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Invest in Status Window 15

Invest in Status Window 15

Chapter 15 – 4. Big Water. (2)

Allen and Charlotte’s group left the trading town early in the morning on the fourth day after arriving at Levala.

Sitting on the edge of the wagon, smoking a rolling tobacco and watching the city recede, Julie, a bowman, flicked the butt, which was almost burned to her fingers, and blew out the last puff of smoke. The gray smoke, like the dawn sky, stretched like a carriage tail and then disappeared.

Somehow, the dim scenery at dawn made strange feelings rise in the hearts of the dead mercenaries. Dawn had such magical power.

Allen, too, immersed himself in her old memories, looking at the receding walls from the moving wagon.

My home, earth. It was disgusting at one time, I always regret it, but it is often regrettable, but it still rises, is beautiful, and is my blue star that I long for.

Dawn soon broke.

Jihoo’s vague sentiment quickly faded in the sunlight. He returned to reality.

… Allen felt something inside him fade.

There was also a long journey of 15 days.

However, this time he did not meet the bandits. Instead, he found traces of a caravan group that had been shattered. … It must have been attacked by bandits.

There were no objects or survivors there, just corpses rotting in the sun. However, they could not afford to bury the body.

Instead, the believer Manuel offered a single prayer to their underworld. No one knew if it would really help them on their way to the underworld. Still, it lightened the hearts of those who just left.

After such a long struggle, they safely arrived in the middle city of Berher.

The city he arrived in almost a month hadn’t changed since then or now. It was still a peaceful southern city.

After getting off the carriage and facing the mansion for the first time in a while, Allen felt that something had changed inside him. But we still don’t know exactly what the changes are.

I’m sorry. As soon as the mercenaries got off the wagon, they stretched out their bodies and made a sound of pain.

“Everyone worked really hard. I will pay you the money right now.”

Danju paid all the hiring costs to the mercenaries on the spot. They said thank you and took the money, and each went his own way. Only Aiden, who had signed a long-term employment contract with the mercenaries, was shown to the guest room of the mansion.

Allen was suffering from travel poisoning, but she still went to meet Baron Pomwell with a report she had prepared beforehand. Even if that’s not the case, I should say hello to her father as her son.

As expected, Baron Pomwell was working in his study this time as well. However, the baron treated his son, whom he hadn’t seen in a month or so, as if he had seen him before. Of course, the son was well aware of his father’s temper, and he did not expect to be welcomed.

The baron sifted through the report Allen handed him. In particular, my eyes lingered for a long time on the part of the war in the eastern region.

“… War?”

“Yes. As a result, prices have risen so much that they have fallen short of expectations. It wasn’t even a situation where bargaining would work.”

The baron never complained about it. Although he was a money-mad man, he was not a great man who was so ugly that he forced himself to do something wrong. It was an understandable situation, so I was convinced. This is a situation that cannot be solved by one person alone.

“I get it. … By the way, what is this at the end? Before? Are you going to leave here? Right away tomorrow?”

When the baron asked, Allen thought that something had come.

“Oh that… , Yes.”

“Why? Do I really need to leave my hometown and go to a strange place?”

The baron’s tone was pointed. Means I don’t understand Allen’s decision.

If it was the timid Allen of the past, it would have already ended here, but he was different now.

He made the decision to leave, and whether the Baron agreed or not, he had no intention of reversing his decision. Even if it is dug up in the family register. … Of course, the baron wouldn’t do anything so extreme.

“To grow big, you have to go big. Now Berher is too small for me.”

“Is there any need for mercenary business? I can do well with other businesses as well.”

“Then, is the top of Pomwell the grand tier? In other provinces, do you know the top of Pomwell?”

The baron shut his mouth and glared at Allen. It seems that he touched the reverse.

But Allen didn’t stop. He didn’t even look away. He was unconditionally straight now. He didn’t even think of anything else.

“I do not intend to be confined here. I realized when I saw Levala. I will one day go to the heart of the empire. No, I have to go unconditionally.”

He raised his index finger and slammed the ground, screaming furiously.

For the first time in my life, I raised a voice that I had never raised in front of the baron.

“In the Empire—! My name-! Allen, Dwise, and Pomwell—! I mean, I’m going to make sure that no one knows!”

And, there was silence.

The two just stared at each other without saying anything for a long time. The baron’s sharp gaze pierced Allen’s face for a long time.

After a long silence, the first words were from the baron.

“… Good night….”

Positive at first.

However, I was worried about the back story that would soon follow.

“Then keep one thing in mind.”

“Yes, I am listening.”

Baron Pomwell banged his fist lightly on the table. The brightly shining eyes and sharp jawline were more intimidating today.

“Until I hear your name in my ears, don’t think of coming back.”

My father,

“Your name, Allen, Dwise, Pomwell—!”

Banging his fist at every name,

“If it doesn’t get this far, it means don’t come back.”

Said so

“Are you sure?”

After a brief silence,

Allen answered with a nod of her head without the slightest hesitation.

“I knew.”

“I get it. Just go.”


Allen nodded lightly, turned around, and walked straight to the study door. And the moment she grabbed the doorknob, there was a voice calling him from behind.

“… Have breakfast tomorrow and leave.”

The son turned to his father and bowed deeply this time.

And she left the study.

· · ·

The baroness cried profusely throughout the meal. She said that although she was a woman who only enjoyed tea time as she chatted with her ladies, she was not completely devoid of maternal love. With her husband and children always by her side, she just took it for granted.

“Madam, stop it. It is embarrassing to see the children.”

“But, suck, but….”

Originally, the wife who listened to the baron’s words perfectly, but she still couldn’t stop crying easily.

Allen, who was worse off, smiled lightly and soothed her mother.

“Mother, it’s not like I won’t be coming forever. I will send you letters often.”

“Okay… , Of course it should. Our ard. Huh huh.”

In the end, the baron seemed to have given up and focused only on eating. Still, the older brother, who felt a bit of brotherly love from the younger brother, said a word of thanks, but the older sister, with an expression of annoyance, seemed to want this time to pass quickly.

After such a crying meal, Allen prepared to leave.

She waited on the porch, and as soon as the Baroness saw Allen coming, she ran over and took her son in her arms.

“My son. Oh come back soon Understand? Don’t be too upset with this mother. Huh? My son my dear son oh God, please bless Allen.”

She kissed her youngest on the forehead.

“Don’t worry too much, mother. I will definitely become a bigger son and come back.”

“Okay. Believe. I believe in you This mother prays every night. By all means, achieve what you want. I love you, son.”

Allen was out of her mother’s arms.

This time it was Borner’s turn.

“Don’t pray too. Safe and I hope to see you again, Allen.”

“Yes. I’ll be back, bro.”

The two brothers hugged each other and fell apart.

“Oh, and my father gave it to me. He said it was the commission fee for the last time. He added ten more gold coins in particular.”

Borner handed Allen her purse. He took it and put it in her backpack. His shoulders got pretty heavy.

“Then let’s go.”

Allen said a final goodbye to her mother and her older brother and turned around. Aiden, who had been waiting at the front door of her mansion, naturally followed him.


“It is a gift from God.”

The two of them walked straight to the east gate. To join the upper ranks who asked me to make only two spots in advance yesterday. They soon boarded a group of wagons waiting outside.

… I’m going to suffer so much again.

It was good to see that he would have to suffer again because it was a forced march before the travel was over. But Allen thought the moment she made up her mind she shouldn’t procrastinate.

Mother, Father, I will come back as the best. Please….

The group soon set off. Berher got further and further away.

He counted the money requested from his father one by one in his backpack to cool off his complex head.

… He said that his father must have put in ten more, but three seemed to be empty.

Three… , Three… ? If it’s three….

“Oh shit.”

The bribe claim was rejected.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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