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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 10

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 10

Chapter 10 – Orientation -2-

Brom Vista or Bro Baxter is lying on his back and is being treated by Maxim for a shattered jaw.

Maxim did not change his expression much, as if he had heard the story from the church or Roland properly.
The only ones surprised by this situation were the cadets.

In terms of common sense, it is obviously not normal for even platinum to make the children of nobles like that.
It was true that even if it was a class, it was a blow that crossed the line.

“The flow was cut off because of one crazy guy.”

When he saw Brom, who couldn’t come to his senses even after receiving treatment, he clicked his tongue.

“If you don’t want to end up like that, swing your weapon wholeheartedly. It’s okay to actually kill the instructor. The cadets have no responsibility.”

“I’ll give the cadet the highest score this semester for any cadet who gave the instructor even one effective hit. The cadet who received the highest score will be recognized even if he or she does not attend.”

Next was the swordsmanship department.
I remember him as the cadet who answered my question when we were talking about the black magician.

The posture of holding the longsword was bizarre.
Lean your upper body forward and let his sword hang down.

“This is Jun Crowder from the Swordsmanship Department.”

On the other hand, since the teacher’s case existed just before, Jun lowered his stance and walked sideways and circled around me.

‘It’s unique. A family of hunters?’

The way he walked and the angle he tilted his upper body were very unique.
The longsword I was holding seemed to touch the floor.


Jun, who threw the longsword in his hand at me, caught up with the flying longsword right behind it.


I grabbed the longsword with my right hand and watched Jun’s hand.
The entry-level dagger that had been hidden up his sleeve flowed out.

‘Has it been a bluff ever since I brought a long sword?’

When he raised the longsword in his hand and struck it, the dagger that was about to be caught in his hand flew to the back.
As it is, lay down the longsword and strike the hamstrings with the side.


Jun turned half a turn in the air and fell down.


He spun and fell with a dumbfounded face.

“Huh… I lost.”

“The movement speed of mana inside the body is slow. If you think of an unexpected number like now, focus more on your technique so that you can follow the quick attack.”

“…I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you!”

Leaving him behind as he crippled himself while holding one of his legs, my gaze turned to the Knights Faculty.


“The lower body is weak. I don’t have leg strength, but if I raise my posture that much, my neck will run away!”

“Efficiency is not good if you use excessive mana for reinforcement. Isn’t the mana that can’t be digested flowed out uselessly.”

“Narrow her elbows in at the moment of slashing!”

“Why do you spread your legs so wide? You mean you want to get hit in the groin?”

As the wounded piled up one by one, beads of sweat formed on Maxim’s forehead.
Today was supposed to be a taste, but if it’s at this level… I think I’ll have to bring in a few more idle priests for the next class.

“This is Seria Electra.”

Shortsword in one hand.
A round shield in one hand.

A sword and shield with great balance.
In order not to miss the shield, the hand holding the handle was covered with cloth and tied entirely.

‘That kind of spirit isn’t bad.’

She puts her shield in front of her and only slightly exposes her eyes, step by step towards me.

The first choice is stabbing.
Looking at the distance, it’s a disappointing choice.

“At this distance, it’s hard to get a critical hit even if the blade of the shortsword goes all the way in.”


He gritted his teeth and swung his sword.
Classic combination using a one-handed sword.

It is the textbook itself.

“Cadets lack wrist strength, so if you encounter an enemy of the same rank or higher, aim for a critical hit with a thrust. With this power, you can’t even slash a bone at once. At that time, you will die in a daze.”

If you look at the attack, you can see that he put in effort and thought.
Hard work anyone can see.

You might hear that there is talent among ordinary swordsmen, but Lofty Academy is a gathering place for talented people.
It is true that the future is difficult.

As time passed, mana depletion and nervousness overlapped, resulting in large movements.

I take a step behind her and dodge the sword she wields.

Pushing her exposed elbow, her mana-laden sword hit her shield, causing Seria to fall.


Her face blushed and became similar to the color of her hair, perhaps because she fell after being hit by her own sword.

The current shock must have completely removed the wrist that blocked the sword.

Even so, I want to praise the way he stands up and raises his shield.

Her venomous eyes are the exact opposite of Lilyne’s.


She swings her sword again, but it is less powerful than before, and her hand holding her sword trembles.

“Don’t get excited. I would have told you not to cut, but to stab.”


Her sword slipped from Seria’s hand, which had lost her grip.

“Go and get healed.”

“···Thank you.”

With her head down, she picks up her sword and leaves her hair.


Now it was the turn of the hero I had been waiting for.
Standing in front of me with her stiff face, she draws her longsword.

-Robert fighting!
– Win!

The fact that the heroines even cheer him on makes him seem like a protagonist with a certain probability.

“This is Robert Bolt.”

It was confirmed by the fact that he stopped by Red Meyer.
As the game progresses, there are Koreans in your body.

On my account, he has an incomprehensibly grotesque, sometimes soft, egotistical personality.

The biggest thing is being generous with yourself.
In games, it serves as an indicator for overcoming crises positively, but in reality, well…

Since the ‘Akarite’ work itself has an age, the main character has some similarities with the old-time light novel protagonist.

The moment the heroine says something important, her hearing loss kicks in.
It doesn’t bear fruit with anyone, and continues to be involved in several people.

If you catch one, you can’t make a decision for fear that the rest will leave.
What you need to do is catch all the sick.

‘Is it because it’s not an adult game that I can’t make that kind of decision?’

It’s a frustrating decision in my opinion to run away with a woman to Korea to run away from the parents of ‘Robert Bolt’, not himself, even though he has achieved this in his third year at the academy.

‘I’ll do it a little better than the garbage in front of me.’

Like me, I don’t know that the foundation of the world is a creation, but the main character’s luck follows him who has wandered from the dimension.
In order to raise the name of the family, parents feed everything good.

If you just walk down the street, you accidentally find a hidden piece and accidentally meet a heroine in trouble.
His innate skills are good, and his physical abilities are high without having to take hidden elixirs.

It’s natural to think that the world revolves around you.
He must have gone to waste in Red Meyer now, but his innate ability doesn’t go anywhere.


They come in, leaving clear footprints on the hard floor.

“The speed is the best ever.”

I dodged to his side and walked, and Robert rolled on the floor alone, raising a dusty wind.


Clinging to his body, he wielded a longsword.
Not only movement, but also the swinging sword is close to a heavy sword based on its excellent body.

In other words, it is a great physical ability.
If you train steadily based on this, you will become a famous knight even without a hidden piece.


‘What is this bastard?’

I’m so flustered that I can’t keep my expression.

This cannot be called swordsmanship.
It was just a strong child wielding a sword at random.

It was a sword fight that only worked for monsters with low intelligence.

The hardware is obviously top-notch, but the software is garbage.
Did I just care about this guy all this time? Unknowingly, I raised my fist.

‘Close your eyes?’

“Did you close your eyes right now? Maybe you’ll get hit? Please tell me I was wrong.”



Robert’s head turned to my knife.
A trickle of blood gushed out of his mouth.



As he swung his sword, a faint light flashed moment by moment.

Since things didn’t work out the way he wanted, he repeatedly raised and lowered the skill without realizing it.
Because you can wipe out an awkward monster or opponent with one skill.

‘Is it a one-tool skill rather than one’s own skill…’

I saw her close her eyes again at the right moment.
I felt like my eyes would go round when I saw something like this holding a sword.

“Not one of the cadets here closed their eyes for fear of pain. It’s the worst.”


This is a hidden piece and not a problem with the elixir.
I feel that the realm of martial arts, which I have been involved in all my life from my previous life until now, is being insulted and defiled.



She is a heroine who has fallen down after being educated several times before.
Although she takes good care of her people, there are times when she raises her business with an angry personality, so I am not a heroine that I do not prefer.

The wound was nowhere to be seen, probably because Maxim’s treatment was over.

“…Can even platinum handle touching so many nobles?”

“Of course you can.”

What did you say
Since the main character is cheesy, is the heroine getting colored too?

“Such a barbaric class… I will report it to my parents and make a formal complaint to the academy!”

“Did you say that a cadet would disobey His Majesty’s orders?”


This lady didn’t seem to understand why my words were going there.
In the meantime, not the heroine who stepped out for herself, but the main character who peeked at Rike was truly a legend.

“This class is all based on an imperial order from the Imperial Family. Didn’t all of the students here submit a consent form. But even then, they rebelled against it… You don’t have to say anything, do you?”

“…No matter how hard it is, it’s true that I’m overdoing it right now!”

“Is this too much? Today is the first class, so what are you talking about?”

I felt the cadets tremble at my words.

Ignoring Robert who was chewing on his chapped lips and the heroine who comforted him, I called the last member of the swordsmanship department.


She jumped up from her seat and walked out.

“I am Ricke Skadi…”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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