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Roughly Another World Tentacle 1

Roughly Another World Tentacle 1

Chapter 1 – Ugly Flesh


Even if wet soil touches her bare body, she is not at all uncomfortable.
Rather, I feel a sense of liberation that I never felt as a human being.
Did it feel so good to get fresh air all over your body?

The front is black.
I moved forward slowly, getting to know what was touching my body.

[Wet soil]
[Soil grains]

Information flows into your mind.
Anything convenient?
Despite having no eyes and no limbs, I quickly adapted to my new body.
I got the life I wanted, so how can I complain?

Viva Tentacles!
Finally, human Kim Jin-hyeok reincarnated as an unknown tentacle monster!

‘I might die of being happy like this.’

You can even kiss the goddess’ feet.
However, it seems that it is still not enough to show the performance I want.
Just born,
In terms of humans, it’s like a newborn baby…….

‘Is this a forest?’

The result of inference based on the information obtained while crawling.
I could see that this was an outback, untouched by forests or mountains.
Rather good

‘It might be a bit uncomfortable to be out of sight….’

Although the senses are alive and well,
I could barely notice what was 1m around me.
Compared to the senses of a human being, the size of my body now was only one to two fingers.

It’s a little disappointing, but it’s a good level to call it a minor thing.
…… Be careful not to be trampled on.
I moved my body hard, and then a crazed hunger struck.

Clap clap.
I ate whatever I could find, starting with the grains of soil that were around me.

[Nutrition + 1]
[Nutrition + 0.3]
[Nutrition + 0.1]

It seems to have some power, but it’s not enough.
Shall we graze?

[Nutrition + 0.5]

It was not much different from a grain of soil.
With such a small body, there is no choice but to catch and eat insects.
Wouldn’t the bug beat me…… ?

Is it because of the senses of the skin that are much more sensitive than when they were human?
When the thought that I could go through unspeakable pain from now on came to me,
I thought I wanted to escape from here and rest in peace in a safe place.

‘Let’s move diligently.’

To become a full-fledged tentacle monster that can hunt even human females.
The only thing I can do right now….
“Crawling” And “Eating” Were mechanically repeated.

[Soil grains]
[Soil grains]

Uh? Soil quality suddenly changed?
It was a fruit that tasted like nothing I had ever eaten.
As soon as you bite into your mouth, the fresh taste explodes.

I gobbled it up like crazy.

[Nutrition + 50]
[Nutrition + 50]
[Level has risen]

What a mess… !!
It’s like a fruit, so the nutrition is different!
My body started to gain strength… !

[Ingested animal feces]
[Ingested animal feces]

I struggled with pain.
What I ate… Animal feces… Say… !?
Whoa, whoa! Fuck this!

It is digested and cannot be spit out again!
Become a tentacle monster… Tastes have changed…….
The chasm between the culture of the human body and the ecology of the monster.
The fact that I ate shit deliciously made me feel empty.


It’s not the time to cover things up… !!

[Level has risen]

If it’s to grow, I can endure it!
I exercised superhuman patience.
Although he was no longer a human, accepting the ecology of a monster was not easy to say the least.

“Don’t be resentful”

The words of the goddess come to mind.
Everyone would resent the goddess if they became like this overnight.
However… I’m different!

Goddess, thank you for your daily bread!
I militantly gobbled up food and built myself up.

Three fingers….
It is about two fingers thick.
I became an earthworm after Pao, but I still feel inadequate.
My stomach is still hungry….

You said your level went up, can you check it?

Tentacle Monster (Lv.3) Goddess’s Artificial Life Form
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 A slippery liquid that is always secreted. It doesn’t dry well and is slippery. Pollution factor 0.1
〈 Sense of touch 〉 Cognitive ability to detect mana waves through skin, easily grasping surrounding objects.

The surroundings brighten…….
As if my eyes had been opened, I was able to look inside the forest.
What happened?
This is “Tactile sense”…… ?

As the senses, which were infinitely weak when they were mites, expanded, they became able to see in detail what they saw with their eyes within 10 to 20 m.
Actually, it’s not “Seeing” But “Feeling”….
Because the sense was so excellent, I thought it was much better than when I was a human wearing glasses.

‘Great. That’s how it grows.’

Let’s go, let’s go!
It was good until it spread out between the bushes vigorously, but after that, as if the beginner’s luck suddenly ended,
I couldn’t find anything to eat.

‘I’m hungry…….’

I even think that I can eat animal feces with pleasure, which I used to curse while eating.
Swift animals like those squirrels and birds were not my prey in the first place.
My body seemed to be strong against cold or heat,

When I couldn’t take in anything that could be “Nutrition,” I started to dry up from the outside.

‘Big deal… Hey….’

“Slippery fluid” Is not being secreted.
It was a necessary function to crawl smoothly on the floor.
Now everything that brushes against my skin stings and hurts.

I went into the shade of a nearby tree and curled up for a while.
Let’s rest for a bit and move again.


Ugh. Man!
I was startled by the sudden shadows around me and hid behind the weeds.

‘Did I need to hide?’

You wouldn’t even know I was there anyway, unless you looked closely.
I swallowed my saliva.

‘It’s a human woman.’

Judging from the way he looks around, he seems to be on to something.
A young woman dressed in a navy blue and white outfit.
…… Why does the nun’s uniform have side slits? Her breasts are also large.
The frowning expression is also cute.

‘It feels strange.’

No way….
Are you going to do that here?
My expectations were met exactly.
Her blue-eyed cleric girl carefully rolled up her bottoms and slipped her white knickers down her healthy thighs.

Oh, oh oh!

This fantastic low angle!
No, that’s not all. Thanks to my sense of touch, I can observe a woman approaching me from any angle.

Now that I can’t hunt women…….
Butts come so close!


After making sure no one was there, the girl squatted down as if sitting on a conventional toilet seat, getting ready for the ball.
White and pretty ass
In front of my eyes now,
The girl’s pale pink pussy and well-closed buttocks are wide open.

‘This is my chance!’

Can I do it
No, we have to do it before it’s too late.
That ass is like a gold mine!
A mad hunger fuels me. Mouth was dripping from her mouth.
Sigh sigh.

Aiming at the defenseless buttocks twitching in front of her eyes as if to get the best position.
I bent my body like a bow.
And… !


I made an acrobatic arc and landed on the girl’s big ass.


When something cold and slippery touches the girl, she looks back in surprise.
Whew, this… ! I’m going to fall
Is it impossible to reach the pussy hole… !!
Charge into the nearest ass hole!

Ooh clothes!!

“Uh, why is there a worm in a place like this…!?”

The girl rocked her hips from side to side in her bewilderment.
It was a cute action that came about because she hesitated to touch it with her hands.
I stick my head into her girl’s asshole, and then her hands come out.

‘I can’t get caught!’

If caught… If caught, in the worst case, it could just explode!
Die or live!
Her asshole tightens and refuses my intrusion.

‘I’m going in!’

Open your asshole!!
I twisted with all my might and dug myself into my asshole.
The priest girl’s fingers seemed to touch my body, but….

〈 Slippery liquid 〉 made it in!

“Oh, no…!”

I feel scared and crouched down.
Ah…. I’m sick…….
This guy’s ass hole is tightening my body tightly….
It’s warm there… !

I moved forward, feeling everything on my skin.

“Hey, don’t move…”

Good mood.
Was a woman’s butt this good?
The more my asshole tightens and the harder I move, the more I fall into a distraught satisfaction.
This… Feel like conquering a hole!

And…… !
I’m here, so I have to do my job!

[Nutrition + 5900]
[Nutrition + 3800]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

Tasty… !!
It’s so delicious that your eyes roll!
How do you get such rich sweetness? It was amazing even while eating it.
Then, how delicious is pussy juice?

“No…! They’re coming inside. What should I do?”

The girl hunched her thighs and didn’t know what to do.
Only her immaculate buttocks were sticking out, and she was startled in fear of what was happening in the hole.
Because I didn’t see with my “Eyes,” I could clearly see the outside situation even though I was inside the woman’s body.
It was a masterpiece to see her chubby thighs shivering thinly and sniffling as she allowed small creatures to enter.

Ha… Shame on you!
This… You should eat them all!!

[Nutrition + 11000]
[Nutrition + 30000]
[Nutrition + 3000]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

Wow clothes. Level up never stops!
Tears of joy won’t stop.

“Even, if you don’t tell me right away…”

The girl’s face is pale, as if she thought that it might invade her intestines.
I swayed excitedly and devoured it.
Tasty! It’s delicious!
Nutrients permeate the dry body!

‘I really enjoyed the meal.’

Let’s run away now.
After emptying the girl’s ass, I vigorously shook her body and escaped outside.

“Ah, it’s out…!”

The black-haired girl let out a sigh of relief.
What, is it because she shows her asshole open to her friends and doesn’t have to tell her bugs are in?

“Stay there!”

No, why does a cleric carry a mace?
A weapon a hundred times more deadly than an electric fly swatter came out casually!

Run away!!


I thought there was an earthquake.
The mace that barely passed by me was only as powerful as a hammer in terms of human standards, but
It was like a meteor strike to me, barely over 5cm in length.

I’m going to die!!

“Where did you go!?”

The woman suddenly straightened her clothes, perhaps bothered by the fact that she was swinging her mace with her bare buttocks sticking out.
As if he felt something change in his body, he pressed his lower abdomen.


The girl’s face turned red.

“S-no way… I ate it all…”

I quickly left the area while the girl stiffened with shame.

“Tia, what’s up?”
“Are you constipated again?”
“Rice, not constipated!”

I hear a conversation with a colleague who came late.

“So, what were you doing with your weapon out?”
“That… There was a white worm.”
“A white worm?”

Out of danger, I slumped under the shade.
I thought I was dying….

That pretty girl’s name is “Tia”…….

I hope to see you again.


It’s okay to be hungry now, but I can’t help it because I’m falling asleep.
She curls up and falls asleep with the grass as her companion.

[In metamorphosis…… ]

When night falls,
My appearance was completely different from before.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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