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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 9

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 9

Chapter 9 – Cheon Hayeon (2)

Long eyelashes lifted and clear green eyes stared at me.
Calmly, Cheon Ha-yeon stood up and adjusted her collar.
Because of the small nightgown, her breasts were still half exposed.
Still, it was much better than when I could see almost all of the pink areolas like before.
Chun Ha-yeon casually straightened her messy hair.


I coughed slightly. It was a common situation in chewing gum, but the detailed development was different.
Chun Ha-yeon really, really doesn’t care.
…Is it really okay?
When I looked at myself, Cheon Ha-yeon tilted her head and parted her lips.

“Good morning. Do you have anything to say?”

No, it’s not even a gender reversal world.
Why do I have to say this in the first place?

“Aren’t you ashamed? Who do you actually sleep with like this?”
“You are joking. Whom did I look like with whom I would easily lie down? This is the first time other than my father when I was young.”

You slept with me the day after we met, you girl.
To be precise, she was more like just sleeping without holding her hand.

“This is just my bed.”
“Of course I know.”
“No, you’re asking why did you come next to where I sleep…”
“Right. Your question is reasonable.”

Chen Ha-yeon naturally nodded her head.

“…What’s reasonable.”
“I don’t know where to start explaining. The Cheonma Shin Gong I learned is an imperfect martial art.”

As for why you came in at night.
I never imagined that I would hear that the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art was incomplete.
Chen Ha-yeon narrowed her eyes and ran her fingers through her own long blonde hair.

“To be precise, it was perfect in the past, but it would be correct to say that it has become imperfect. Part of the second half has been permanently lost.”
“Can you tell me that? Isn’t that a weakness?”

It was not common for her to reveal the weakness of the martial arts she had learned. Even more so if that was the next Heavenly Horse. Nothing more to say

“Does not matter. If it is a perfect Heavenly Demon Art, it will compete for the best of all ages, but even if it is a little imperfect, it is the best martial art in the world.”

Extremely arrogant attitude.
Cheon Ha-yeon’s blond hair, which shimmered in the warm morning sun, was particularly dazzling.

“That’s a lot of confidence.”
“It is always like that for those who will become the Heavenly Demon of Protestantism. With the best martial art in the world, it becomes the best in all times and places. That is my goal.”

Cheon Ha Yeon widened his chest in awe. The soft smile that hung like a crescent moon on his lips was quite beautiful.

“I know that far. What does that have to do with you coming next to me while I was asleep?”

No matter how you look at it, this was not something to talk about with a disheveled appearance that had just woken up.

“The Heavenly Demon Artifact I learned reacted to you.”


“I thought it was an illusion, but after sleeping with you, it’s clear.”
“…Well, I think the term dragonfly can be misleading.”
“Isn’t it right that I slept with you?”
“No, it’s not usually used in that sense between a man and a woman.”

When I asked Han Yeoreum about the union of yin and yang, did Han Yeoreum feel the same way? I feel like I’m short of breath.

“You have a knack for saying things you don’t understand. Anyway, while I was sleeping with you, the Heavenly Demon Singong got up and moved on its own. Originally, this is impossible.”
“Is it good?”
“It would be better to be direct. The more I sleep with you, the more likely I will be able to get a clue about the final resolution of the lost Cheonma Singong.”

What is this?
What the hell does that have to do with sleeping with me?
If she did, it must be so, but she didn’t understand it well with common sense.
Even I, a veteran of the game, had never heard of this.
To put it all together, it was said that the Heavenly Demon of the game, Cheon Hayeon, competed with the Black Dragon Sword Emperor for the best place in the world with only the imperfect Heavenly Demon Spirit.
If you sleep with me, the imperfect Heavenly Demon Sacred Art may become complete…

So, there is a possibility that the monster evolves into a transcendental monster.
The reason is me

…What is this.
That’s definitely a good thing.
The chance was young… Impure.

“Isn’t that a joke?”
“Did I look like someone to joke with you?”
“No. So, you mean you want to keep sleeping with me in the future?”
“I won’t force you if you’re uncomfortable, but I hope you’ll allow it. If there’s anything you want, I’ll do everything I can.”
“I am fine. Do as you please.”

Become the benefactor of the first person in the future?
It is an irresistible temptation.

“Thank you. Please take good care of me in bed in the future.”
“Rather than that… It would be better not to use the word dragonfly anywhere.”
“Is there a problem with calling a dragonfly a dragonfly?”
“Normal dragonflies are… That…”
“I don’t know what you are hesitating about. Or, is there something difficult to say? I am generous, so you can say anything.”

Cheon Ha-yeon covered her mouth and smiled.
Oh I don’t know
If you want to hear that, you have to tell me.

“Dragonfly usually means the union of yin and yang between a man and a woman, that is, sex. Wouldn’t it be a huge misunderstanding if I said anything carelessly? Do you know what sex is sex between a man and a woman.”

Embarrassed as I was, I opened my mouth and spat out like a rapid-fire cannon.

Under her warm sunlight, the hands of Cheon Ha-yeon, who calmly arranged her own blonde hair, stopped.
Pupils gradually widening and lips quivering slightly.
…He really didn’t know what to say.

“I understand. I will wash first.”

Chun Ha-yeon, who had been out of order for a while, jumped up and went into the bathroom.

That’s something to be ashamed of.

Socheonma, the next number one in the world, a shy blonde and big breasted beautiful girl.

It’s a nonsensical situation and a nonsensical idea.
She felt cute
Is this right?
It’s a strange feeling.
I don’t even know anymore…


“Let’s go.”

Cheon Ha Yeon opened her door. While I was washing up, Cheon Ha-yeon finished her men’s attire.
Of course, it was relatively masculine, and even now it was difficult to guess the gender.

As if to prove that, the eyes that were pierced by Cheon Ha-yeon did not discriminate between her men and women.

“Why is she walking so far away?”

Cheon Ha-yeon looked behind her and tilted her head.


“Because her gaze is burdensome when I go out with you.”
“…I don’t know why. Does a man like you care about how others see her?”
“I’m just an ordinary freshman.”
“Common? The man the Heavenly Demon Goddess responds to can’t be ordinary. You had better understand yourself a little better.”

Cheon Ha-yeon is now having a serious misunderstanding.
It’s impossible to explain that it was an ordinary game idol until recently.

“You’ll find out later.”

Anyway, Cheon Ha-yeon will clear up the misunderstanding if she gets hit by the monsters.

‘It’s just vague.’

My head was already pounding at the thought of competing among the monsters.

Chen Ha-yeon suddenly stopped his steps and stared at my face.

“Looking at it now, I can hardly see your face. Do you really need to see it later?”
“…I wasn’t talking about the face.”

It is fortunate that she knows that Cheon Ha-yeon is a woman.
It’s something that would give you goosebumps when you hear it from a guy like that.

“Is it. It’s fun.”
“Let’s go quickly.”

Today’s class was the manual technique.
And in this class, Cheon Ha-yeon also listens.
At the end of a long climb up the hill, a wide open space came out.

“Mugong Kim, why are you so late… Could this be him?”

Midsummer’s eyes, which had been pouting and grumbling, became round.

“Are you midsummer?”
“Well, what about it?”
“Nice to meet you. It is Cheon Ha-yeon.”
“…Nice to meet you too.”

Midsummer greeted me with an awkward posture. Then Midsummer took her by the arm and dragged her to her corner.

“If it’s Cheonhayeon, it’s Socheonma, right?”

Almost stuck, Midsummer whispered in her ear.

“Uh. He is the first person in the world of the future.”
“Have you become friends already?”
“When I was leaving the dormitory, I heard that I was taking a class on the technique of Cheonhayeondo. I came with you.”

It was also unreasonable to say that she used one shot.
Then bad things might happen.
A strong intuition was ringing the alarm bell.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

Midsummer whispered in a worried tone.

“No, the verification is over. You and I just said what we know about her being a small child and a woman, so we just need to be comfortable.”
“…Are you trying to kill us?”
“It’s because the way you talk is a bit like that, you’re a good kid. Do not do that.”
“…You’re not saying that because you’re a woman, are you?”

Midsummer opened her eyes.

“Does Socheonma dressed as a man look like a woman? Have you really made any friends?”

Of course, Socheonma Cheon Ha-yeon, who was undressing as a man, was a completely different story.

“Yet. Her roommate is Seomun Yerin, but he is not human.”

Seomun Yerin can do that. It’s not called the Heavenly Sword for nothing.
It not only simply represents the highest level, but also a nickname that implies the incomprehensibility of the existence of Seomun Yerin itself.

“Don’t overdo it.”

He lightly stroked her midsummer hair as she let out a deep sigh.


One tap of her head on my chest and Midsummer slipped out of her corner.

“Let’s go. The professor will be back soon.”

Cheon Ha-yeon remained where she had been standing before, motionless.
Really, it looks like a painting.

“You guys seem pretty good to be called bad friends.”
“…Evil cows are just a joke. You can look at it like a childhood friend.”

Midsummer protested timidly.

“Is it. To me, it’s like Jeong-in. It’s nice to see.”
“Me, Jeongin?”

Midsummer lowered her head with a blushing face.
…Why is he like this again?

“Has everyone gathered?”

An old man with his hands behind his back approached us.

I opened my mouth blankly for a moment.

“Why are you looking like that? Were you surprised that I came?”

The name of the old man laughing in front of us is Dokgopae.

He was the president of the academy and the first person in the world at the time called the invincible predecessor.


Certainly, the professor in charge of the technique class was not written down when registering for the course.

Since it is a class with very low awareness, I roughly thought that the right person among the professors would be selected.

I hope the president will step out in person.

Looking sideways, not only Midsummer, but even Cheon Ha-yeon was staring at Dok-go-pae with wide-eyed eyes.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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