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Invest in Status Window 11

Invest in Status Window 11

Chapter 11 – 3. Escort. (2)

“Long time no see, Lady.”

Allen, who was ushered into her drawing room, greeted Charlotte, who was sitting in a seat overlooking her garden and drinking tea elegantly. His confident words and actions were completely different from what the timid man had seen before. … As if people changed in an instant.

“… Yes it is.”

Unlike Allen, who gave a leisurely laugh, Charlotte’s reaction was dry like a drought. Of course, he had no expectations from the beginning that she would receive her hospitality.

“Sit down please.”

Allen sat down in the chair opposite Charlotte pointed to with her chin. She slightly tilted her stance from looking in front of her and turned her gaze toward her garden. … Thanks to this, he had the opportunity to take a blatant look at her attractive cleavage.

… To be honest, it’s not polite, but what should I do if my eyes go there automatically?

Objectively, Charlotte was quite a beauty. The breasts of such a beautiful woman were a temptation to her men. If her flirtations were arrows, her breasts must have been strewn with arrows like her hedgehogs.

While appreciating her coveted breasts calmly, he naturally turned his eyes to the tea in line with her gaze returning to him. It would be unfair if things went wrong just because you looked at her breasts. I didn’t even touch it.

“The tea is, indeed, delicious.”

“Is that so.”

I went on a blind date, and the atmosphere was exactly like this when a woman openly showed that she was not interested.

… Bitch.

Recalling her old memories, Allen was slightly hurt.

“But what are you here for? You probably didn’t come all this far to have a leisurely cup of tea.”

“It’s not bad to make friends. Between partners.”

“We’re not that close, are we? … And, a partner?”

When Charlotte made a face asking what that meant, Allen said with a smirk.

“This time, I started the mercenary business in earnest. So partner… , Right?”

It’s a mercenary business… ?

Hearing that, Charlotte suddenly stiffened her spine. She felt it instinctively in the moment. That a formidable competitor had appeared.

But she pretended to be unconcerned. She was too good at hiding her feelings anyway. Because she thinks it looks vulgar to show her emotions so casually.

“Okay? … It won’t be easy.”

“Well, I can do it anyway.”

“That’s fortunate.”

Allen paused for a moment, took a sip of the tea, and moistened her lips.

It was important from here. He concentrated on all of her own senses. From the slightest movements, facial expressions, glances, even breathing—-.

Of course, there is a high possibility that it won’t happen, but he wanted to make it happen whenever possible. That would make the mission a bit easier.

“So, I was thinking of making a proposal to Lady….”

“… Suggestion?”

“I’m in charge of the transport escort for the Pomwell Merchant Merchant. Would you like to accompany me?”

A lot of parts were omitted in the middle, but Charlotte understood everything. So she couldn’t stop her voice from getting a bit hoarse.

“Why me?”

“Because the road to go is the same anyway. Still, wouldn’t two be better than one?”

“… I do not know.”

“It is not about merging with each other. It’s just a back-and-forth form. I only need to take on my guild, and the lady only needs to take on the lady guild…. After all, if the scale grows, the bandits won’t carelessly attack it.”

… Frankly, that was true. What he suggested was that each of us should do our own duties, but if a group of bandits attacked, let’s work together to defeat them—- roughly what he meant.

Charlotte shut his mouth for a moment and thought.

Clearly, what he suggested was reasonable. If it was good for each other, it would be good, nothing would be harmful. … However, she felt strangely caught up in his intentions.

Allen grasped Charlotte’s condition and shook him once more.

“After all, isn’t it for money and fame? Then, it seems reasonable for me and Lady to act in a way that minimizes damage if possible.”

… Nasty, speak well….

Charlotte couldn’t argue with Allen’s words. However, if she readily agrees again, what will the lady’s face be like!

“What… , I’ll think about it.”

She said that calmly, but he was sure that the other person had already crossed over. If you really don’t like her, she’s the type to say no to her face.

Face to face—.

After looking around, it was in the palm of his hand, but he pretended not to know. Pretending to know everything too openly is also disrespectful.

“Then please consider it positively.”

“I know.”

Allen got up from his seat.

… And two days later he got a letter from her.

There were many reasons, but

In conclusion, it was ‘I will accompany you’.

Again, as expected.

· · ·

Allen worked tirelessly to fill ten people. However, because she had a pickier appetite than last time, she spat out even the little ones she could eat a few times.

At this rate, he thought that he would not be able to fill his place within the deadline, so he recruited countless bald Dolkins and herbal pussy Olga. … Still, two more positions need to be filled.

He somehow managed to find kids who exceeded the minimum standards and filled the 10 spots. In fact, he wouldn’t have suffered this much if he hadn’t considered the role group, but this mission required a somewhat plausible mercenary group. After all, the opponent this time is not a monster, but a human.

However, he did not include an advance payment in this contract. He rented the equipment instead. Subject to return upon return.

… And before long, the departure date was just around the corner.

Of course, it rained drizzly on the day of departure, but fortunately the ground did not become so soft that the wagon wheels fell off.

As well as being the leader of the mercenary corps, Allen took on a role as the temporary leader of the Pomwell Merchant Merchant. Then he was very comfortable in the position of leading because the chain of command was simplified. Then, now all you have to do is worry about that woman, Charlotte.

Since they had to travel long distances with heavy loads, it was necessary to keep the number of wagons to a minimum. Originally, he would have prepared a separate carriage for Danju to ride comfortably alone, but Allen got rid of that as he didn’t need it. As an escort, it’s always better to have at least one thing to protect less. It’s a little uncomfortable, but it won’t be a problem if you ride among the mercenaries like last time.

“Boss, the preparations are complete.”

“I get it. Let’s go!”

At Allen’s cry for departure, the wagon began to move. It was a group of thirty-four in total, including twenty-four members of the upper ranks of Pomwell and ten members of the mercenary group.

A procession of nine wagons moved toward the east gate of the city. Outside the east gate, Charlotte’s group arrived first and was waiting. They were almost twice the size of Allen’s group.

Arriving at her starting point, Allen got off the carriage alone and walked towards Charlotte.

“She sets off right away without delay.”

“All right. I see.”

First, Charlotte’s group started ahead, and Allen’s group followed them.

At the same time, the black sky blue lightened slightly. But the sun was hidden by clouds. The drizzling rain continued to fall, repeating her stopping.

Allen looked out of her wagon for a moment at the scenery, then turned her attention to her men.

“Come on, let’s all do our best.”

Hehe, don’t worry. Danju only needs to trust me.”

As expected, the mood maker, the bald Dolkin, shouted so confidently, showing off his biceps. Herbal pussy Olga, who was sitting right next to him, elbowed him in the side to get his arm off.

Manuel, a young believer who joined this time, prayed to the Holy Spirit with his hands tightly clasped together. I hope everyone will come back safe and sound….

Bald Dolkin looked at it for a moment before speaking.

“Why are you begging so hard?”

“I wish everyone a safe return.”

The young man with a good life responded kindly with a radiant smile. Then the herbal pussy giggled.

“Brother, is this your first time?”

“Yes, this is the first time.”

“Then did you have sex to your heart’s content?”

When the word sex came out of nowhere, Manuel waved his hand in panic.

“We must be clean in body and mind….”

“Chehehe. You’re naive. Damn it, God bless you.”

“I’m so fucking hot. Then you can’t go to heaven?”

“Not like that. The gates of heaven are open to anyone.”

He said so as if evangelizing. Then someone muttered to himself.

“Ah, how would it feel to be together with an angel?”

“No, angels and such… !”

“Can I tell you the sex?”

“No, it’s okay—!”

The mercenaries laughed loudly at the young man’s naive attitude. Allen, who couldn’t see it, said a word.

“Hey, make fun of the innocent kid in moderation.”

“Danju-nim is moderately surprised!”

Manuel closed his eyes again and gently clasped his hands in order to escape his agony.

Allen looked out of the wagon again.

However, as if his prayers had not reached God, the sky was still dark.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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