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Roughly Another World Tentacle 3

Roughly Another World Tentacle 3

Chapter 3 – The Horror of Praga


That night Praga stayed awake all night.
It was because when I closed my eyes, I remembered the white monster struggling and dying.


Her father, Prindel, saw her daughter’s heart and offered her a drink as if she had come.

“So you told me to stay home.”

Praga didn’t say anything.
The sight of men who see their faces every morning using force to kill creatures;
The violence is not easily forgotten.
The scene Praga saw yesterday was different from just picking a pig’s throat.

The scene where the attack, which was united with sticky murderous intent, minced the monster,
Contrary to expectations, it did not cheer up Praga.
Even though she thought she would be comfortable only when the monster she saw was gone, she was suffering from a bad feeling,
Father Prindel knew too.

“Sleep well. Try to forget everything you saw yesterday.”
“Now don’t go out of town alone.”

Prindel let go of the quill and gave a stern look.

“I’m thinking of submitting a request to the guild that a monster has appeared around the village.”
“The monster is already dead…?”
“There might be a few more of them around.”

Praga felt a tingling sensation at his father’s sober words.
That there are more “Things like that” In the world…… ?

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.
The mere thought of breathing the same air as that makes her feel an unbearable disgust.
It is not a learned aversion.
Praga instinctively felt it.

That there is something unbearably disgusting about that monster.

“Pay a request to the guild and come.”
“Yes, Dad…”

Prindel stroked the head of Praga, who hugged his pillow tightly.

“If you’re making that face, Agnes will be nervous too.”
“You’ve only grown up, but you’re still a baby.”
“Did your mother tell you about breaking her goblin head when she was your age?”

Praga smiled softly.

“I’ve heard it four times, Dad.”

Thanks to the family
Praga’s heart was still haunted by the fear of the white monster,
She will gradually forget about this.

She will even wander outside by the time she forgets the vivid horror and regret she felt when she first encountered it.

“Sister, what are you doing?”
“Anes, are you awake?”
“Sorry, can you sing me a lullaby?”
“You don’t have to listen to that. You’re an adult now.”

Agnes is already pretending to be an adult how long after her eleventh birthday.
While holding a cute clown doll tightly in her arms.

“Then should the attachment doll also graduate?”
“It’s Britney.”

Praga’s nightmare seemed to be over.
Her father, who went to ask her to investigate, returns home a few days later.
Ten days passed, and the fear she felt from the monster faded.

Praga cautiously asked Prindel what had become of the monster.

“You mean that weird worm?”
“They were gathered and buried in one place.”
“Wasn’t it incinerated?”

Prindel shook her head.

“They said it could release toxic substances.”
“Toxic substances…”
“The leather was slippery, so it didn’t catch fire well.”

Prindel laughed at the look on her daughter’s expression as she thought a lot.

“No monster survives like that.”
“I know.”
“Are you still afraid to leave the house?”
“Not at all.”
Haha. Yeah, I think I’ve gained a bit of weight since I’m only at home…”

Praga blushed and screamed loudly.

“I’m kidding. Just kidding. My daughter is always pretty!”
“Tomorrow, will you go to the smithy and get some daddy’s equipment?”

Praga responded boldly, as if pushing her back.
I often have nightmares of a white monster standing behind my back.
If I said such a thing here, I thought I would hide in my father’s bed hugging the pillow like I did 10 years ago.
That she was more timid than her little sister, Praga did not want to admit.

‘It’s not that I’m weird, anyone who experiences that…….’

On the way back with my father’s long sword.
Praga turned her eyes to the familiar forest trail.


She goes into the woods alone.
Not because I want to prove her courage.
Praga went back to the scene, and she wanted to make sure the monster was dead.

Just like if you don’t feel relieved if you can’t confirm that the insect that invaded your room is dead,
In the place where she always roamed like her front yard, the monster was torn to pieces,
She wanted to be sure that there was no hope of living again.


Looking at it again, it’s a huge bloodstain.
Even though it rained so hard that day, the soil was polluted,
Only the spot was stained dark red.

Praga put down her longsword and crouched down, reaching her hand out into the tainted soil.

‘Traces buried….’

There were several shovels that had not been removed yet.


It’s okay now. Let’s go back
Just as she moved her body to put away her shovel and shovel,
The ground “Shakes”….

Praga’s white and pretty legs went in.


She still didn’t know what had happened to her body.
As her tentacles entwine around her legs,
Maybe it’s the instinct of a female in danger.

Although she was the one who realized the whole situation.


Before you scream,
A grayish-white tentacle plunged into Praga’s mouth.
As she struggles, he is pulled inside her.
Shake up, shake up Excited.

The freshly buried soil shakes,
A grey-white monster emerged from the dirt.

“~~~~~~! Whoops! Whoops! Whoops!”

Praga, who was stuck in the tentacle monster’s body as if it were being put into her bag, wiggled her legs awkwardly, with only her lower body sticking out.
The skirt is turned inside out, revealing white panties.
Her tentacles swallowed her head first, so her sound couldn’t escape, and her tactic worked.

“Ah! Help me!!”

When there was no need to silence her with her tentacles, Chokgoe shrewdly teased her primal tentacles and grabbed the woman’s leg.
It is to put it into her body before anyone else notices it.
Hold on. Hold on.

“Eup! Eww! Eww!”

Praga desperately shakes her leg.
Is it because he knows that going in is the end?
A female’s desperate kick to survive sometimes exploded on the tentacles, but in the battle of power, the tentacles had the upper hand.

It was the female side who realized defeat.
Soon, the pee leaks.

As if it were a female poet of defeat,
Her legs were easily sucked into the body of Chokkai.


I thought you were dying
In fact, she was on the verge of death.
Receiving the grace of the Goddess and surviving the death penalty is good, but
My body was already buried in the ground.

It’s a mountain beyond a mountain, I thought about it for a while.
She found that being “Buried” Rather accelerated her recovery.
It means that you are in good condition when you are in the ground.

They don’t breathe through lungs like humans do, so breathing is no problem.

‘Whew, I took a breath.’

My whole body still hurts, but it is cheap for the price of returning my body that was torn into a thousand pieces.
Goddess, thank you!

‘I will never disappoint the goddess again.’

Survive as a tentacle monster.
This is the most important thing. And it’s hard.
Thanks to the goddess, I got 1 more coin, but the situation didn’t get any better.

If I move rashly and leave my mark, people will send a pursuit party.
Humans will never tolerate a monster living in their front yard.
I’d rather pretend I’m dead for now and see my chance.

My body hasn’t gotten better yet.

‘Fortunately, fuel efficiency isn’t bad when I’m underground.’

Perhaps this form’s original ecology is to lie dormant in the ground and catch prey.
In fact, I’ve seen countless works with tentacle traps of that type….
I couldn’t dig the ground with my delicate tentacles, so I didn’t try.

Thanks to those guys who dug the ground to bury me, it was like choosing the best location.

‘Let’s focus on breathing exercises for now.’

Wet, ha. Wet, ha.
The pieces of flesh that had been ruthlessly ground are attached one by one.
My heart ached as my smooth skin turned into rags.
The bright red mucous membranes were exposed in places, and it was painful to even touch a grain of soil.
But now I can humbly accept even such pain.

‘… This is a race for survival at all costs.’

The defeated side is left in a miserable situation, either dying or better off dead.
Isn’t that the providence of nature?
In that sense, I was not a creature born of nature,

I feel sympathy for the weak…… Same.
He paid the price for not being able to give up his bad habits, which he only had in his time as the lord of all things.
Not anymore.

This is a life and death struggle.
It has been living in the ground for over 10 days, but it is tolerable.

‘Currently, John Ber is the only way to live.’

Get down tight, chokgoe!
Until the opportunity to counterattack comes.
…… “Humans” Are by no means easy foes.

Isn’t Homo sapiens a species specializing in killing and stripping off all things that look different from itself so that they cannot fight or make a spectacle?
That’s not enough, so they massacre people of the same race.
From the point of view of other races, there is no race so crazy for killing.

‘That’s why it’s very dangerous.’

That big ass girl….
Did you say Praga?
Touching her is like touching a human village.

It’s a natural structure.
If there were no inhabited villages nearby, there would be no way a young woman would come all the way here alone.
I don’t think of grandiose things like revenge, but I have to face it if I want to survive.

And that opportunity came sooner than expected.

‘Why are you here?’

I couldn’t believe what was unfolding before my eyes even though I was looking at it with my tactile senses.
Why is Praga here alone?

‘The thing in her hand…… Knife? It’s not my thing.’

The tactile sense is the cognitive ability to observe objects from all angles according to my concentration, as long as it is at a distance.
Observe her gestures and facial expressions without missing a thing.

‘I was running errands… ?’

I mean, I didn’t plan on coming here.
Just a whim.
Are you just wandering aimlessly?

‘No way.’

His gaze has been nailed to the ground since earlier.
There’s no way she would have come to mourn me with those eyes.
It’s reasonable to assume that he came to check if he’s dead.

…… Wait.
You mean the human village is close enough that I can stop by while running errands?


It was a more dangerous situation than I thought.
I never thought this would be a real front yard!
If the fact that Praga is missing is known, it is certain that the bones will be broken.


This is an opportunity that won’t come again.
There was a monster issue in town once, right?
If they lock themselves in, unless they launch a massive offensive and destroy it.
It is very difficult to drag a woman who is so young and pretty and has big breasts out of the house.

What about now?
So defenseless.
Captivation felt like something you could easily do if you put your mind to it.

The problem is…… Back up.
To touch Praga, to touch its breasts, is the same as starting a war between the human village and the tentacle monster.

‘But it certainly buys me time to grow.’

There’s no way her dad would have allowed Fra to go out of town alone after that happened.
Although I’m not 100% sure.
You must have come without telling anyone where you are going.

Even if it goes missing right away, you won’t notice it for hours.
Two hours, no, one hour.

‘The problem is when I get caught.’

Can you run away in an hour?
I can’t dig a tunnel that my body is submerged with just these basic tentacles.
If my own little shelter is discovered, I’m sure I’ll be chased until I die.

On the other hand, if I choose to hide like a coward in a shelter and escape when humans lose their vigilance……
You can get away from town relatively easily.
They are looking for another opportunity while eating grass and fruits.
The next time a woman like that appears in front of me will be in 100 days, maybe even years later.


I was holding on with monstrous patience, but she squatted on top of me.
Show all your panties! Are you tempting me?

‘If I do, I have to do it before anyone sees it!’

I made up my mind.
I decided to take her risk and live with her and her conception!
I can’t help it if you show me such a developed big bread.
The National Tentacle Association is sure to recognize it too!

I immediately wrapped around Praga’s legs and threw her into the pit where I was buried.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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