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Invest in Status Window 5

Invest in Status Window 5

Chapter 5 – 2. The First Expedition. (One)


Allen opened his eyes. It was still dark all around.

When his hazy mind returned, he felt a tingle in his groin from the tension that wrapped around his body.

… Finally….

A monumental first expedition. It’s not just that kind of visual stimulation beyond the monitor, but the real reality that stimulates the skin—-.

To be honest, even Jihoo, who was covered by Allen, couldn’t erase the tension of the first expedition. The theory is faster than anyone else, but… , Because you don’t know if the real battle will be as he assures.

No, let’s believe it. You have to believe in yourself i’m sober that I should lead them. If you can’t trust yourself, who will they trust?

My experience as a project team leader at a university or a company was all I ever had as a leader and lead someone in real life, not in a game… , But I didn’t think that the ability was lacking.

He washed his face dry with both hands and got out of bed. Then he went to the bathhouse and relieved his tension with the hot water prepared by the servants who had woken up early. Then, after changing into comfortable clothes and having breakfast, I went and inspected the many wagons that were standing in front of the mansion one by one. Is the carriage in good condition, or is there anything missing from the prepared luggage?

“Aigoo, Bocchan. Let us….”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll have to check this one last time.”

His head and shoulders were wet from the drizzling rain, but Allen didn’t care.

After a while, the porters and workers were all ready and gathered. Allen checked them one last time to see if there was any problem, then got on the carriage.

“Go away.”

– Departure-.

When Allen, the top decision maker in the group, gave the signal to start, the four wagons started moving in unison.

The drizzling rain stopped before I knew it, and a hazy light began to spread over the faint morning fog. … Dawn was breaking.

… I hope he didn’t run away… ?

I told Captain Aiden not to worry, but he honestly couldn’t help but worry. Isn’t this the first time for everything? First hire, first week, first expedition…. He felt as if he was waiting for the announcement of his college acceptance with a score that was close to the edge.

The carriage continued to move toward the east gate. And the meeting place that gradually begins to come into view.


Eight mercenaries huddled together without exception…. Fortunately, it passed.

Allen struggled to suppress his rising emotions. He got off the carriage as soon as it stopped and greeted them.

“I was tired of waiting. Everyone gets into the carriage.”

“Yes, Danju.”

Captain Aiden approached Allen after skillfully beckoning his comrades to get into the carriage.

“… Everyone has gathered, Danju-nim.”

“Yeah, I’m glad. … You’re going to have a hard time in the future.”

“No. It’s definitely something you have to do.”

“Can I ride with you too?”

“… Together, you mean?”

Aiden was momentarily taken aback by his first request. No wonder a noble aristocrat would ride in a dirty mercenary compartment—. It was a difficult sound to understand.

“Oh, uh, what… , Yes… , There is nothing that can’t be done.”

So, Allen stepped up to the compartment where the mercenaries were huddled together. The sound of giggling and rude chatter suddenly stopped as if it had promised. They looked at the captain who came after them with eyes that demanded an explanation of what the hell was going on.

Leaving behind her captain, who lost her words for a moment, Arlen, calming her timid heart as best she could, summoned her courage to open her mouth.

“We decided to ride together. Until the mission is over, am I not a comrade in the same boat. Don’t feel too uncomfortable, I hope you feel comfortable like a fellow mercenary.”

Unsurprisingly, an awkward silence enveloped the carriage. When the worse captain insisted, what are you doing without answering, the bald head Dolkin laughed loudly wahaha.

“Welcome, Danju. It must smell like poop, but will it be okay….”

“It’s the smell from your mouth, bitch.”

It was only then that the air, which had been tightly frozen, loosened somewhat. Allen said, sitting between them.

“Think I’m not there and do it as usual. Because it’s really okay.”

Then again, the bald head shouted first. Apparently, this is the mood maker.

“You think that there is no single lord!”


After a few responded, the captain secretly rolled his eyes. But as a sign not to cross the line too much. … No matter what, the opponent is a noble.

“Is it really okay if I say anything?”

“Then. Sun. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“You can say anything!”

And as if they had been waiting for it, loud voices began to strike the earlobe….

There Allen felt a new world.

The story of the mercenaries was beyond imagination.

… Especially when it comes to sex.

· · ·

Allen-Mercenary Corps arrived at the entrance to the Devil’s View into the mine after a full day of driving. There was a stone fortress right there. Since copper smelting was being carried out temporarily here, acrid smoke was billowing incessantly, as if coming from a chimney where rice was being cooked. The amount of mining has shrunk to this extent, originally, smoke would fill the entire fortress….

Malcolm, the captain of the guard in charge of this copper fort, quickly recognized Allen as he got off the carriage and gave a chuckle salute. He was an impressive man, with her mustaches growing neatly on either side of her like her butterfly antennae.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Bocchan.”

“You’ve been through a lot, Sir Malcolm.”

“No. What a hardship.”

Allen glanced around. Judging from the fact that there was no carriage with the mark of the lord of the castle, it seemed that the Countess had not yet arrived. … Fortunately, it seems that the unfortunate accident that left immediately after arrival was avoided.

“You must have worked hard to get here, so please rest well.”

The captain of the guards euphemistically expressed the meaning that the Count’s family had not yet arrived. He didn’t really want to offend the Seongju family. Allen, too, did not carelessly ask about it, and appropriately withdrew his foot.

“You seem to have time, so you guys can rest a bit. You must have had a hard time coming.”

“Yes, Danju.”

“Get some rest!”

The mercenaries giggled nonchalantly, even with the demonic spectacle right in front of them, and walked somewhere. As Allen gets closer to the Devil’s Edge, he gets nervous from the terrifying sense of intimidation…. After all, even if it rots, it’s a joke, and after going through a rough life at the bottom, it seems that I have the courage to overcome that kind of energy with a smile.

And before the sun went down on the day Allen-mercenaries arrived, the mercenaries sent by Count Abrehim arrived at the fortress.

It was not surprising that the scale and prestige of the mercenaries were incomparable to those of the other mercenaries that had arrived earlier, but it was unexpected to Allen that he had come all the way to Charlotte with the qualification of a sophomore.

… I thought she was a heroine, but she’s more fearless than I thought.

Likewise, Allen, who followed me here, didn’t say anything, but to think that a gentle nobleman fearlessly jumped into this dangerous devil’s realm where even mercenaries die in droves.

It’s an unwritten rule not to touch Danju in a battle between mercenaries, but you can’t expect such consideration from the monster in the Devil’s Landing.

Seeing that out of the four mercenaries gathered here, Allen and Charlotte were the only ones who came directly from the mercenaries, rather than acting as proxy, it was clear how much the nobles of the south were willing to take care of themselves.


I don’t know why Charlotte came here, but… , To be honest, it was nice to see you a little. At least here, he is a person who can be regarded as the same kind as Allen.

“What’s the lady doing here–“

Charlotte also had no idea that the coward Allen had come here himself.

“… As a single owner, of course you have to come. It is also an important family affair.”

“As expected, Lady. It deserves to be an example for everyone.”

“That one… ?”

“I, well, accompanied as a sober.”

“Ah… , Yes….”

I couldn’t believe it easily, but I couldn’t believe it. It’s because I’m looking directly at the appearance of the fort.

The two exchanged a word or two more out of courtesy, then parted ways. Since the sun had already set, the expedition was naturally postponed until tomorrow.

When Allen returned, the mercenaries’ coy eyes poured out. Oh, there was also a choo-imsae.

Meeting of a handsome man and a beautiful woman…. There, of course, obscene stories were bound to bloom.

Also, bald Dolkin is suitable for this.

“What are you two doing? By any chance, isn’t this?”

He smirked smirkingly, not befitting his size, and twirled around as if picking his nose with only his little finger stretched out.

Seeing that, Karakul, the youngest member of the Mercenary Corps, opened his mouth and said an explicit word.

“Did you even have sex?!”

“Dude, what is sex? To the lord.”

Captain Aiden slapped the immature young bastard’s cleft with the palm of his hand. However, the guy whose routine is to be beaten laughed like an idiot that it was okay to be beaten that way.

Allen only smiled lightly and did not respond. The mercenaries were no longer harassing.

He lay down quietly and closed his eyes. But his mind was racing wildly.

… It’s sex

As long as he is a man with a dick, imaginary sex with a beautiful woman is like an unavoidable fate.

Allen felt her groin get heavy.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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