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Roughly Another World Tentacle 2

Roughly Another World Tentacle 2

Chapter 2 – Ugly Flesh (2)

‘I’ve become a tentacle monster… !’

Perhaps, at this point, if I had a normal sensibility like everyone else,
“To think I’d become such a monster”, He might have pulled out his missing hair in agony, but
I felt like I was already walking in the sky.

To be such a cool tentacle monster!
Am I right, who was no different from an earthworm until recently? The chest becomes grand.

‘Did you stay up all night?’

After falling asleep as if losing my mind, I seem to have grown in size while repeating shedding and regenerating before I knew it.
Thanks to this, trees that used to look like buildings now feel small.
Now you’re going to swallow at least one person generously?

My weight class was now no match for the biggest snakes in our world.
However, it spread to the side and became a bag-like shape.
Perhaps this is in the form of “Putting prey inside and preying on it.”

No teeth, of course.
It may be able to secrete some terrible digestive juices,
Need I explain what tentacle monster predation is?

Laugh… Friendship… !
If only I could capture a beautiful girl like [Tia] Who saved me with her big butt… Paradise!
I’ve already got two tentacles.

Tentacle Monster (Lv.8) Goddess’s Artificial Life Form
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 A slippery liquid that is always secreted. It doesn’t dry well and is slippery. Pollution factor 0.1
└[Digestive fluid] Digestive juice from a tentacle monster. Acidity can be adjusted.
〈 Sense of touch 〉 Cognitive ability to detect magic waves through skin, can easily grasp surrounding objects
〈 Primal Tentacle〉 Basic Tentacle. Simple without features. It is used to restrain or strike an opponent.

It’s a little disappointing that they are flat tentacles, but in the future, we can increase the number and types of tentacles.
The number of tentacles is still small compared to its size.
The texture is also plain, grayish white like my outer surface.

If I put it inside my body and make it sprout, the inner skin comes out and turns into pink tentacles.
If you only get one pretty girl, you can aim for a storm of growth, but…….

‘Not yet.’

No matter who sees it, the woman cannot be restrained in her current state.
More than anything, the really dangerous thing may be from now on.

‘He’s gotten too big.’

I can’t hide with this body.
Can’t run away
If it gets discovered, it might be the end. But all I have are two flat tentacles.

A young, pretty woman walking around the woods with a mace, that means that’s the natural world, right?
If you get caught by the hunters, it might really suck.

As a tentacle monster, his senses are unnecessarily sensitive, so he hates pain to death.


I lowered myself flat like a folded piece of paper and ate dirt grains and grass as I crawled.

‘My eyes can see better.’

As I grew up, my sense of touch became more sensitive.
It was no longer a task to figure out what was around me.

[Nutrition + 0]
[Nutrition + 0]


Even though they eat mostly nutritious crops, they are not nutritious.
It was the same even if you pulled it out whole and put it in your mouth.
It seems that this amount of nutrition is not even given to them now that they have grown in size.

However, he did not want to ingest the feces of small animals scattered on the floor.
Now I have to graduate from taking care of nutrition with something like that.
To be sure, I didn’t become a tentacle monster to eat shit.

I just did it because it was the best for me.

Also… Hunt?
Shall we catch and eat animals with tentacles?
Just in time, a deer passes by looking at me with curious eyes.

‘Oh, oh clothes. It’s a deer.’

Since I’m much bigger, I’m so close, it seems like a deer is grinning past.

‘How do you eat something like that…….’

No matter how tentacled the monster is,
It’s kind of like killing a living beast and putting it in your mouth alive.
In this situation, even I, who desperately wanted to become a tentacle monster, could see that memories of being a human hindered adaptation.

‘It won’t be easy, but I have to adapt slowly.’

Why did the Goddess leave my memories behind?
I can enjoy this kind of joy because I have memories, but…….
I crawled on the ground bit by bit, looking for a sweet smell to pick and eat the fruit.

All of this is possible thanks to the sense of touch.
It was not a task to smell the fruit in the distance if you focused a little.

‘Great. Like this…… Undisturbedly.’

Don’t get caught by predators.
I’ve never fought with tentacles, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to win even if only a vicious feral cat appears.

[Nutrition + 0.5]
[Nutrition + 0.5]

Isn’t it suddenly too salty?
I added a bit of exaggeration, I think I ate a truckload of fruit, but it doesn’t show.
The sweet-looking fruit, which would have provided 30,000 nutrients if eaten at the time of mites, is also tasteless.
After all, is it only women who make me grow up?

‘Where do I find a woman?’

It was extremely difficult to find a person—a young woman in particular—in a vast forest where even the world’s tactile senses could not know where it ended.
I’m exhausted, I can’t concentrate, and I drag myself along as my body goes.

I can’t imagine the stress that is not satisfied even after doing the act of “Eating” For 10 hours.
That means living like a herbivore is not the nature of a tentacle monster.
It was then.

The place where I was led by the scent of forest strawberries… There was a woman


Unprotected back, immaculate nape.
Squat down with a big buttock.
She seemed to be collecting herbs, berries, etc., Hanging a basket on her slender arm.


What the hell did these girls eat to grow up to have such voluptuous breasts?
Is this a racial difference?
The tomboyish body of a young woman with mild green eyes and brown hair urged me on.
It looks so very delicious!

A golden opportunity!


Just as we were about to start acting, we noticed each other’s presence at the same time.
It was the first time I knew that a person’s face could turn blood so quickly.

“Hee, o, hee, ooh, ooh!”

Fuck, what a surprise!
Do you think I’ll let you run away, tentacle attack!
I immediately wrapped myself around the woman’s ankle and knocked her down.

“I hate it!!”

Oops! I had to shut my mouth
It was pitiful to see him floundering on the dirt floor with a pale blue face, but he was also desperate.
If I can’t eat you, I’ll have to starve!

“Help me!!”

I thought it was completely wrapped up, but the woman’s resistance is stronger than I thought.
I didn’t know how to scream that loud, so even I fell into a panic.


Hurriedly catch up
With her back to the tree, the woman couldn’t take a few steps and hyperventilated, causing her to sit down.

“Hee, hee, save me, save me…. Help me…”

There is nowhere to run!
From now on, it’s time to conquer the pussy of erotic creatures!


What are you thinking?
To put your hands on a monster you can’t communicate with and beg for it.

“I’m not coming here again. Please… Please…!”

It was a desperate beg for life.
Calmly, it was probably not an action he took because he thought I was someone he could talk to.
An act that came purely from the heart because it was so frightening.

Strangely, I couldn’t stretch out my tentacles any longer.
I know in my head that I have to, but I can’t move….
It doesn’t move at all!!


The woman quickly ran away while I hesitated.

‘Catch…… It wasn’t.’

With the first failure, I felt all the strength draining from my body.
Even if I try not to think about it, my body seems to know.
There is a difference between enjoying watching tentacles and being a tentacle monster yourself.

Is this really the life I want?
Saying out loud that you won’t regret it.
Actually, I already regretted it slightly when I ended up eating animal feces.
With that in mind, I turned my head desperately.

People are so cunning.
Getting the body of a monster doesn’t change that.
After ripping off everything I wanted from the goddess, I regret it on my own.

‘No, it’s too early to regret it.’

I lived as a human until yesterday, and I was able to say that I was lucky enough to be born as a tentacle monster.
I think my mind was just not simple.

He lacked the courage to cross the last line and transform into a monster.
When I knew that, I realized with a shudder that I had fallen alone in an unfamiliar world.
I couldn’t even move.

Being exhausted and not having the strength to move was a big thing, but more than that……
I was acutely aware that this was no joke.
That night…….

“Find that way!”

The villagers came to kill me.
As I focused my tactile senses, I heard the sound of people moving nearby.
And… Torchlight.

The light of the torches floats like ghosts in the middle of the night.
Reflected on the side, sharp metal weapons.


I got up and started crawling.

“There was a noise over there!”
“Praga’s basket is also here.”
“Search all over!”

Have to run away!
There’s no chance of winning with just two basic tentacles!

“Dad! It’s over there!”

It was a voice I had never heard before.
A young girl with her long hair and soft green eyes, with village men on either side of her, was pointing a finger at me.

“There it is. Kill it. Quickly! Kill it quickly.”

Now there is no fear in Praga’s eyes, nor the relief of being alive.
It was filled only with disgust towards me.

“Bring the spear!”
“It’s a really ugly looking worm.”
“Please get rid of it!”
“Leave the back to us and step back.”

I tried to get away, but after bumping into a tree, helplessly surrounded, I immediately began to be hacked to pieces.
The tentacles wriggled, but they pose no threat.

It was so terrifying and scary to see my body being torn apart with my own eyes.
Bright red blood splatters. A burning pain grips me strongly.

Ah! Ahhh!
So painful! Quit, quit!!
I think I’m going to die!

“Okay. Spasm. It works!”
“Keep stabbing!”

I squeezed my strength and ran away, but people persistently pursued and stabbed me.

“It still moves!”
“What the fuck, ugly thing!”

Stop, stop!!
Alas, Goddess, please help me.

I think I understand the meaning of those eyes now.
“You want to be born as a monster?”
The Goddess might have known. My destiny.

Human men united in the noble duty of slaughtering the hideous monster,
The hand that was killing me didn’t stop at all.
Tentacles stiffened with pain were chopped with knives, spears stabbed my intestines again and again, burned with torches,
Spilling blood

It poured out so much that I didn’t even know there was this much blood in my body.
The men in the village seemed proud to do something worthwhile even when they were covered in blood.

“Praga, rest assured. We’ll kill you properly.”
“Yes! Mr. Langle…”
“I’ll have to throw away all my clothes. The smell of blood is terrible.”
“Is he dead?”
“Shall we do this, Mr. Prindel?”

The man called Prindel was still, looking down at me.

“I heard that this type of monster can regenerate later or even have offspring.”
“Should I make a request? Adventurers should know this well.”
“Looks like he’s still moving.”

Praga squeezed her father’s sleeve tightly with an uneasy look.

“First, cut it into pieces. It’s getting late, so I’ll put the rest in a sack and burn it tomorrow.”

Being stabbed, cut, shredded, burned, and trampled on.
One, one, an attack that contained the wishes of humans that it would be nice if dirty creatures like me would not breathe and live on this land.
Received all over…….

Around the time when my sense of touch, which had replaced my eyes, was almost gone, and I couldn’t even see my surroundings.
Unexpectedly, what saved me from pain…… It was raining.

“It’s all wet. Let’s go back.”
“Phew, tough guy.”
“It keeps wriggling. I will appear in my dreams.”

Torrential rain pours down
Now, the only thing that moved according to my will was the tip of the remaining tentacle, about 5cm.
Something approaches me, just waiting for death.


I tried my hardest to see, but I could only see his legs, but I knew who it was just from that.
Beautifully outstretched legs, too precious to be against the backdrop of ugly flesh and blood-soaked floors.

Maybe you came to save me.
The first emotion that popped up before that thought was shame.
In front of her mother, revealing her blatant failure… Shame.

Premia did not laugh at or preach at me, a small and shabby person.
She wasn’t even comforting.
Just be still,

I waited in the rain as if waiting for my pain to subside.
That is such a great consolation.
And I’m sorry….

I stretched out my tentacles and touched Premia’s toes.
She is such a freaking tentacle,
Premia lets me climb as if nothing happened.

Then she said the blonde holy goddess who looked down at me.

“I can’t help it even if you resent me.”

I’ve never resented you

“To be born as a monster, that’s what it is.”

Can’t you convey it through your sense of touch? This feeling
A feeling of gratitude overflowing from my heart.

“I hope next time I can be born as a pretty and cute human child.”

No. I hate that.
Let me be born as a tentacle monster.
I made the same wish.
I squeezed all my strength and expressed my gratitude.


Have you been told?
If there’s no way to survive now, at least….
Before I die, I want to say thank you for letting me be born as a tentacle monster.

I shouldn’t have been born as a human in the first place.

He lived as a human all his life, but he could never understand what a human life was.
A broken human being who hides his twisted desires under his skin.

Because that was me

I also don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die!

“Do you want to live ugly?”

I agree.

“Would you accept a life of crushing and destroying everything?”

I agree.

“Then, I’ll take down the flesh.”

Light emanated from it.
Like a flame that was dying out, the tactile sense illuminates the surroundings.
Where Premia stretched out her hand, she had her own ugly wriggling flesh that didn’t match her.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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