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Invest in Status Window 7

Invest in Status Window 7

Chapter 7 – 2. First Expedition. (3)

The first night at the mine fort went well. Except for the two wake-up bells that rang by surprise all night…. The reason why the wake-up bell rang was because of eyewitness reports that the members of the night watch had seen suspicious movements.

Allen, who was sleepless because of that, kept yawning despite the morning sun rising softly. Feeling dizzy from fatigue…. Not only Allen, but most of them looked similar.

After breakfast, Charlotte gathered the officers again. She opened her mouth after taking a quick glance at the faces of the other seven people except her.

“From now on, let’s take turns exploring the surroundings, one team at a time. You said you felt the presence of a monster last night, so if that’s true, there must be a trace left. But don’t go in too deep. I’m simply looking around. If a monster surprises, they will come to the aid right away.”

“All right.”

The four mercenaries who came up with such a plan decided their turn. The Charlotte-Mercenary Corps was the first, and the Allen-Mercenary Corps was the second.

In turn, the Charlotte-mercenaries left the fortress first. The efforts of the officers of the punitive force, who had gone a short distance to impress Seongju’s granddaughter, were imaginary. Allen, of course, saw him off, but he didn’t flinch.

The members of the crew, who were watching their insolence from a distance, giggled and giggled among themselves.

“Even if I ask you to sleep, I think I’ll do it right away.”

“Does that bitch need a low-class cock? He needs a goo-level cock.”

“Is the sweet lord sleeping?”

“… Well. Other than that, the two didn’t seem to get along very well. The atmosphere is just like that.”

In the eyes of the mercenaries, who are quick to read the atmosphere, it seems that the air between the two nobles is already hard.

“Then, is Danju’s cock my car?”

“Herbal pussy bitch, your dreams are wild.”

“The baby cock is gone.”

The gossip ended when Allen and Aiden returned. Perhaps because of what they were talking about, everyone’s eyes touched Danju’s crotch once and then fell.

Allen warned them not to let their guard down, even in broad daylight. Even during the day, there is no guarantee that there will be no monster attacks.

He walked slowly, looking around the fort again. Just in case I missed something.

Before long, the Charlotte-mercenaries returned to the fort. Her place is the eastern section of the fort. However, I can’t seem to find anything.

Allen, who was next in line, ordered the mercenaries to prepare to investigate. Soon they had their assortment ready and headed for the southern section of the fort.

“If you see anything suspicious, let me know right away.”

Whether it was day or night, it was difficult to endure with a fair amount of courage to always walk through the dark demonic realm. Allen, too, suffered from the fear that a monster would suddenly jump out of the darkness, but he managed to hold it in somehow.

If you show weakness here, the crew will definitely look down on you. Even for future mercenary business, he had to persevere.

“Cybal, it’s spooky.”

“My butthole is tingling.”

“Isn’t it leaking poop?”

“I heard that the smell comes from somewhere.”

The joke-picking was short-lived. They also didn’t have the energy to go on.

Meanwhile, Captain Aiden found something and whistled to attract Allen’s attention. Danju stepped on the muddy ground and approached the captain. The captain who was squatting gave Danju a sneak peek, asking him to take a look at this.


As we got closer, a foul smell came up. It was a huge amount of excrement. It hasn’t hardened yet either.

“… A monster has arrived.”

“It’s still a bit soft. Overnight seems cheap. … It seems that what you saw last night was not in vain.”

It was at this moment that the sightings of the vigil proved to be true. At the same time, Allen’s predictions were also correct.

The devil dog was roaming around and watching them—.

“They already know the taste of humans. Will definitely come again.”

Allen had her men do a rough count of footprints around them. To roughly estimate the number.

“Looks like five or six.”

That means there are at least five or six of them. Usually there are around 10 demon dogs, so the number seemed to be about right.

“I get it. Just go back.”

I found evidence that they still roam around here, so there was no need to risk it and waste my stamina.

Allen-Mercenaries soon returned to the fort. As soon as Allen returned to the fort, she went straight to Charlotte and told her what they had discovered.

“Charlotte Danju. There was monster droppings nearby. It looks like he defecated last night… , They’re probably still hanging around here.”

“… Is that so. I see. Thanks for your work.”

Charlotte answered lightly and looked away from Allen. He laughed inwardly at her cold demeanor.

I checked again to see if it was menstrual, and it wasn’t. Just don’t like the look.

Soon after Allen returned to his place, the third order, the mercenaries, went out of the fort. A bald Dolkin climbed up the stone wall and stood guard.

The sun that had risen to the top of my head was now slowly descending. After a while, the third mercenary corps that went out to investigate returned, and the fourth mercenary corps touched the baton.

Perhaps Allen’s body had gotten used to the bloody air of her demonic realm, and she was much calmer than yesterday. But she didn’t let go of her tension and she held on to the end.

Even though he had seen and experienced it in the game, he knew better than anyone else the terrifying power of the Demonic Realm.

How many times had he gone through situations where he was annihilated in a moment of carelessness and carelessness!

In the meantime, the days were already beginning to fade. For some reason, the sunset seen from the Devil’s View was dreary.

Before the sun went down, the fourth mercenary corps, which had gone out to investigate for the last time, also returned to the fortress. It seems that they also found the monster’s excrement, so they went to report to Charlotte with a riot.

The smoke from cooking began to rise, and the subjugation party went to their respective seats after filling their stomachs.

Perhaps the night of the Demonic Realm is more dynamic than the day—-.

The mercenaries, who had the knack of being able to sleep anytime, anywhere as long as they put their heads on the ground, went to bed again even after sleeping so much during the day. Of course, always ready to wake up in case of an emergency.

Will definitely come must be come.

Allen was so sure. I don’t know if it will be tonight or tomorrow night, but it was clear that it was coming.

Devil dogs were such people. Bastards who think it will be hot, but touch it at least once…. What’s more, they had already successfully eaten human meat once before. Then I won’t give up any more. Until one big burn.

The aristocratic young man, who watched the sky gradually turn black, slowly turned over on his side. In the distance, beyond the burning bonfire, I could see a small tent containing the granddaughter of the castle lord.

… He will do well Yes, I’m going to watch and learn this time. It’s the first time in practice. Okay. Watch and learn Don’t be afraid. You can do it. Okay. You can do it….

As Allen stared at it, at some point, her memory was suddenly cut off.

· · ·

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ㅡㅡㅡㅡ.

– Knights, Knights aaaaa!

Charlotte, who had been sleeping soundly on her soft fleece cot, was awakened by the loud cry.


Even before the interrupted accident continued, the terrifying screams that erupted here and there pricked her ears. At the same time, the entrance to the tent opened wide and the captain appeared. He urgently sought her.

“Danju Charlotte, it’s an attack!”

Charlotte dared not reprimand him for opening her lady’s tent without permission. … No, the correct answer was that she didn’t have the mental head to do that.

Until she went to sleep, she was definitely determined, but when she was attacked by the monster, her mind went white.

“Sweet Lord!”

The captain called the dazed Danju once more. Only then did Charlotte come to her senses, sprint down from the bed, and jump out of the tent.

It’s already a mess outside. An eerie and terrifying monster that would make you tired just by looking at it was biting people. What he caught was a poor porter without a single leather armor.

The torso was torn apart with a groan. She didn’t know that the human body could be torn apart so easily. And she didn’t know it contained that much blood and guts.

… Ah….

Her self-confidence, which had risen to the top of her head, was consumed by her terrifying fear. Her head, which was full of prearranged strategies and tactics, was broken and did not turn.

The subjugation party naturally gathered in one place. In the middle, non-combatants who could not fight were pushed in, and the rest surrounded them and engaged in a bloody battle with the monsters.

“Kill ithaha, kill all these bastards—!!”

“My arm, my faaaaar—”

“Calm down, you bastards! Next to, next to—!”

The screams of half-mad mercenaries, the screams of pain from having their limbs torn off, the insane sobs of porters…. In the hell of screaming, Charlotte couldn’t do anything, she just squatted among the porters and trembled.

The number of demon dogs, Nasmun, was much higher than expected. I expected around 10 at most, but the number that appeared was close to doubling that number. That’s why even the 30-year-old subjugation party had a hard time. Moreover, since the chain of command was also jammed, the situation did not improve easily.

However, from a certain moment, the Allen-Mercenaries gradually emerged and began to slowly defeat the monsters. Unlike other non-combatants, Allen, the youngest son of the Pomwell Merchant, who was rumored to be a coward, stayed close to the members and gave orders.

“Tolkien, stand in front! Olga, cover Tolkin from behind! Don’t deal with them all at once! Eliminate them one by one! Deal with them one by one, step by step, and get rid of them!!”

Of course, he wasn’t so active from the beginning. At the beginning of the raid, he was just as flustered as Charlotte. He was prepared, but the monster was far more terrifying than he could have imagined.

But when death came so close, it funny came back to me. It’s so close that you can’t even see it.

This did not mean that reason was perfect. His mind was being beaten as it was, unable to control the excitement that was raging.

“보르고르, 보르고르 이 개새끼야ㅡ! Don’t keep your mind right?! A fucking bastard just jumped out from next to me! I want to see everyone die——?!”

Thanks to Allen’s instructions, the monsters fell one by one. However, the number of demon dogs was too many. I’m barely getting rid of them one by one, but it’s still hard to give a noticeable twist.

The stamina of the mercenaries was slowly running out, and the number of residuals was increasing. Time was running out now.

Right now, this wasn’t something that could be done just by being good at Allen-Mercenary Corps. The whole had to defeat them at the same time. As soon as possible, before something bigger happens.

Allen’s eyes were red with evil, and he quickly scanned his surroundings with a face filled with excitement. Just looking at it, I could feel that the subjugation team was running wild. However, Charlotte, who was supposed to quickly grasp the situation and give instructions from behind, was nowhere to be seen.

What the fuck is that bitch doing right now!

Looking around her busily, Allen found her shivering, squatting between her porters.

“It, bitch, par… !”

Jihoo had lived a decent life on Earth, but seeing that idiot-like figure, I couldn’t help but curse.

He immediately ran over and grabbed the bitch by the collar and pulled him up. Then he waved his hand around her collar and cursed at her frightened face, spattering or not.

“You bastard, don’t come to your senses quickly?! You fucking, you all look like you’re going to die, you bitch aaaaa bitch, you’re going to die!”

To be honest, even covering his mercenaries was too much for him right now. I didn’t have the energy to worry about anything else. It spreads like this in such a situation, so I can’t get angry and get rid of it.

“Ah, ah, uh….”

Charlotte cried. Angry to the point of her head, Allen couldn’t stand it and slammed her. The shock was strong enough to make her head spin.

Ha, evil-.

“Don’t go soon, you bitch?! Hurry up and catch those bastards!”

Allen pushed her to her Charlotte-her mercenary corps, then ran her back to her own mercenary corps. Because it’s an urgent situation.

Perhaps thanks to a rough slap on the cheek, her spirit, which had run away from home, came back a bit.

“O, Eh, M, Emily, Emily! The back of Pollock is empty. Pollock—-, backside—-, it’s empty—-!! You have to cover it! Don’t you know your role?!”

When Danju, who quickly read the situation from behind, began to give instructions, the Charlotte-Mercenary Corps, which had been wandering around, began to gradually settle down. It was only then that the subjugation party was able to breathe.

The monster only sneaked out after half of it had died.

With a cry of wow, they quickly slipped away like the ebb tide. Of course, with one corpse biting into the snout.

The battle that started abruptly continued for a long time and ended abruptly again.

The subjugation team won. Withstood the attack of the monster and defeated the enemies.

… However, there was no cheer for the wounding victory.

Only heavy breathing and sobs, and the relief that I barely survived.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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