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Invest in Status Window 18

Invest in Status Window 18

Chapter 18 – 5. Plateau. (One)

“Father, did you call?”

“Ah, you’re here. Elena.”

The sorceress of Mahvana, Elena Horgan Herrera, arrived at her office after being called by the count.

“Are you ready, now?”

“Yes. It’s all over. You can go out anytime.”


The Count rose from his chair with a light sigh and approached the tall arched window. Outside the window, I could see the Romelln Mountains at a glance, always keeping my eyes on my head.

Conflict with the Urgang family—-.

The war began with a quarrel between the sons of the two families. Regarding ownership of the plateau located beneath the Romelln Mountains…. In fact, it was a land that had no meaning except for the shepherds, but it was a bit sensitive to each other about whose land it belonged to.

It’s a topic that can’t help but be raised, so it’s usually like an unwritten rule that each other doesn’t mention it, but the word came out by chance that day.

Naturally, they confronted each other without concessions and claimed ownership, which eventually led to a fist fight. So, even the two families, originally unrelated to the war that broke out in the eastern provinces, were almost forcibly involved in this complicated fight.

Count Herrera, seeing the rapidly shrinking land funds and the sluggish city situation, continued to agonize over whether this was the right thing—but he couldn’t avoid the fight that had already taken place. This is a matter of pride for both families. And the nobles of the East were corpses except for their pride.

As Elena watched her father’s broad back, she remembered the man she had just met in the hallway. A handsome man that is hard to find in the East.

But apart from her outward appearance, she had a strange feeling about him. A strange feeling welling up from the base that is hard to explain.

“Father. May I ask who the man from before was?”

“… Just before? Oh mercenary lord Regardless of what he looks like, he’s a guy with a lot of guts. I thought all southern cities were cowardly.”

“Mercenary, Danju?”

It was quite surprising. I thought he was rather the top guy. She’s not one to judge by her appearance, but I couldn’t have imagined her lineage anyway.

“Even with you. … Really, not funny. No way a southern aristocratic family came all the way here to work as mercenaries. Living in the world for a long time, I see a lot of very rare things. … Is it time to go soon?”

“It’s time to go, Father. You are too lazy.”

The count laughed softly and turned his body from looking out the window to stare at his daughter again. The laughter evaporated in an instant, and the old lion of Mahvana roared.

“Now is the time. Come on out. To those who doubt the things of the Herrera family, show them a lesson!”

“I was waiting for that order.”

Sorceress Elena bowed her head deeply. The expression on her face as she came up again had the fierceness of her countess. It was indeed a father and a daughter——they resembled each other enough to come out.

“I will bring you victory, father.”

… And finally, Mahvana started to move.

· · ·

There were twenty-four mercenaries belonging to Mahvana. The total number of people was close to three hundred. If it was an ordinary peasant army of 300, it would not be such a great power, but if it was a professional fighter, it was a different story.

Slightly exaggerated, with 300 mercenaries, it was a force that could turn a small town with only peasant troops into a mess. In the Three Kingdoms, the number of people was in the thousands or tens of thousands, but in reality, even in the hundreds, it was a formidable force.

In fact, Allen didn’t even know that Mahvana would hire as many mercenaries as he did. Even if the county reduced the cost to a minimum, at least 10,000 gold coins would have been withheld as employment expenses at this level. Of course, the castle lord of the middle city would not go bankrupt to that extent, but it was a blood loss that could never be ignored.

In addition, listening to the general circumstances, the battle between these two territories was a fight that had nothing to do with the war in the eastern provinces. Literally a fight for the pride of the eastern aristocrats. Of course, since it is a matter of ownership of the territory, it is difficult to completely dismiss it as pride, but in fact, the land exists, but it is only one mana….

To be honest, it was a war that I couldn’t understand at all for Allen, the son of a top merchant from the south, but thanks to that useless pride, the mercenaries were able to fill their stomachs.

“Wow, look at that breast. It’s okay.”

“Shunwupal, once you touch it, you won’t have any wishes.”

Elena, the third daughter of Count Herrera, the sorceress of Mahvana, and the temporary leader of the Loa Kin-Mercenary Corps, attracted more attention than the count’s daughter-in-law because of her large breasts. A delicate and beautiful woman stands lofty like a flower on the edge of a cliff among the rambunctious mercenaries, so it is impossible not to have any feelings unless it is an abnormal sexual desire.

However, Queen Elena is a wizard who is harder to see than even rare animals due to her noble lineage—-. That’s why she was a daughter who could only be teased from afar by the mercenary nabbers.

“I don’t care what everyone says. But don’t relax. The moment we left the territory, the battle had already begun.”

Allen said so to the crew members who were taking a break. Aren’t the mercenaries already infamous for their habit of harassing anyone, regardless of gender or position? That’s why Allen didn’t forcibly block their play. Instead, he cautioned me from time to time so as not to become distracted.

After a short rest, the group of Mahvana started climbing the mountain again.

Their current destination is the Marlene Plateau. The very land that caused this war. They were moving to occupy that very spot. Because the two families decided to follow the traditional rules of territorial warfare.

Whoever occupies the plateau for ten days becomes the owner of that land.

Simple, clean and sure way. Wars in the East were usually like that. That’s why there were many bad ties, but there were few enemies.

The mountains through the plateau were steep and high. Allen felt a strange awe at the shepherds who climbed this steep mountain road as if they were walking. Even the mercenaries, who were not from the East, seemed to be having a bit of a hard time because they had little experience of hiking.

“I’ll follow you, Seapearl.”

Still, thanks to the general manager, Elena, who was a bit considerate of the people who were not accustomed to hiking, we had frequent breaks, even if they were short.

Allen pretended to be calm, but in fact, he was struggling on the inside. Still, Danju shouldn’t show weakness in front of the crew.

Even if I search, I will stand and search!

Allen’s mind went crazy over the mercenary business. … In fact, if I hadn’t gone crazy, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in someone else’s territory war in the first place.

Moving like that for half a day, they finally reached the Marlene Plateau. The climb was rough, but the plateau was not very steep. Behind the plateau, snow-capped peaks stood majestically like a folding screen, catching the eyes of the mercenaries at once.

In the highlands, warm sunlight and cool snow wind coexisted. It feels like going in and out of hot and cold baths alternately in a public bath.

But as the sun suddenly slipped behind the ridge, the temperature dropped in an instant. In the extreme cold, sweat-soaked clothes literally became ice.

“Sweet arm, what kind of cold is that… !”

It quickly got dark, and the group that decided to camp quickly built a campfire and huddled around it. It wasn’t until after I finished a bowl of hot soup that my frozen body melted a bit. However, the body that had been melted by the biting wind quickly froze again.

Each mercenary corps set its own vigil. Allen-Mercenary’s night watch was decided to change to the next one when the hourglass ran out of sand.

They all entered one of the large tents they had prepared. It’s a little cramped because everyone wants to go in, but it’s not badly arranged if you lie down like a corpse.

However, from the start, the inside of the tent was very messy with farts and belching. In addition, the terrible smell of sweat and foot stink that flows from the body is literally a hell of hell.

“Dude, who farted?!”

“Look how stinky it is.”


“I laughed with a smile. Shall I kill you?”

“Everybody wrap up and go to bed.”

“Oh shit, why are you touching my dick, you bastard?”

“Oh, fuck, what a man. Fuck you. What.”

“I knew that and changed seats, Byueungshina.”

The chatter quieted down after a while and soon turned into nasty snoring.

Whiing, wheeing, and crying made the tent shake. Despite wearing two layers of clothing, Allen pulled a thin blanket up to his chin as the cold penetrated his flesh.

However, the intense fatigue that soon overtook him made him forget even the cold. The rumble of snoring soon flew away, and his mind plunged into a dream in an instant.

Allen had a dream.

Funny enough, I was playing games even in my dreams.

Then, by chance, he felt something on his toe and lowered his gaze.


It was a corpse.

His head was cracked and his brain water flowed, his stomach skin burst and his intestines came out, and his flesh and bones were crushed and blood leaked out. A terrifying corpse.

… No, the body was not one. Numerous corpses were strewn all over the room.

Jihoo struggled with an evil scream.


Allen gasped and awoke from the nightmare.

It was still deep night outside.

… No, maybe

I didn’t even know it was still a dream.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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