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Invest in Status Window 16

Invest in Status Window 16

Chapter 16 – 4. Big Water. (3)

Arlen and Aiden, having safely overcome a bandit raid, safely arrived at Levala, a trading city.

The bustling crowd was as great as ever before. With the war on top of that, people rushed in and out again. War is a tragedy for some, but an opportunity for others. And Allen was the latter.

In particular, if two or more people gathered together, this Eastern War was an indispensable topic. Even a porter who goes to and from the East doesn’t have to pay for a drink at his bar. Rumors, a clever mixture of truth and exaggeration, flowed ceaselessly from their mouths. Now, it is difficult to distinguish what is true and what is false unless you go and see it yourself.

And the war made the price rise to the ceiling. Prices were more than twice as high as before, and now even poor meals in cheap bars have gone from copper coins to silver coins.

Rumors abounded about the various families participating in the Battle of the Territory. Many of the names were familiar to Allen, but one in particular had a deep connection with Aiden.

The Herrera family of the Romelln Mountains.

A family where Aiden was once hired as a mercenary and dipped his toe into it, albeit briefly.

“Do you have any future plans? It seems that the war is in full swing, so there is not much to do.”

Allen put food in his mouth and smiled strangely. And he answered after swallowing the food in one gulp after the mastication movement.

“I will go to the eastern provinces.”

“… Yes? East… What?”

“If war is a big trend, we have to adapt to it. Since we are also mercenaries, it is an unavoidable choice.”

Aiden didn’t expect that this newcomer Danju would fearlessly declare that he would participate in the Eastern Territory Battle.

“War is on a different level from what we have done so far. … You know?”

“Of course you know. Doesn’t the captain know me? I’m not trying to be ignorant, so don’t worry.”

Still, Aiden’s worries did not seem to disappear easily. However, he had no experience of war either, so he had no further advice. He is bound by a contract anyway, so he has no choice but to trust Danju and leave it to him.

Allen, who glanced at his subordinate, spoke in a more solemn tone than before.

“It’s the knights who get the work, not the mercenaries. If a mercenary has a job, he goes and does it. That’s all.”

It was bold and courageous. At the same time, it was also the words of a mercenary leader.

“… Okay. Well, I have to follow Danju-nim’s decision.”

“Okay…. Don’t worry too much I’ll pick the good guys. I know that my life is too precious.”

After the meal, the two of them went to the lodging room to relieve the travel poison accumulated from the long journey.

As Allen lay down on the soft bed, he groaned. He thought he would fall asleep quickly if he closed his eyes, but he was strangely distracted.


The fastest way to get money and fame. Of course, you have to take more risks.

Still, in this situation, it was not easy for the mercenaries to avoid war and find other jobs. At most, the corps escort would have been everything, but if he had come here and tried to do something like that, he wouldn’t have bothered to mention the Empire and leave Berher.

In fact, this Eastern War was the beginning of a huge flow that would hit the continent in the future. Even if the war is put to rest for a while, the embers living and breathing feebly under the ashes will engulf the continent.

It was an unavoidable fate. If you can’t fight back, it’s only natural to leave your body there.

… It’s something you’ve already done a lot. Don’t be too nervous I’ve been through the demon scene, and I’ve also experienced bandits. Now it’s your turn to go to war. It’s just one process you must go through.

Of course, the game and reality are different, but he was rich enough to be second to none in terms of theory.

And above all,

Allen could see his opponent’s status window, and there were many better mercenaries than Enverhe here.

That means, in other words, that he wields more powerful weapons than anyone else in this war—-.

The right time, the right opportunity, and the best weapon….

For Allen, this could never be missed.

… If you avoid it, that would be a real coward.

· · ·

A large number of mercenaries flocked to the trading city, Levala. The reason they came together was, of course, for money. Originally, the ransom of mercenaries jumped the most during the war.

Of course, as many mercenaries gathered, there were also quite a few gossips. There were a lot of swindlers who were just trying to inflate their careers and get a share.

In that respect, Allen’s ability to see the status window was a sure win itself.

If I had more money, I would have done it without hesitation… !

Maybe it was because he had gone through a lot of cubs that weren’t even D-class, but seeing the mercenaries that were quite plausible now, Allen had a strong desire to recruit them.

However, since the current holdings of capital were not very large, he was forced to lower his eyes one notch. … Still, he was better than Berher.

Among them, there was one that stood out quite a bit.

[Strength: 31] [Agility: 24] [Stamina: 30] [Intelligence: 9] [Magic power: 3]

[Brilliant] [Extreme Survival] [Friendly] [Through] [Weakness]

(My right shoulder is stiff. My left side is aching. My right thigh is sore. …)

He was a middle-aged mercenary with sparse gray hair. He is probably over 40 years old. The characteristic of [Weakness] Often appears from around the age of 40….

What’s interesting is that despite receiving the [Weakness] Attribute, his stats are pretty good. Judging from the fact that he even has the [Sujae] Trait, he must have been a person who flew around quite a bit when he was young.

“Don’t you like it?”

The middle-aged mercenary seemed to have already been rejected several times because of his age. So, since Allen was silent for quite a while this time, he must have thought it was a roundabout refusal.

“No, it’s not like that… , I want to know what the story is.”

“Well, it’s not common to be a mercenary at this age. What, do you have anything to hide? I had a child lately, and this was the only thing I could do to feed him. I just happened to make money….”

A very realistic answer. Occasionally, mercenaries who had retired in this way returned to this floor. Having lived as a mercenary for half my life, I can’t stand it because I’m already broken to live by digging up the ground.

Of course, most mercenaries did not accept these mercenaries well. The reason was that his career was cut off in the middle, so his skills wouldn’t come out as much as he used to, and that his head was too big to control.

In fact, Allen doesn’t like this kind of case too much, but this case was a little different. Stats are also stats, but the characteristics were very good. Among the attributes I’ve seen since falling into this [Guild Master] World, it’s within three fingers.

[Summary] Is also rare, but [Extreme Survival] Is an undeniable Tier 1 characteristic. Aiden’s current [Will] Trait is also a good trait, but considering that it’s a tier 3, [Extreme Survival] Was literally the highest among willpower-related traits.

Of course, it might be a bit difficult to exclude him from the list later because he has the [Kindness] Trait, but since he is quite old, there was a high possibility that he would resign on his own if he was naturally recommended to retire later. Acknowledging that it is difficult to be active and stepping down on your own.

However, even if we put aside those scenarios for now, it was undeniable that he was a talent that was not easy to see. Although slightly flawed, a jewel is a jewel.

“Do not contract. Janggi is fine if you want.”

It was not a short-term contract, but a long-term one, so the other side was rather suspicious. Of course, I couldn’t say I saw your status window—-, so Allen made a plausible excuse.

“Currently, our mercenaries need people like you. Experienced and seasoned, such a focal point. I think you can do it… , Maybe not? I leave it to your conscience, thinking of your children.”

It was a very grateful touch to the middle-aged, who was rejected everywhere he went and even withdrew while hearing insults. … In fact, he was quite worried about what he would do if he was not accepted anywhere.

“You can. It’s a bit embarrassing, but even so, he was quite famous when he was young. It certainly won’t disappoint.”

“Good, then. Summer solstice.”

Thus, middle-aged mercenary Kalisman Lowner and Allen signed a one-year contract. Fifteen gold coins per month.

Currently, the number of members of Allen-Mercenary Corps is eight. Two long and six short.

The crew must have been saved, now it was time to leave.

Aiden, who was walking side by side through the hallway of the guild house building with Allen to return to the lodging, asked if there was a place in the East Country that he had in mind.

“… There is A place you know well.”

“I mean?”

The two of them happened to be passing by a large bulletin board in the hallway. Allen stopped in front of him and poked a recruitment notice with his finger.


Aiden’s gaze moved to Allen’s finger. No, more precisely, the paper your finger is pointing at.


Danju said, ‘a place he knows well’.

“The Herrera family….”

Allen smiled charmingly.

“Yes, there.”

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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