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Invest in Status Window 20

Invest in Status Window 20

Chapter 20 – 5. Plateau. (3)

The battle started really suddenly. The enemies attacked them as if they had been waiting for it as soon as dawn broke.

The unit of battle was the mercenary corps. Since the unreasonable mercenaries did not easily recognize each other’s sides, they fought based on the mercenary group. The Herrera side wore red armbands, and the Urgang side wore white armbands, so it was not difficult to tell them apart.

“Don’t be pushed—if you’re pushed, you’ll fall behind—!”

Allen, wearing red armbands, was perfectly prepared for the enemy’s charge.

4 people in 1st row built a wall with a tower shield, behind them 2 people at both ends of 2nd row were placed with spears, and 2 people at both ends of 3rd row were placed with swords and axes. The rear two were the old dog Kalisman and Captain Aiden, both with good stats and experienced. It was because the space I was in charge of was large, so I had to be good at it.

While the 1st row blocked the enemy with a shield and thrust a spear through the shield, the 2nd and 3rd rows fought enemies entering from the side and back.

Across both the Herrera and Urgang groups, the Allen-Mercenary was the only mercenary group to fight systematically with ranks and tactics.

Somehow, the eastern region itself tends to think that charging with stage guns is courageous, and in the first place, they are not very professional mercenaries, so they are not the type to be strict about tactics. Each of them put forward their specialties and fought in whatever way they could. In fact, rather than the ability of mercenaries, this must be the ability of the sorcerer who controls them.

… And, the effectiveness of Allen’s tactics was clearly evident.

“Prick it with a spear! Stick it through the gap! At the same time, push it away with a shield—!!”

The first row blocked the enemy with tower shields that were erected like walls, and at the same time opened a gap slightly in response to the signal and pushed the spears into it, stabbing the enemies. The moment the enemies were pierced by the spears, they pushed them back with their shields to create space and waited for the next opponent.

The enemies coming back to the side of the shield were dealt with by the 2nd and 3rd columns. In particular, Kalisman and Aiden, who had both experience and skill, slashed and slashed the enemies at random, like members of a long-term contract.

“It’s not over until it’s over! Never be careless! Never lose sight of it! You’re doing well now! You’re going to do it like this-!”

Allen Danjou continued to encourage his men. He took a quick glance around him when he had a moment to catch his breath. Still, his situation seemed to be boiling.

And then a huge explosion was heard not far away. It must have been magic.

In fact, magic was a double-edged sword, especially on a battlefield like this.

The destructive power of magic is obviously stronger than any attack, but at the same time it attracts the attention of enemies. Of course, if you were in a situation where you were protected by several layers, it was obvious that it was not easy to be protected so safely in the current situation.

… Isn’t this a bit dangerous?

Allen was slightly worried about Wang Wet’s safety. It’s not because of morality, it’s because the war situation is at stake.

Apparently, the influence of being a wizard on war is not small, so the safety of Queen Elena was very important to them. So, if at all possible, it would be right for her to prevent her leaving the battlefield.

“Move to the right while forming a line!”

Just in time, the enemies were also moving towards the sound. No matter how ignorant they are about tactics, they probably don’t know that the wizard must be dealt with quickly.

Of course, as the enemies flocked, the attack on Allen-Mercenaries became more intense. Of course, they had the upper hand tactically, but it was not easy to overcome the absolute number difference. Having already lost a lot of energy fighting various mercenaries, they are out of breath.

Fortunately though, Allen-Mercenary Corps is slowly being imprinted with fear on the opponent, and the number of reckless attacks like the first time has decreased. The mercenary sophomores, who at best had nothing to offer but the experience of slicing people or monsters, had nothing to counter the tactics of the Allen-Mercenary Corps. It was hard to even count the number of mercenaries who had just recklessly charged and died.

“What the fuck, you cowards! Come out and fight proudly!”

The sophomores hid behind their shields and cursed at them, who fought cowardly, but Allen did not budge from such a provocation. It would be more effective to bargain with money….

The Allen-mercenaries finally reached the vicinity of Elena. Of course, the Loa Kin-Mercenary Corps, where she was a temporary sophomore, was fighting fiercely with her enemies. Queen Elena is eagerly giving instructions under the protection of her subordinates… , Honestly, I doubted whether it was that effective.

Soon, the Allen-Mercenary Corps also got involved in the fight. When the members’ stamina started to run out, there were occasional mistakes that hadn’t been made before, but even taking that into account, it was a great performance.

“Hold on a little longer! You have to endure it!”

That was all Allen could do now.

Have to endure

Until one of them collapses.

· · ·

In fact, the leadership of the Urugang group already knew his opponent’s strength, so they expected that they would win by overwhelming them in this battle. So, didn’t the second son of Count Urgang, who was deeply in love with Elena, come out and encourage her to surrender? … Of course, I drank water to look good.

However, when I saw it, the aspect of the battle was very different from what I expected. Eindolf, the second son of the Count who leads the Urgang group, was very confused as he did not know how the situation had come to this. He seemed to be pushing something, but in the end nothing came of it. Rather, the death toll continues to rise one after another.

Eindolf, who had a good swordsmanship, tried his best to cut down the enemies himself, but the situation did not reverse.

In the meantime, he encountered a mercenary. … No, to be precise, he entered the empty space created by his allies being scared and not attacking them.

He already saw numerous corpses scattered around the other mercenaries. … However, there seemed to be no damage to the opponent.

The opponent group stood glaring at them motionlessly with their shields erected like a wall. There was no fear in his gaze. If they come, they will kill—that’s all. The feeling of intimidation made even Eindolf goose bumps run down his spine.

… That one can’t penetrate.

As soon as I saw it, I was convinced of that. … However, he too is an eastern aristocrat who is a corpse minus his ego. He was offended that he felt like such a loser. He’s more of a coward than a loser if he backs down without a confrontation.

“What are you doing?! Attack now! You mean to pierce that thing——!!”

After Eindolph started screaming, only a few people reluctantly jumped at him. However, the result is as expected.

The moment the weapons wielded by the two rushing mercenaries were blocked by the shield, the gap between the shields suddenly opened, and the spears protruding from there stabbed them in the chest and stomach. As the two fell to the floor with a scream, no one really wanted to attack them anymore.

The shields closed and they waited quietly again. As if they were telling me to come on.

… It was this. It was because of these… !

Only then did Eindolph realize why the battle he should have already won was slow. It was because a considerable number of mercenaries had died to the unknown mercenaries over there.

… And the longer the battle lasted, the more uncontrollable the damage would be.

“This, like a dog… !”

It was his mistake. The defeat that was too complacent.

“… Retreat!”

Eindolph was so angry that his teeth were slightly chipped, but he couldn’t help it. Enemies were already on the rise, they were on the decline. If the battle continues like this, irreparable damage will be suffered.

I ate a very unexpected one. It’s very disgraceful, but it was necessary to go back and reorganize and prepare for it.

Upon hearing the order to retreat, the mercenaries belonging to Urgang turned around and started running away as if they had waited. Even if they didn’t say anything, they felt that their spirits were waning too. From the moment I was scared by the enemy and stopped attacking, in fact, winning or losing was no different.

Watching the group of Urgang run away, the Herrera group burst into cheers. We took a lot of damage to each other, but even so, victory is victory. The surviving mercenaries belonging to Herrera roared wildly and rejoiced at their victory.

Happiness appeared on Elena’s face as well, as her face had become a bit haggard from the large-scale magic shot. She responded to the cheers of her men by vigorously raising her own staff.

It was honestly a little dizzy when there were far more enemies than expected… , Still won.

A valuable first win.

But the triumphant smile did not last long.

It was the last courtesy for the dead.

Invest in Status Window

Invest in Status Window

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[Guild Master] Jihoo entered the world of the game.In his eyes, he could see theopponent's status window—.


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