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Invest in Status Window 13

Invest in Status Window 13

Chapter 13 – 3. Escort. (4)

– Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding —.

“An enemy aaaaa i

The loud cries of the vigil made people wake up almost simultaneously. The men hurriedly put on their equipment, which they had placed right next to the rug, and the non-combatants hid themselves inside the wagons.

Allen quickly put on his chain mail and took cover behind the wagon. He looked in the direction the watchman’s finger was pointing.

…… Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…. Roughly that much.

A group of bandits on horseback ran towards them over a field bathed in the soft moonlight. As a rule of thumb, about fifteen or so went to Allen, and a little more went to Charlotte.

It’s been quiet for two days since the first raid, and after all, these damn thieves aren’t ones to give up so easily.

This time, the number of them was quite considerable, as if they were very determined. The number of heads is hard to comprehend unless they are allied with each other.

However, this one is already fully prepared. Besides, since the wagon was perfectly built up to the wall, charging would be impossible.

I’m sorry, but I’m a very strong body this way.

Allen already had a clear idea of ​​what the thieves would look like.

Juliet, the archer, pulled the top line of his poem with one eye closed, close to the side of the carriage. With the sound of the string being stretched, the arrowhead’s butt lightly kissed the bow stick, then ping—- and flew away. The arrow, which drew a pretty parabola, hit the horse’s head exactly. In an instant, along with the crumbling horse, the thief fell forward and rolled on the floor.

That’s right, one guy.

The brown-haired woman turned her head to look at her sobriety, with her grin showing her yellow teeth. With eyes that want her praise.

Of course, Allen was never stingy with her compliments that cost nothing.

“Okay, Julie.”

As expected, skill worthy of [Marksman]. Although her stats were a bit coppery, he only recruited her after seeing one of her traits. I know that one [Marksman] Archer does a pretty good job in the beginning.

Her colleagues also admired her amazing skills with a whistling whistle.

“It looks like rabbit poop, but it shoots a bow really well.”

“You bastard, I’ll shoot you in your balls later.”

“My balls have owners.”

Fuck me, lookuungsina—-, along with cursing, flew away one more step. And hit this time too. Another thief fell off his horse and rolled on the ground.

“Come, everyone ready for battle—!!”

As Allen shouted, the first row of shields slightly lifted the thick tower shields. The thieves who arrived near the upper ranks had to get off their horses because of the wall built by the wagon, unable to achieve the goal of breaking the ranks with charging.

– Fuck you bastards!

Those who had been severely burned once did not collide easily and only fired arrows shrewdly. However, four tower shields are blocking the way, so arrows that do not contain magical power have no chance to pierce.

And when the arrows ran out, the two forces clashed violently.

Allen still unable to focus on the battle, she shouted at the trembling believer Manuel.

“Don’t look away. Don’t look away! Shouldn’t the kids be treated right away if they get hurt!”

However, the skills of the members that Allen picked and chose overpowered the thieves. If you’re not going to be able to easily defeat even an occasional farmer-born thief, then you should get a mercenary ticket.

“Damn it-. Dog color ㅡ. Fuck!”

The mercenaries wielded a pickaxe and swung their weapons wildly. The thieves couldn’t counterattack properly and became meat and died. The cowardly three-naught was just watching from behind and started to run away as if he didn’t want to. This time, however, he was not sent favorably by Julie.

She put arrows into the backs of two of the four fleeing on her horse. The rest of them snapped at the chests of the fallen thieves, completely cutting off even the barely-there lungs.

Whoops, whoops, whoops.

Excited by the taste of crushing human bones and flesh, the mercenaries waited for Allen’s next instructions with bloody eyes.

“I’m going to help Charlotte Danju. Move right away.”

It was a prior verbal agreement, so he moved to keep it.

The Allen-Mercenary Corps headed straight to the campsite of Charlotte’s group. As the number of mercenaries doubled in an instant, the bandits panicked and started running away.

“Catch them! Kill them all! I mean kill!”

Nobody stopped Charlotte this time. The mercenaries relentlessly pursued the fleeing thieves, crushing their heads and piercing their hearts.

“Please save me, Zeb, evil, Zeb R—”

Desperate cries for their lives did not reach the ears of the mercenaries who were already crazy about their lives. If they couldn’t escape, no one lived. Allen didn’t even try to save him.

After such a one-sided slaughter, the two mercenaries returned to their respective camps.

At least a few corpses, still intact, were dangling dangling from the side of the wagon. Of course, it was the role of a meat shield, but this time, one more thing was added to it.

– If you attack, you will die.

A warning called.

And, if you know my subject,

The bandits did not attack any more until the two groups reached Levala, the middle city.

· · ·

Levala, a famous trading city in the southern provinces.

Located at a key point leading to the eastern provinces, this mid-sized city had a very large floating population. Because of that, the checkpoints that stretched all the way around the city didn’t seem to diminish even after a long time.

At least Charlotte, who is only interested in the mercenary business, is a young man in this area….

… Waiting for you to wait again Seeing things like this, I don’t know if I’m being naive or stupid.

Thinking that the only things money can’t solve in this world are death and talent—-, Allen headed to the checkpoint on behalf of the group.

“What did you come for?”

The unfriendly checkpoint chief’s attitude changed in an instant with Allen’s presentation of the family token and money bag.

“I mean, I’m a bit busy. Hey, you work hard on this hot day, so cool off after work—even if it’s frozen, buy something to drink.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t give me something like this, sir.”

“Wet. I just wanted to buy you something cool.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t be like this…. Yes, I’ll buy you a cold drink, you’ll be fine.”

With a single money bag, the group of the upper ranks in the back row passed through the checkpoint at once. What originally took an extra day was handled in an instant.

Charlotte, who got off the carriage after arriving at her destination, thought it was strange that she couldn’t come in this fast—-.

“Aren Danju?”


“Have you ever done something?”

“What do you mean?”

“… No.”

Allen was on her mind, but she wanted to charge Charlotte for the three gold coins she had just spent… , She just sighed in return for accepting the offer to accompany her the other day.

A total of four people, including two aristocratic men and women, and two representatives of the merchant guild that had asked Charlotte to escort them, had a meeting with the lord of the guild to receive copper ingots. With snake eyes, he came to the wagon loaded with ingots with the appraiser and carefully checked the promised goods.

“Quality is guaranteed. You know we don’t sell crap.”

Allen farts once next to her. Since it was a business partner that had already been in a long-term relationship, the head of the top of the Snake Eyes nodded her head without much doubt.

“Yes. Things have been verified. I will pay the bill right away.”

The four from Berher handed over the goods and received payment. It was a box full of gold coins. The four of them, who had their share, made a promise to meet on a few days and at what time, and then parted ways.

Now that I’ve got a lot of money, I’ll have to use it to buy things again. Items that can be sold at a high price in Berher.

Allen returned to the dorm with the money box. His exhausted body from his long journey could no longer afford to move to buy things.

Of course, the mercenaries, whose daily life is like this, already had a splendid drinking party.

“Ah, sweet lord! Come and have a drink!”

“Drink with you. I am tired.”

“Then let’s just have a drink. Aye, sweet lord. Still, you should say something in commemoration.”

So Allen went to the crew’s table for just one drink. He gulped down a glass of beer that Olga, the herbal pussy, had poured for him.

“Everyone has worked hard to get here, and please work hard in the future.”

“By the way, do you have any bonuseshehe.”

At the sound of a bonus, Allen was furious for a moment. Now, the commission fee is also tight, so what kind of bonus is the bonus on the fucking board!

“No dude. … Goes. Don’t drink too much.”

“Danju-nim says don’t drink too much! Come on, drink it!”

The crew members all raised their beer glasses high and toasted loudly.


Allen climbed the stairs with heavy feet and entered his room. Lying on the bed as if collapsing, he sighed.

… I’m going to go after a woman, really….

He immediately closed his eyes, then, oops, jumped out of bed.

No matter how tired I am, I can’t stand this.

He took out three gold coins from the moneybox.

The bill for the bribe that went into the mouth of the checkpoint chief earlier.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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