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Invest in Status Window 10

Invest in Status Window 10

Chapter 10 – 3. Escort. (One)

The next day, Aiden visited the Pomwells again. Frankly, I thought Allen was lucky. Of course, I kept in mind the possibility that he wouldn’t really come, but in fact, it wasn’t easy to find a person like him here.

A long-term employment contract was also concluded safely. For two years, seventeen gold coins every month.

It’s not that expensive, but it was hard to see it as very cheap at the initial pace. Moreover, the personal capital that Allen currently has is only around two hundred gold coins, which he must scrape together.

… If you touch the top capital, it will definitely bother you. I have to work it out on my own.

Even for a short-term employment mission, it was obvious how annoying it would be if he started to get entangled with the baron over a large amount of money, in a situation where he had to calculate every single gold coin and post a report. Of course, it’s good to be sure to calculate the money between parents and children, but for Baron Pomwell, even if that’s excessive, it’s too—excessive.


Driven by this momentum, Allen embarked on a mercenary business in earnest. Of course, I had no intention of overdoing long-term employment. Money isn’t rotten enough to waste on mercenaries with no experience or talent. Although there are no people who are blind in the first place.

So, first of all, start step by step with short-term employment, and if you think you have a useful talent, it won’t be too late to switch to long-term employment later.

… And, not long after starting the business, something just happened.

The Pomwell Merchants have a job of transporting copper ingots mined and smelted in mines every half year to the middle city of Levala within the promised period, and they need a manpower to escort the convoy.

Originally, the upper class of Pomwell, which had no mercenary corps, entrusted the count’s Charlotte-Mercenary Corps with an escort request, but now that Allen-Mercenary Corps was created, it was no longer necessary. Rather, it was possible to intercept the request of another upper rank that was going to Charlotte-Mercenary Corps at a cheaper price.

… Nope. It’s still too early. Let’s not be greedy from the beginning.

The rival is the granddaughter of the castle lord. There was no need to start a war of nerves by creating rivals before they were even fully grown. First of all, act like a partner and grow step by step, then increase the scale. Didn’t [Guild Master] Often experience cases where the game’s difficulty went to hell after being shyly provoked from the beginning?

“Aiden, it’s a transport escort mission. Hiring will be private, so you can find out in the guild. Not a poor guy, but a rather usable guy.”

“All right. I will look for it.”

At least there was Aiden, who had a lot of bones on this floor, so there was no need to spread recruitment notices anymore. Rather, skipping the Aiden line could save time and energy.

Of course, Allen did not sit still. He negotiated against the baron. Even if it was a family mercenary, the operating expenses would come out of Allen’s pocket, not the baron’s.

Funny enough, the stingy baron even tried to hit the youngest son’s commission fee.

“180 gold coins. At your level, that’s plenty.”

Originally, the amount that went to Charlotte-Mercenaries was 280 gold coins. A whopping 100 gold coins were struck, so Allen couldn’t stay still. Even so, 180 gold coins in transport escort is barely enough to eat. I had no future with it.

“You should get 240. There is no harm in that way.”

“I can’t spend too much money on an unverified mercenary.”

“Then neither can I. You can’t run a business that loses money before you even start.”

“Do you think you can do as well as the Charlotte Mercenaries?”

“So you’re not saying you’re going to come to an agreement with 240? The cost of hiring mercenaries alone costs at least 130. In addition to food and lodging…. Combined, 200 will come out easily. But isn’t your father still in business?”

“… Well, that’s good. Let’s do it for 200.”

This bitch….

Allen swallowed the rising curse. I never thought she would be so stingy with her son!

However, it was the baron who held the hilt. Allen, whose circumstances were obvious, was in a position where he couldn’t even show his guts. To put it a little exaggeratedly, all she has now is a dick.

“Just give me 220. … I am also in the position to start a business now. What will I do if I have to go through all that hardship and only have pennies left?”

“210. No more.”

“… I knew. 210.”

The baron also broke 10 gear noses there. Allen withdrew with the contract and note, promising never to cut her father a dime the next time he took the lead. … I’m not just swearing at Hacheong.

It sucks, but the deal was done, so it was time to plan accordingly.

First of all, before planning, it was necessary to understand the nature of this mission.

Upper level escort mission—-.

In the southern region, where there was little conflict between regions or cities, the difficulty of escort missions was relatively low compared to other regions. Of course, it was low compared to other places, but that didn’t mean it was easy.

If you’re really lucky, you can complete the mission without a knife, but from the point of view of running a mercenary group, it was right to rule out such luck at all. Even if they take a lot of damage, there’s no way they’ll easily give up on a group of thieves who can take a big hit…. Although there were fewer bandits in the southern region, reports of one or two raids were steadily coming up every time they were transported. So you should think that this time too.

As Allen pondered what his best plan was, he suddenly remembered the Charlotte-Mercenary Corps.

… Yeah, they’ll get escort requests anyway, so wouldn’t it be better to go together?

The road to go is the same anyway, so let’s mutually help each other. Then you will be able to respond without difficulty to unexpected emergencies….

However, the question is whether the self-respecting bitch will readily accept this proposal.

Mr…. , Whether it works or not, you have to see if you bump into it. If you don’t like it, well, we’re going alone–.

It didn’t cost money to ask anyway. That said, there’s nothing particularly bad about seeing the faces of the same aristocrats.

As soon as Allen made his decisionheheaded straight to the Countess.

· · ·


Charlotte let out a small scream and raised her upper body. Panting wildly, she fumbled around her as if to check something on her.

The touch she felt in her palm was not the rough and rough leather of her demonic realm, but the sensation of soft and smooth cotton that would melt.

Thank god…. It’s not magic This place is not a demonic place….

After going to her demon realm, she often had nightmares.

A scene where people’s heads are chewed, limbs are blown off, and bodies are crushed. A mixture of screams, sobs, and screams.

– Don’t go soon, bitch-?! Hurry up and catch those bastards!

– Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch-.

Allen’s cry, which she thought was a coward, kept echoing in Charlotte’s ears.

… He was, damn it, not a coward.

She raised her hand and touched her left cheek. Her cheeks, which had been swollen from the beatings, had now completely healed and subsided. … However, her mental shock was still embedded in her brain and she did not know how to leave.

“… Damn….”

Muttering her bad words in a low voice, she got out of bed and headed to her bathroom. She must have just prepared hot water when she ran into a maid coming and going carrying her bucket.

“My lady, did you cough?”

“Fill it up quickly.”


Charlotte undressed and went into a bathtub filled with hot water. She thought for a moment, leaving herself to the maid who served her.

Fortunately, as she wished, the Count promised to invest in the mercenary business. It was a virtue that his servants did not hold back in praise.

She got what she wanted, but she wasn’t very happy. … Perhaps she is because of her own mistakes that she then made.

However, that is the past. She decided not to dwell on it any longer. It’s not something she can change just because she regrets it. She didn’t do anything to her death either. It’s just a small accident!

“Stop. I want to go now.”

“Yes, lady.”

As Charlotte stood tall, naked, the maid was busy drying her, drying her hair, and dressing her.

As soon as her morning bath was over, she headed straight to the dining room. She had a lot of work to do this morning, so she needed to act a little quicker.

After finishing the meal, Charlotte met the mercenaries from early morning. It was a job interview. It was because several members of the crew had died in the Devil’s Palace the other day and there was a vacancy in the seat.

After she went through several interviews, the morning passed quickly. Unfortunately, compared to the investment of her time, the results were not very good.

When she finished her lunch her meal and was having her little tea time, someone came to visit her. Slightly startled to hear the identity of her guest, she almost spilled tea from the cup she was holding.

“… Who? Allen? Did you just say Allen?”

“Yes, lady. This is Master Allen.”

Charlotte’s head was complicated. Why did this damn bastard come here all of a sudden?

“Shall I tell you that you are busy?”

“… No, bring it.”

“Yes, lady.”

Her maid disappeared, and Charlotte gulped down a cup of tea to soothe her stomach.

He was difficult to meet, but she still didn’t want to avoid it. … No, do you really need to avoid it?

Why me? What did you do wrong? … Technically speaking, he did the wrong thing!

It was he who dared to slap her noble lady on the cheek and pour out her double lust.

– Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch-!

Again, his cry rang in my ears.

Bitch, no Charlotte,

She tried hard to get the sound out of her head.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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