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Eat With Infinite Saves 514

Eat With Infinite Saves 514

Chapter 514 – A Dungeon You Can’t Leave? (4)


The masturbation show ended as if the atmosphere had been broken by Genie’s interruption.

To be honest, I couldn’t even enjoy it properly, so I have to say I’m sad that it was interrupted like this.

Even among lovers, the atmosphere was a very important part.

I haven’t had that happen yet, but I’ve heard that some men lose their dicks when they lose focus during sex.

I can’t sympathize with you because I’ve never had anything like that, but it’s hard to start a relationship without any warning.

As she was quenching her appetite with regret, Hyeji began to run in place, screaming.

“I feel like my body has become lighter somehow. “Is Minji like that too?”

“I think I have that feeling, but…”

“I feel like there’s something awkward about it. Can you feel Minji?”

“So, it feels a little sticky, right?”

“What are you both feeling?”

Have you already reached climax in that short amount of time?

Although both of them are poor pussies, they probably aren’t going that fast.

And it’s not like I even touched it.

“What..What are you saying, idiot? “Are you talking about that sex… Power or something?”

“Yes.. Three.. Sex power. “Isn’t there something that can be purified?”

They both lowered their heads as if they were embarrassed to have sex.

Actually, fairies should use the word sex more often.

Even adolescent men wouldn’t have this much sex.

‘No.. Is there any possibility if it’s an adolescent boy?’

Is it possible to see that there are people who have sex even as adults?

Anyway, I couldn’t help but be troubled by the two’s inability to call sex power sex power.

“Mating power?”

“What is he saying now! “Is that even worse?”

“No, sex is sex. “Then what should I call you?”

“Jo..Won’t we be able to purify it a little more? Otherwise, we just need to understand each other.”

Is there a need to be so embarrassed?

If you think about it, I think it would be more embarrassing to masturbate in front of me while facing each other.

Otherwise, Minji might be okay.

This isn’t the first time.

I tried it with my sister and my mom, and I also tried it with Da-eun, so if you think about it, I could say I was an experienced person.

Well, that’s not important, what should I call it?

Mating power? Or love power?

To be honest, it doesn’t feel like it’s right in my mouth, but I guess the love power is a bit good.

“Love power?”

“Ha.. What..”

Minji gives me a sincerely disapproving look after hearing what I say. Today, she keeps looking at me like that, and it hurts me when she keeps looking at me like that.

“Or you could call it pink power.”

“As for your naming sense…”

You can’t even express your opinion, so you only say that to me.

“Wouldn’t it be okay? “P..Pink Power..There’s no specific name to call it..”

“Is that okay?”

“Well.. That. “Because there doesn’t seem to be anything different.”

Even Hyeji reacted like that.

Heartbroken, I just lay down in bed.

“Hey! “Don’t just lie down, wash and lie down.”

Honestly, on days like today when I’m exhausted, I feel like I just want to lie down.

I was already being abused in a difficult situation, and on top of that, they both tortured me in a tantalizing way.

What could be more difficult than seeing persimmons that you can’t eat?

It’s even harder if it’s not just a persimmon, but a golden persimmon.

“P..I’m going to call it pink power, so wash it!”

You can just sleep for a day, but it’s less unpleasant to be strict and sleep after washing.

When I thought about it, I touched a burning mushroom. As I thought about the burning mushroom, I unconsciously headed to the bathroom.

By the way, wouldn’t it be a boon if it comes with a bathroom for 10 coins?

Although it’s a bit old-fashioned, I don’t think it would be common in this world.

“Really. “Be careful because additional costs apply for warm water.”

“You you! “Stop eavesdropping!!”

“Ho Ho. Are you saying that someone overheard you? “I just heard it in passing.”

Since he already had a criminal record, I didn’t really feel like he believed what he said.

Well, it’s hard to expect soundproofing in a room that costs 10 coins, but isn’t it too shameless?

‘Is not it. ‘Is it better to be shameless?’

Wouldn’t it feel less bad to be harmed by knowing than to be harmed without knowing?

Although it’s not very pleasant to know that someone is listening to our conversation.

“Let’s get some sleep.”


Minji and Hyeji would sleep on the bed and I was going to sleep on the floor, but the sex queen came to see us like a ghost.

Since ancient times, when a man and a woman are in the same room, they have to get along with each other.

They told us to leave the room if we were going to discriminate, so we ended up in the same bed.

A sex queen, perhaps a true gender egalitarian.

Anyway, there was a brief fight over my position as we ended up sleeping in the same bed, but in the end, we decided to sleep in the middle.

Well, even though neither of them said anything, it seemed like they wanted to sleep next to me as my lover.

“I’m really hectic today.”

“I still don’t understand what’s going on.”

“Iknow, right.”

When you’re lying in the same bed, you tend to talk a lot.

They started talking about the difficulties they had at the academy and what happened here.

“Was it the bright mushroom you saw in the forest earlier? “It was my first time seeing this monster, and it was really creepy.”

“Do other monsters look like that too?”

“I think so. But what does the Great Demon King look like?”

“Demon King Platoker? Are you saying that? “I’m definitely curious.”

First of all, seeing the sex fairies fighting, it was expected that they would not appear as simple as a bright mushroom.

It seems reasonable to view it as an intelligent body in that it is oppressing it.

“It feels a little far away. “We’re still at the beginning, right?”

“After all, it must be a bit far away, right?”

“Otherwise, the village wouldn’t be maintained like this.”

In terms of the game, I was catching the slime that appeared in the beginning and doing this, but having to catch the Great Demon King seemed like a long way away.

In the end, the reason I felt this way was because I lacked sex power, or rather pink power.

Would I have had these concerns if I had been able to use my full power?

Well, depending on how strong the Great Demon King is, there may have been some problems, but it probably wasn’t like that from the beginning.

The reason I felt this way even before we met was because we were weak.

‘After all, you have to sacrifice for the greater good.’

Neither of them were the type to take the initiative and ask for something to happen.

In the end, it meant that I had to step forward, so I carefully wrapped my arms around the two who couldn’t sleep because of various stories.



Then, a gasping sound came out as if the two had joined together.

They seemed a little surprised, but they were conscious of each other and started talking as if nothing was going on.

He must have thought that if he said anything to me here, he would be suspected.

After wrapping my arms, my hands naturally moved towards my chest.

He held Minji’s breasts on his right and Hyeji’s breasts on his left and massaged them.

“… “

“… “

Should I say that the combination is good, but the speech sound is broken as if someone gave a signal.

It’s not easy to massage your chest and speak calmly.

‘As expected, it feels regretful to touch it over clothes.’

I took advantage of the silence between the two and put my hand inside their clothes.

The underwear that was pressing on both of their chests was gently pulled down.

‘It feels like this too.’

Just as raw breasts felt better without a condom, raw breasts felt better too.

Actually, I don’t even remember the last time I used a condom properly, but it was always good in its natural state.

If the sex fairy had heard my thoughts, she would have agreed and said that it was true.

Feeling the soft, soft skin, I grabbed the bumpy part that protruded from the robe and turned it.


They both startled and trembled at the same time, but just stared at the ceiling as if nothing had happened.

They probably think that if they react here, they could get caught by each other.

It sucks to moan without holding back, but it was the best to see a sensitive woman trying to hold back somehow.

Even the sex fairy admits this.

Although they didn’t say it directly, they probably think that way.

Anyway, as the two were playing with their breasts while trying to act calm, I naturally couldn’t help but compare their breasts.

I felt sorry for Hyeji, but it still felt like Minji’s heart was fuller.

Well, it looks that way on the outside, but when I touch it, the difference is even more noticeable.

Still, it wasn’t that Hyeji’s breasts were bad or anything.

“Can we go deeper tomorrow?”

“I see.. It can’t just be at the entrance..”

“I…I have to try it first. “I need to check the pink power too.”

“Yes. In the end, isn’t pink power what’s important?

As they twirled the flower bud, their reactions began to become more intense.

By nature, the bed should be shaking, but is it really the bed of sex fairies?

‘It’s science.’

The bed was far beyond the level of civilization here, so the shaking from the other side was not transmitted to the side.

Well, actually, they were a little shaken, but they both knew it was because of them, so they kept their mouths shut.

Should I say that it is a pleasure that goes beyond simply playing with one’s breasts?

As I kept grabbing and pulling their nipples, I felt a strange force near my heart.


When I turned my head, I saw a star, or rather a pink stone, shining brightly in the corner.

This also seemed to be recognized as a similar sexual act.

I said it had a sticky feel, but it definitely felt that way.

‘If I want to fight, I need to save up.’

It was a moment when I had to sacrifice myself for the greater good.

Because more pink power was needed.


“Yes.. Yes? Yes.. What.. Is happening..? “All..You..?”

“I just called. “Minji.”

“What..What.What..Why are you calling me..”

“I just called.”

“I want to die!”

Is there a threat that isn’t that scary?

I giggled at the cute reaction of the two and massaged their breasts for a while.

By the way, I think I smell a sexy female scent from earlier.

I took my hand away from touching my chest and this time headed downward.

Unlike the ones who gave me their breasts obediently, the two stopped me by holding my wrists.

Looking at the reaction, I felt like I could tell what his condition was without even having to say anything.

“How much pink power do you need to fight the Great Demon King?”

“P..Pink power..? That is… “I don’t know to what extent yet.”

When I brought up the topic of Pink Power, my hold on it loosened.

So, it’s something that can’t be helped?

The hand that took advantage of the moment when the two were off guard went into their pants, and as expected, it was hot.

Just like a bunch of idiots, their breasts are wet because they played with them.

“… “

Hyeji’s pussy is on the left, Minji’s pussy is on the right.

Left or right, this is the path to true harmony.

Eat With Infinite Saves

Eat With Infinite Saves

무한 세이브로 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The academy life is repeated endlessly until the desired result is obtained through the save load ability.


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