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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 7

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 7

Chapter 7 – God of War

Going down the stairs led to a long hallway.
Inside, there was a soft light.

“This… Can’t it be that it’s all Yamyeongju?”

Midsummer stared at the ceiling in amazement.

“Let’s take it off and sell it.”
“Don’t touch me. It could be a trap.”

Midsummer, who was about to reach out immediately, was stopped.
Thanks to the development of technology, it is not as much as before, but Yamyeongju, which emits light by itself, was still treated as a precious treasure.

It feels like a kind of jewel and is traded expensively.
This was a completely different kind from the ‘Yamyeongju’ in reality.
I only saw it in terms of game settings, but seeing it in real life like this was quite amazing.

After walking a little further, there was a wide cavity.
It was amazing that there was a place like this in the basement of Namhansan Mountain.


Midsummer looked straight ahead and let out a shrill scream.
A mummified corpse was seen sitting upright in the spot where the light was shining.

“…A godless.”

It wasn’t just a place where Musinjibo was sleeping.

“Is that person an atheist?”

Midsummer, who had hidden behind me, stuck out her head.

“Almost certainly.”

The corpse of the warrior with both hands together in an elegant posture was as vivid as if it were alive.
It didn’t feel like reality, perhaps because of the mysterious light shining down from somewhere.

“Greetings. You have to be polite though.”

Holding the hand of the slightly trembling midsummer, I lightly raised my stomach.
Little by little, she approached Musin’s body.
In front of the god of war, there was a low table.

And on top of that, there was a book and two wooden boxes.

Musinbirok Wu Gods Rok.

It was the name of the book.

“Is this an underclass?”
“I think you should see it.”

I carefully opened the book, which had not accumulated a speck of dust even after many years had passed.

There was no written description of martial arts.

However, it was something that could be more valuable to a warrior.

Because it contained the enlightenment that the god of war had gained in his later years.

When I turned the book halfway through, my consciousness flickered for a moment.


In the space where everything stopped, the voice of an old man could be heard.

‘Are you a warrior?’

[Hearing this voice must mean that the performer is not an evil person. Indeed, heaven helped.]

A voice that was sure to be discredited continued to speak. Didn’t respond to my question.

[I saw a future where despair was predestined. I wanted to prepare. However, heavenly law did not allow me to set foot on this earth any longer. I set up a school before leaving, but I didn’t think it was enough.]

This made it clear that the owner of this voice is a god of war. He said he founded the academy.

[So I decided. Squeeze out the little time left to entrust everything to the next person. However, if the wicked got what I left behind, there was a high possibility that it would be abused.]

…In fact, it was faithfully exploited in the game.
So pitiful.

[So, with the last realization I gained from breaking myself up to the seoncheonji, I made sure that my progress did not lead to the wicked. It was a miracle that was possible because I was able to separate the original spirit when I reached Yeonheohapdo.]

I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.
However, the lines that the god of war continued to speak made my heart beat faster.

[Musinbirokdo, Mannyeonjigeukhyeolbo, and Mita holy water. These are just illusions to cover the truth.]

Mannyeonjigeukhyeolbo and Mita holy water were also the magic pills of heaven.
The reason why Hyukriak suddenly became stronger was probably because he took both the Mannyeonjigeukhyeolbo, which contains the energy of the extreme yang, and the Mita Holy Water, which contains the energy of the extreme yin, at the same time.
In addition, to the mysterious record.

However, according to Musin, it means that even such enormous treasures were a trick to cover up the truth.

[Lianzi, if you get all of me, I hope you will cooperate with righteousness.]

After the god of war finished speaking, a round halo of light escaped from the corpse and was absorbed into me.

And some even reached Midsummer.

Consciousness flickers again, and the still world begins to move.

“Did you hear that too?”

He immediately looked at Midsummer and asked.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Tilting my head, it seems like what happened earlier only happened to me.

“A godless voice.”
“What, why are you so scared?”

Midsummer’s eyes widened, and his body trembled.

…I think they misunderstood that I was talking to a ghost.

“No, for a moment.”

Instinctively, I felt that something had changed.
It was still a bit complicated though.
I immediately opened the status window.
Sure enough, one feature was added.

[Unmarried Wu Spirit]
Rating : ?
What is martial arts

Even the ratings are question marks in a surprisingly succinct explanation.
It was hard to bear the twitching of his lips.
It smelled like jackpot.

“Did you talk to a ghost?”
“It was more of a recording playback than a dialogue. If you don’t know, check the status window.”

Suddenly Midsummer licked her lips.

“What are you so hesitant about?”
“Uh…Ho, did you get that you’re not married?”
“How did you know?”
“That…They share it.”
“Why are you hesitating when you just say that?”
“Poem, noisy!”

Midsummer clenched her fists and jerked her head away.
It’s strange that I’m alone again, but I think I’m stuck.

“Let’s say goodbye one last time. Because you left something good.”

I confidently threw my hands and took two wooden boxes.
Musinbirok and Musin’s corpse began to scatter as light powder at the same time.

Koogoo Palace-

In an instant, a slight vibration was heard.

“Hey, let’s get out of here.”
“It vibrates. There is only one reason for this.”

There is no time.
I grabbed Midsummer’s hand and quickly ran outside.


Just as we were leaving, the grave of the god of war was buried in the ground.
Including the stone statue at the entrance.
Because it was completely covered with grass, it turned into a place that no one would ever find.

“…You are sharper than I thought?”

Midsummer exclaimed admiration at the flattened land.

“Did you know the greatness of the West now?”
“It’s not the West.”
“Uh huh, bouncing.”
“Okay, what is that?”

Midsummer looked at my arms and asked.

“This? Mannyeonjigeukbo and Mita Holy Water.”
“Yes? What did I hear?”
“It’s an elixir.”
“I know, but is that really it?”

Midsummer opened her eyes.
They were the highest peaks of Yang and Yin, respectively.

“Honestly, until just now, I was just thinking that Yamyeongju was such a waste…”
“Let’s leave the Yamyeongju alone. If you dig for nothing, you may receive a needless curse.”
“I-I think so too. He said he talked to a ghost.”

Aww cute kid.
How old are you and are you afraid of ghosts?
I stroked Midsummer’s hair.
As before, Midsummer did not reject it.

“Originally, the two of them should eat at the same time to align the yin and yang energy…”
“We are already broken.”
“So better. Because everyone can share. Eat you first.”

Opened one of the wooden boxes.
Inside was a vial filled with a blood-red liquid.

“Now, sit cross-legged and continue to drink. Eat and use your heart right away.”

Midsummer followed my words with a nervous expression.
No matter how much the elixir contained the energy of the extreme, it wouldn’t be enough to get rid of the penalty of delaying the lunar eclipse.
It will alleviate it to some extent.
Same for me.
Above all, even if there was no effect on that side, the explosive enhancement of internal energy was guaranteed.

Midsummer frowned and loosened her face, and at some point it changed to a relaxed state.

As she waited for a while, slowly, her eyelids lifted.

“Has something changed?”
“…Yes. I think I can smash anyone’s head like a watermelon now.”

Even if he listens to the example.

“It’s my turn, so stay safe. Don’t do anything weird.”
“I will not.”

Midsummer licked her lips.
I opened another wooden box.
I could see the milky Mita Holy Water with a slight blue tinge.
She sat down and immediately opened the lid and drank.
A cold aura began to engulf her whole body, making her breathless.



Midsummer sat in front of Kim Mu-gong.
Seeing her eyes closed so seriously, she deserves to be seen.
Seeing her frown and release her face is strangely cute and fun.


In mid-summer, she looked at her status window again, unable to tell Mu-gong Kim.

[Until death do us part]
Rating : ?
Till Death Do Us Part.
As a token of love, they share the martial spirit with Kim Mu-gong.

Somehow, the characteristics became more explicit than single-mindedness.
Instead of being a loved one, the name Kim Moo-gong was stuck.
What is the meaning of this innocence?
As soon as I saw the character, it was hard to resist the fact that my face was going to turn red.

‘The last blood report was as per the legend, but…’

Midsummer let out a deep sigh.
I don’t know what non-marriage is, but the effect of the elixir was amazing.
Just looking at the status window, my energy, which was only 30 (D), increased to 50 (B).

In addition, the ‘yin-yang union’ with Kim Moo-gong was still necessary.

I was wondering what to do if the penalty disappeared, but it seemed that everything had been converted into internal energy.

It was the best result in the middle of summer.
As I stared blankly at Kim Mu-gong’s face, forgetting the flow of time, Kim’s eyelids twitched.

Midsummer got up right away and pretended to be wary of her surroundings.

“…It feels great.”

Kim Mu-gong opened and closed his fists and stood up.

“Is not it?”

Midsummer crept closer to Kim Mu-gong with a bashful smile.

“More than that, I understood what being single was.”

After thinking hard for a moment, Kim Mu-gong spat out.


Mugong Kim stretched out his hand.
A red aura shimmered in the palm of her hand.
It was the energy of the blood mage.

“…How did you do it?”
“Starting with Cheonsan Shinnyeo Gong and ending with Sosuma Gong, think of the gugyeol.”

Just as Kim Mu-gong said, Midsummer closed her eyes and slowly recited the phrase in her head.

“Did you understand?”

Midsummer nodded her head slightly.

Martial arts rules that were previously difficult to understand became so easy to understand.

She spread her palms and converted the dormant aura of sleep in the Danjeon according to the handful of magic gongs.

A pure white aura began to linger on his palms.

Like the word “Spirit of nothingness”, An overwhelming increase in understanding of martial arts.

That was Muhon’s first ability.

“Let’s go down. I got everything I could get here.”

The sunset was setting.
I would like to do that even with my house right in front of me, but the academy forced me to live in a dormitory.
Of course, there was also a curfew.
Holding Kim Mu-gong’s hand tightly, Midsummer went down the mountain path.
With a small smile on your lips


“I hate dorms.”

Midsummer pursed her lips.

“I don’t like it either, but is there anything else I can do? It’s the school rules.”

Midsummer let out a deep sigh, tapping the ground with her toe.

“I really hate it… Why can’t you keep us apart?”
“Let’s think positively. You have to live in this world anyway, so make some friends. Get help later.”
“…I guess so. See you tomorrow.”
“OK. Don’t cry because I miss you.”
“I know what I am…!”

Midsummer turned around, banging her elbow on my side and whimpering.

You’re right, what?

Rather, it hurts.

Maybe it’s because I ate something good, but why does the midsummer attack hurt more than before?

She took a deep breath, relieved the pain, and headed to her pre-assigned dormitory.

I naturally went into the dorm room.

Stop, I’m at a loss for words.

“Are you my roommate?”

The blond handsome man beckoned with an elegant gesture.

No, not a handsome man, but a beauty.

My roommate is…

It was Socheonma Cheon Ha-yeon.

For reference, the dormitory of this academy is strict gender segregation in principle.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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