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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 5

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 5

Chapter 5 – 中院武功Academy (2)

“We are ruined? What on earth would I be doing 10 years ago?”

Midsummer asked seriously.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you read the settings?”
“What is the setting? When I come to a story, you skip it unconditionally.”
“I’m proud of you, bitch.”
“Aren’t you all?”

Midsummer protested, pouting her lips.
Of course, there is no way.

“If you only look at what is in the game, you know pretty much everything. Do you see Joss at the top of the rankings?”

Midsummer, who had been muttering blankly, spat out an astonishment.

“What makes no sense is that this is the situation. All right, sit here.”

She banged on the chair next to her.
Midsummer took her breasts from my head and sat down in her chair.
It’s strangely cute to sit down next to me with your hands neatly folded. She hugged Midsummer by the waist and pulled him closer.

“Hey, what are you doing all of a sudden…!”
“Uh-huh, stick close to Seo-Bang-nim.”
“Shit West, do you want to die?”

Midsummer squinted her little hand, squinting her eyes. Yeah, it’s not scary at all.

“Let’s talk.”

Stop joking around and say it in a serious voice.
Midsummer’s eyes immediately changed.

“Remember the tutorial?”
“You know that, of course. Who do you know as an idiot?”
“Tell me.”
“Uh… What was it?”

Midsummer, she thought for a moment, tilted her head.

…I really don’t know how he got to 2nd place in the rankings.
No matter how powerful she is, I could never have forgotten the tutorial.

“When you called the players, you said ‘Second’ Generation of Miracles.”
“Right, I remembered.”
“If there is a second, there must be a first, right?”

Midsummer lit her eyes and nodded her head.

“The first one is right now. To be honest, it’s just a rite of passage to give players, and this is the real ‘Generation of Miracles’.”
“…If you think about the age of the main NPCs of Moorim Electric, you’re right.”
“Befitting a well-behaved NPC, most of them entered the academy.”

Users have different tastes, so they chose a variety of options, but most of the successful people in this world enter the Jungwon Martial Arts Academy.

“Anybody who is there? With the one who will later become the Heavenly Demon, the second sword system is almost certain.”
“It’s not the 2nd swordsmanship, it’s the Black Dragon Swordsman. And the Heavenly Demon is not a ‘guy’. Year.”

Although she usually dresses as a man, the Moorim Electric Chunma is a ‘female’ in line with the current trend.
This is a fact that can be known by clearing the hidden quest of the Church of the Heavenly Demons.
Midsummer wore a shocked expression.

“…Yes? Were you a woman?”
“OK. The Heavenly Demon dresses as a man. Monsters are not alone. There is also the Iron Blood Empress of the future and the Celestial Sword. From King Deok to the Four Hwangsingun, the evil god. It’s hard to say everything. I’ll wrap it up and hand it over later.”
“…Did you remember all of that?”
“Do you have some respect now, second-class daughter?”
“Shut up.”

Midsummer licked her lips.


Cute He laughed and tousled Midsummer’s hair with his hand.
I thought she would rebel, but she is a little embarrassed because she is accepting my touch more than I thought.
The way you keep your eyes closed is just like a cat.

I used to get very angry when my hair was touched. Feeling embarrassed for no reason, I stroked my hair again to make it look neat.

“But aren’t they and us going to the academy together? Are you even competing?”
“…So strong.”

It was as Midsummer said. All of the main NPCs in Moorim Electric have strength beyond imagination.
Although the producers made a fuss about the end of the world, that was the reason why they didn’t actually believe it.

The Heavenly Demon and the Demon King, from the player’s point of view, they were all natural disaster-class monsters.

“I have to try.”

Whether it is or not, there is no answer anyway. In this gutter world, in order to survive without any limbs, you must have enough strength to protect yourself.

“Right now, tomorrow is the entrance ceremony.”

Midsummer said looking at her notice. It was summer before the possession, but now it’s spring with the entrance ceremony.
Should the timing be fair?
I inadvertently looked at my watch and saw that it was late at night.

“Let’s talk about the rest later. I have to go to the academy tomorrow. Grow up first I’ll wash up and come back.”

I left midsummer behind and went into the bathroom. It feels like the day has passed like a storm.

“…He’s really.”

I could see midsummer underwear hanging on the towel rack. Arranged naturally. To be honest, I’ve seen underwear a lot before.
There were many times when we stayed up all night together while playing games. In the past and now, the unpainted aspect was still the same.
I quickly finished the shower and came out of the shower due to the rapid fatigue that came after the water was poured.

Peeking into the master bedroom where her bed is, Midsummer pulls her blanket up under her head.

Her eyes were open.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”
“…Let’s sleep together.”

Midsummer pulled up her blanket some more, muttered in a crawling voice.
I let out a small sigh and went inside the futon.


Midsummer hugged me with a sudden smile.

“What is so good?”
“Just. Because it’s warm It’s like holding a teddy bear.”

Well, my body temperature is strangely higher than before, perhaps because of the sun retardation.

“…Is that so? Let’s go to sleep.”

I slowly stroked the midsummer’s head buried in my chest.
The smell of the sweet flesh and the soft and soft feeling… My eyes closed by themselves.


Jungwon Martial Arts Academy had a mixed atmosphere of a school and an academy. The facilities are at the level of a university, but they say they divide the class like a high school. Even so, it seems that some classes are the university method of applying separately.

Strictly speaking, it felt a bit like a military academy.

“It’s weird to wear a school uniform after a long time.”

Midsummer looked in her mirror and adjusted the collar of her blazer.

“How about me?”

I’m old and I’m in school again.
In the first place, if you are a Moorim person, there is a uniform, but you have to choose the school uniform.
There must be a serious problem with the producers’ tastes.


Midsummer stretched out her hand and gave her a light pat on my hip.

“This is where the heavenly West’s hips are.”
“Yeah, let’s go. Mr. West. I’m going to be late.”

Midsummer stuck out her tongue. I shook her head and shut the door.
After all, the academy was just around the corner from where we lived.

“…Is it true?”

As soon as I came out, all kinds of luxury vehicles were lined up to fill the road.
People in black suits came and went busily through the streets, and people who, at first glance, seemed to be from the upper class got out of the car after being greeted.

Midsummer carefully held my hand.

“You could be lost.”

Holding hands, we passed under the main gate where two huge statues were clashing swords.
Following the guidance, we entered the auditorium where the entrance ceremony was held.
Because the site is so large, it took a while to get there.


Midsummer was busy looking around her everywhere.

“Are you curious?”
“Yes. I’m here for the first time.”
“…Did you really only go hunting?”
“Yeah, what about it?”

She tilted her head and asked Midsummer.

She said, “All right. What will you say?”
“That’s where we are.”

Maybe it’s because I’m in a great mood, my words don’t seem to reach the back of my ears.
Midsummer took her by the arm and dragged her toward her seat.
Guild scouts, owners of huge families, family members or acquaintances of students, high-ranking people of the Moorim League, etc.
In the auditorium where the entrance ceremony was held, not only the cadets but also many people were shining their eyes.
Among the dogs, I could feel the eyes sticking to us.

After a brief rehearsal, the entrance ceremony began.

“Was the academy president that person?”

Han Yeo-reum widened her eyes at the stout old man who was continuing his boring congratulatory speech on the podium.

Invincible War God Dokgopae 獨孤敗.

The previous Murim lord, the first person in the world, the Taesang family head of the Dokgo family, advisors of major guilds, and so on.

Even the title Dokgopae had was incredibly splendid.

“Do you think you know that person?”

At the beginning of the game, Dokgopae had already washed his face and disappeared. She was not someone Midsummer would know, as she couldn’t even remember the tutorial.

“I looked for at least the strongest person in Moorim. I was going to go see him, but he said he had already retired.”

Also a powerless one-tool. It seemed that he skipped all the stories and looked for the strong ones separately.


In an instant, I met eyes with President Dokgopae.

‘Ah, no way.’

You must have just looked around here.
Dok-go-pae’s gaze, which had been near me for a while, disappeared again.

Feeling the strange tension, I sighed inwardly.

Soon after, the president’s congratulatory speech was over, and the oath of the freshmen representative, who was the head of the entire school, began. A black-haired man walked confidently along the central red carpet.

“That… Is it the second swordsman?”
“Because it’s the Black Dragon Sword Emperor. And at this point, it’s not the sword system. At a glance, it was called the Sword Dragon.”

After the retirement of Dokgopae, opinions of the next best person in the world were divided. Many people were selected as candidates, but the one who was unconditionally included among them was the Black Dragon Sword Emperor.

“Looking at what you’re doing, it’s already similar?”

Midsummer stuck out her tongue. It’s not for nothing that midsummer is the middle school 2nd sword festival. I only make one oath, but I am holding all the forms.

Of course, like the words of Midsummer, it is difficult to say that it is a simple middle 2 bottle, and her ability was rather outstanding.

Because he was proud of his military power enough to be the overall chief of the successor to the Guseong Group, the largest company in Korea.

By the way.

Actually, there was something else that caught my attention from a while ago.
The male to female ratio was not bad at Joongwon Martial Arts Academy.
And my Cheonma Singong, the moment I see a woman, I can tell whether she is a virgin or not.


Taking a quick look around, no matter how you look at it, it was not Jungwon Martial Arts Academy, but it needed to be renamed Unicorn Academy.
All the women in my sight were virgins.
In particular, women belonging to the main characters were unconditional.

Right in front of my eyes, the beautiful girl with silver hair, the sword flower called the Heavenly Sword, Yerin Seomun, was a virgin.
Blonde and androgynous beauty, Socheonma, Cheonhayeon is also a virgin high school.
In the distance, the red-breasted beautiful girl resembling the Iron-Blooded Empress was also a virgin.
However, it’s a bit puzzling because it’s the complete opposite of the iron-blooded empress’ arrogant appearance.

‘Come to think of it, everyone was single.’

Even in the game, the main NPCs were unmatched. Most of the time I went alone.

“Mugong Kim, are you thinking strangely?”

Midsummer narrowed her eyes and looked at me. It was an obvious suspicion.

“I was thinking about future plans?”

Naturally excused.
It’s just a piece of cake anyway.
It was a rather strange sight.

A school full of virgins.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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