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Invest in Status Window 14

Invest in Status Window 14

Chapter 14 – 4. Big Water. (One)

Charlotte had been stripped and polished for the first time in a while. During the journey of as much as 15 days, I lived a sloppy look, and after a while, I returned to my original self. If this is not heaven, then what is heaven?

Dressed in her elegant and classy clothes, she stood in front of the mirror and posed for a moment, falling into narcissism. Even in her own eyes, she was very beautiful.

As expected, Berher’s flower!

Dressed up to the fullest, she came out of her room and headed downstairs to the female conservator who was waiting for the Lord Dan. A plain, muscular female soldier without a single make-up made a fuss as soon as he saw the beautiful aristocratic lady.

“As expected, the beauty of the lady is amazing. All of her boys are going to go crazy.”

“Hmmm-. Not the young lady, but the sweet lord.”

Ah-. The female mercenary belatedly realized that this noble maiden was a bit sensitive to her title, and lightly tapped her muzzle with the palm of her hand.

“Oops, I missed the word. But, Lord, Nim.”

“Let’s go.”

As the two came out of the lodging building, the eyes of the people walking down the street were all focused on them. His gaze was like an arrow pierced by an excellent number.

Heh, I know that it’s pretty in the form—-.

Having lived a superior life all her life, she knew how to enjoy the eyes that were pouring on her without any burden. Because she’s been like this since she was born.

It was early in the morning, but the main street was already crowded with people. Indeed, it was a crowd worthy of a trading city.

Charlotte took the maid as her maid and went to see her things. There was no reason for her to go with only money while emptying the carriage’s free space. She has a lot of stuff here that she can’t get from Berher.

Of course, it wasn’t something I bought to resell like the other merchants, but something I needed for the count.

Charlotte – Whenever the mercenaries were in charge of escorting transportation, she had been in charge of this job, so her accustomed steps were unstoppable.

“Even though Levala comes from time to time, it’s so complicated that I don’t know how to go through it.”

“Don’t worry, just follow me.”

Occasionally there were goons who approached this charming aristocratic girl in an attempt to tamper with her, but when the big woman growled ferociously and glared at her, they ran away without saying a word. In fact, Charlotte also brought her subordinates to use it like this.

She headed straight to the ‘Guild House’. A place where the mercenary corps and the offices of the top are lined up in a row like a beehive.

As soon as they entered the gigantic guild house, they felt the distinctive stinky smell that permeated the building.

There were so many people coming and going that they bumped each other’s shoulders in the corridor that stretched along the street corner. In addition, the sound of bargaining between employees and customers resounding in each office was loud enough to believe that this was the market floor.

Charlotte, who had been walking all the way down her street and looking at the stalls in her upper office, looked back at her as her woman sighed and her exclamation turned her gaze to her. For what reason?

“Hey, Danju-nim, look over there! Stir-gi.”

Charlotte moved her gaze along the tip of her college lady’s finger. Then, a familiar head caught my gaze.

… Ah….

The noble maiden knew at once who her opponent was. Allen, it was him.

“I think Allen Danju also came to buy something.”

In a way, there was nothing to call this meeting a coincidence. If you want to buy a lot of things, it’s basic to go through the ‘Guild House’ where merchants are gathered. There, Allen is now leading the mercenary corps, but he is still the son of the top lord. Of course, there was no way to sell the ingot and buy something with the money received, leaving it to rot.

But as soon as Charlotte saw Allen, her emotions were strangely fluctuated. If she was like before, she would have ignored it as if she saw something she couldn’t see and she would have walked past the pack, but for some reason she kept looking at her now.

A man whose nature has suddenly changed beyond recognition at some point…. He was no longer the cowardly timid coward she had known before, but a brave, bold man who knew how to give orders.

– Bitch!

… He dares to curse her at her.

“Allen Danju, isn’t it very cool? He used to be handsome, but now he has charisma and is very popular.”

“… Popularity?”

When Charlotte, who slightly raised her eyebrows, asked innocently, the female college worker answered in a coy tone.

“I mean the foxes. They say they are turning on the light in their eyes these days. … Allen Danju, there are some things like that with women, right?”

The moment she heard that sound, Charlotte felt something rising in her chest. Feeling very awkward.

“Whether or not, what does that have to do with me? … Heh, what to do. I don’t think I can see anything these days, but it still doesn’t work for me.”

Hehe, of course, Danju. Even so, Danju Allen is still a long way from dealing with our Danju.”

However, when Charlotte heard such a noise, her mood was still the same. Wonderfully.

“Shall I call you?”

“… No. Let’s just go.”

However, it seems that Allen has already recognized the two. Well, in such a musty place, a person as bright as a flower is standing in the middle of the hallway, how can I not recognize it?

Charlotte saw Allen trudging toward her, and her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t even look at Captain Aiden, who was standing next to her.

He came up to her and smiled at her gently. It was the same smile that had almost made her betrothed her to him long ago. She doesn’t know anything and she’s been over there once. … Of course not now.

Now she doesn’t go beyond me. Huh.

“It’s a coincidence, Lady.”

“… Lady, no.”

“Ah, Charlotte Danju. Confused for a moment. It’s so, so, so beautiful.”

Allen, with a smirk, drew her hand from top to bottom, pointing to Charlotte at her graceful figure.

Then she slightly tilted her stance. Like a crow’s nest.

“Charlotte Danzoo must have come to look for things too.”

“… Yes what… , Yes.”


He bowed her lightly and passed her. … The meeting ended like this. No, after discussing the engagement, there were only a handful of times the two had talked more than ten words. It’s really like a friendly conversation. In fact, nothing was different from usual.

But when he left without regret, she was strangely disturbed. And she unconsciously raised her hand and caressed her left cheek, which had been hit by him.

That shocking scene that comes to mind several times a day…. It was stuck in my mind and never forgotten.

The female college worker looked at Charlotte with a strange expression and she smiled meaningfully.

“Danju Allen, do you like it? Shall I sneak a peek?”

“What-! Isn’t it like that? … It just reminded me of some rude behavior in the past. A bit rude, the author.”

“Ah, that’s right…. Yes, I see.”

“So, don’t spread weird noises. Because he has nothing to do with me. I hate that kind of thing. Okay?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

However, the female agent did not erase the strange smile. Charlotte brushed off her men who had made her nonsensical noise and walked straight ahead of her.

… I’ll open my crotch in a month, but what?

Confident in that, the female corpswoman quickly followed Danju.

· · ·

Things were filthy expensive.

Allen couldn’t possibly buy the amount listed on her list. In particular, food and iron ingots are going crazy.

“Why did prices suddenly rise so much?”

Allen’s question was answered by an upper-level office worker with sparse teeth.

“As always, yes, war. It looks like another blowout has taken place in the East. Right now, the Eastern Merchants are raking in supplies. I can’t sell it because I don’t have iron and silver.”

“… Okay?”

The fight took place in the eastern part, but since the southern part has to be fully affected, it is inevitable for the upper ranks to be a bit unfair. It is impossible to even cut the price through bargaining. Even if he doesn’t buy it, there are people who will buy it anyway….


Although the amount was a little short, Allen, who had roughly filled up the items to buy, now looked for a place that would fit the mercenary office.

Aiden asked quietly as he watched Danjoo carefully inspecting the office space here and there.

“Are you leaving?”

“Okay, I have to leave…. Mercenary business in Berher is suicidal. No development potential All I can do is cut my flesh and eat it. … Isn’t that what the captain sees?”

“Yes… , I honestly do.”

As long as he had made up his mind to do the mercenary business, leaving Berher was predestined. It was a big pain for him to think about whether this guy would be better or that guy after lined up with people who said they would barely be D-class.

“But, it won’t be easy. I have seen many mercenaries who thought it was easy and attacked, then went bankrupt and collapsed.”

“There is no easy business in the world. … I won’t forget your money, so don’t worry too much.”

Aiden broke out in laughter as Allen made a light joke.

However, Allen, who threw a joke, was extremely sincere.

Let’s go Berher.

When he finished this mission, he planned to put that decision into action right away.

Because to be big, you have to play in big water.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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