an item, elixir, estate, or mansion. Even if it has no value at all, it’s important to just draw interest.”

“All right···.”

The receptionist looked at Rike, who was getting darker, and added another word to her.

“This is something I’m mentioning because I’ve allowed it to be mentioned, but…It’s a very rare thing, and there are cases where I’ve been asked to have a drink together.”


Perhaps Seria was more surprised than Rike, but a loud sound came out without realizing it.

“Yes. They are difficult to understand with common sense. To make you understand even a little, the client was a great beauty.”

‘Even though···’

Seria pressed her temples as if she didn’t understand even after hearing it.
No matter how much money you have, it is unconvincing that you would choose a drinking party with a beauty rather than that amount.

“Who is he by any chance?”

Rike was told in her old days that she resembled her mother.
Her mother was the most beautiful woman on the continent in her own eyes.

Although she was embarrassingly inferior to her mother and her face was already disfigured by her scars, Rike asked, eager to grab at a straw.

“That—it should be in the underground tavern right now.”


“Look! The scum that covets the grieving widow has fallen before my righteous iron fist!”

– Roman! Roman! Roman!
– Virgin bugs! Virgin bug! Virgin bug!
– The unicorn of the adventurer’s guild!!

Nottingham is knocked against a wall and passed out.

I pulled out the arrows stuck in my forearm and shoulder, and took a potion from Nottingham’s pocket and poured it on my arm.

“From now on, I will exercise the winner’s right!”

When he lifted the unconscious Nottingham with one hand, cheers erupted from the surroundings.

Everything from the tavern’s repairs to today’s drink will be billed to Nottingham.

Even if it’s a small amount of money, you’ll feel dirty.


Shall I take off my clothes and throw them outside the guild?
Run and hand it over to Changgwan as a daily part-time job?

I am worried about which option would be insulting.

Pair, pair.

“Yes—- Roman-san, please stop here.”

Receptionist-chan, who had only been keeping his seat upstairs, drew attention with applause as he came down the stairs.

“No matter how popular our receptionist is in the adventurer’s guild…”

“Two beautiful and young women are looking for Mr. Roman.”


I threw Nottingham on the floor and got off the table.

“You guys play with it! I’m coming!”

The bag of belongings Nottingham had was packed.

I climbed the stairs like the wind.

Bullying stinky men and talking to fresh beauties.

If you give points for interest and fun, will this compare with value?


Who are you today?

I opened the door to the waiting room with anticipation.




They looked at each other’s faces and made dumb noises.

“…Do you know anyone?”

The receptionist read the atmosphere from behind me, not entering the reception room, and asked.

“…Wow! I was surprised at how beautiful they are. Today, I’m lucky here and there.”

Haha—-Please go in quickly.”

I had no choice but to go into the waiting room and sit down.

Seria is avoiding my eyes, and Rike is just staring at me as if he is not taken aback.

‘Where did it go wrong?’

The reason Rike gets involved with another female character is after the incident is finished in one way or another.

Relationships are formed with the heroines by Robert’s side, and events occur or illustrations are shown.

It’s strange that he came to the adventurer’s guild right away, but since the two of them are together, the confusion is amplified.

‘Did I become an instructor? Beating up for class? Or also…’

The first thing I was wary of living in this world and knowing a partial future.
However, as I continued living for a long time, I forgot one thing.

The fact that they are humans with free will, not NPCs who only keep their positions and output fixed words.

Up until this point, I had focused on the hidden pieces and had no sense of having a love affair with them.

In the first place, the love affair I knew hadn’t even started.

Who are the characters you met at this entrance ceremony?

Naturally, I thought I knew what they were doing.

Everything is in the palm of my hand
As if I had become a Buddha, I was in a sense of omnipotence.

If you go to 1, then you will go to 2, and then you will go to 3 unconditionally.

‘I thought it was too simple… It’s a complete revision.’


I was so moved by this world for a long time that I forgot what was so obvious and felt relieved.

Because people are not objects.
Don’t think simply.

Things related to Robert also need to be completely revised.

How would you have grown without the interference of gamers when you lived like that?

“Maybe I can talk to these people by myself?”

“Of course not. Words that make no sense…”

“What do you think?”

She showed the intermediate regeneration potion in Nottingham’s pocket in front of her eyes.

If it is intermediate level, it is an item made by a skilled alchemist.

It is similar to the vitality potion sold by the church, but has different effects depending on the method.

As it is literally a regenerative potion, if you apply it to your skin without drinking it, it boasts excellent cosmetic effects.

From the point of view of ordinary people, if you want to use it for cosmetic purposes, the price is really ridiculously expensive.

She deals with nobles and high-ranking adventurers, and her eyes are as high as she gets.

She believed that she would never refuse, knowing that her spending outweighed her earning.

“…The opinions of the two of you inside are important.”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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