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Roughly Another World Tentacle 4

Roughly Another World Tentacle 4

Chapter 4 – The Abyss


After pulling the lower part of the body to be completely submerged, go up on the pelvis and start with silence.


We have to do it quickly before anyone sees it!
For the first time in a while, I moved every muscle in my body.
Turn Praga upside down, throw it into her mouth, and catch her waddling legs with her tentacles.

How much you scream inside me
When I try to hold down my stretched white legs with my tentacles and put them in, I even get tired of peeing.
This is it! Power rises!!

Receiving a golden shower of victory, put Praga into his body.
Then, as if instinctively compressing it, he encircled her in mucous membranes.

I feel every corner of Praga’s curvy body that I had only seen.
Is this the trigger?
Impossible with the human body… It’s a dense hug.

“Eup, huh… Um… Eup…”

Praga flinched, unable to lift a finger.
I keep peeing
Squeeze gently until the bladder is empty.

[Nutrition + 45]
[Nutrition + 45]

Ha, delicious.
I gave only one drop of water to my thirsty throat for three days.
This feeling finally pours in coolly.
The trembling of the body does not stop.

“Hehhehe… Ugh… Ugh…”

Can’t die
It’s so tight that it seems like I’m having trouble breathing.
Since the situation was not strange even if it emitted light, he spread his torso so that Praga could move.
I checked my crime scene by touch.

Leave the shovel as it was,
Retrieve the longsword brought by Praga by sweeping it with tentacles.
At the same time, I scrubbed away her footprints as well.

I decided not to run away.
Rather than clumsily fleeing and leaving traces of dragging one’s body,
I’d rather pretend like nothing happened here and buy some time.

It’s only a stopgap, but it will buy time.
Busy teasing tentacles.
After cleaning my stomach with dirt, I plunged my tentacles into my skin.

“Help me! Evil! Help me! There’s someone here!”

Inside the dark interior.
Praga doesn’t even notice my tentacles approaching from behind,
He was banging on the wall with his hand.
While weeping

“Daddy daddy!”

Having her in my hands made me want to do whatever I could.
He slapped her breasts with his tentacles like a slap in the face.
Good! Rocking!


Good! Good!
Left! Right side!
Hits a big tit like a cow with its tentacles.
Slap. Slap.

Unable to control her body and being swung around, Praga hit her butt on the floor of the flesh.

“Huh… Huh… What…”

In total darkness within her guts, Praga was as defenseless as her newborn baby.
Even if he swiped openly in front of his eyes with his tentacles, he had no choice but to be defeated.
This time, the tentacles that secreted a lot of slippery liquid wrapped around her thighs and massaged her breasts.

“What, what… Ugh… Don’t do it…”

It’s a pity that I can only play with tentacles like this now….
The feeling of kneading Praga’s soft bare skin was very good.
I secreted digestive juices and melted Praga’s clothes.


“Yes, Fuhab…. Hak…!”

Her bare skin is exposed.
First, wrap it around your tentacles and taste it.
I climbed up from her legs and squeezed her body tightly.

“Hak! Hak…! Hak…!”

Praga struggles with her weak limbs, but she has no choice.
It was imprisoned by strong, slippery tentacles.

“Huh… Hmm…!!”

When the mild sadism, such as the athletic test, is over……
Praga muttered as if she felt something.

“Turn it off… Take it out…”

There’s no way you can take out your prey, right?
Strangling with tentacles!

“Ah, ah, uh, ugh… Uh ugh…!”

This is my answer!
This is the first time he has properly harnessed the power of his tentacles.
Can you lift
While pushing hard… If… !

“Beep, Beep, Beep…!!”

Praga quickly rolls her eyes.
Ha. I’m sick….
This is a tentacle monster… !
She rocked her white legs.

“Save… Lose… Save… Save… Save…”

Lets go before breaking her neck.
And as if asking her to pay for saving her life, he slapped her breasts.

“Sss! Ugh! Black!”

Praga helplessly wept,
She bowed her head as if she couldn’t help it even if she hit her breasts.
Woohyo clothes~~! The best!
To be able to do this lewd breast milk at will…….

He tightened her breasts with his tentacles and squeezed them harshly.

“Huh! Heh…. Heh…!”

She thought that if she disobeyed, she might strangle her again. Praga bit her lip with a bitter expression.
Meanwhile, her digestive juices had completely dissolved the remnants of her underwear.
A close hug once again.
When I narrowed her torso, did she think she was being eaten…? .

Praga thrashed and she didn’t know what to do.
When I rubbed her whole body with the mucous membranes like washing clothes, she was sick.
Rather than using tentacles for restraint and tightening… In this way, it is more like direct sex, and it is aroused.
Fraga’s cunt and her breasts are pushed around, changing her shape seductively.

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

I pervert more and more.

[〈 Tender 〉 Metamorphosis]


Tentacle Monster (Lv.12) Goddess’s Artificial Life Form
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 A slippery liquid that is always secreted. It doesn’t dry well and is slippery. Pollution factor 0.1
└[Digestive fluid] Digestive juice from a tentacle monster. Acidity can be adjusted.
〈 Sense of touch 〉 Cognitive ability to detect magic waves through skin, can easily grasp surrounding objects
〈 Primal Tentacle〉 Basic Tentacle. Simple without features. It is used to restrain or strike an opponent.
└[Tender] A tentacle with soft bumps at the tip

A new tentacle appears.
Even at first glance, the projections are very soft, and individually turn round and round according to my will.
It must be the best when extracting pussy juice.

Let’s try it right away.
I tied up the Praga and put the tender on my cunt.

“~~~~! Hmmm, no!!”

Oh clothes.
Resistance suddenly rises.
Is it female instinct?
She seems to have an instinctive sense of what it is like to be attacked for her defenseless pussy.
But I already have three tentacles.

One is torso restraint,
The other lifts one leg and fixes it.
The tentacles with soft bumps sprouting out are pressed against the clitoris♡
It is forcibly stimulated with a slippery liquid.

Zoorup Zoorup…. Zoorup Zoorup….

“Huh!! Heuhhhhh…! Ghhh!”

Praga twisted her back and resisted.
Even the way they try to avoid it by waving the bread here and there is a nice spectacle to watch.
Rub it gently with a tender.

[Nutrition + 150]
[Nutrition + 160]

As expected, the staple food of Chokkai is pussy juice♡

“Stop… Stop… Do it…!”

Did she know that even innocent virgins are being harassed?
Her body is full of strength, but…….
Ju bub ju bub bub bub….

The power of the tender that stirred the erect clitoris with the slippery liquid was amazing.
In less than a minute, Praga’s thighs are full of strength.


[Nutrition + 350]
[Nutrition + 450]

Oh, oh… !
Seriously, climax pussy juice is more delicious!!
Did she get scared when she saw me like that and then climaxed with the tender pat on her pussy?

Feel it, the performance of this body!
The flamboyant movements of the projections that have mastered the method of attacking the female pussy from birth!

Juruloop, juboobjubjubjubjub….

“Ah, ah… Ah…Hehe…!!”

She doesn’t forgive her serious pussy and stimulates her with tenderness.
Juice overflowed from Praga’s cunt.
The pussy hole is already in a free pass state.

It feels like it’s begging me to put my cock in it.

Awesome… !!
You are much more awesome than you think.
I think the Goddess knows where my stats went.

You can’t be this scary when you’re teasing a woman.

“Save me! Who! Ugh…!”

Insert the tentacle into the mouth and rub it with the tender.
Just that.
Tender protrusions are much more delicate than fingers, and the accent control was free.
But after the first climax, Praga armed himself with physiological disgust and began to endure.

Re-climaxing seemed like a very difficult task, but…….

[Unlock Aphrodisiac]

Good timing.
What about a tentacle monster?

Pleasure n times narcotic substance.
If it goes up to 10,000 times, isn’t it crazy?

[Adjust concentration of aphrodisiac – 3 times]

It’s only 3 times as far.

No……. Should I say ‘three times’? Even if I search the entire universe, I’m the only creature that can do this.
A woman’s orgasm is more intense than a man’s.
Even if it’s 3 times, it’s hard to come to my senses.


‘It’s time for the tentacle monster.’

Jook jook.
An aphrodisiac is secreted in the tender.
Praga’s rough breathing made the milk shake lively.
You can’t stand it in front of your eyes.

She rubs the tender against her pussy while squeezing the milk with her tentacles.


A dramatic response has returned.
Oh, the absorption is fast.
Is it because it is applied directly to the mucous membrane?

“Huuuuu! Yes!”

Praga’s snort is completely different.
Feeling of not being able to afford.
She shakes her head.

If you move it slightly… !

‘Oh oh.’

Pussy juice spurted out magnificently.
I can’t use the virgin pussy to learn from the peak of the fountain already.
With her tactile angle, grasp the points she feels, and rub her gently.

Pchup pchut!!


It was a wonderful sight.
See for the first time
You can only see it on the screen directed in porn, not acting…….
It’s not easy to see a woman flipping her eyes with real pussy climax.
Is it that intense? If you absorb the aphrodisiac directly into your pussy.

Apply it and rub it.
Caress the clitoris, which should be the most sensitive right now, with soft bumps.
What a kind monster you do to the woman who yelled at you to kill me.

“Kuk, heuk. Ugh!”

Praga, who twitched as she tightened her thighs,
I was exhausted from the continuous climax, and I was limp.
Ruler. Not there yet.

Pussy juice mining continues!

[Nutrition + 500]
[Nutrition + 400]
[Nutrition + 300]
[Level has risen]
[The level…… ]

I was in the most ecstatic mood.
Every drop of love juice leaking from the pussy of a country girl is a reward to me.
How can you be so happy just by making a woman’s pussy feel good?

He sometimes gives her a close hug when she is completely defenseless.
Badong Badong.

Her only desire to escape made her twist her back, and she reached her hand toward the ceiling.
Catch her with her tentacles again.
Pussy torture with tenders!

Ju bub ju bub ju bub.

“~~~ Huh… Uhhhhh…!!”

Blushing cheeks.
Sweat on the pale skin.
Praga’s eyes are full of confusion, as if she didn’t know that the monster would make fun of her pussy like this.


Did you say that when you had over 30 pussy climaxes?
Forced to climax with tenders coated with aphrodisiac as if scolded.
Ju bub ju bub ju bub.


Praga threw her head back and let out her breath.
Pussy farming is smooth♡
The number of tentacles also increased….
The higher the level, the stronger the body feels.

The country girl’s pussy is so delicious!

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[〈 Split Mouse 〉 Metamorphosis]
[〈 penis head 〉 metamorphosis]

Thanks to Praga’s nutritious flesh, it metamorphoses at an incredible speed.
〈 Split Mouse 〉 is a tentacle that splits at both ends like a mouth.
I immediately pressed close to Praga’s mouth.



She seems to be getting more and more dizzy from not being able to deal with what she is being subjected to.
A plaga that sticks closely to the tentacles… ♡
It almost felt like I was eating it up, but I don’t do anything like that.
Although I had the heart to bite and suck with the pretty Praga.

Attach the Split Mouth and suck it in tightly like a mask.
A country girl’s saliva is delicious….
I put the tongue inside, which was full of wrinkles, into my mouth, and I twirled and stirred it.

“Ugh, uh… Uh… Uh…”

Taunted by the tentacle monster’s violent kisses, Praga rolled her eyes and gasped for breath as if she were losing consciousness.
Was it too irritating?
You can’t faint yet.

‘Because I have to conceive a baby with sober mind.’

Pulls out his cock tentacles.
Tentacles that literally look like cocks.
All my nerves are focused, and I am so sensitive that even the lukewarm air flowing from my intestines bursts with pleasure as if I am being caressed.
Of course, its thickness and length cannot be compared to that of humans.
The blood rushed so much that he was already in a full erection state, and the grotesqueness surprised even me who was used to cocks.

Perhaps if there was enough light inside to keep the cock tentacles in front of her, Praga might have foamed and passed out.
The word “Huge and heinous” Doesn’t fit like this.
It’s the beginning of conception and honeymoon, Praga.

I grabbed her leg with my tentacles and lifted her up.


CHINPO adheres to the bread that has come down like a piece of fruit.
It seems cheap just by rubbing the big glans on her vulva.
Goes. Insertion… !!

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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