Eat With Infinite Saves

Eat With Infinite Saves

무한 세이브로 따먹다
Native LanguageKorean

The academy life is repeated endlessly until the desired result is obtained through the save load ability.

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  1. HtetAungHlaing says:

    This novel is really better than I thought. It has a proper plot and the sex scenes are bad but Heroines are really enjoyable. Please upload more, Lord Panda

  2. Punhero says:

    It’s really enjoyable because of its infinite load save concept

  3. HaremSHunterS says:

    This novel ia very good and unique untill it arrives the [hide dungeon arc] whic breaks the storyline and mc hard work by resseting his status -_- (sorry if my englis is bad)

    Rate : 9/10 (chapter 1-150)
    Rate : 3/10 (chapter 151+)

  4. Haraguro says:

    Reas until 400chp. 7.5/10 it’s have a solid plot ,story flow was quite good but sometimes it kind of dragged too long. Smut scene wasn’t the best but has an enjoyable heroine.

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