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Invest in Status Window 9

Invest in Status Window 9

Chapter 9 – 2. The First Expedition. (5)

In the evening when the sun was setting, the subjugation party reached the city of Berher. The companionship was just there. The mission was over, and the mercenaries scattered to their separate ways.

The carriage with the porter and the Allen-mercenaries stopped in front of the stately mansion of the Pomwell family. Allen jumped off the wagon and felt a strange thrill, as if he had returned home after being away for months.

He couldn’t find words to describe his feelings. So I spat out a silent curse slowly.


The crew seemed to be in a similar mood, and each time they got off the wagon, they each poured out their most confident curse words.

Allen gave instructions to the servants who had come to meet him, leading the crew to the parlor, and then headed straight to his father’s study.

It was almost time for the sun to set, but due to the nature of Baron Pomwell, a worker, he must still be working.

As expected, the baron was in the study. He also seemed to have heard in advance that Allen had safely returned from his mission in the Devil’s Landing.

“What about mines?”

“I couldn’t completely subdue the monster, but it gave me a big blow. Probably won’t even come close for a while.”

“I am anxious about that.”

“We also tried to root it out if possible, but there were too many monsters than we thought. The damage was quite large on this side too, so it was difficult to stay longer. There were many wounded.”

The baron’s eyebrows twitched at the sound of damage. Extremely sensitive to words related to loss, he persistently inquired.

“How much damage is it? Have there been any fatalities? How much is the loss?”

“One porter was killed and one was seriously injured. One mercenary was also seriously injured, but luckily there were no fatalities. It seems that only the compensation for the dead porter will be additionally paid.”

Then, the baron’s stiff expression relaxed slightly. No matter how low-level a mercenary is, it cannot be compared to the ransom of a porter.

“… Good thing. Yes, at most, go catch some monsters, and don’t let the mercenary die.”

Allen’s heart was slightly twisted at the word ‘at best’, but he did not express it. Even though the baron is a master of other commerce, he is ignorant of the mercenary business…. I’m sure he’s saying that because he doesn’t know the details. Even if I tried to enlighten him anyway, he wasn’t a person who would be eaten.

“Anyway, I got it. Stop and rest Simply create and submit a report.”

“All right.”

As befits the owner of a large guild, the baron wanted a report detailing expenses. Because he is a person who thinks that the work is finished only when the approval stamp is stamped.

Arlen came out of the study and headed that way to the drawing room where the members were waiting. When he appeared, the chatter stopped for a moment, then resumed.

The mercenaries, who hadn’t even had a drop of water on their faces for five days, and even engaged in a fierce battle, were said to be goofy beggars. With their presence alone, the luxurious drawing room felt like a beggar’s den.

Karakul, the youngest child with a severely injured arm, went straight to the temple on the way he came, so he could not be seen. To be honest, it was difficult to be sure whether or not I would be able to attach my arms because so much time had passed.

However, Allen simply hoped that the youngest would recover safely with a pure heart. Even if he’s a bit of an idiot, he’s a naive guy.

“I wish Karakul’s arm would stick.”

“Even if, well, even if my arms don’t stick together, I won’t starve to death. I also acted as a fucking mercenary, what. Don’t worry too much Accidents are unavoidable on missions. It’s his destiny.”

It was heartless, but it wasn’t wrong. An unexpected accident was his destiny.

Funny enough, the mercenaries especially liked the word fate. Because that way you can easily throw away your lingering feelings. The moment you become attached to a mercenary’s life, the end is usually miserable.

“Anyways, everyone has worked hard so far. I will pay the rest of the employment right here and now.”

Allen liked to settle money matters as quickly and cleanly as possible. In particular, this kind of labor cost dragged on, so there was nothing good for each other.

He personally handed over the bag containing the remaining seven gold coins to each member of the crew. They pulled the string right on the spot, checked the contents, and laughed wryly.

After paying money to all seven except for Karakul, who went to the temple, he lightly rubbed his palms together and drew their attention.

“The contract ends here. It’s fine if we just break up.”

Everyone was a little disappointed in something. It’s not that the job was easy, but the efficiency was not bad, and the employer liked it.

I have to work anyway when I run out of money, so it seems like I want to join this place if possible… , In fact Allen didn’t want that.

… Not with these guys I’m not a philanthropist either.

At first, it was because time was running out and it was difficult to gauge the level according to stats, but after going through the mission once, I understood the general feeling.

In the meantime, he had been on a mission together and had done a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of too. After all, as much as he was the blood of Baron Pomwell, the blood of a cold-hearted merchant was flowing.

“Good luck everyone. Have a nice night.”

“Bocchan, be well.”

The title changed from Danjunim to Bocchan. It means that they also abandoned their lingering feelings. It was good because it gave up quickly.

The crew left one by one. The drawing room was empty except Allen. But he didn’t get up from his chair. As if waiting for someone…. And not long after, a man appeared.

“Young master.”

“Oh, come on. Sit down.”

Allen recommended a seat in front of him. Sitting across from him was Aiden, who had served as temporary captain.

“The reason why you called me….”

It’s not likely that the guy who’s lived on the fringes of the past, and even dipped his toe into the famous mercenaries for a moment, didn’t know that and asked.

But Allen kindly explained why.

“Because I need you.”

In the mercenary business, mercenaries were nothing but objects. In that respect, Aiden was the least useful thing here. He won’t be bad when he sells it later.

Allen patted his elbows on the table and rested his chin on the backs of his hands. A faint, barely visible smile crept across his handsome face.

“I’m thinking of starting a mercenary business in the future.”

“The mercenary business, are you talking about it?”


“… It won’t be that easy.”

“I know. I definitely felt it this time. However, the mercenary business is an unavoidable flow. Here in the south, too, will soon be swept away by the current.”

It was an unexpected remark for Aiden. The nobles of the southern provinces looked down on the mercenary business. But the young entrepreneur didn’t seem to think so.

“You think so.”

“I bet you. You can bet.”

There was unshakable conviction in Allen’s tone.

“So, are you going to hire me?”


The moment an affirmation came out, the place became a negotiating table. On this floor, there was no way that Aiden, who had thick bones, was unaware of the atmosphere that had changed in an instant.

Allen’s attitude changed again. He crossed his legs and leaned as hard as he could on his back.

“How much do you want?”

It was a simple question, but there was a complex battle of words within it.

I don’t bother bargaining for short-term hires unless they deviate too far from the average, but long-term hires are different. Even with just one gold coin, a bloody war of nerves came and went. Shall we call this a negotiation war?

Aiden was silent for a moment. He didn’t bite easily even when the bait was right in front of him. Of course, you will have to ask someday, but you should give the angler as much relief as possible by touching it gently.

“… Every month, I want twenty gold coins.”

He called out a little louder. Of course that’s normal. Who will charge my ransom lower?


Allen’s expression softened slightly. Her laughter faded slowly, and her eyes grew cold.

“… It’s a bit excessive.”

“I think it deserves that much. Few people in the South have as much experience as I do.”

This is why I needed a career. Whether or not I have a line to use determines whether or not my remarks are powerful.

“You take that into account.”

“No less than twenty.”

“I thought fifteen.”

“Just five more, please.”

“If I think of the kids I will hire in the future, I can’t afford to spend recklessly.”

“This is my pride.”

“Okay, sixteen. How is it?”

Fuck this

I just uploaded one and it’s a saengsaeg-!

“… How about nineteen?”

“I’m sorry. I also have limited capital.”

“I’m sorry, but that won’t work.”

“Is it? … Okay Then there is nothing you can do.”

Tsk-. Allen made a whimper.

“Let’s pretend this never happened. The conversation was enjoyable.”

A strong attack by the opponent. Aiden couldn’t lose either.

“All right. Then.”

He jumped up from his seat.

At least, stable long-term employment is an attractive option for mercenaries, but that doesn’t mean they want to be sold cheaply. Freedom is limited as much as it is stable, but who would want to do that for a small amount of money.


Aiden trudged to the door of the parlor. Still, he didn’t hear a call from behind.

He was not someone to belittle because he was young. He is also the son of the top lord. His negotiating skills were different from other nobles.

He grabbed the doorknob. And he twisted it.

… Even so, the opponent was silent. So, I finally opened the door.

Fuck this

Eventually he gave up and turned around. If he had been a different person, he would have gone out for real, but after seeing the ruthless sending of the crew earlier, he couldn’t bear it.

That aristocratic young man, even if he had left, he certainly wouldn’t have caught it.

“I knew. Like. How about seventeen then?”

However, Allen firmly shook his head.

“The moment you opened the door, today’s negotiations are over. Come back tomorrow if you want to negotiate. Respectfully. … You don’t have to come if you don’t like it.”

He grinned.


Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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