Eat With Infinite Saves 515

Eat With Infinite Saves 515

Chapter 515 – A Dungeon You Can’t Leave? (5)


The path of great harmony, the wet, hot, and warm passage between the two, was already soaking wet.

The path to new life and the path to pleasure was already in my hands.

When I hold the labia majora and stretch it, their pussies stretch like glutinous rice cakes. As expected, Minji’s pussy is thick.

It may not just be my imagination that it feels particularly softer than other parts.

I guess I should say that the real fun is the reaction they can see every time they touch.

“… “Huh..”


As expected, the two of them react every time they touch each other.

Seeing that it responds so well to even the slightest touch, it would be appropriate to call it a poor person.

At first, it didn’t seem like she was this sloppy, but after playing with it a lot, Minji turned into a sloppy pussy.

‘Well, does Hyeji have more water?’

Minji was a poor pussy, and Hyeji was an equally poor pussy.

Unlike Minji, who is an acquired poor pussy, should I say she is a born poor pussy?

Anyway, from the man’s perspective, there was nothing bad about the water coming out.

If there is no reaction, that too becomes a problem.

Well, if I were to really ask about the issue, should I say that it’s so sensitive that it stretches out before I’m satisfied?

Still, since the number is large, shouldn’t that be seen as an advantage?

‘Now that you think about it, it seems like everyone is sensitive.’

Since I have incubus characteristics, I may be sensitive to that aspect, but perhaps there is another reason.

Considering that other female hunters are also more sensitive than ordinary people, I think it may be a characteristic of the awakened person.

Hunters had much sharper senses than ordinary people.

The story of having sharp senses can be seen as the body being sensitive to stimulation.

There are advantages to being able to easily respond to surprise attacks or quickly read the flow of mana, but I guess this can be seen as a disadvantage, right?

As I was playing with her soft flesh, the sound of her words disappeared.

Should I say, more accurately, that it looks like there is no time for conversation?

Every time I touched the protruding clitoris and saw it shaking left and right, the corners of my mouth rose.

It feels good to the touch, but it’s also nice to be able to see this kind of reaction.

I don’t know if it was because we were touching different pussies at the same time, but it felt quite refreshing.

It’s not the first time, but I have to say it’s exciting every time.

It was quite enjoyable to touch and compare each other’s pussies in real time.

Hyeji’s inexperienced pussy still had the tightness typical of a virgin.

It feels like a wild pussy that hasn’t been tamed yet. If I fuck it harder, it will probably fit my dick.

On the other hand, Minji felt like she had become accustomed to my dick because she was being fucked every time.

However, it was true that it felt tight because there was so much movement and there was something that tightened a little explosively.

Well, should I say that both are difficult to distinguish between superiority and inferiority?

As we were comparing each other’s pussies, the room began to fill with the sound of sloshing water.

If I were to be specific, I felt like the sound was louder in Hyeji because there was more water.

__Squeak..Squeak! Chop..Chop chop!!

There is a lot of water.

As I moved my hand to touch the flooded pussy, the sound of the water grew louder.

Although it was not as watery compared to Hyeji, Minji also had a lot of water, so I began to hear quite strange noises.

Both of our faces started to turn red from the sound of water that we couldn’t hide even with the blanket over us.

Even if she tried to pretend not to notice, the sound became so loud that Hyeji hurriedly opened her mouth.

“My..Tomorrow! Uh..How far can I go!!”

“You… Don’t know?! Still, oh… Wouldn’t it take a lot more than today?!”

Maybe it was because they were both at a loss, but it seemed like they thought this was the sound coming from her own pussy.

It looks like he’s trying to cover up the sound with conversation, but is that possible while being stimulated?

“G..Ugh.. Ge..! This time… Don’t… A lot… Isn’t it possible to go in?”

“Is..Is..Is..Do? “I don’t have faith, but it seems effective.”

__Crackling! Squeak! Chop chop!

At this rate, they might have noticed something strange, but maybe they don’t know because of the state of each other’s pussies?

The two were talking in such a dirty voice that you couldn’t tell if they were moaning or talking, but at some point they covered each other’s mouths.

The two cover their mouths with both hands.

Looking at her tight pussy and the way she was shaking, it looked like she was about to climax.

A man who satisfies two women with just his fingers.

That’s me, Siwoo Kim.

__Fushushushu shoot!! Few shot!!! Few shot!!!

It was quite cute to see Hyeji and Minji’s waist shaking and their mouths closed at the same time, as if they were in sync with each other.

My hands got soaked from the waterfalls that burst from both sides at the same time.

It seems like more water came out than usual, but is that because of the situation?

“Ha… Haha..”

“Hu..U.. Hu… Right… “

They both seemed to be exhaling with difficulty, as if their climax was over.

The two’s red-faced faces looked quite strange, no matter who they were.

Saliva dripping from the corners of the mouth, tears, and sweat-soaked hair.

As I was looking at the two people looking so erotic, my alter ego started to get excited.

What would happen if I touched her pussy more when it was so sensitive?

That was the moment when I put on a mischievous expression and stretched out my hand to play with both of their pussies.


No matter who they are, they grab my wrist as they try to break in.

Even though my strength was stronger, it wasn’t enough for me to win with one arm.

Even if you try to escape from the bondage of the two, you cannot escape.

Is there such a sad situation as having something to eat in front of you but not being able to eat it?

Perhaps because it felt sadness, my other self also chuckled.

All you have to do is just sew it in, and there are flowers on both sides.

They both belong to me, but I can’t fuck them.

I tried to move my hands to break free from the restraints, but I couldn’t win because they were both holding on to me as if it was a life-or-death decision.

“Oh..Why don’t we just sleep in for today? “If I’m going hunting tomorrow, physical strength distribution is important.”

“Yeah..Yeah. What. “Something will work out tomorrow.”

No, is it the end if only the two of you are satisfied?

Their cocks were clamoring to go home right away, but both of them seemed to have made up their minds.

If I had known this would happen, I would have only touched one person.

“You… Make sure you go to sleep quickly too.”

“Yeah..Yeah, idiot..Don’t do anything weird for no reason.”

“Something strange…”

“S..It’s noisy! “I’m going to sleep, so don’t disturb me!”

With both hands tied, there was nothing I could do.

After struggling a few times, I couldn’t see the angle, so I just gave up and closed my eyes.

There will be a chance tomorrow too.

‘Anyway, I don’t feel uncomfortable.’

The bed is damp from the two of your pussies, but are you planning on just pretending not to notice and sleeping?


“Uh..Um? “Miss..Minji, are you awake?”


Kim Si-woo, what is this crazy guy doing in front of Hye-ji?

I had no choice but to leave him alone because of pink power or something, and he was a guy who didn’t know the extent of it.

Well, if I had known how to protect that, I wouldn’t have messed with my sister or mother.

‘Do you really want to touch Hyeji?’

Recently, Hyeji was one of the people of interest.

Seo-ah also sticks around with Kim Si-woo, but should we say that it feels like she’s just being foolish?

It’s okay because she feels like a little sister, but she wasn’t Park Hye-ji.

I don’t know if she has feelings for Kim Si-woo, but she seems like a fox and there’s nothing wrong with being careful to show her affection.

She also doesn’t seem to like the fact that she is stuck next to Kim Si-woo.

So I just left the touching, and I wonder if that crazy guy doesn’t know what satisfaction is.

Because she fell asleep without changing her underwear, her lower body felt uncomfortable.

If you take off the blanket, the bottom will probably be damp.

“Wasn’t it uncomfortable? “I heard that Kim Si-woo and Lee Ja-sik did something strange.”

“Do you mean this weird thing? Well…That can’t be true. “Kim Si-woo was sleeping quietly.”

Could it be that Hye-ji realized what happened with Kim Si-woo yesterday?

Although her abilities declined when she came here, Hyeji was also a high-level awakener.

In fact, she is stuck in such a small space, so it would be strange not to know.

‘Well.. Let’s think positively about how this happened.’

Although I may say it myself, you must have known what kind of relationship you and Kim Si-woo had.

Since she already knows that they have seen everything she will see and cannot see, won’t she give up her feelings for Kim Si-woo?

Hye-ji, the granddaughter of Choi Tae-soo Hunter, the representative representative of Korea, to Kim Si-woo, who keeps messing with everyone?

Yeah, I guess that’s because I’m disappointed.

“Do you want to wash first? “I don’t think he’ll wake up.”

“Huh?.. Well.. I’m fine.. Minji, would you like to wash up first?”

“Uh.. That is..”

Hye-ji gives in to even the smallest things, but I wish she wouldn’t give in at a moment like this.

When you wake up, you will definitely see that the bottom is wet.

Is there anything more shameful than seeing the bed wet while you are away?

“I’m fine. Hyeji, wash yourself first.”

“Yes? I… I’m fine too. Minji, please wash first.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine too.”

No, you don’t have to give in like this.

“What are you two doing?”

It seemed that a being who could be said to be the culprit of the incident had arisen.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

Are you really saying this because you don’t know?

To be honest, I allowed it because I needed that pink power, but wasn’t it a bit harsh to touch it so harshly?

In addition to the fact that he kept touching me from outside, it seemed like there was a need to catch me and educate him sometime.

‘This is all because of you.’

Isn’t it because her older sister, Kang Min-ah, accepted whatever Kim Si-woo did for her and became arrogant?

Do you really know no shame?

“Ah. “Why are you hitting me?”

“Be loud, you idiot!”

“So what are you doing?”

“Yes.. That’s why Minji tells me to wash first.. But she keeps refusing..”

“Hyeji, I told you to wash yourself first?”

Was Hyeji originally like this?

It seemed like she was firmly pushing forward with her intentions, but there was no need for her to go to this point.

“What am I saying again? Then we can both wash together.”

“What..What are you saying!”


“I’ll clean up after you, so don’t worry either of you.”

It would be less embarrassing if Kim Si-woo cleaned up after himself, but the problem is that his bottoms aren’t dry yet.

“Now. “I’ll give you towels, so you both go.”


“… “

I had no choice but to stand up and cover myself with a towel.

Fortunately, it was black so the stain wasn’t very visible.

If I had known this would happen, it would have happened a long time ago.

“… ?”

Hye-ji puts the towel in an awkward position, and Kim Si-woo smiles while looking at it.

Why do I feel so angry when I look at Kim Si-woo’s face today?

Eat With Infinite Saves

Eat With Infinite Saves

무한 세이브로 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The academy life is repeated endlessly until the desired result is obtained through the save load ability.


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