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Eat With Infinite Saves 516

Eat With Infinite Saves 516

Chapter 516 – A Dungeon You Can’t Leave? (6)


Although there was an awkward atmosphere, Hyeji and Minji could be said to be professionals in their own right.

Although he was still a cadet, he had experience engaging with villains and was not foolish enough to react emotionally in such a situation.

No matter how much it was, there was nothing good about this atmosphere continuing.

In the end, we’ll live together later, so it’s good to get to know each other in advance.

Well, they’re not in a serious fighting mood yet, and they just seem jealous, so it’s kind of cute.

“Do you feel like you have a lot of energy today?”

“… “

I don’t know if it was because of my sex power, but I felt lighter than yesterday.

The two blushed and turned their heads, probably remembering yesterday.

This will happen often in the future, so there’s no need to be so embarrassed.

‘Well, anyway, this isn’t that bad, right?’

I was worried about the slow recovery of magic power, but at this rate, there seemed to be no need to worry.

It felt a bit sticky, but it didn’t feel much different from magical power.

‘Well, it’s not exactly the same.’

To put it simply, should we just say that it is general magical power with its unique abilities gone?

It was a bit awkward to see a pink glow instead of the usual blue flame, but it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Should I just say it feels a bit awkward?

Ugly-shaped mushrooms greet you as you enter the forest.

It was a guy called a fiery mushroom, and it was quite annoying as it shot out a thin liquid.

I ran and swung my sword right away before the guy ran at me.

A blade that moves like water without the feeling of cutting.

The mushrooms were knocked down helplessly by the sword, which had become sharper than yesterday.

“I guess it’s more efficient than I thought?”

“Your body is definitely light..”

I only had pseudo-sexual acts, but at this level, if I even had real sex, I felt like I could still produce B-level force.

Wouldn’t it be possible to go even further if it were a bit thicker?

It would be difficult to call him a class A hunter since he cannot use the unique area.

So on the first day, we stopped at the entrance and decided to go deeper.

As I went inside, checking the map Genie had brought me, I felt something in the atmosphere change.

“Something bigger has appeared?”

“Why do only these disgusting monsters appear?”

“What should I say… Fizzy mushrooms?”

When you face it at the beginning, a monster that looks bigger than the flaming mushroom appears.

It was almost the size of a person and had pockets on the bottom that could be called feet.

Naturally, I frowned at the fact that it looked exactly like a man’s testicles.

Sex fairies look cute in their own way, but why are there only monsters like this?


The giant flaming mushroom stood in place and suddenly started spraying bodily fluids everywhere.

The scent of chestnut flowers was so strong that it could be felt from afar, and I felt nauseous.

“Let’s deal with it quickly.”

As I approached the guy, the guy who was spraying bodily fluids everywhere started aiming this way at his head.

Then, as expected, a giant flaming mushroom ejaculates.

I wasn’t stupid enough to be fooled by a move that was already obvious.

He quickly ducked down and dug inside before the fluid ran out.

At the same time, a pink energy formed on the sword.


Despite its soft appearance, its body was as hard as wood, but it was not enough to withstand my sword.

I felt more resistant than expected, but I couldn’t resist my pink sword.

“Hey. What should I do if you rush at me so recklessly? And what if something goes wrong?”

“It’s better to deal with this quickly.”

“The result is good, but I think I should have been careful because it was my first time seeing this monster.”

Where did the bickering between the two go? At times like this, the two get along again.

I wonder what kind of man doesn’t like me when he cares about me. I apologized to both of them and looked down at the fallen guy.

“It’s endless.”

Thin body fluid was flowing down from the part that had already been cut in half.

If the body fluid sac is that big, is the amount coming out really that big?

“Everything..You. “Your clothes are a little melted?”


As Hyeji said, I checked my sleeve and saw that it was slightly melted.

I thought it was an unpleasant liquid, but maybe it was acidic?

‘If only I had turned that over..’

As I thought about it, I felt a chill in my stomach.

It’s durability is so weak that it dies in one hit, but it’s an attack that sprays body fluids everywhere, so it’s going to be quite tricky.


When she suddenly felt pain in her back, she turned her head and saw Minji narrowing her eyes and glaring at her.

“Don’t rush in so ignorantly every time, just say something and run.”

“Yes yes.”

“Are you really my mom?”

“What did you say?”

“Oh…It’s nothing. “This… Will sell too, right?”

“I guess so. “Can I just take the head part?”

I ended up needing money to eat and sleep here, so I only cut off the head.

It definitely looked like a mushroom cap, but it had a hole-like hole at the end.

‘I guess it’s not just monsters like this?’


It was a monster that wasn’t very difficult except for the bodily fluids.

It was just a monster that had the worst compatibility with Minji.

Who would have known that Minji would explode the moment she hit him with her fist?

‘Well, it’s probably because of the way Minji uses her magic power.’

In the case of Hyeji and I, we focus on sharpness to cut her opponent, while Minji focuses on her hitting side and uses it.

The mushroom that could not withstand Minji’s attack exploded, and it was only natural that she got covered in the white liquid that he had sprayed all over her.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It doesn’t really hurt… “

Minji wrapped her arms around her chest with a blushing expression on her face.

That’s right, because all the clothes that came into contact with his bodily fluids melted.

“But I’m glad… Only the clothes melted.”

Hyeji muttered with a relieved look on her face.

I also agreed with Hyeji. What would have happened if something else had melted.

“Well..What’s so fortunate… “

“Well..But wouldn’t you be glad you weren’t hurt?”

“Well.. That’s true, but..”

“Then shall we go back from here?”

She answered as she lifted her sack, which had become quite heavy.

Considering the weight, wouldn’t the profit be better than yesterday?

By the way, it looks like it would be difficult to cover it with one arm.

Hye-ji looks at Min-ji’s breasts, which are not properly covered, with an expression of half surprise and half envy.

Since she always wore sports underwear, she didn’t seem to have thought that something so big would be hidden inside.

It’s definitely surprising how such big breasts can be so compressed.

‘I feel like I’m a bit heavier now, so it would be better to go back.’

The moment she was about to leave, a noise was heard from behind her.

“It was love at first sight. Will she please marry me?”

“… ?”

Not even a moment has passed since she sensed it, but the man immediately approached her and spoke to Minji.

I swung my sword at the sudden intruder and kept him in check.

“What are you?”

Who does this bastard dare to touch?

“I’m sorry, but could you please leave the intruder out for a moment?”

The man who casually dodged my sword swung his sword as if to counterattack.

The guy’s sword was approaching faster than I thought. The moment I raised my sword to defend myself, I felt a heavy blow.


I was pushed back without realizing it by such a strong force that I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Hmm? Did you stop that? Well, if you look at how easily it deals with the Big Bulky Mushroom, it probably isn’t an ordinary being.”

I’ve felt it before, but the guy’s voice is quite annoying.

An unpleasant sensation arose from the weak voice that did not seem to belong to a man.

“Who are you!”

“Hmm? There was another lady. Nice to meet you. I am the Four Heavenly Kings who work under the Demon King. “This is Eunuch King Yuni.”

“… ?”

As a group, we kept our mouths shut as if we had been stunned.

Was it because you were a eunuch that your voice was annoying?

The guy seemed very proud of being a eunuch.

I don’t know if that’s why, but I also didn’t know if he felt a bit dainty for a man.

By the way, who would have thought that the Four Heavenly Kings would appear so suddenly?

“You..! “Did you say he was the Four Heavenly Kings?”

“Hmm..? “If you’ll excuse me, I’m not interested in women with small hearts.”

“Who..Who is small!!”

When Hye-ji swung her sword angrily, King Yuni easily blocked Hye-ji’s sword.

It’s clearly a sincere attack, but it seems to be blocked so easily.

Even though our abilities were low, it wouldn’t be an attack that could be easily blocked.

It seemed like defeating the Demon King would be more difficult than I thought.

“Go away!! “Because I’m not interested in a bastard like you!!”

Minji, who was next to her, took advantage of her gap and rushed towards her, swinging her fist.

Her breasts were exposed and shaking, but I guess this is not the time to question such things.

“Sniff.. Sniff..? Hmm..? This..”

Yuni has no choice but to step back due to Minji’s attack.

The guy sniffed his nose and scrunched up his face with a serious expression.

“You bitch..! “How dare you deceive me on the subject of a slut?!”

“Who..Who is the slut!! “You crazy bastard!!”

King Goja nonchalantly blocks Minji’s attacking fist with his sword and even counterattacks.

“Who is this bastard touching!!”

Before the eunuch could attack Minji, he ran forward and blocked his sword.

Although it is defeated due to lack of holy power, it is a hero’s sword that contains the trick of using the opponent’s strength.

King Goja, who was embarrassed when his sword’s trajectory was twisted, took advantage of the opportunity and attacked right away.


Even if a suspicious rainbow-colored barrier hadn’t appeared in front of him, it would have been an effective hit.

“Maybe it’s because he’s a dirty whore and a prostitute.”

“Who..Who is the prostitute!!”

“You bastard!”

To me, a prostitute who had never had sex with anyone other than my children, he was quite unpleasant.

Well, it’s not wrong to say that both my mother-in-law and teacher are my women.

Anyway, are the Four Heavenly Kings the Four Heavenly Kings?

Unlike us, who were exhausted, King Yuni looked fine, and it seemed like victory could not be guaranteed if the fight continued.

‘If only I had sex power… ‘

If I had known this would happen, I would have just had sex yesterday.


We glared at him with nervous expressions.

“As expected of dirty and unclean beings who only have sex, the power they use is extremely unpleasant.”

“You probably think that because you’re a eunuch.”

“Under. They are dirty seeds consumed by sexual desire. “You poor beings who don’t know how beautiful it is to be free from sexual desires and be able to look at the world fully.”

The guy raised his sword and glared at us.

“We will exclude unclean beings.”

At the same time, a rainbow-colored aura blooms from its body.

If we do this wrong, we’ll all die, right?

Eat With Infinite Saves

Eat With Infinite Saves

무한 세이브로 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The academy life is repeated endlessly until the desired result is obtained through the save load ability.


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