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Invest in Status Window 6

Invest in Status Window 6

Chapter 6 – 2. First Expedition. (2)

It dawned slowly. It was like a silent scream. Seeing the sun breaking through the darkness and being born, people held their hopes in their hearts.

The four mercenaries entered the demonic world while looking at the sky at dawn. On the hard dirt road, where feet had been cut off for quite some time, yellow dead leaves had already settled down like decorations. The sound of crunchy leaves crunching underfoot pierced people’s ears like an awl through the dreary air.

The demonic landscape was clearly different from the ordinary forest. Unlike the cozy early morning forest, this place was full of sticky notes.

… Death. It was a clear death. Allen definitely felt death here. The dizzy feeling of despair standing in front of a cliff where you can see the cliff of Cheongil.

Even though he had just set foot in the Demonic Realm, he clearly realized with his skin that the game and reality are different.

The Devil’s Nest was not a place where you could go in and out with just a few mouse clicks. Such a terrible limb to move forward with the blade of death in front of the throat—-.

A shy person from birth, Allen’s body could not stand the bloody air. … But Jihoo persevered. He opened his eyes straight, straightened his back, and strained his legs.

Endure have to endure Now, I, too, have to go out.

He remembered life on Earth. It shrank infinitely from repeated failures. He was confined in a narrow room, avoiding reality. He struggled to get out, but he couldn’t get out. Yourself-

Allen and Jihoo took one step forward. Without stopping.

The dark sky soon brightened.

However, the lush trees of the Devil’s Land accepted only the minimum light for survival and thoroughly blocked the rest. Because of that, even in the morning when the sun rose, the Devil’s View was still dark and gloomy. Still, the bloody tone was gone.


A blue butterfly-like flag swayed along with Charlotte’s roaring cry. Following the signal, the four mercenaries stopped marching and sat down in their seats.

“Cybal, even if the demons come and go, I can’t adapt at all.”

Bald Dolkin murmured as he pressed his large, flat buttocks into the dirt. Everyone seemed to agree with that, one by one.

Captain Aiden took a quick look at the porters who had followed him and sat quietly next to Allen.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem.”

“Okay? … Good luck.”

“Danju-nim, are you okay?”

Aristocrats like flowers grown in a greenhouse cannot easily withstand the air of the demonic world, which even a worn-out mercenary cannot bear. That thought was already embedded in the captain’s voice.

But Allen shook her hand lightly as if she didn’t care. The captain was relieved, saying that he was not as cowardly as the rumors of Danju. He was a little worried about whether or not he would have to play the role of a nanny in the Devil’s Landing, but fortunately that didn’t seem to happen. … Of course, I’m not sure yet.

“Next time, I need to build up some stamina. I can barely breathe this much.”

As Allen muttered to himself, the light bald head on her muzzle could not stand it again and heard a word.

“In fact, there is nothing like having sex to build up your staminahehe.”

With Tolkin’s joke, the tension that had risen to the top of his neck was somewhat relieved.

“Then, is the efficiency tripled if three people do it?”

“Fuck… , Are you a genius… ?”

“Beau Woongshin.”

After hearing a few jokes like that, the short break was over. This time, Charlotte was done resting——he shouted loudly. People groaned their already heavy bodies and lined up again. And then the march began again.

After repeating walking and resting until the sun rose almost to their heads, they finally reached the vicinity of the entrance to the mine.

Of course, there was a stone fort here as well as a driveway. But the son-in-law was as quiet as a rat. There was not even the usual sound of flying animals, let alone pretending to be present.

The subjugation party slowly entered the fort while keeping a watchful eye on the sandbar. Everyone silently stomped their feet and moved slowly.

The fortress attacked by monsters was completely in disarray. The equipment for smelting copper, as well as the cart for loading, was almost completely destroyed. In addition, on the floor, faint bloodstains that had not yet been erased could be seen sparsely among the trash.

“Hwiyuu, you’ve been completely robbed.”

The murmur of one crew member flew like an arrow into the ears of his colleagues at once. As he said, the mine fortress was completely robbed by the monster.

After confirming that there was nothing inside the fortress, the subjugation party erased their vigilance and straightened their crooked backs. Allen, too, calmed his pounding heart and looked up at the fairly tall stone wall.

… Do you think they surpassed this?

The height of the stone wall is roughly thirteen or four meters. At this height, most monsters would not be able to dare to dare, but it was unlucky to be caught by a group of demon dogs wandering around the Devil’s Realm….

With their intelligence, they must be secretly hiding around here, waiting for humans to come back here.

Allen was troubled. He’d rather fight them in the fort or outside….

Even considering their leaping power, it seemed better to fight with the fortress on. In [Guild Master], The fortress’ combat power bonus is a whopping 3.

Of course, if you make a mistake, there is a possibility that you will end up like a rat in a poison, but there is a risk that even outside the fortress you will be defeated individually. Then it’s better to get a combat power bonus. Although 3 is not a big deal for high-ranking mercenaries, it is definitely a significant number for low-ranking mercenaries.

… You didn’t follow me for nothing, did you?

As Allen imagined fighting the monster, he suddenly jumped in fear. It wasn’t the kind of feeling that could easily be overcome by simply saying, “Let’s be brave.”

Primal fear. Ji-hoo, who has lived in her 30s in a world without such a crisis, had a hard time accepting a situation where she could die.

But… , But—!

She had to overcome She had no other choice. In order to live, I had to be alert. Because I can’t do anything if I’m engulfed in fear.

Allen barely controlled his mind. He kept reminding himself of the weight of his position as Danju.

If I collapse, everything will collapse.

Then there was a voice calling someone’s name. Allen turned his head toward it. It seemed that Charlotte had summoned Danju and his captains. Perhaps it was to discuss future plans.

“Aiden, eggplant.”

“Yes, Danju.”

Allen walked towards Charlotte with Captain Aiden. The soles of his feet were burning from the march, but he did not show it. That, my military life was much harder than this—-, it was like the military pride of a reserve sergeant in the Republic of Korea. There was quite a bit of aristocratic pride mixed in.

Charlotte still cherished Allen. But he didn’t bother to show it off. Because she needs her wise and generous leadership qualities.

A total of eight people gathered in a circle, including two sophomores, two temporary sophomores, and four captains. Of course, Charlotte was far behind the captains when it came to jjambab, but thanks to her position as the granddaughter of the castle lord, she had the strongest voice. She led the conversation from a leadership position.

“What would you like me to do? Anyone have an opinion?”

Everyone looked at each other and closed their mouths. It must be that you don’t want to use a dump for nothing.

After reading their thoughts, Charlotte wanted to express her own opinion.

“I wonder if I really need to fight them outside the fort.”

Then, a captain opened his mouth in a tone of concern.

“According to eyewitness accounts, the monster that attacked this place jumped over the stone wall. Then wouldn’t it be possible to be isolated here by making a mistake? Then there might be no way to escape….”

The captain who had spoken felt Charlotte’s unusual expression and looked at her and increased her words.

“The way to get away… ? Without fighting, you already have a plan to run away, how about you?”

There the fundamental difference between the employer and the employee was revealed.

The employee had to somehow complete his mission, and the employee had to somehow save his life—-.

“No, well, still, I think we should keep the worst in mind, uh….”

Hearing that, Charlotte’s voice rose slightly.

“The mercenary here is thirty. Thirty. But what if you are already scared? Then you will lose the fight you won.”


Allen admired Charlotte’s courageous, albeit unpretentious, attitude. He was also like a [Successful].

… There’s nothing I’m going to do with this.

Of the same opinion, he added a word to reinforce her right to speak. Absolutely no other intentions.

“I am of the same opinion as Lady.”

Then Charlotte’s sharp gaze met. Allen, belatedly realizing her own mistake, corrected her title.

“No, the opinion of Charlotte Danzu. … I don’t think there’s any need to go out and face enemies on all sides. Rather, the limited space inside the fortress will restrict their movements.”

Charlotte had her own opinion, and Allen hadn’t been around. It felt as if he had taken and ate his own. So she once again emphasized her self and her opinion.

“That’s what I mean. It looks like we’re trapped, but we can control their movements. As long as you don’t be afraid and fight well.”

“… I heard it and it is true. Dear… , No, I will do as you wish, Lord Charlotte.”

Except for Allen, the rest of her bowed her head and put her mouth together.

Fortunately, the ball seemed to be hers, just as Charlotte had hoped.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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