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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 11

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 11

Chapter 11 – Orientation -3-

What kind of life did the girl lead before coming to the academy?

Though naturally estranged from her father, her attendants were not watching her die.

For her not to step out of her own room, it was her best to leave her meal before her door.

It’s an empty time.
Now she has stopped taking swordsmanship lessons and has stopped studying.

All I do is stare blankly at the ceiling.
She was so sad that she could no longer feel anything even when she read the romance novels that had made her heart ache.

She found out when she didn’t know how much time had passed.
A person with negative emotions should not stay still.

When she is alone in her room, her emotions swell like crazy and she attracts unwanted guests.

Depression like the abyss.
The helplessness of looking back at myself for not doing anything that day.
The fearful future of having to live a life without a mother.

The time comes when she can’t bear to eat her own flesh.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s possible or impossible…’

Grabbing the bedspread and wringing it, nothing changes.

Although I can’t understand all the pain and despair her mother must have felt. She felt that if she thought of her mother she should do something right away.

There’s only one thing I can do

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a false name or whether the mother really learned black magic.

One single thought: to cross the line between good and evil and kill all those involved.


She got up from her bed and drew the sword she was using in her class.

I moved my body recklessly in a room that was hidden from sunlight by a thick curtain.

Seniority is important?
I stopped learning.

I don’t know anything right

Pick up a heavy sword and just cut and stab.
Until I fell asleep without thinking about anything in my head.

Cut to the left and cut upward from below.
Stab the air

Until the blood that flowed from the torn palm soaked the carpet and hardened black.


“I am Ricke Skadi…”

I barely spit out my name in a weak voice.

Coo goo goo-

The moment she pulled out her sword, her skin burned to the point of burning towards me.
It’s projecting me onto something.

Her dark emotions ooze out of her with her slimy viscousness.

‘Revenge… It’s pitiful to see in reality.’

I’ve done my best on my own so far, but I wouldn’t have had a chance to bump into everything I had.

Again – again –

There was no charge to close the distance like the other cadets.

Ricke takes a sword and walks towards me step by step.

Just like the things I’ve been doing in a dark room.

She wields a sword

How much is it

In the act of harming living things, you can feel the feeling of innocence.

Sloppy body strengthening that could not even be achieved.
A simple and straightforward sword trail.

But ignoring all of that.

‘Great concentration.’

A gaze that never blinks is like a sharp awl.

There’s nothing fancy about swordsmanship, but I can tell.

You can tell by age.

The time she has accumulated.


Robert stared at Rike brandishing her sword as Maxim healed her torn mouth.

Compared to himself, he was not fast and was honest.
There won’t be any choice like that.


The molar still seems to be shaking.

‘Even if I can only use skills…’

Not conceited, I am special.
If the possessed person is not special, then what in the world is special?

I always felt that luck was by my side.

Even if you take notes without studying, you are at the top, and if you have one skill, you can beat the knight who came to teach you.
I didn’t want to learn anything from knights who couldn’t overcome my skills.

I am chosen

Even if a criminal throws away all his time and tries his whole life, he will not be able to defeat me.

By the way···


Power went into my fist.

I feel annoyed at the thought that the women just saw the ugliness.


When I, an ordinary person, was possessed by the body of a child without knowing why.

The marriage discussion with her proceeded regardless of her wishes.

I wanted to enjoy using the face of ‘probability’ commonly in the world, but I put up with it for now.

I didn’t remember being involved with a woman in my life, so I thought this was lucky.

‘If she’s beautiful, let’s wait until she grows up.’

Even though I had the temperament of a goldsmith from my previous life.
When I saw the young girl, I thought I would never fall in love at first sight.

But there was nothing absolute in the world.

She was like the most luxurious doll in the world.

She has a beauty that is delicate yet flawless, like her glass on the verge of breaking.

Although he could not get out of the arms of his parents, he tried to have the courtesy and authority of a nobleman.

‘Want to have.’

You can tell just by looking at it.
That was a winning lotto ticket.

In a world where polygamy is possible.
My first harem seat, I will definitely give her a seat.

After a few conversations with her, even her heart was taken over by her chattering like a canary, even on boring topics.

And after a while, when I heard the news that the family of the Marquis of Skadi and the future mother-in-law collapsed, I was surprised for a while, but rather delighted.

‘…This is absolutely not a bad thing.’

In most of the marriages in aristocratic societies, the family atmosphere is also established according to the authority of each family.
As she falls, my position grows.

A chance to do everything according to my taste through legal procedures.
For the first time, they forced their non-parents to continue their engagement.

The opportunity didn’t arise after that, but as fate would have it, we were able to meet again at the academy.

How have you been up to this point?

If I go to the church, I can erase that ugly scar.

I wanted to reach out and ask if I was okay, but I couldn’t.

There were so many eyes around me that I couldn’t get close.

Until now, I have been working hard to keep my image strong.

If you take the wrong first step, everything may collapse.

‘Just a little more… Until everyone takes what I say for granted…’

Fortunately for her, no one took her interest in her but me.
So it’s okay to approach slowly.

Now, more than that, what to do with the person who wielded violence against himself.

‘A lowly adventurer…’



The sword flew with a clear sound and lodged itself in the wall.
Even when she missed her sword, she didn’t stop her attack.

She raised her long, thin fingers and aimed at my eyes.

‘Summing! This is quite right.’

One of the ways to overcome the superior skill gap.

Unexpected attack.
It’s aiming for the vitals.


Her fingers clogged in my palm bent the wrong way.
Insensitive to her pain, she was staring at it.

“The pattern is monotonous when the sword is raised. The circulation of mana is messed up. The balance itself is awkward because her distribution is not done properly.”


I used an imperceptible amount of mana. I made a net so that the sound breaks out and goes out.

If you hear it outside, you won’t know what I’m talking about.

“But… It’s great.”


After blankly listening to my evaluation, she finally saw me at the last words.

Until just now, their gaze had the feeling of looking somewhere far away while looking at me, but now they are looking at me clearly.

“Slash and stab. I know how difficult it is to handle that standard so neatly.”

“···Thank you.”

“It must not have been easy up to this point. You’re not wrong, so just do it.”


“Don’t stand still. Go get treatment first.”

She took one look at her fully bent fingers, as if she had just realized it, and then turned to her Maxim.

The treatment of the last patient, Rike, has been completed.

The cadets rushed back to the line they had when they first arrived.

“Today is the first day of class, so that’s it. You’re free to object or send me an assassin.”

The eyes of some who looked at me were filled with hostility.

He dreams of becoming a strong man who stands above everyone else, but some of them may be the first to be beaten like this.

“The next class will be tougher, and the intensity will only get stronger as the days go by. If that sucks and you don’t like it, there are a few options.”

“The first is to give up and go home. The second is to understand, endure and adapt to one’s situation. The third and last is to kill the instructor in the name of sparring.”

“While sparring, I will do my best to control my strength. I guarantee that my cadets will never die.”

“But the cadets don’t need to adjust their strength. If a prospect capable of killing me appears, even His Majesty the Emperor would be delighted. Truly, he is the king of the Empire.”

It is neither conceit nor joke.
I can tell because I’ve met the emperor several times through a request.

If it were that old man, the moment the cadet who killed me appeared, he would laugh and push everything away.

“That’s it. We don’t need a greeting, so let’s disperse!”

The cadets, who were looking at each other awkwardly, quickly dispersed.

I approached Maxim, who was resting in the back.

“You worked hard. Priest.”

Hehe- Instructor had a hard time. Hey, watching it reminded me of the old days and it was good.”

“I’ve heard it’s definitely more like this in the old days.”

These days, as parents are polarized, the academy classes are monotonous and closer to networking.
According to Roland and Doran, in the old days it was worse than this, not less.

Since the dean and the old knight remembered that time, rough methods were incorporated into the drafting of the education.

In a way, this incident was an opportunity to re-discipline as an educational institution.

“That’s right. The educational institutions created by the church proceed similarly to this.”

“Oh oh··.”

Since there are many priests, it would be possible.
And most of the members of the church are war orphans or those who have received revelations.

There will be fewer people who touch or talk outside.

What if the academy had been run without change even after things went wrong?
How many times did the generation change happen and the Paladins of the Order did not become the best in the Empire.

“Then I will go.”

“Priest. See you in the next class!”

After a brief greeting, I left the gym for the last time.

Right before going home.
Just like on the first day of school, I headed to the bulletin board at the central entrance before leaving the academy.

I wondered when the news would come, but the response finally came.

[Information on the completion of library interior construction]

This is the start of the first episode.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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