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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 6

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 6

Chapter 6 – 中院武功Academy (3)

“The sun and the moon.”

An oriental-style academy president’s office.
An old man who was well past his old age raised a cup of tea.
The image of the man and woman looked down from the podium was strongly imprinted in the old man’s mind.
It’s strange that the sun and lunar eclipse appear at the same time, but they even get along with each other.
It was too commonplace to be a coincidence.

“That’s not all. Taegeuk (太極), Paewang (Paewang), Xinjiang (神强), Five Elements (五行), Samjae (三才)…”

Opposite the old man, a middle-aged man kneeling on her knees recalled the faces of the freshmen and chanted one by one.

“There is even Cheonmu and Demon King. There are so many heaven-sent bodies that are hard to come by in one generation. It is impossible. I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

The old man stroked his white beard slowly.
If you live for a long time, you will feel something intuitively.

A great soldier who has destroyed countless threats to humanity.

The sense of Dokgopae, an invincible predecessor, was at the level of foresight.

“…Is there anything special?”

The academy vice-president who assists Dokgopae, Jangbaek Swordsman Koh Seung-bin, spoke cautiously.

“I just wish it would stop raining.”
“The Demon King’s Body… No, what should I do with the little Heavenly Demon of the Heavenly Demon Church? I never thought that the successor of the Demonic Cult would enter the academy. Wouldn’t you need surveillance?”

It wasn’t just one change.
It was also absolutely not common for the Demonic Cult, which had been holding its breath, to secretly send an heir.
The Murimmaeng and the Demonic Cult have long been enemies.
After the Gate incident, though, they made inviolability with each other.
There was no way that the sediment that had been handed down since ancient times would disappear easily.

“Leave it alone. Haven’t the Demonic Cult committed any evil since moving their base to Korea? He can’t be stuck in the past forever.”

Rather, now, Cheonma Shinkyo was more like a group that forcibly restrained demons. Demons who crossed the line were first punished by the Heavenly Demon God.

“…All right.”

Widely. Dokgopae put down the teacup. Socheonma is also Socheonma, but Dokgopae’s interest was elsewhere.

“Did you say that neither the sun nor the lunar moon have a disciple?”
“…Yes. It was written on the admission documents that I was self-taught.”
“There is a possibility that it is a mystery door.”

In addition to the famous Daemun faction, the academy often admitted students from the Mystic Moon faction. Most of them quietly went to school and graduated without revealing their thoughts.

“Are you talking about the Mystic Moon?”
“Okay. I was learning martial arts. Even if the level is low.”
“…Isn’t it wrong if the level is low at the age of the terms?”

Among the freshmen right away, there were cadets who had reached their peak, such as Geomryong and Geomhwa. It was not an ordinary thing to raise a low level at the age of the terms.

“No. Have you forgotten why it is better to learn martial arts early?”
“Because the older you get, the more dirty you get… Can’t you…?”

Go Seung-bin opened his eyes.

“Either the sun or the moon. In the first place, takgi does not accumulate. The powerful energy of yin and yang must extinguish takgi. Their blood flow is not much different from when they were young. Imdok Yang’s veins were in a state of open wound.”
“Isn’t that a ridiculous body? How could that be…”
“I’ve only heard of legends. Actually, I can see it. The legend was rather lacking.”

Dokgopae clicked his tongue. Even the people themselves didn’t seem to know much about it, but Dokgopae could clearly see the insides of Kim Moo-gong and Midsummer’s body.

And how nonsensical that is.

Likewise, the heavenly body and the demonic body, which are considered to be legendary bodies, were not to that extent.

“Huh… If only I had received proper support from the giant munpa. What a pity.”

Go Seung-bin let out a deep sigh. Most of the Sinbimun factions were one-man, and even if they had excellent martial arts, the support for their students was often far less than that of the Daemunpa.

This was also the reason why the munpa, who had been hiding their bodies as they moved into modern times, showed up and grew in size.

In the past, raising disciples on a small scale was clear in this era.

“Support is enough if you do it here. This academy was created for that purpose.”
“That is true.”

Dokgopae stroked his beard. As he said, the reason why Jungwon Martial Arts Academy was established was simple.
In order to prepare for the unprecedented disaster of the gate crisis, the existing unmanned people were not enough.
Right now, it’s been driven mainly by large groups.
In terms of purpose, the purpose was to discover and help unmanned people who were not properly supported, even though their talents were excellent.

“There are bigger problems than that. According to legend, the sun and lunar eclipse were said not to exceed the terms.”
“…From the outside, both of them looked fine.”
“I saw it too. Their bodies were quite stable.”

I don’t know in the future, but in the eyes of Dok-go-pae, who observed the two closely, there seemed to be no big problem right away.

“Maybe the legend is wrong…”

Either the legend is wrong.
Or wrote some method.
I didn’t know right away.

“If you don’t know, tell the professors firmly. We must not lose valuable talent in vain.”
“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

Go Seung-bin lowered his head at Dok-go-pae’s request.


After the entrance ceremony, there was a simple OT.
Introduce school facilities and explain course registration. Allocating dormitories, etc.
By mid-morning, everything was done.

Fortunately, there were no mishaps from the first day of class.

“I’m hungry.”

Midsummer caught me lightly by the hem of my dress. It was already past lunchtime.

“Shall we go to the cadet cafeteria?”

I took Midsummer with a bashful smile and headed to the cadet cafeteria. The cafeteria for cadets in the academy was empty from the entrance, probably because it was the first day.

“What do you want to eat?”

The cadet cafeteria was a multi-story building.
Since the dishes available on each floor were divided, we stared blankly at the information board in front of the elevator.

“This is no joke.”

Midsummer opened her mouth as she looked around the lobby floor, which was as luxurious as a luxury hotel.

“The entrance ceremony auditorium was quite expensive, but the game couldn’t implement it properly.”
“Is it like this in the game?”
“Uh. Instead, I reduced it a bit.”
“Umm… I like tteokbokki.”

Midsummer, who had been struggling with her guidance for a while, finally made a decision.

“Are you always eating tteokbokki?”
“Originally, for Korean high school girls, tteokbokki is life. It’s called soul food. You don’t know what.”
“You are not a high school girl. What kind of a high school girl are you after graduating?”
“Yes, I am an honorary high school girl.”

Midsummer proudly spread her breasts.


Although the age was obviously an adult.
She’s even wearing the academy uniform, so should I get this right?
I had nothing to say.

I’m not particularly picky about food anyway, so I followed midsummer to the Korean food section.

It was a bit strange to sell tteokbokki in such a fancy building.

When I looked closely, the food on the other floors was mainly food that cadets in their late teens and early 20s would like.

“What can I do to register for classes?”
“Should we listen to almost the same thing? There are not many elective subjects. Because both Blood Magic and Minor Magic are hand techniques. Let’s focus on that.”

Midsummer put a handful of tteokbokki in her mouth and mumbled. The cheeks are puffy, just like a squirrel.
I tried to resist the urge to poke it with my finger.

In fact, it was a trivial matter about what classes to take.
The important thing right now was to preoccupy Giyeon.

If you wanted to follow the monsters, it was impossible with the straight method.
First of all, you have to forcibly raise the level and gain practical experience.

Midsummer’s biggest problem with me. No practical experience
Compared to the warriors who bleed on fictional days, we were weak civilized people.

“Have you eaten?”

Midsummer held her chin in her hands like a flower bud.
She seemed to be quite satisfied with the taste, and she looked at me with a hesitant smile.

“Yes. What are we doing now?”
“I have to go get stronger.”
“To be strong?”

I don’t know if it’s possible, but if you came to Jungwon Martial Arts Academy 10 years ago, there was something you should try first.


On the outskirts of the academy’s large site, there was a wide forest that connects to Namhansan Mountain.

“Isn’t this a controlled area? Can I sneak in?”

Midsummer asked in a worried tone.

“I do not care. I don’t even manage anyway.”

We climbed for a long time on a small trail with thick bushes along the steep mountain slope.

“…What’s in here?”
“It’s a hidden piece, but I don’t know. It was 10 years ago, so I’m not sure.”
“If you work hard and don’t have anything, I think you’ll be a bit upset.”
“…Wait, look over there.”

She looked up and chined.
There was a stone statue with the top of the waist cut off.
The moss-covered stone statue was so damaged that it was impossible to know who it was representing.

“Is this what you were looking for? Aren’t they just like old relics?”

Because it was hidden between the grass, it was easy to pass by if you were walking casually.

“It’s not even a relic. It just changed like this because of ‘intentional neglect’.”
“Who is this stone statue?”
“Wu God.”

I made my way through the grass and approached right in front of the stone statue. It was as seen in the records.


Midsummer tilted her head.

“Don’t you know who the founder of Joongwon Academy is?”
“…Could it be that martial god?”

He stroked the shocked Midsummer’s head.

“Okay. Like Cheonma or Daruma, he is the ‘God of War’ that is indispensable when playing VS games, which are the best in the world.”

Although it was different in that Musin was a relatively recent figure compared to Cheonma or Dharma.
Looking at the impact he left behind, it was by no means small.

“Why is the stone statue of God of War in this state?”
“It was like this from the beginning. It was done deliberately to avoid public attention.”

Originally, you had to find the relevant secret in the library and go through a fairly complex linking process to get here.
I already know the answer.

Besides, there was another reason why I tried to preoccupy this with priority.

Contrary to Musin’s wishes, it was the worst man who actually solved the puzzle.

Hyukriak (赫理惡).

Hyukriak, who was the head of the Hyukri family at the time, gets a chance by solving the puzzle with his extraordinary mind.

The reason he was the worst was simple.

In the first place, since the Hyeokri family, all kinds of terrible things have been done, and blood religion was disguised.

The fact that he was a Sogaju there meant that he was the Sogaju of a Blood Religion.

He may be attending an academy by now. He was also the one I would have to get rid of first if given the chance.

Until he graduated from the academy, no one knew his true identity because he had thoroughly hidden his name and identity and disguised himself as a kind cadet.

In the end, Hyukriak, who successfully graduated from the academy after obtaining the knowledge of martial arts, reveals his true nature and causes all kinds of bloody apocalypse.

There were also large events associated with it.

‘It was terrible.’

It was hard to see with my eyes open just by watching the game.
Should I see it for myself?
It is an absolute no-no.

I slowly fiddled with the stone statue.

As written in the record, I adjusted the direction of the stone statue and put my hand inside the cut stone statue.

After fumbling around for a while, I touched something that looked like a circular protrusion.


I held the circular protrusion and turned it slowly, and it sounded exactly right.

When I removed my hand, an altar-like object appeared in front of the stone statue.

“What the hell is this?”

Midsummer was confused by my actions.

“It’s just about praising me.”

Ignoring Midsummer, who still had a question mark floating above her head, she lit the scented candles on the altar with the lighter she had brought.

“Come on. Do you know the Gubaejirye 九拜之禮?”
“Yes. I’ve done it as a quest before.”
“It’s roughly the same. First of all, from three times to Josa-ya. This way.”

The Gubae ceremonies in the early period of Moorim were three bows to Josa-ya’s father, then three bows to Saya’s father, and finally to the master.

First of all, I raised three boats toward the east based on the stone statue.
Even in the middle of summer, they followed me well, not caring about getting dirty.
Next, triple to the west.
Finally, I tripled toward the stone statue.

Koo Goo Goo Palace-

When we got up after bowing, the altar disappeared with a vibration and the stone statue moved sideways by itself.

“…Is this magic?”

Midsummer opened her mouth blankly. In the place where the stone statue was, there was a staircase going down to the basement.

“It was a game, right? Or if you’re the best candidate of all time, it’s different. Let’s go in.”

To be honest, I was also dubious.
The reason why Hyukriak became incredibly strong was explained in detail in the game.
Even when the game became a reality, I didn’t know that this would be possible.
I came this far with the judgment that it was worth a try, and for now, the first button was successful.

Midsummer held her lightly on my arm.
We headed down the stairs carefully.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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