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Invest in Status Window 12

Invest in Status Window 12

Chapter 12 – 3. Escort. (3)

Fortunately, the rain that fell on the first day stopped suddenly the next day. The sky returned to its original color, and the group cruised.

Even the rare passers-by disappeared from the second day onwards. All around it was just a small green, winding meadow that stretched out without a circle.

The only thing that came and went was the carriage procession. Very, very occasionally, I saw a person walking down the street like an ascetic with only a backpack on.

Their sun-ripened, pitch-black skin, skin-to-bone like skulls, did not get hit even when a wagon passed by. As the believer Manuel saw them getting farther away, he fell into deep prayer.

“I don’t know if I can earn money like this.”

Bald Dolkin muttered, letting out a tedious yawn that would tear his mouth apart. The atmosphere was peaceful enough to contrast with the previous demonic mission.

However, Allen, the solitary owner, was never at ease. While she [She is a guild master] Has been a top escort over a thousand times, she has done her duties peacefully without incident.

Just as there is an ugly darkness behind the brilliant light on Earth, there was a bottom worse than a gutter here. … At least there is a slogan called human rights on Earth, but there is nothing like that here.

A world where only money and power rule. That’s [Guild Master]—-.

And the most obvious example of such an ugly side here was the bandits. As the top tiers, who did not give even an inch of recognition or circumstances, gained power, the people at the bottom fell more miserably, and they became beggars and beggars or robbed and ate. … The Pomwell Merchant Chamber, which has a history of over a hundred years, probably created quite a few beggars and thieves.

In fact, the difference between a mercenary and a thief was one piece of paper. Become a thief if you are unlucky enough to be guilty, or become a mercenary. … Of course, there are some clean minorities among the mercenaries.

“Don’t be too nervous. If nothing happens, why would you pay a lot of money for an escort?”

It is said that the south is peaceful, but it was also compared to other regions. It’s the same with thieves here.

“Come. Undoubtedly.”

Food that smells delicious,

There are no beasts to pass by.

· · ·

It has been five days since I left the middle city of Berher.

The herd is still cruising.

As the sun is slowly setting, it is time for the procession to stop soon.

“The carriage is coming, it will be better.”

While everyone was talking about the dinner menu they wanted, the window leading to the coachman’s seat opened slowly, and the sunburnt, dark-skinned coachman announced that. It was because Allen had given instructions to let me know if I saw anything, no matter how trivial.

Arlen, who climbed into the driver’s seat, had no doubts until then.

… Well… ?

If there is one thing to keep in mind in the upper transport escort,

Right away, ‘doubt anyone-‘.

[Beomjae] [Deceit] [Ambition] [Sadism] [Seven-headed child]

(Postponing so that the deceit is not discovered. I hope that this surprise attack will be successful. I have dirty imaginations. I need to pee. …)

After checking the status window of the coachman approaching from the other side, Allen rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and turned it off and on again. I wondered if I might have opened someone else’s status window by mistake. … However, the status window that was opened again did not change much from before.

…… Seeitpal…….

Allen immediately rushed into the carriage. And she shouted at the mercenaries who were giggling without knowing anything yet.

“Quickly prepare for battle. Quickly. Don’t be dazed, get dressed quickly—!”

The newcomers are bound to be surprised when Danju, who had a gentle smile until just now, changes his expression completely.

Captain Aiden immediately noticed the situation outside and hurriedly put on his equipment and approached Danju.

“Sweet Lord, are you an enemy?”

Allen answered without hesitation.

“Enemies. Now disguised as the top. Stand by When you send a signal, it hits right away.”

It was already too late to warn the group of Charlotte who were ahead of them. The enemies have already approached the front of Allen’s group.

As soon as the Allen-Mercenaries finished preparing to fight, a loud scream erupted from outside, and the thieves hiding in the cart covered with cloth suddenly appeared.

Their first target is, of course, the wagon with the top escort riding on it.

As soon as the thieves rushed through the wagon’s tent entrance, they fired arrows at them. However, the Allen-Mercenary Corps, who were already fully equipped and fully prepared, erected a shield to block all arrow attacks.

“Dogs—you fucking bastards—!!”

The crew blocked the arrows and immediately jumped from the wagon and brandished their weapons at the enemy. At that moment, three or four of the thieves riding Father Earl were smashed at once.

After Allen-Mercenaries got off the wagon, they lined up right away according to their roles. Arrows flew once more, but this time, the shields ahead of them erected huge tower shields to block them.

“Fuck, fucking baby!”

Bald Dolkin slammed the head or shoulder of the attacking thief with his hammer. In the area where the sledgehammer hit, the flesh was crushed and the bones were crushed, as if crushing fruit.


Allen, who flew arrows swiftly from behind, was the archer of the mercenary corps, Julie, aiming for the lower body rather than the upper body. It was easier to render the lower half incapacitated than the upper half with something propped up.

Herbal pussy Olga stuck right next to Allen, protecting her sky-like sobriety from the thieves who occasionally escaped one by one. She held her round shield in her left hand, and brandished her sword with her right hand.

Allen busily rolled her eyeballs around. Still, because she was placed in a position that suited each person’s aptitude, the combat aspect was much better than during the Devil’s Palace. The frequency of squealing has also become much less.

As the bandits were defeated step by step, they also felt the difference in combat power and began to retreat. In fact, the battle there was already over. It’s because these nameless thieves have a lot of heads and are nothing more than ragtags.

“Syipal, attack everyone, you bastards!”

“Puppies, come on. Fuck, I’m going to kill them all!”

As the men waving their weapons menacingly and screaming, they threw their weapons and started to run. Allen said she didn’t bother to chase after the runaways. If you follow and kill them, you’ll only waste your stamina.

He defeated the thieves who attacked them and headed towards the Charlotte group.

The thieves who were still fighting Charlotte-Mercenary Corps joined Allen-Mercenary Corps, and eventually they could not stand it and ran away. She screamed at Charlotte, who was raging with excitement, to chase after them and kill them all. However, she regained her senses and withdrew her order due to the persecution of her surroundings.

Allen, who had not lost her aristocratic dignity, approached Charlotte, who was still breathing heavily. Her usual elegant appearance was indistinctly tousled, and her spiky blonde hair indirectly showed how upset she was by the sudden attack.

“Charlotte Danju, where you’re injured… ?”

“… It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“I’m glad. … It was a pretty sharp surprise.”

Charlotte, who looked unfair, spoke as if making an excuse.

“In case you didn’t know, I was preparing myself. But it happened before I could properly instruct it.”

This was the chronic problem of the Charlotte-Mercenary Corps.

The severance of Danju and his crew—-.

The noble woman didn’t want to ride in the same wagon as the filthy mercenaries, so the instructions couldn’t be delivered quickly. There’s no way she, being a [Brightly gifted], Really didn’t expect this surprise attack at all.

Fortunately, despite the sharp surprise attack, only one mercenary was killed. Unless they are fools, they must have been prepared to some extent.

“I knew. Then I’m going to fix the next thing….”

Allen cut off his conversation with Charlotte, turned around, and walked back to his group. However, the follow-up has already been completed.

In fact, there was nothing to do afterward. Because there was almost no damage.

Having stopped, they decided to spend the night here. The group built a circle around the wagon and huddled inside it.

In case there was a surprise attack overnight, the corpses of the bandits were dangling from the side of the wagon with a rope. As a kind of meat shield. It’s a useless corpse anyway, so it’s beneficial to block even one arrow.

Charlotte had something to discuss, so she came to see Allen for a while. It even burst open and dripped her brain fluid.

“ㅅ, what if we hang the corpse here! I was really, really surprised… !”

“Because if there is an overnight raid, it can confuse you. You can also try sweet Charlotte.”

Frankly, Allen was a bit upset, too, but that doesn’t mean it’s more important than her life. No matter what method you use, you have to save your life first. Look carefully, who will find out?

She also noticed that he didn’t know how to use such an extreme method.

“But I should have warned you beforehand. … I was really surprised….”

He looked genuinely surprised.

(Urine leaked out. Cold sweat broke out on my back. I was very tired. …)

… It seems that she still has the innocence to be surprised by such things.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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