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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 8

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 8

Chapter 8 – Cheon Hayeon (1)

Cheon Ha-yeon.

It was the name of a great warrior who was the leader of the Heavenly Demon Religion and fought with the Black Dragon Sword Emperor for the first place in the world.

In fact, since the Black Dragon Sword Emperor is a member of the political faction, the game’s hooligans hit a lot of extra points, and among the players, Cheon Ha-yeon was implicitly treated as the best in the world.

Of course.
That’s a future thing, so I don’t know right now.
Do you have a room with him?
When I stared blankly at myself, Cheon Ha-yeon tilted her head.
I made a mistake.
I quickly made up my mind and said goodbye.

“I am Kim Moo-gong.”

Chun Ha-yeon took a step forward and narrowed her eyes.
If I didn’t know anything, I would have done something crazy to make a boy feel bad, but now that I know that he’s a woman, it’s hard for me to make eye contact.

“You smell good.”
“I have no idea.”

In fact, I also felt strangely friendly.
I couldn’t accurately determine if this was a reaction from the crazy unicorn god since it was a virgin, or if it was due to other factors.

“Can I check it out for a minute?”
“I want to know what martial arts you have learned.”

It was an act to be careful about asking about the history of unmanned people.
It seems that such a sense of alertness has disappeared since it has become a small heavenly horse that is served by everyone.
Of course, I was an absolute no-no.
How do you tell someone something like a new unicorn?
How much more so to the female Socheonma?
If you don’t go crazy, you should keep your mouth shut.

“…No matter how small a person is, isn’t it rude to ask such a thing?”

When I mentioned that I was a small heavenly horse, Cheon Ha-yeon bit her lip.

“As expected, I can’t believe the promise of the political faction. It must have been a thorough secret that I was a minor religious leader. The prestige of the invincible telegraph is also an illusion.”

…I didn’t expect it to be a secret even being a small horse.
Well, it wasn’t a normal thing since Socheonma, the Demonic Cult’s rival with the political faction, entered here.
Judging by the subtle anger in his tone, it seems that he has a big misunderstanding.

“It’s a fact I realized with my own information, so it has nothing to do with the academy. It’s not even the political faction.”
“Then, it must mean that there is a Ganja within our Protestant Church. It’s not something to be taken lightly.”

Why is he so extreme?
After all, it’s not just a magic cult.

“It’s not the Demonic Cult, no, it’s not the Protestant Church, so don’t misunderstand.”
“Are you going to be the successor of an intelligence group?”
“Not even that. And don’t you think you only know that you’re a Socheonma? They even know how to dress up as men.”

Chun Ha-yeon’s eyes widened.

“How? Even in the Protestant Church, few people know about it…!”

I was a little taken aback, so I raised my voice slightly.

“Can’t we just undress as men and head towards the female cadet dormitory? Even knowing it, it’s a bit awkward to stay together.”
“No, I can’t.”

Chun Ha-yeon shook her head resolutely.

“You don’t even care?”
“…What you say makes sense. It is true that it is a little uncomfortable.”

I tried to speak naturally, but for a moment I forgot what to say.
With a thumping sound, Cheon Ha-yeon’s body began to change.
Starting with the face, as well as the skeleton.
Even her short hair had grown long enough to reach below her waist and flowed down.

‘What is this…’

I was blinded by the article that I couldn’t believe even after seeing it myself.
After the transformation, Cheon Ha-yeon gently brushed his hair with both hands.
Her bright blonde hair was flowing like waves.
Chen Ha-yeon slightly raised the corners of her mouth.
Her heart trembled as she met the faint smile at the tip of her red lips.
Even when she was dressed as a man, she was beautiful enough, but now she could be called a peerless beauty.
In addition, her body was also amazing how she hid her voluptuous breasts and wide pelvis.

“What is this…?”
“Nothing. It is a reverse body transformation technique called Cheonbyeon Comic Art.”
“…I see.”

Martial arts is really great.
She also felt it in the martial arts gun, but her words were martial arts and were virtually no different from magic.

“Hmm, it sure looks comfortable in its original form. You know I’m a woman anyway, so you can be comfortable here.”
“If I undress as a man, shouldn’t I go to the female cadet dormitory instead of here?”

To spend one shot with such a beauty?
Not bad though.
Still, it’s something.
Besides, I was already worried about how Han Yeo-reum would react if she knew this.

“I can’t help it because it’s the headmaster’s order to dress as a man. You know I’m a woman, so it doesn’t matter.”
“Wherever I go, Cheon Ha-yeon is a small Cheonma of the Cheonmacism religion and a woman who dresses as a man. What are you doing when you talk like this?”
“Would that be?”

Cheon Ha-yeon met her eyes with me and pursed her lips.
Looking at her transparent green eyes, she found it difficult to lie.

“That’s what it says. Don’t worry, she’s not going to tell you where to go. The only people who know that you are a woman in Socheonma are Midsummer and I.”
“Midsummer…? It’s a woman’s name. Is it your lover?”
“What is Jeong-in? It’s just bad.”

Indifferently, Cheon Ha-yeon shook her head.
Her facial expression rarely changes, so I can’t tell what the hell she’s thinking.

“You don’t even care? I’m still a guy.”
“Why should I care that you are male?”

She asked Cheon Ha-yeon in a tone that she didn’t really know.
Should this be pure?

“That… When young men and women live together…”
“If you live?”
“Something unexpected may happen.”
“It is unexpected. What do you mean? Is she saying you’re going to assassinate me?”

He’s also… He doesn’t seem to be in very good condition.
Thinking all over is an assassination.

“Never. There is no such thing.”

Would you touch the young master of the Heavenly Demon Church because you’re crazy?
If I touched even a single fluff, the demons would immediately rush in like a pack of dogs and run to separate my flesh from my bones.

“If not assassination, kidnapping? Torture? Threat? Don’t worry. Whatever it is, you seem a bit lacking to subdue me.”

…Oh shit.
I don’t know what kind of group the Heavenly Demons are.
Could the successor training be like that?
I was genuinely worried about the future of the Demonic Cult.

“Wouldn’t there be a lot of things that are sensitive to each other? If you stay Like washing.”
“Are you bothered by my naked body?”

I don’t know why things are going like this.
In frustration, I wiped my face dry and wiped my forehead.

“No. Done. I’ll keep it a secret that you’re a Socheonma and that you’re a woman, so I have a condition.”

In the end, I was the one who gave up first.

“The fact that I’m in the same room as you should be kept a secret from Midsummer.”
“That is not difficult.”
“Okay. Let’s get along.”

…Things will work out.


After greeting Cheon Ha-yeon, I washed up and sat down on the sofa.

It was a two-person dormitory, and this place was like a 30-pyeong apartment with all facilities.

Thanks to the kitchen where you can cook, there was more than enough space for the two of you.

With her head tilted back and her mouth slightly open, the bathroom door slowly opened.

Through the steam, Cheon Ha-yeon wrapped herself in a long towel and took a natural step.

Outside her towel, her shapely legs and bouncing breasts were exposed.
I immediately straightened my posture.

‘This crazy.’

Did she lose her awareness of being a woman after dressing up as a man for so long?
Or is there a serious problem with the education of the real Demonic Cult?

No matter how you look at it, the Cheon Ha-yeon you just saw didn’t even wear her underwear.

It was absolutely not something I would show in front of an outsider I met for the first time today.


The sound is getting closer.

Chun Ha-yeon, wrapped in a towel, naturally sat next to me. The scent of her damp hair and the sweet smell of her body dazzled her mind.

“…Hey, wouldn’t it be better to dress properly?”
“If you want to get closer between a man and a woman, it’s good to have a naked conversation. It’s a bit like being completely naked, but isn’t this enough?”
“I saw it in the old books of the Protestant Church.”
“What kind of crazy old book… Is it usually like that?”
“No, it’s the first time I’ve talked to a guy like you. I hardly ever went out of the Protestant Church. If you didn’t know my true self in the first place, there would be nothing to reveal like this. Originally, the fact that I was dressing as a man was a complete secret.”

So, originally, I would have wrapped myself tightly to hide the fact that I was a woman.
Because I realized that I was a woman, I decided to open up.
It meant this.

It’s good to be open, but why doesn’t this guy have a middle ground?
The thought of their future together gave her a headache.

“Don’t believe in the old books, put on your clothes and come. Even pajamas are fine.”
“Are you ignoring the old books of the Protestant Church?”

For a moment, Cheon Ha-yeon was hot.

“…No, they said it was an old book. Since the times have changed, shouldn’t the standards also change?”
“Certainly, what you say makes sense.”

Chen Ha-yeon jumped up and went into the room.

After about 1 minute.

“This is a difficult task. There is nothing right in the deliberation.”

Chun Ha-yeon came closer to me, frowning.

On the premise that Cheon Ha-yeon will continue to dress as a man, she brought everything.

In a word, the current Cheon Ha-yeon had no such thing as women’s underwear or pajamas.

Thanks to that, her pajamas she was wearing now didn’t even button up properly, revealing half of her white breasts.

“Wouldn’t it be better to just stay as a man?”
“Hate. It’s definitely more comfortable the way you look now than when you were using Manga Art. You don’t have to do anything inefficient.”

I’ve felt this before, but he’s also a bit obstinate about poop.

“Okay. Rest well. I go to bed first.”

He let out a small sigh and lifted himself up.
Perhaps because she had been through so much, she was very tired.

Cheon Ha-yeon lay on the sofa where I left and looked at me with her chin supported.

What are you thinking?


The chirping of birds announced the morning.
She had already felt.
A soft feeling like a warm marshmallow.
A steady breath touched his cheek.
I inadvertently moved my arms slowly at the sweet scent of flesh and the comfortable scent of flowers that brushed my nose.
A soft touch, like touching silk, continued along the fingertips.

I didn’t want to get up because of the drowsy satisfaction, but I struggled to lift my heavy eyelids.

The disheveled blonde hair and white skin without any blemishes came into view.

The feeling of his fingers was the feeling of stroking Cheon Ha-yeon’s back.

The pleasant fuzziness up until now is because my face is buried in Cheon Ha-yeon’s chest.

As soon as I realized the situation, my head went cold.


Apparently, I went to bed alone last night.
But when I woke up, there were two of them.

I’m in the same place I sleep.
Putting all the facts together, the answer is one.
While I was asleep, she used some trick to hide her presence and broke into my bed.


Brain freeze came due to the sudden occurrence.

Carefully removing her hand from Cheon Ha-yeon’s back, her eyes twitched.

Before long, her eyelids slowly began to lift.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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