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Invest in Status Window 3

Invest in Status Window 3

Chapter 3 – 1. Little Master. (3)

Allen bought presents and visited the wounded who had been attacked by monsters. She, of course, pretended to be a hospital visitor, but in reality it was to obtain information about the monster. That way she can draw up a detailed employment plan.

– It ran on four legs. It looks like a dog… , Oh, sorry, it looks like that dog, but it has multiple eyes. The eyes are also red. … Was it four?

– It was like a scorched mutt. He was only as big as a wolf. There was not a single hair on her shiny skin. It was so hideous that I almost got tired of peeing as soon as I saw it.

He synthesized several eyewitness accounts and quickly identified the monster’s identity.

The monster Nasmun, also known as the devil dog—-.

The level of the monster is low, but they usually move in groups and have a bit of high intelligence, so they are a bit annoying to deal with. In particular, they are not good at human meat, so they have a characteristic that they do not give up on their prey once they have set their sights. … One of the most annoying monsters when staying vigil in the Devil’s Palace. Jihoo also has a history of being annihilated by them unluckily after reducing the vigilance of the mercenaries to a minimum to replenish physical strength as much as possible.

Still, Allen was fortunate that the monster’s true identity was a demon dog. The level of the mercenaries I’ve seen while wandering around the city couldn’t be said to be very good. If he was a monster stronger than the demon dog, he would surely struggle.

That doesn’t mean that the demon dog is easy, but since it’s a monster often used to train mercenaries in the early stages, it’s not an arrangement that even a D-class mercenary can’t deal with if you position yourself well.

Once you’ve figured out the monsters to deal with, it’s time to hire mercenaries.

According to the custom in this area, a mercenary corps would have been formed on the recommendation of the branch manager of the Mercenary Guild Verher branch, but of course Allen did not. He tends to avoid recommended employment whenever possible.

Of course, there are cases where people are recommended based on their skills, but in the southern region, where the level of mercenaries is poor, most of them are actually recommended by personal connections. Usually in such cases, the probability of failure is extremely high. It means that an unreasonable bastard eats money like shit.


After completing the plan, Allen spread recruitment notices throughout the city. And the mercenaries received a fresh shock there.

In fact, there was nothing special about the recruitment announcement itself. The fresh shock is the contents of the contract.

– At the time of contract, half of the employment cost is paid in advance.

Not giving money after completing the mission, but giving half of the employment fee as an advance payment as soon as the contract was signed was something that only high-level mercenaries could not dream of. In the first place, nobles don’t trust low-level mercenaries very much. Not even long-term employment, especially short-term employment.

In that respect, the contents of Allen’s contract were obviously unconventional. Of course, it was not enough to attract the attention of mercenaries.

And, as if that content had reached the ears of Baron Pomwell, Allen had put up a recruitment announcement, and soon after, the baron’s summoning order fell.

… I knew that.

Allen, who had already expected that, headed to the baron’s study as if he had waited. There’s no way a baron with a money ghost can just watch his son’s nonsense.

As soon as Allen entered the study, Baron Pomwell tossed the recruitment notice he was holding towards his son and urged him in a stern voice.

“What the hell is this all about!”

“What are you talking about….”

“That’s the contract you made.”

“… You’re talking about advance money.”


Allen smiled leisurely despite her father’s bloody stare. She did something that her normally timid son would never have dreamed of doing, but Allen… , No, Jihoo did it.

“Because I think it’s more efficient.”

“What is efficiency? Don’t you think they’re just going to eat and run after money?!”

“I won’t. I’ll figure out who that is. Don’t worry.”

“No. We can’t just wait and see the obvious loss.”

It was an expected reaction. So Allen brought her words out of her preparation.

“I will settle the advance payment with the money I have. If there is a problem, I will handle it on my own.”

Her Baron’s eyes narrowed even more. On the contrary, her son’s smile grew thicker.

“Didn’t my father entrust this task entirely to me? Then believe and watch until the end. After the results come out, it won’t be too late for my father to judge.”

“… I hate being victimized even when I know it.”

“I know. Whatever the outcome, I will take full responsibility.”

When the son did not waver until the end, the father eventually took a step back.

It was quite unusual for a baron to step back so blandly. This was an unexpected reaction to Allen, who thought she would need a lot of persuasion.

“… Good night. Don’t watch Go out and see.”


Retiring from her study, Allen stroked her chest. He had quite a hard time calming the feeble heart of this naturally timid man.

Still… , It worked out better than I thought.

Even for the future mercenary business, persuading the baron this time was a very important task. … Still, it’s fortunate that I persuaded the picky baron much more easily than I thought.

In any case, the baron’s permission must have been dropped, and Allen was no longer rough.

… And as expected, the number of mercenaries who applied after seeing the recruitment announcement increased exponentially.

· · ·

… Advance payment?

The count’s granddaughter, Charlotte, saw the announcement Allen put up, and her eyebrows twisted strangely.

I could not have imagined that the contents of the contract to pay advance money would come out. … No, I didn’t even know that coward Allen would take on this job in the first place. Even to recruit directly for a subject that is completely outsiders on this floor.

Heh, in the end—-.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t help but look at it negatively. I also thought the advance money was a useless opportunity.

Who would pay an advance for short-term employment, not long-term employment? Even to unreliable, low-level mercenaries—!

From the point of view of the mercenary business, she felt that his failure was visible. The problem is that this failure doesn’t end on his line.

This subjugation mission was jointly undertaken by owners who owned a certain percentage of the mine. Doesn’t that mean that if the Pomwell family, which is not a small percentage of them, doesn’t do their job properly, then the entire family should suffer a loss to that extent?

I can’t stand that.

So Charlotte rummaged through her papers to write her warning letter to Allen, telling the timid fellow not to do anything stupid, but she suddenly came up with an idea.

… No, wait. Let’s think about it….

Maybe this was her opportunity to come to her. A chance to stand out among the subjugation squad!

It was not easy to show off the talents of a leader and strategist in this middle-of-the-road city, Berher, which was peaceful without any conflict. At most, the use of mercenaries here is mostly subjugation missions that occur intermittently, but honestly, it was difficult to stand out with just that.

However, it was different when the subjugation party, excluding her mercenaries, was in poor shape. Conversely, if her mercenaries were active as much as the others were low, she could clearly show that her talent was outstanding. If her reputation rises like that, she will be able to hire better mercenaries and expand her business to the surrounding cities. After all, it is not easy to find work in her hometown, Berher.

Having reached that point, she gave up the idea of ​​writing her letter to the timid fellow.

… You seem to be taking the mercenary business lightly, let’s see if it’s as easy as you think.

In fact, this mercenary business, unlike other businesses, was a business that most nobles jumped into. In particular, unlike the relatively peaceful western and southern regions, the mercenary business in the eastern and northern regions, where there was a lot of contention, was literally reminiscent of war. Depending on how many good mercenaries you have, the difference in power widens, and if you don’t do it, it will determine the rise and fall of the family, so it’s inevitable. There was even a time when a mercenary was involved in a territory battle, so I said everything.

In that respect, Charlotte did not like the attitude of the Countess, who was completely indifferent to the mercenary business. An excellent mercenary corps is the count’s strength and pride, but since the investment was so poor, the mercenary corps that would become their face had no choice but to become sloppy.

Even now, even if you try to treat them well at a high price, the reality is that useful mercenaries will not come. It must mean that he does not want to waste his career by joining a shabby third-rate mercenary. Rather, it was the preference of the majority to join the first-class mercenary corps and build another line of brilliant career.

So, if she showed great leadership and strategic talent in this mission, there was a strong possibility that this pathetic reputation could be overturned to some extent. Then, she will recognize the possibility in the count family and invest more actively.

Yes, let’s do that.

Charlotte was determined.

Let’s take this opportunity to make a great leap forward through the foothold of the subjugation party.

Let her spread her talents.

So, let her become the best mercenary owner, the envy of the entire continent.

She had big dreams.

… A little bit much

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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