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Invest in Status Window 17

Invest in Status Window 17

Chapter 17 – 4. Big Water. (4)

A snowy mountain range that stands as if it were sheer. Beneath it flowed a beautiful meadow and snow-melted rivers that did not dry all year round.

A magnificent view that no one can help but admire. Standing against the backdrop of that superb view is the middle city, Mahvana.

Leaving Levala, a trading city in the south, the Allen-Mercenaries arrived at this beautiful city after moving for a full 15 days. Even Allen, who is not surprised at all, couldn’t help but admire the scenery. The reaction of the members who had never been to Mahvana was not much different from that of Danju.

But this beautiful city, like the rest of the eastern provinces, had a cruel and ugly history. There is even a record saying that the beautiful Romellen River was stained with blood for three days and three nights….

The Herrera family, to which the Allen-mercenary corps came, was the ruling family in this beautiful city. Of course, during its long history, several owners of this city have changed, but since the Herrera family became owners, no new owners have appeared for two hundred years. It means that the family’s roots are deeply rooted in this land.

And the very owner wanted a war, and the aftermath was not just limited to the family, but was spreading throughout the city.

… Over the beautiful middle city of Mahvana, a clear cloud of war was looming.

The Allen-Mercenaries underwent thorough identification at the checkpoint. No matter what the situation was, there was no way to pass it off like usual.

“Cipearl, I almost laid all the cocks.”

Rebo, a furry hulking man with thick lines, stuck out his tongue as he watched the checkpoint staff overly meticulously checking. Pitch-nose Mary, one of the two women, was chewing on her mate for touching her ass.

“You can touch our Danju as much as you like.”

When Mary did her tricks like that, she stepped out to be a dickhead who couldn’t get enough of her if she was a woman. He was tall and slender, but surprisingly strong.


“You are so fucking ugly.”

“The map is ugly, bitch.”

“Your pussy is fucking pretty, isn’t it?”

“You have to see.”

“Cut your dick.”

Then only the loyal old dog, Kalisman, cautioned them both.

“Hey, shut up and follow me.”

“Heh, I’m sorry.”

“Damn it.”

The mercenary corps walked towards the Countess standing pointedly in the middle of the city. Naturally, they were caught again in front of the main gate. Allen stepped forward and revealed his identity.

“I am Allen Dwise Pomwell, the sobriety of the mercenaries. I came after seeing the announcement to recruit mercenaries.”

There have already been several such precedents, and they passed more easily than expected. Of course, the inside of the main gate was very strict, so I was prepared for any emergency.

“Wait a minute. A message will come soon from within.”

Just as the guard captain said, someone came out of the Count’s castle soon. The middle-aged man treated them much better than expected.

“I’ll take you here.”

They entered the castle under the guidance of the man. The man took Allen, the only owner, somewhere. If you’re just going to make a simple contract anyway, there’s no reason to rush around with the crew.

“Where are you going?”

“I will meet His Excellency.”

This was a little surprising to Allen as well. I didn’t know that the count would personally come forward with the mercenary contract. Most of it would be to make a proxy.

“Does His Excellency seem interested?”

“Anyway, the matter is an issue, so you are handling this matter yourself.”

“… Right. OK.”

Soon, the two arrived at the door embossed with a gorgeous dragon. Exactly, the count’s office—-. The two knights standing motionless on either side of the door were intimidating.

“The sorcerer of the Allen Mercenary Corps has arrived, Your Excellency.”

– Stop by.

The man lowered her head slightly and took a step back from her. Allen opened the door himself and entered the count’s office.

The count, sitting at his desk and examining the papers, was a man of enormous stature. He would rather be a mercenary than an aristocrat.

[Strength: 45] [Agility: 22] [Stamina: 41] [Intelligence: 14] [Magic power: 8]

[Bumjae] [Business] [Tenderness] [Greed] [Sensitiveness] [Insomnia]

(I have a lot of worries. I am tired. My back is stiff. My left calf is throbbing. …)

The Count was a born warrior. He is good enough to run as a mercenary right now. Even though he looks quite old, he doesn’t even have a [Weakness]. … In his candor, Allen wanted to recruit the Count into the Mercenary Corps.

“My name is Allen Dwise Pomwell, the youngest son of Baron Pomwell of Berher.”

“Nice to meet you. Count Herrera.”

At first, light greetings were exchanged.

“He’s too handsome to lead a mercenary.”

Haha, that’s too much praise.”

“What is the total number of people?”

“I am also nine.”

“Who is the captain?”

“This is Kalisman Lowner.”

It was a name I didn’t know. It means that they are not famous mercenaries.

But now it was a situation where even one had to be brought to the side.

“As you know, it was a bit of a fight. And we have no intention of stepping down from each other.”

The Count put his hand on his desk and tapped his fingers.

“How much do you want?”

And the negotiations began.

However, Allen did not dare to arrogantly ask the count back. You have to figure out the right amount.

“I want seven hundred gold coins.”

Seven hundred.

That was usually the cost of hiring a mid-level mercenary. However, no matter how you look at it, Allen-Mercenaries did not seem to be at that level.


Allen, of course, knew that such a reaction would come. However, the current situation should be considered a bit special.

“It is a war. Seven hundred gold coins might change the situation. If so, I don’t think it’s a big amount.”

Of course, 700 gold coins is not a very large amount, but they are not the only mercenaries. Moreover, the money going out was not only for employment, but also for military expenses and other additional expenses. … It is not uncommon for families with little capital to go bankrupt after a single war.

“Still, there are many. I was thinking five hundred.”

“That will never happen. We risked our lives from the South. It’s too little for a life.”

“Heh heh, Izaga.”

The count, close to being a warrior, was clumsy at bargaining. Instead, the terrifying pressure was unusual.

“Five hundred and fifty.”

“I will do six hundred and fifty. Can’t get any lower than that.”

“Okay, six hundred. He showed great generosity.”


The Count banged his fist on the desk.

“Who dare-!”

… That’s why you fight….

Allen knew the reason for the war here.

“Sorry. But risked the lives of her former men. If you don’t want to, I’ll step down.”

“This guy… !”

Allen, however, did not back down. The count’s expression changed a bit when he saw that the danju, which he had only thought was a slim figure, was much harder than expected.

“… Yes, you have the guts to ask.”

“I’m sorry to upset your Excellency.”

Even so, the muzzle played amazingly well again. Enough to soften the count’s anger.

“Good night. Six hundred and fifty. Give me whatever you want Are you okay?”

“Your Excellency, I will not forget you.”

“I bought loyalty with money, not virtue. Look at you specially I believe that if you have that kind of guts, it will be well worth the money.”

“You have an excellent eye.”

“Good night. Write the contract right now.”

The employment fee is six hundred and fifty gold coins.

To be honest, it wasn’t an amount that would satisfy Allen. In [Guild Master], She received thousands of gold coins, and then shrunk to less than half of the amount in an instant.

… I can’t help it. Still, there are many first-time hits.

Of course, if he subtracted all the mercenary hire fees, he wouldn’t have much left, but it’s not just about money. The more active you are in battle, the more your reputation builds up.

After the negotiations, Allen withdrew from the count’s office.

And on her way back, she ran into a Wen woman. A black-haired beauty with fairly large breasts for a height that was only about his shoulders. She also met his gaze as he approached. When he gave her a silent nod, she did the same.

[Strength: 9] [Agility: 11] [Stamina: 15] [Intelligence: 32] [Magic power: 22]

[Brightness] [Willness] [Conceit] [Greed] [Sensitiveness] [Sensitiveness] [Insomnia]

(I have a lot of thoughts. I overcome fatigue with willpower. My shoulders are stiff. …)

Stats focused on [Intelligence] And [Magic].

In particular, her unusual [Magic] Stat proved that she was a wizard. It was very, very rare for her to see a wizard who did not belong to the Mage Tower.

… Who was….


Allen realized the woman’s identity after a while. Since there are so many characters in [Guild Master], It took me a while to bring out a memory deeply embedded in one corner of her.

Nickname, the sorceress of Mahvana—-. A named character who is famous for a different meaning rather than a job. In [Guild Master], Breast mages are rarer than I thought.

She often appears in concept play where the crew is always female. Thanks to her explosive mid-length and her arrogant impression that don’t match her petite height.

He also remembered seeing a screenshot of her posing in her community in a micro bikini that only slightly covered her nipples and crotch. Besides, she appears occasionally in doujinshi. … In fact, he owes her a few times.

I never thought she would see that woman as her real self—.

When she actually met someone she knew, Allen felt goose bumps run down her back with a certain certainty.


Korea’s Jihoo

It really sucks.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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