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Invest in Status Window 2

Invest in Status Window 2

Chapter 2 – 1. Little Boy. (2)

In exactly three days, Allen had circled the city and collected all his bills. Of course, there were no cracks. Rather than being afraid of Allen, the retaliatory measure, it would be right that there is no great person who would dare to do such a big thing to the top of Pomwell.

While collecting the payment, he encountered many mercenaries walking around the city. Of course, he did a lot of other businesses in [Guild Master], But Jihoo reached the level of an undeniable craftsman, especially in the mercenary business. Of course, the success rate of 10% is honestly too exaggerated, but I was confident about 8 or 9%. Even half the success rate is amazing, but 90% is literally the level of a monster that makes no sense.

Of course, all the mercenaries that came rushing to Berher here were D-class. I’m a mercenary only if my stats are over 30—-, I would hand out my business card, but there were overflowing with 20-something guys here. Considering that ordinary people are usually around 10, these guys are mercenaries only on the outside, just to the extent that they are good at punching in the neighborhood.

Very, very occasionally, there were mercenaries with good characteristics, but unfortunately, all of them could not escape the level of [Beomjae]. Of course, not all criminals are unnecessary, but it is better to avoid them if at all possible. If you are in a position to choose from among the mercenaries overflowing on the continent anyway, it’s only natural that [Brilliant] Or [Genius] Would be better than [Genius].

… I remember this a long time ago

Of course, at the beginning of the game, it was necessary to invest in a 20-year-old Naburaeng. First of all, there is no money, and there is not enough reputation.

Of course, there was also an initial sales investment strategy. You just need to have a fair amount of resonance, reveal money, and have a desire. That way it was easy to grow and sell.

It was also a problem that he was too loyal to the subject of Naburangi. Then when you have to let go, you won’t be able to leave easily. If you forcibly remove it, your reputation will be damaged…. Of course, I don’t know how the reputation in the game works here, but the [Guild Master]’S system forced me to send a mercenary who absolutely opposes the transfer, and notoriety built up.

Anyways, that’s an understatement.

As rumors spread throughout the city, many miners in copper mines were killed or injured because of the monster’s attack, and even copper mining was affected. From what I’ve heard, the current mining volume is less than half of what it normally is.

Because of that, Allen had to see her father’s face, which looked very uncomfortable at each breakfast recently. If the mining yield plummeted, it would inevitably affect the baron’s income. So, at least it was a snot, but the meal time, where you could feel the family love, was the atmosphere of stepping on thin ice these days. Even her mother, who likes to chat, can’t help but notice her father.

After the windy meal, the father called the two sons to the study.

As soon as Baron Pomwell sat down in his chair, he put a cigarette in his mouth and looked at his two sons. Acrid, whitish smoke escaped from between his parched lips.

“I think you guys have heard the rumors too…. Something has happened around the mine right now.”

“Yes, I heard.”

Borner, the eldest son of Baron Pomwell and older brother of Allen, answered as a representative.

“Not long ago, the count family also contacted me. It seems that they decided that it was not a problem that could be solved with time. So, I decided to send in mercenaries. He also asked for my cooperation.”

“Are you going to accept it?”

“There is no choice. Of course I have no choice but to do it. Because I also have some ownership of the mine. This is to protect our family property.”

“… Okay.”

“So Borner, I want you to act as my substitute. Form a mercenary group and cooperate with the count.”

Ah. Borner, who heard his father’s words, did not respond quickly and rolled his eyes with an uncomfortable face.

In the first place, he hadn’t been involved in the company’s affairs until now. Because chatting with aristocrats and doing politics is the goal of life. I hate jobs that are messy and rough like the top job.

As Baron Pomwell’s gaze at his eldest son, who did not respond, became more and more pointed, the youngest, Allen, who had been watching, intervened.

“Can I do it for you, Father?”

The eyes of the other two reached the youngest at the same time. My older brother was Ando, ​​and my father was Wonder. I didn’t know that the timid Allen would come out on his own.

“… Allen you? The reason is?”

“Anyway, isn’t this a bit dangerous? Of course I won’t, but if anything happens, I’d rather suffer than my older brother. Aren’t you the future to lead the family?”

It was a perfectly reasonable argument, but the father shook his head. … There seemed to be a little bit of guilt.

“There is nothing particularly dangerous. You can appoint a proxy again when you enter the demon realm.”

“Yeah, it won’t work well. Aren’t mercenaries our property? Even if you’re acting as a substitute, you’re still a stranger, so you can’t entrust your family’s property to someone else. And this will be a good experience for me too. With a good mercenary group, wouldn’t it be possible to help your brother later?”

Allen’s older brother, Borner, was slightly moved. It was the first time she felt brotherly love for her younger brother, whom she thought she didn’t have much affection for. Anyone can see that it was the younger brother’s act of sacrificing himself for his older brother.

Baron Pomwell didn’t even know that the youngest would say such a thing. Still, unlike before, it was quite satisfactory. What’s more, it’s much more comfortable to have people do it on their own than to force people who don’t want to do it.

“… Yes, that’s good If that’s what you think.”

“Thank you.”

“I will completely trust you in this matter. When you’re done, report to me. Understand?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Okay, then you two can leave.”

The two sons bowed their heads respectfully and came out of the study. For the first time in his life, his older brother Borner thanked his younger brother, who was walking alongside him.

“Thank you, Allen…. I didn’t know you would give it to me that much.”

“What. Family members help each other.”

In fact, it wasn’t that Allen really did it because of her brotherhood, but she didn’t need to reveal it. A merchant to the core, he knew how to properly wrap his teeth with good intentions. However, this is not something that harms others.

Allen soon returned to her room. Lying flat on her bed, he sighed softly.

It’s done now.

I was about to tell my father about the mercenary business, but things turned out better than expected. She owed a debt of heart to her older brother and earned the trust of her father. Of course, that trust is conditional, depending on how well he does this job, but he was overflowing with confidence.

As for the mercenary business, I have the confidence to be second to anyone on this continent.

Jihoo didn’t know why he came to this game world yet, but since he had already arrived, he had no intention of wandering around looking for a reason that would not be solved.

One thing that is certain more than anything else is that the game [Guild Master] Will face a major crisis someday, and to survive that crisis, you must create a great mercenary group.

He knew better than anyone that money and fame were powerless in the face of real violence. To survive such real violence, you need real force, not money or fame.

After lying in bed and thinking for a moment, Allen jumped up again and went to the desk.

Now, let’s think about what we need to do.

If this was a game where you simply clicked the mouse, you could just sit back, spread out recruitment notices, and filter through the status windows of mercenaries applying, but the game and reality were clearly different. I needed to move with my own feet and see with my own eyes.

Of course, there is no change in the fact that the status window is the main one, but it is not such a simple action to accept or reject with just a click of the mouse. Unlike games, in reality there is also a means of dialogue.

Still, it was a bit comforting to know that even one wrong choice wasn’t at a level that would lead to quite embarrassing results. In terms of money, it must be at most about ten gold coins…. Of course, if you think of your father, you should avoid such losses, but even if you lose a little, you can think of it as the value of experience.

After thinking about it, Allen thought about what he should do first before hiring mercenaries.

Since this employment is not a long-term concept, it was necessary to first decide how much to hire.

It shouldn’t be so small that it’s embarrassing, and it shouldn’t be too much either.

In order to judge the number, it is first to grasp the situation that took place in the demon realm. She listens to the eyewitness accounts of people who have suffered the attack, and she can roughly gauge the monster’s identity and level.

Allen’s head was already packed with information about countless monsters. The direction of the mercenary corps’ operation depends on whether or not you know it, but a craftsman with over 20,000 hours of work can’t believe he doesn’t know such important information. Of course, the old scholars are at the level of memorizing Young master and Mencius.

Arlen, who had reached that point, burst into laughter at the moment.

… If I had studied with that effort, I would have entered medical school.

Allen, who erased his laughter, moved in earnest.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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