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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 10

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 10

Chapter 10 – First Day of Class (1)

We went to a nearby pavilion and sat down.
It was more like a grandfather huddled with his grandchildren rather than a college class.

An employee following the president appeared out of nowhere and left tea and coffee and disappeared.
Not a ninja
It was an amazing stealth trick.

“Come on, take it easy.”

President Dokgopae gestured.
Cheon Ha-yeon and Midsummer chose tea, and I chose coffee.

“I didn’t know that the president would come here in person.”

I took a sip of hot coffee and put it down.

“Is it? Teaching gifted children is one of my pleasures. It just happened that the technique class was empty.”

Of course, that may be just a superficial reason.
First of all, you must have known in advance that Socheonma participated in this class, so it could have been a surveillance vehicle.
The truth is that only President Dokgopae knows.

Cheon Ha-yeon had been staring blankly at President Dok-go-pae since earlier.

“Me and Midsummer wouldn’t be at eye level with the president.”

It was because the two of us were like children who had just fallen into the world.
Getting married is a secret, so it was hard to find a reason for the president to pay attention.

“The judgment is mine. Because I have something to tell you about your body.”
“…Maybe it will be fine for a while.”
“Hmm, after all, was there some kind of method? If you think there will be a problem, let me know anytime.”

President Dokgo Pae nodded and moved his gaze to Cheon Ha-yeon.

“Let’s see Cadet Cheon Ha-yeon, are you okay?”
“It’s okay… I’m sorry, old man. It’s a little different from Protestantism, but it’s not bad.”

Cheon Ha-yeon, who was about to speak casually, apologized and corrected her words. He seems to be a person who can be respected even by Socheonma, who is not a political faction.
Well, even in terms of distribution, President Dok-go-pae is higher than the current leader of the Protestant Church.
Dok-go-pae was not at an unusual age, even if he had been a gold digger a long time ago.

“Well? Protestantism?”
“…These two know I’m a Protestant.”
“Heh heh, was it? Can we make it a little more comfortable here?”
“Yes, I will follow your words.”
“What about the old man? It’s easy enough for the president. The professor is good too.”
“I see, President.”

The first person in the world at the time and the first person in the future.
As a game deceased person, a strange inspiration arose.
The feeling that the character of my favorite game is alive and breathing right in front of my eyes.
It must be similar to a fan who actually received an idol whom he only saw on screen.
If you were a gamer, you couldn’t help but be happy.

“Good. Then let’s start class. Today, it’s theory-oriented, so you can listen to it comfortably. What do you guys think of the technique?”
“Aren’t you talking about hand martial arts?”
“Apart from each method, then, are they all techniques? Look here.”

President Dokgo Pae sharpened his hands. The shape of a sword grew on his hand.

“Intangible sword…?”

Cheon Ha-yeon opened her eyes and sighed.

“If I wield this, is it a sword or a trick?”

President Dokgopae asked calmly.

“Hasn’t the president reached a point where it is meaningless to distinguish them?”

A question immediately arose. Ordinary warriors cannot create such a thing.

“That’s right too. But fundamentally, most of the methods in Murim have some problems. In the first place, many of the techniques were created based on military techniques rather than the techniques themselves.”

Interrupting his words, he lightly waved his hand outward.
At first glance, the gesture seemed like a joke, and the clouds in the distant sky parted.
Everyone stared blankly at the surreal scene.
The reputation of being invincible was not in vain.
Even Cheon Ha-yeon, who had seen the Heavenly Demon, the Absolute of Protestantism, was wide-eyed in amazement.

“There are many cases where the characteristics of the technique itself are subtle. There is also a class such as the Golden Nasu method, but even if it is a coffin, the warriors did not like it very much. It’s true that the Golden Nasu line isn’t suitable for using Ki.”

The gold nasu method can be seen as a joint technique.
Right now, even with the Blood Magic Gong that I learned, the Geumnasu series was not included in the herbivore.

“If you’re a big fan, everyone has a trick. I think it’s just a step through, so the method is not popular except for some. Just the three of you here proves that.”

It was almost identical to the in-game description. The development of weapons also had an effect.
Thanks to the magic stone that came out of the gate, the technology here was superior to modern times.
Even an insignificant mass-produced sword could have been called a divine sword if it went back in time.

“Aren’t kwonbeop and jangbeop still mainstream?”

Midsummer asked instead of the question I had heard.

“That’s a good question. In the end, it all depends on how you make up your mind. The difference in mindset was the most decisive. Most of them just thought of the technique as an auxiliary martial art, so they didn’t learn it with great effort. There were a lot of people who dig into martial arts and jangbeop themselves.”

Even I was a guru in the game.
In the beginning, the reach was short and the damage was low, but as it went on, it was possible to insert powerful single shots.
It was a typical atmospheric late formation.

“Of course, that’s what the overall atmosphere was like. In itself, there is also a martial arts that is super-rising. Shaolin’s Great Power Golden Hand, Blood Magic Gong, and Small Magic Gong are representative examples. The latter two were difficult to learn, so they were not properly transmitted to modern times…”

I think you just talked about blood magic and minor magic.

“Isn’t it like magic?”

I asked implicitly. As soon as the topic of small magic tricks came up in midsummer, I was startled. It seems that I had similar thoughts.
This was a pretty significant fact.
If the two were to be treated as real magicians, they had to hide it somehow.

“Looking at the record, it was surprisingly pure martial arts. It’s just that there are many cases where those who have learned it use it incorrectly, so it’s just that it’s called Magicong.”

Midsummer caught her lightly by my collar. Still looks uneasy

“It’s really unfortunate. After China collapsed and came to modern times, there are so many martial arts that have been practiced. Muhakdo, who could not be properly brought with them as they evacuated in a hurry, and great warriors who died while blocking the gate. There were too many.”

President Dokgopae said in a calm voice. A look of sadness was contained between the thick eyebrows.
The reason Korea was the main player in the game was simple. The reason why Jungwon Martial Arts Academy was established here is also.

China has been destroyed Thanks to that, everyone rushed to Korea, which is the closest, has a similar culture, and is a developed country – that’s the setting.
In any case, thanks to that, numerous literary factions originally from China have evacuated to Korea.

Because the Korean government actively helped the migration to the point of even sending troops, it turned into a pandemonium battle with all kinds of great gates gathered in this small land.

Just looking at the gate in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do, it was like that.
With the massive support of the Korean government, the whole Dangmun moved in, and Sacheon City developed into a large city with a population of over 1 million.
China’s Sichuan and Korea’s Sichuan are different from the Chinese characters, but what can I do to say that the setting was like that anyway.

“Sir, I have something to tell you.”

After thinking, I opened my mouth. I was worried. Do you believe in no marriage and keep it a thorough secret, or will you reveal it to some extent?

“Tell me.”

However, no matter how much I thought about it, there was only one answer. If blood magic is not treated as an evil martial art in Murim, there is no reason to hide it excessively.

Because of the characteristics of the martial arts itself, it was possible to recognize it at least if it was Dokgo. If that’s the case, you have to pretend you haven’t learned martial arts at all, but then your growth may be delayed.

“Me and Han Yeo-reum are learning Blood Magic and Minor Magic respectively. I can’t tell you where you learned martial arts in practice.”

If that’s the case, it’d be better to start with a deck of cards. He raised his hand and raised the energy of blood magic. A red aura shimmered in the palm of her hand.

President Dokgopae’s eyes widened as he stared at my hand.

“Mugong Kim?”

Midsummer was taken aback by my sudden action.

“Show me.”

Revealing learned martial arts was the same as revealing one’s weaknesses.
Whether it’s blood magic or minor magic, it’s martial arts that have been practiced, and if you’re going to receive advice, you have to reveal certain parts anyway.

“…Blood numbers and primes in the sun and moon. What are you guys…”
“There is no contemplation. I need your advice.”

I politely bowed my head.
Midsummer, who kept his head open, also followed me.
Martial arts is the same, but it was a long way to go to the level of ascension without a proper teacher.
Do you learn martial arts only by looking at the secret level?

Wouldn’t it be great if he was a genius on the level of a great servant of the rare age of the Dharma or the First Heavenly Demon?
It is wrong to expect such things from ordinary gamers.
Use what’s available to the fullest.

“I will raise my head. That’s what you should do as a professor anyway. If you’ve already reached the point where you can use your ki…”

President Dokgopae stroked his beard.

“Okay. I need to think a little more about the direction of my classes in the future. For now, let’s finish today’s class here.”

It was an orientation concept anyway, but the class ended sooner than expected.
At President Dokgopae’s order to celebrate, we greeted politely and got up first.

“…Blood magic. The more you know, the more you don’t know.”

On the way back, Cheon Ha-yeon looked at me and made a subtle expression.
The big round eyes looking at me were just like those of a puppy.

“Everyone has at least one secret, right?”
“So is he.”

Even Cheon Ha-yeon alone had two secrets that were not revealed to the outside world. She immediately agreed.

“I’m hungry.”

Midsummer, which had been following me closely, whispered in my ear.

“OK. Let’s eat.”
“Are you eating too?”

At my question, Cheon Ha-yeon stared at the two of us.

“Do you guys also take a dance class in the afternoon?”
“The dance class is essential. Of course listen.”
“Then excuse me.”

Cheon Ha-yeon followed him from the side.
Midsummer gave her mouth, but it was a strategically unavoidable choice.
It is better to build a friendship with Socheonma as much as possible.

I fed honey chestnuts to keep my head from hurting in midsummer.
The pouting of the lips was strangely cute, so it was hard to resist the urge.

“Why are you hitting me…!”

Midsummer immediately raised her eyes.

“It’s cute.”
“Let’s go.”

Midsummer caught her by my collar with her fresh red face.
Also just cute
Cheon Ha-yeon looked at her with strange eyes, but she couldn’t help it.
If you put up with this, you’ll get sick.

By the way, it’s a non-mu class…

It was said that if he was unlucky, he could be matched with Cheon Ha-yeon, Seomun Ye-rin, or Kim Yong.
Of course, I’d like to have an easy opponent besides them.

…At least midsummer?

But he’s difficult in a different way, so he’s a no-brainer from me.

For now, I have no choice but to pray that it doesn’t take only four people, including midsummer.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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