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Roughly Another World Tentacle 5

Roughly Another World Tentacle 5

Chapter 5 – The Hollow (2)

I aimed at Praga’s cramped cunt hole and pushed my powerful cock into it.


Praga’s body tensed up as if she knew something was different from before.
Resistance was also strong.
It entwined with multiple tentacles at once, suppressed it, and choked it.

“Hee, black, keep, uh, extreme……”

Put in The hole gradually widens.
The power is concentrated precisely in the hole of Praga’s cunt without leaking anywhere else.
Praga strangled her throat and resisted while giggling.

Is this female intuition?
Her eyes were desperate, as if she knew she was on the verge of getting her pussy plucked.
I can’t help it if I’m choking.

Put it in Praga’s narrow pussy!
As a result of rubbing and applying force to the pussy, which seldom allows foreign objects to be inserted… !
It is inserted into Praga’s pussy at once.

It seemed that I would never forget this moment of pussy fucking.

“Ah… Ah… Evil…”

Praga’s pained expression, lost for words.
That’s right, it’ll hurt… Because a cock of this size entered the virgin pussy.
Oh oh ♡
Please join the pussy… !

In this way, there is no need to wait for the aphrodisiac to penetrate.
It’s sex!
I bound Praga’s limbs and poked her cunt from bottom to top.
Chibob, Chibob, Chibob… !


This is conception sex… !
Even if you simply look at it, the power to pierce a woman’s body is completely different.
Once, once, meticulously, the shape of the tentacle’s cock is carved into this tender pussy.
Sizzle… !!

“Ugh, right-wing…!”

Praga struggled with a sound that sounded more like being beaten than moaning.
It was as if the womb was actually being beaten.
Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to feel any pain.

‘Does an aphrodisiac have an anesthetic effect?’

Seeing how painful it was when he was strangled,
Praga is not used to pain.
Sex is pretty easy. She violently stirs her pussy, but rather seems to be feeling it.
The triple amplified pleasure teases Praga’s pussy.

At this point, I lost control and started violently thrusting into Praga’s cunt.
Let’s be happy ♡

“Yeah… Yeah…!”

Aren’t you sick?
Is it good to have sex with me!
Ever since I saw the bread, I thought it was disgusting!

“Uh, ooh, ooh, ooh…!!”

Sex like a one-sided beating.
Praga is exposed to my cock thrusting while intermittently climaxing.
I kissed the uterus with the glans.

“Huh… Hmm… Hmm…!”

Praga’s eyes were unable to accept what was happening to her body.
She continues to climax with her pussy while being bound by the tentacles.
In the future, a woman who would become a mother of a child stumbled on the wrong foot…….

Now, it becomes a breeding ground for monsters.
Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock… !

“Heh, heh..Hehe…!”

How can you hold it when you’re so tight… !
It uses its tentacles like hands to squeeze Praga’s rich mamma barrel.


Isn’t there a place you can’t reach?
He pats Praga’s bread as if praising it.

“Hah…. Ha…. Knock off… Daddy…! I won’t… Kill you….”

Use the Split Mouth to milk Fraga’s mouth and suck it in.

“Eup… Ubu… Oops…”

It secretes a lot of aphrodisiac and feeds it.
Praga rolled her eyes and gasped.

“Ug…. Uguk…. Laugh…!”

He said he made his pussy climax again♡
Level up doesn’t stop.
What is your dad doing now? While your daughter is like this!
If you can’t find me in the ground… My daughter is in trouble!

Let’s play let’s play… !

“Uh… Uhhhhh…”

The breath you exhale after enduring the climax can’t be that hard.
It’s clear he likes my cock.
There’s no way a female can win!

Squeak, squeak, squeak!
Climax the pussy again!

“Huh… Black…!”

The new toy is the best.
I will never let you go… !
It binds Praga’s body by wrapping it around her tentacles.
Her cunt holes are toyed with while holding and pulling her with her strong tentacles.

In contrast to the vacant eyes, my pussy, which had been driven to climax, was busy tightening my cock.

Ah… If you tighten it up like that… It’s cheap… !
At this point, I thought she would struggle to not get wrapped up inside,
Praga is suffering from the unimaginable violence that came upon her own pussy, and she is stunned.
There seemed to be no time to judge such a situation.

Then it’s cheap
Get pregnant without knowing… !!
Squeak, squeak, squeak!


Let’s play let’s play… !
Get pregnant, get pregnant… !!
Get pregnant with the disgusting monster baby!!
Knowing how bad it was to wrap a monster baby in Praga’s defenseless cunt,
I put a tiny glans on my uterus and committed it.

Beaureureureut! Beautiful! Bet! Buh… !


Huh Eok.
This is the ejaculation of the shock… !
The momentum and quantity are not comparable to humans. Senses all over the body oscillate.
Wrapping up in Praga’s cunt was the first honey I ever got on earth.

Bet! View Lulu Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru! View view… !!
Thick cum cum… !
Buh… Buh… Beaureus… ! Buh… !!

“Ah… I don’t know… Haaa… Ah…”

Praga, not knowing what had happened,
I filled my womb with my steamed semen and struggled with a blank expression.

‘I was scared for no reason.’

I know your dad will come.
But in reality there are no heroes.
This woman is secretly conceived here.

Buh…. Buh….
Stirring my wonderful pussy, which is about to squeeze the last of my cum.

“Huh… Hmm…”

Praga’s bread stick follows my cock.
Even after filling the uterus until it exploded, the overflowing cum leaked out.
New information flows into the sense of touch.

Fragaria (Lv.3 Country Maiden with Rich Breasts)
[Mind Contamination (0.3)] The golden soil was covered in filthy flesh.
[Mofan boasts long hair, green eyes, and a voluptuous body. I got it from the forest]

Mind pollution?
It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.
There is no way that a woman who has suffered this kind of thing is mentally intact,
That’s not what I’m talking about…… ?

Something in this woman was irreparable,
The cause is me
It was a word that made me feel that kind of nuance.

It’s called “Mother plate”…….
It’s mine now, so I’ll treasure it.
I stroked Praga’s head as she pumped a steaming cum out of her throbbing cunt hole.

“Whoa… Whoop… Whoop…”

He covers her mouth with the split mouth and kisses her.
Well, it’s like a vacuum cleaner that sucks your mouth like a pervert.
He thrusts his fully erect cock into Praga’s pussy again.



It wasn’t hard to put it back in the rusty wet cunt hole.
Shall we change the angle this time?
He leaned her upper body forward and lifted her pussy so that the loaf of bread that came out from the back moved.
Let’s play let’s play.


Oh, nice response.
Praga curled up on her toes and shook her head.
Just by leaning slightly, the angle at which the erect penis is inserted changes, isn’t it delicious?
Squeak squeak squeak ♡

“Yeah… Uh uh… Ah… Ah…!”

Praga struggles with her eyes slightly raised.
It was the best thing to see her lose her mind and start to fully feel her cock.
I folded Praga like a folder and fixed it in an awkward position,
The erect cock is 150% thrust into Praga’s pussy without any hesitation.

Squeak squeak squeak ♡
It doesn’t really depend on the body type.
You can have sex while spinning around like on a ride.
Well, that would be a rather funny sight.

Anyway, I really like the way Praga’s bread is emphasized….
She clamps her body tight and thrusts her pussy.
Let’s play let’s play.

“Huh…Hehe…. Yes…. Yes…! Yes!”

As if the feeling of reluctance had disappeared, the pussy squeezed happily.
Communication between different races is so easy♡
Realizing that you can never resist a cock that makes your pussy feel good,
The expression of a helpless woman.
His eyes are slightly relaxed, his breathing is getting more and more disturbed.

It puts power into its tentacles and stabs it hard.

“Hak…. Hak…. Ughhhhh!”

What is daddy

“Sir…. Uhhhhh…. Sss…. Uh…. Yea!!”

The pussy that got into the habit of tightening the monster cock every time it was squeezed into the womb,
I don’t like my dad anymore, so I’m going to send him back?
The temperature in the built-in room rises. While squeezing Praga’s milk with her tentacles, she stabbed her cock like a beast.

Squeak, squeak, squeak… !
The pussy that started accepting sex is ridiculously chewy♡
It’s cheap again in the pussy… !

Bet! Beaureus… Buh… Buh… !!


Praga reacts to my cum in her ass hole wide open.
Do you know what you’re getting?
She sticks out her tongue and chu-chu again with Praga who is struggling.

Even 1 minute 1 second is precious.
I have to farm my pussy with 24-hour dense sex♡
Praga seems to be willing to respond.

A few hours later…….
It’s evening, but I can only hear people looking for Praga.
No geeks come out to turn over the burial grounds again to see the bodies of the dead monsters.
I had sex with Praga’s cunt.

“School… Study…”

Praga was sweaty and her hair was disheveled,
A beautiful complexion radiated from that rich flesh. It is the body of a female who is having the happiest time of her life.
My pussy twitched and I slurped my cheap cum.

Her uterus was already swollen from my semen overload.
I was absorbed in the pleasure that melts my brain like a drug.
If it were now, even if someone dug up the ground and attacked me, I wouldn’t even be able to react.

Ironically, no one interferes with Praga and my secret conception.
Without the strength to stand, she fell on my tentacles and shook the loaf of bread.
Because she used a lot of her ass hole, thick semen gushed out like jelly from the hole called her hole.

Covering her mouth with her split mouth, Praga no longer resisted.
Even sucking her tongue and whipping her mouth.

I want you to certify that you have become a bride while kissing me.
Chew-up. Chew-up.
Slap-slap-slap-slap the buttocks lightly with tentacles.


Praga looked at me and bit by bit licked my wrinkles with her tongue.
Chuchu established♡
I can’t help it because my first bed is adorable.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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