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Invest in Status Window 19

Invest in Status Window 19

Chapter 19 – 5. Plateau. (2)

Allen woke up from the cold. The sunless plateau was the freezer itself.

To think that people and money are meaninglessly burned because of this useless, fucking piece of land.

“There’s still some time before the sun rises.”

The furry Lebo, the night shift man, said that while looking at Allen who sneaked out of the tent. However, despite his words, he seemed to be looking forward to having a conversation partner.

Allen sat by the fire with her blanket wrapped around her body. She certainly felt her body melt away from the fire.

The sky, which had only been dark, began to change to a deep blue as a faint light mixed in.

“I’ve never seen a nobleman as stubborn as our Danju. Where is the nobility who comes to such a rough place when it’s not even their job.”

“Originally, business is successful only when you run on your feet and experience it. Especially when dealing with people like a mercenary business.”

“It’s easy to say, but easy to put into practice.”

“If not, what… , I have to look.”

The two laughed lightly.

“Certainly, there is charm, our Danju. Strangely, it has such a strange power that it attracts people.”

“Okay? I’m glad. It has that kind of charm.”

“I’m going to seduce an aristocratic woman like me and make a living. She has a pretty face and big breasts.”

“Can’t a man with no ability be treated?”

“Heh, that’s right. That’s why my little brother’s baby is always stir-fried by my wife.”

In the middle of the conversation, one of the tent entrances in the distance was pulled back. The person who emerged from there was Wang Wet Elena. … Actually, I didn’t guess by looking at her face, she knew by looking at the size of her massive tits. It’s still dark with no sun yet, how can you see your face from this far away?

She strode out to the field and then sat down on the lawn and began to meditate. The two men watched her quietly for a long time.

“Kidonga asking for breasts to grow… ?”

“No way. It must be training, training.”

Maybe it’s mana circulation with the pure energy of dawn. Of course, this is just Allen’s speculation.

And soon after, the sun came up.

The ray of light from the east descended, painting the mountain peak standing lofty like a tombstone red from top to bottom. It was truly an indescribable spectacle. The magic of Mother Nature that I will never forget even until I die.

Even the chatty furry was at a loss for words at the sight. The two men marveled again as they looked down at the landscape below the plateau, which soon began to regain its color.

Now it’s time to wake up. As if waiting, the furry went into the tent with a wake-up bell and began shaking it noisily.

“Wake up, you lazy bastards—”

“Aww, chew….”

The mercenaries groaned and struggled as they turned around in the narrow bed. Older dog Kalisman was the first to get up and kick the legs or buttocks of the cubs who were scrambling.

Soon after waking up, they quickly separated and tidied up the tent. While the mercenaries were making their beds, the count’s workers quickly prepared a meal.

Before Allen ate her meal, she visited Elena briefly. While giving instructions to her darling and her crew, she gave him a haughty look at the sudden arrival.

“What brings you here… ?”

“I want to know, at least briefly, what your future plans are.”


The wizard’s eyebrows became slightly asymmetrical.

“Do you have any plans? When you encounter an enemy, you fight. … Is that difficult?”

… That’s why, there’s no strategy or tactics, that’s what it means.

“Oh, I see. Understand.”

I thought it would be different because it was a wizard, but I was wrong. It was his fault for expecting the eastern cubs to charge.

Bust Elena stared at Allen as if she were shooting magic, then she swung away. He almost pierced her face with her gaze.

Returning to the pack, Allen already made a great chew for the crew, who chugged down with a bowl of hot soup.

“What did you say when you went?”

“Did you confess?”

As all sorts of useless jokes poured out, Allen kicked the ground, telling them not to talk nonsense and to eat.

“It was a car. Hee hee.”

“Originally, bitches with big breasts are formidable.”

“I gave it to our Danju.”

Allen ate, paying no attention to what the crew were chewing. If you don’t add more firewood anyway, it will burn moderately and end.

After finishing the meal and finishing the aftermath, the group started moving again. On the slightly inclined slope, there were many valleys that went straight down like a slide made of dirt. It seemed to be the traces of a huge avalanche created from that tall and high peak that had swept all the way here.


One member of the crew pointed a finger somewhere. All the eyes of the colleagues turned to the direction the fingertips pointed.

There was something like a pile of stones there. I have no idea what purpose it was made for.

Elena was heading exactly that way. She sure seemed the right place to plant a flag with the family crest on it.

As soon as she reached her stone platform, she took her flag herself, climbed over it, and tucked it into the cleft in the stone. It, often seen in Mahvana, fluttered vigorously right here in the middle of the Marlene Plateau.

Wang Yu, who planted her banner, glanced down with a faint smile like a conqueror. … To be honest, Allen didn’t like that form very much. ‘Cause it feels like he’s down

“Get some rest here.”

The wizard ordered a break. The mercenaries and porters lowered their backpacks and sat down on the ground. The floor was a bit skewed, so they dug out a spot to sit upright with their hands or other tools.

One of the porters accidentally set down a round load, and when it rolled down, he ran over and rolled over to catch it. The mercenaries saw it again and laughed.

“I’m playing quietly and cleaning my equipment without rest. It’s humid here, so if you don’t take care of it, it’ll rust quickly.”

“You want to wipe it. What are you messing around with?”

When Carlisman, an experienced old dog, said that, Allen responded. The mercenary family doesn’t listen unless they are sober who give them money.

At that time, Elena must have set her course to settle down here, and she gave instructions to the sober owners.

“We wait for enemies here. Whatever you do, be prepared to fight the enemy as soon as it appears.”

So Allen asked his men to dig a wide, even ground so that they could rest a little. They dug up the ground with small shovels.

When a suitable seat was created, the crew lay down on it. A cool breeze rising from the ground instantly cooled her back and waist.

“Shitpal, are you saying you have to stay here for at least ten days?”

“Then shouldn’t we make a shitpost too?”

“I have to make the rice kid.”

“Damn it, I’m hungry right now.”

“It’s dirty, get out of here, you bastard.”

The furry, desperate to poop, eventually ran to somewhere with a shovel.

At that time, the cock-sucking part-timer opened his mouth with a perverted expression.

“Will that woman poop too?”

“Where is the bastard who doesn’t poop?”

Then one member of the crew said with a solemn expression.

“But since he’s a wizard, wouldn’t there be a way? It breaks down the poop on its own inside….”

“Do wizards poop?”

“The children’s chews are fucking dirty and sleeping. If you’re going to talk shit, get out of here.”

Allen, who had been listening to it, almost felt skeptical about the path she had chosen.

… Like that, time flowed like the Romelln River seen far away, and the sun that rose from the eastern sky snooped in the western sky.

Did everyone get through today safely—-, by the time she was relieved.

Suddenly, a loud bell started ringing.

– Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

“These are the bastards——!!”

The mercenaries, who were only joking around, quickly picked up their equipment and prepared themselves for battle. Her expression, which had been flabby just before, was terribly hardened, as if it had never happened before.

I saw a lot of dots in the distance. There was no doubt that the group belonged to Urgang.

In an instant, the surroundings became quiet without a sound of speech. The workers preparing dinner were at a loss.

“Sweet Lord.”

“Get in line. And wait until I give a signal.”

The Allen-mercenary corps quickly formed the promised ranks. He recruited members suitable for small-scale battles and prepared a specialized rank for it.

All preparations were complete.

Then two men broke away from the other crowd and slowly approached them.

The tall and large man stopped at a distance that was neither too far nor too close, and called out.

“Especially looking at Elena’s face, I won’t pursue you if you back away gracefully!”

It meant run away, not tail. Of course, there’s no way the milk wizard would step down gracefully.

“Shut up! Know that this will be your place to die!”

However, the other party was rather a persuasive tone.

“Elena, just listen to me!”

“There is no negotiation!”

He seemed to glare at her, then turned around and reverted back to her group.

But the sun is almost gone. It was not easy to fight on either side without sunlight. Maybe tomorrow morning as soon as the sun rises, we’ll have a big fight.

Still, the possibility of an overnight surprise had to be kept in mind. Of course, I don’t think the proud eastern aristocrat would do such a shrewd trick from the first battle, but I couldn’t let my guard down. Mutations pop up everywhere, sometimes.

“Tonight’s watch will be held by two people in turns.”

Allen ordered strict surveillance throughout the night. Unlike yesterday, an eerie silence settled in the tent.

The mercenaries, with the battle at hand, no longer showed a flimsy appearance. They have now turned into killers who can grab an opponent’s neck at any time.

Danju lay down without saying anything.

There was no need for words.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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