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Invest in Status Window 4

Invest in Status Window 4

Chapter 4 – 1. Little Master. (4)

The mercenaries who saw Allen’s unconventional recruitment announcement rushed at me. To the extent that it came over even from distant towns. Of course, there were those who approached it with a really mean heart and wanted to hit it, but most of it was out of curiosity. What kind of bastard is this bastard who put forward such crazy conditions——, I thought….

Whatever the reason, Allen’s goal to gather as many mercenaries as possible was hit. In order to hire decent mercenaries at a limited cost in this place where the quality was absolutely poor, it was necessary to compete with the quantity.

However, contrary to the surprising rumors, the person who made this announcement was very calm. Rather, he had the audacity to not budge an eye even in front of the tough mercenaries. … Actually, I was busy trying to soothe my anxious heart, but people don’t even know what I mean.

“The skill with which I wield this ax is excellent. Kuhhh If you pick me up, I won’t regret it anyway.”

“Good to see you. Next.”

Allen took a look at the ax that the copper-colored bald man was swinging, then moved on to the next turn.

… It’s more different than I thought… ?

He shook his head slightly as he shortened one of his lists with a straight line with his quill. He had already walked in and out with close to fifty people, but he had only managed to fill three seats out of the planned eight. Because there were far more mercenaries with [Deception] Or [Greed] Than expected. Otherwise, the stats are too poor…. The target worked well, but it seems that there were too many flying flies.

To be honest, I didn’t even want things like [Strong Will] Or [Cold Rage], Which are classified as first-class attributes. It’s a short-term job anyway, so I don’t need any standout characteristics, so I’d like to have good stats, but those guys were really rare here. … Surely it should be said that it is like the southern region where the mercenary business is sluggish.

Is it so hard to see talented newbies, won?

However, for just anyone to draw, the place called the Devil’s Land is not so easy. Although the monster in the eyewitness story was a demon dog, there was no guarantee that he would not encounter a monster of a higher level. Then, if the mercenary died, he had to pay twice the hiring cost to the guild, and his reputation would fall, so at least such an unfortunate incident should be avoided.

While Allen was lamenting inwardly, the next person in line opened the door and entered the room. She was a young man with sharp eyes. Especially impressive is the knife bread that runs diagonally across her face. … As soon as I saw something, I felt it.

Allen opened his opponent’s status window. Even if this wasn’t recruiting mercenaries, he would have opened the status window. That habit, deeply embedded in your bones, won’t go away even if you die.

[Strength: 27] [Agility: 33] [Stamina: 29] [Intelligence: 11] [Magic power: 4]

[Beomjae] [Will] [Greed] [Doubt] [Through] [Insomnia]

(I overcome fatigue with willpower. My left shoulder is sore. My right knee is sore. …)

Oh ho-.

He was the best among the mercenary status windows Allen had seen here. Of course, he can’t say that this is great, but he’s good at this level in a rookie mercenary. Fortunately, the attribute is [Greed], Two steps below [Greed].

In fact, where is the person who is not greedy? If a mercenary who is hired and moved by money is not greedy, that is rather deception. Rather, Allen liked that the opponent had the [Greed] Trait. If you are too noble with the mercenary theme, it is not easy to use money. … Isn’t that why he put on a show of tears in order to hire ‘Agnes Neptune’, one of the legendary Ten Dragons?

“This is Aiden Brandt, young master.”

“Nice to meet you. It’s Allen.”

Aiden gave a slightly surprised look. Nobles are so arrogant and great that they don’t want to reveal their names to insignificant mercenaries. At most, he’s the number one child of a certain family—and he’s vaguely evasive. Of course, most writers don’t do that either.

He thought the young aristocrat still doesn’t know how to live in the world, and took it lightly, revealing his specialty.

“I mainly use windows. And he had previously entrusted himself to the mercenaries of the Herrera family in the eastern region for a while.”

The Herrera family!

It was a name Allen knew well. Looking at the continent as a whole, it’s not a very famous family, but it’s quite common in the eastern region.

“The Herrera family. You were in a good place. … Then, how much experience do you have in subjugation like this?”

“I think it was over five times. It’s in the eastern demon region.”

“Awesome. As for the Demonic Realm in the East, I know its notoriety well.”

In fact, unless you go deep into the Devil’s Nest, everything is there, but there’s nothing wrong with saying at least a nice word to hear. It doesn’t cost money anyway.

“Okay. It was a good time.”

“Yes, then.”

Aiden bowed lightly and turned around and left. Arlen circled Aiden’s name on a piece of paper with a quill, and decided in his mind that this man should be made the temporary captain. To be honest, judging from the situation so far, the possibility of meeting a better person was quite small.

After meeting 30 more people, Allen finished the day’s schedule.

And out of eight seats, six were filled.

· · ·

After three days of interviews with as many as 216 people, eight Allen-Mercenaries were formed. The temporary captain is Aiden Brandt.

Allen called the selected eight people together and paid the advance payment specified in the contract in front of everyone. Only then did the little doubt in their eyes disappear.

They received 7 half of the 14 gold coins, which were the employment fee, first. Since he hadn’t done any work yet, he received money, so his expression looked strange.

But Allen didn’t end up paying the advance. In fact, the reason he came up with such an unconventional contract wasn’t just to gather a lot of mercenaries.

“If you wish, I will provide you with equipment at a low price. It will be much cheaper than the market price. I vouch for it.”

Saying that, he placed the equipment he had prepared beforehand in front of them.

After all, mercenaries who live day by day earn money and use it for entertainment instead of buying better equipment. The work must be finished anyway, the immediate desire is closer than the mission of the distant future.

However, when I received the advance payment, the story was a little different. Since survival takes precedence over desire, investment in equipment will naturally follow. And that means an increased chance of completing the mission safely.

Actually, it’s a trivial logic, but trust was needed between the nobles and the mercenaries in order for it to work. However, as nobles are nobles and mercenaries are mercenaries, the current reality is that they do not trust each other. In other words, you know it’s better to do it, but you don’t.

To be honest, if Allen couldn’t see the status window, he wouldn’t have dared to try this. Didn’t you already see how many [Deceit] And [Greed] Traits were on the mercenaries in the status window? If it wasn’t for the status window, you’d pay for what you paid for and face the rare sight of no one showing up on the day of departure.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t run away unconditionally if you don’t have the [Deception] Or [Greed] Trait, but at least you can minimize such unsavory things.

“Take a look. It doesn’t mean you have to buy it.”

Allen made the hesitant mercenaries more diligent.

In fact, it wasn’t that the quality of the equipment it showed was overwhelmingly better than other workshops. However, Allen was able to obtain these at a very low price from a blacksmith who had an exclusive contract with the Pomwells.

For those without overwhelming talent, equipment is an issue that is directly related to life. There’s no choice but to be tempted, since decently usable equipment comes out at a very cheap price. And that was Allen’s other goal.

“I will buy it.”

“Me too.”

Among the mercenaries looking at the equipment, the number of people who wanted to buy it increased one by one, and soon the entire mercenary group purchased one or two. They replaced my shabby, worn-out equipment with clean new ones at an affordable price.

After exchanging equipment like that, Allen notified them of the date they had to gather.

The departure date for the Magician is two days from today. The time is dawn. The place is East Gate.

“Then break up.”

However, Aiden, who temporarily took over as captain, was a bit reluctant. He must have even received the money, what a waste it would be if he broke up and then ran away. Even if the money wasn’t enough, the planned expedition could be ruined if the number of people was empty.

“Young master.”

“Now call me sobriety.”

“Ah, yes, my lord. … By the way, can I send them like this?”

After reading Aiden’s concerns, Allen smiled lightly.

“Are you worried that you might run away?”

“To be honest… , Yes that’s right.”

As a mercenary, it was embarrassing even to myself, but to be honest, there weren’t that many mercenaries I could trust. Especially low-level mercenaries.

“The chances of that happening are slim because they were picked and picked. Don’t worry.”

“But don’t believe too much.”

“Even if you run away, I can handle one or two people. This is because they were selected with that in mind. … But if I sign a contract and run away, won’t I be expelled from the guild? The wanted order will also drop. Few people would want to become a criminal with only seven gold coins.”

It wasn’t a huge amount, and it was ridiculous to be a fugitive for the rest of your life with only seven gold coins. Of course, it’s not like there aren’t any crazy people like that.

“It’s such a low life….”

“I skipped those low-key lives. Don’t worry too much, just focus on the mission you’ve been given.”

“… All right.”

Complaining more than this could be perceived as an act of daring to challenge the authority of the Sovereign, so Aiden shut his mouth.

… This young guy, even if he doesn’t know this floor, he doesn’t know too much.

Of course, he didn’t like the behavior of the childish sobriety. Still, if you do it yourself, you have no choice but to step back.

However, if the number of personnel is too low, he also raised the issue of lack of personnel and thought to withdraw from this mission. No matter how urgent money is, I still can’t go to die for just a few gold coins.

Aiden immediately greeted the young Danju and turned around. Like a mercenary who earns a day, he also planned to change equipment and waste the remaining money on entertainment. Because that’s the life of a mercenary.

What does saving mean to a mercenary who does not know when he will die?

… And, the two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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