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Invest in Status Window 1

Invest in Status Window 1

Chapter 1 – 1. Little Boy. (One)

Pomwell family.

A baron family located in the southern region of the vast continent. In fact, the Pomwell family was not a noble family with a long history from the beginning, and it was a position obtained by a person of the level of a great-great-grandfather who ran a merchant company more than a hundred years ago by selling grain collected during a great famine to the country. At that time, there were quite a few upper-class families that became noble families in that way.

Still, since it had been a noble family for about a hundred years, Pomwell Street seemed to want to join the savvy aristocratic faction, but it was so territorial that it hadn’t even crossed the threshold of the entrance yet. So, now, they are treated as beings that are neither orthodox nor new, but like a angular stone caught in an incomplete position.

Jihoo awoke as Arlen Dwise Pomwell, the youngest son of the Pomwell family.

… Wash it, is this real?

As if Jihoo had been one with Allen from the beginning, he naturally absorbed all of his memories. Fortunately, there was no sense of alienation or rejection at all. It’s just that it’s hard for Jihoo to accept this sudden situation.

Still, Jihoo melted into this life in an instant thanks to absorbing Allen’s memories completely. Fortunately, Allen’s family did not notice the changes that had taken place inside him. … No, the correct answer would be to not even be interested in the first place.

A father who only wants to make money in his head, a mother who is stigmatized by drinking tea and sipping tea with other women, an older brother who is frantic to advance to the center, and an older sister who wants to show off her beauty by going to parties called parties— . … Still, I’m glad that I became an aristocrat who doesn’t have to worry about food, clothing, and shelter, rather than living a bloody life at the bottom.

And he realized what kind of world this place was in just one day, before he even fully understood what the situation was like.

[Guild Master], The world in the game—-.

Every memory in his head was screaming that it was true. Of course, I couldn’t believe it easily.

Wow, what a world in a game. Does that make sense Then the status window will open….

… And he was blinded.

Clear evidence that this is the world he knows.

A translucent status window of himself floating in front of his eyes.

· · ·

“Little Bocchan.”

Sitting in an armchair overlooking the garden, lost in thought for a moment, Allen suddenly woke up from his thoughts whenheheard a voice calling him. It was an old butler.

“Ah oh.”

“The master is calling.”

“… Okay. I’ll be there soon.”

When the butler disappeared, he sighed lightly. It’s finally here, I thought.

Apparently, it was a thorn in his father’s eyes that the grown man had been locked up in his room for two days like a child.

I don’t know if this is the first time this has happened. It must be once or twice that this body, which already has quite a flair for women, snooped on a woman, was nicely rejected, and shut itself in a room in despair. Isn’t it even the woman who was in possession this time? … To be honest, he became his own body, but even from Jihoo’s point of view, Allen was fucking ugly.

No, shit, what the hell is a woman with a husband good for?

Ji-hoo got up from his armchair and headed to his father’s study, cursing inwardly at the old past that was such an asshole of his body.

A very indifferent father when it comes to his family. In fact, the reason why the baron called his son was not because Allen was pathetically confined to his room, but because he couldn’t do the job he was given. Originally, he should have been running around the city to get the money.


Allen let out a small sigh and knocked lightly on the door of her study. Then she heard the baron’s voice saying, “Come inside.”

As soon as he opened the door and entered, he saw Baron Pomwell sitting at his desk and constantly checking the pile of papers. He was an impeccably perfect worker who only worked mechanically.

A middle-aged man with gray hair. His eyes looked colder than that of a ruthless killer as he skimmed through the papers with a razor-sharp attitude that he would not tolerate a single mistake.

The baron studied the papers for a long time even after his son entered the study, then slowly raised his head.


“Yes, Father.”

“Whatever you do, I don’t care. However, shouldn’t you diligently complete the tasks given to you?”

A voice that falls heavily. The chill penetrated deep into his bones, and the son felt a chill.

“… All right, father. I will go right now.”

“Okay. Look out.”

That was it. The son heard his father’s cold rebuke and quietly withdrew from the study.

As soon as he closed the door, Allen burst into a sigh of relief and immediately moved to get ready to go out.

In fact, from Jihoo’s point of view, this was a monumental first outing to this world. Maybe that’s why, despite going out to collect the payment, which he had been so bothered by, a feeling of excitement that he couldn’t hide rose up in his heart.

He rode out of the mansion with two guards on horseback.

Belonging to the southern region of the continent, this middle city, Berher, was a peaceful and livable neighborhood. Count Abrehim, the lord of the castle, was old but still wise and benevolent, and maintained good relations with other nearby cities.

People didn’t seem to like Allen who rode her horse and looked at her surroundings. … No, she’s not exactly afraid of her youngest son, Allen, but of Baron Pomwell behind him. Because he was notorious for being cold-blooded, not caring about the plight of the townsfolk.

Of course, Allen didn’t really care what they thought. He just does what he has to do and leaves.

Let’s see.

He glanced over the billing list in his hand. A thorough bill without missing a single fairy tale. It must be the work of a baron.

He stopped near his first shop, got off his horse, and went inside. The old shopkeeper made a fuss about him with a forced smile.

“I’m here to get paid. I should have come two days ago, but for some reason I was late.”

“Oh no, no.”

Allen reflexively turned on the status window. It was like Jihoo’s habit of playing [Guild Master] For well over 20,000 hours.

In fact, there was no need to know the stats of non-warriors. What he quickly scanned with his eyes was just the opponent’s characteristics.

– [Beomjae] [Talk-talker] [Mistress] [Greed] [Weakness]

(My head hurts because of the money. My back hurts. My knees hurt. ……)

Problems of the body lined up in dozens of sentences. As befits the [Weak bone] Characteristic, he had no pain anywhere in his body. … Of course, what can you expect from the characteristics of the passing old man 1?

Allen quickly took the payment and came out before the old man burst into useless chatter. The old man’s granddaughter, who wanted to change her situation, came out belatedly and looked at Allen seductively, but he pretended not to see it and turned away.

After going around so many places and finishing only one area, the sun has already risen to mid-heaven. He and his two bodyguards went into the bar for a cold beer before going on to the next section.

The people in the bar, of course, recognized Allen. Well, you can’t fail to recognize the youngest son of the town’s most famous carpenter.

He asked the guard, pointing his chin at a group of people chattering and drinking wildly in a corner.

“I guess they are foreigners? Who is it?”

“It must have been a mercenary who came running after smelling the money. Wasn’t there a problem with the copper mine this time?”

“… Okay? You said there was a problem?”

“There were some damage to the miners because the monsters ran amok in the demonic area around the mine.”

… Did something like that happen?

Jihoo clicked his tongue inwardly at Allen’s insensitivity. Even if you’re not interested, you don’t have to know about these things. Besides, if it’s a copper mine, I know that his father, the Baron Pomwell, owns a fairly small percentage.

However, he didn’t make any more noise and left the bar after drinking the last beer.

He started touring the district again to get his money. Then he returned to the mansion after completing about half of the billing list.

But inside the mansion, a carriage with the sign of the lord of the castle was standing there.

Who came from the count family… ?

But just by looking at it, I couldn’t tell who was coming. The count’s family often stopped by the baron’s, so he didn’t think much of it and passed it on.

Allen was on his way to the study to report the money he had collected today to his father, when he bumped into someone walking down the hallway on the other side.


She was a blonde beauty with an aura sharp like a well-forged sword. He knew her identity as soon as he saw her. … ‘Cause she’s a woman you can’t know

Count Abrehim’s cherished granddaughter, Charlotte Louisfong Abrehim—-.

As soon as he saw her, he felt like her heart was choking. I feel like a mouse in front of a cat.

At the same time, old memories were playing in Allen’s head. Her once ‘almost’ to be her fiancée, the nightmare-like memory of her who was always intimidated by her inability to pray in front of her…. There, Jihoo realized how weak and stupid Allen was.

No matter how much Ji-hoo’s life on Earth was a game, her timid personality was never like this. I’ve dated her girlfriend several times, albeit briefly, and had a decent job. … Although of course she ended up ruining it all.

This sick bastard…. She was shocked that she had been dumped by a married woman, so I should have recognized her from the moment she stayed in her room for two days.

The two soon faced each other. As a timid bastard to the core, Allen’s body instinctively shrank in front of Charlotte, but Jihoo tried hard not to do so even if she was forced to do so. Fortunately, her body did not betray her spirit.

“Long time no see… It is, Lady.”

“Iknow, right. Long time no see.”

Of course, the eyes that reached him were contemptuous eyes. She, too, hated such a weak and insincere man. There are even messy rumors about her recklessly wielding it because she is a coward and is out of shape…. To the point of despising himself for having once been seduced by his delicate beauty.

“What’s going on here… ?”

Charlotte wanted to point it out, saying, “What are you doing?”, But she still can’t be mean. If she is an aristocrat, she has to show her face like an aristocrat.

“I came here for a short time to work in the mines.”

“Oh, I see.”

Allen laughed. But Charlotte didn’t laugh.


She didn’t want to be here any longer. This is a polite greeting. She didn’t want any more socializing with this man.

He glanced at the back of her as she briskly and coldly left.

– [Brilliant] [Efficiency] [Calmity] [Narcissism] [Greed] [Masochism]

(He despises cowards. Menstruates.)

… Damn it, it’s fucking cold. … Is it because of menstruation?

He also turned around and headed back to the study.

If it had been in the past, it might have been, but now he was not a great man to shrink from being looked at like that.

He was strangely confident. He is many times more than he was on Earth.

… Maybe it’s because this is the world in the [Guild Master] Game.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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