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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 11

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 11

Chapter 11 – First Day of Class (2)

After dinner, the three of us sat around the cafe.

“Do you drink coffee too?”

Kim Moo-gong looked at Cheon Ha-yeon with a straw in her mouth with curious eyes. Cheon Ha-yeon was eating a sweet caramel macchiato with a satisfied expression.

“You are asking a strange question. What kind of caveman do you think I am?”
“…No, I thought I’d just drink tea in an old-fashioned way.”
“Can it be?”

Watching Cheon Ha-yeon smile, Mu-gong Kim scratched the nape of his neck. Seeing the two of them conversing comfortably, Midsummer felt complicated inside.

‘Isn’t it too quick to adapt?’

I knew that his original personality itself was like that, but even considering that, Kim Mu-gong’s speed of adaptation is abnormal. Rather, he seemed a little excited.

‘What was I expecting…’

Midsummer let out a slow sigh.
Only two are real in this world of lies.
Well, nothing like romance novels like that happened.
Kim Mu-gong treated them the same whether it was Midsummer or Cheon Ha-yeon.

Understanding has gone Even if I knew that I had entered the game, it was this place that was terribly realistic.
Midsummer couldn’t possibly think that the people around him laughing and chatting were fake.

Was it wrong to expect it?
Gazing at Cheon Ha-yeon, who was smiling softly, Midsummer’s eyes narrowed.

‘She said she was a woman.’

Although he looked like an androgynous handsome man.
I know it because I heard it from Kim Moo-gong.

“Do you have anything to say to me from earlier?”

Suddenly, Cheon Ha-yeon tilted her head and asked.

“Nope. You two look good.”
“Well, it happened that way.”
“Okay? I hope it’s popular. Kim Moo-gong.”
“Are you jealous?”

Kim Moo-gong put on a nasty expression.
Seeing her smirk, midsummer struggled to resist the urge to hit her on the head with a handful of magic tricks.

“Sour. Tidy up I have to go to class.”

Midsummer said while holding up the tray of drinks he had finished eating.

“OK. It’s cute.”

Kim Moo-gong’s touch on the shoulder was not bad.
For a moment, he stopped laughing naturally and returned the tray with a forcible expressionless expression.

Something, it feels unfair.


What else is he complaining about?
Since earlier, Midsummer had been repeating pushing her lips in and out by herself.


She tousled her midsummer hair as she walked down the road to the dance class.

“It’s not like touching a woman’s hair carelessly.”
“Okay? Then, can I not touch you forever?”

Midsummer muttered in a voice that seemed to be crawling.

“What? Can’t you hear it’s so small?”
“You… Do whatever you want.”

Midsummer narrowed her brow and grunted.
It’s unnecessarily proud.

“The relationship between you is truly amazing.”
“Do it.”

I agreed. Cheon Ha-yeon leisurely followed behind us.
The class venue was the auditorium where the entrance ceremony was held. After the entrance ceremony, a huge staging area was set up for classes.

As I entered the room, a loud noise hit my ears.

“Namgoongcheol! I will see the end with you today!”

A man in a red uniform with his head raised coolly aimed his sword at another cadet.
The dance class hasn’t even started yet, but it seems that a war of nerves has already begun.

“It’s noisy, Pang Ho-yeong. The opponent will do as much as he wants later, so throw in the sword. Aren’t you ashamed to see your friends?”

A cool-looking man in a blue uniform said while wiping his sword with a cloth. He didn’t even pay attention to the man holding the sword.

“Why are they like that?”

Midsummer looked at the two in turn and put a question mark above her head.

“Don’t you know who it is?”
“It’s strangely familiar.”

I was a bit skeptical at first too, but when I heard the names of Namgungcheol and Paeng Hoyoung, something came to my mind. I can’t believe the rivalry has been going on since the academy.

Midsummer was sneakily taken to the corner on the second floor of the auditorium. If someone hears it, they might think it’s strange.

“What, what is this all of a sudden?”
“They are that. The swordsman and the sword king.”
“Raon Guild Swordsman and Jaeho Son Guild King?”

Midsummer opened her eyes and asked again. When she said the nickname, it seemed to come to mind. The two were the heirs of rival guilds.
Raon and Jaehoson.
They were also guilds that continued the progress of the Namgung family and the Hebuk paeng family, who suffered almost extinction as Anhui and Hebuk were smashed together.

“Uh. I guess we’ve been friends since then.”
“Looking at it now, it looks similar.”

Midsummer nodded her head. She looked down and looked at the faces of the cadets gathered in the auditorium.

‘…I’m not kidding.’

All the cadets gathered here were monsters. It is questionable whether it is possible for me and Han Yeo-reum to dance properly.

“If Geomryong, Socheonma, and Geomhwa fight each other, who will win?”

Han Yeo-reum, who had been observing me intently, expressed her question.

“In the long run, one vote for Socheonma.”
“Don’t you like Socheonma too much?”

Midsummer licked her lips.

“Yeah no. I judged objectively.”

Actually, it’s the result of looking into the future. I was half worried and half excited about what kind of monster Chun Ha-yeon would become if the imperfect Chunma Singong was supplemented.

Even in the future, since he was close to being a lofty ruler, is there anything special?
Considering that I strongly tackled the growth of the next Blood Religionist and that there will be numerous variables in the future.
Nothing could be predicted.

“I’m a sword dragon then.”

See all inside When I took a picture of the female Cheon Ha-yeon, it seems that I chose Geomryong out of rebellion. A blank laugh came out of nowhere at the obvious trick.

“It’s cute.”
“What, what?”

Midsummer munched her lips at my sudden attack and was sharply taken aback.

“But she is the Empress of Iron Blood, right?”

She slipped her words around. Just this much is good.
A beautiful girl with big breasts was reading a book at the place where I chinned.

“A book and an iron-blooded empress. Doesn’t that sound too out of place?”

A iron-blooded empress sitting in a corner where others can’t see, wearing round glasses and reading books.

“The real Empress Lee Ji-ah… Is that right? Could it be twins?”

Midsummer tilted her head.
I was also on the verge of cognitive dissonance.
In the future, such a timid character will become a Iron Blooded Empress whose hobby is to laugh and explode the heads of evil people?
I couldn’t believe it. If anything, the nickname before Empress Iron-Blooded would have been Chloride Fire.

The backstory of the Iron Blood Empress has never been properly revealed, so we can only speculate on what might have happened.
It was only known that she was from the original gate of the Honwonmun of the Shinsei sect of the Japanese tradition.

“You’ll know when you see it. Let’s go down.”

Suddenly, the buzz grew louder. It seemed that the professor in charge had entered the auditorium.
The professor in charge of the dance class was a middle-aged man with an elegant look.
A golden orchid embroidered with elaborate embroidery on a black uniform naturally drew attention.

Jangbaek Sword Commander Go Seung-bin.

He was the vice president of the academy and the elder of the Changbai Swordsman.
Since the martial arts class is a dangerous class full of blood and screams, it seems that Jangbaekgeom-kun took part in it himself.

“Everyone has gathered. He’s the Jangbaek Swordsman in charge of the sword dance class. Before class begins, I have something to ask you guys. Non-mu lessons are not practical. It’s to compete with each other and check each other’s abilities, not to defeat the opponent.”

The Jangbaek Swordsman looked at us once.

“It’s okay to express your competitive spirit as long as you’re an unmanned person. However, it is forbidden to overdo it. Don’t be too obsessed with winning. If, by any chance, there is a cadet who seriously harms someone, I have no choice but to punish him.”

Then, Jangbaekgeom-kun talked about the precautions for fighting. In a way, these were normal things.
Because the rain was not a matter of life and death. Dangerous techniques such as swordplay were also prohibited.
In the first place, there were only a few cadets who could use sword skills from this age.

“How do you pick your opponent?”
“I draw like this.”

Jangbaek Swordsman took out a small pointer from his bosom and pressed it.
On the large display in front of the auditorium, blanks appeared like a bracket.

“It’s random, so don’t be dissatisfied. It will change often anyway.”

Oddly enough, it’s modern in this respect.
I thought it was a lottery, but I just ran a simple program and decided.

“Oh, Mugong Kim. Go for it…!”

Midsummer, who was looking straight ahead, sighed and hit my side with an elbow. She did something, and my opponent was decided.

…Erai Shiva.

It’s a middle 2 sword system from the beginning.

“I am Hwang Bo-ryun? Who is this?”

Midsummer tilted her head.

“He’s from Hwang Bo-se. Who is Hwang Bo-ryun…”

It may or may not be remembered.
It was frayed. They probably weren’t that famous.

“Is there anything you don’t know?”
“Shut up. Because I am thinking about it.”
“Shut up, it’s too much.”
“Noisy, I remembered.”

Midsummer widened her eyes.

“Iron Fighting Twins. Twins over there.”
“…Uh, right. There were kids like that. How do you remember that That’s great.”
“Have you realized my greatness again? Compliment more.”

Midsummer jerked her head at my smirk.
Although it was a bit lacking compared to super-special names like Cheon Ha-yeon, the Iron Fighting Twins were also friends who had their own kicks.

The twin brothers’ success technique is said to be one of the best in the world.
I’ve never seen one myself either.

“If it’s Hwang Bo-ryun, it’s Dae-woong, the older brother.”
“Am I not going to die? Look at that size.”

As if ‘bear’ was not included in the special issue for nothing, the two boasted the size of a huge boulder.
Just looking at the straight shoulder line, the school uniform was swollen like it was about to explode.

“…It will be fine. Inscription. It starts with me.”

In fact, I was more of a problem than the other side.
Although it was hilariously sarcastic that it was a middle school swordsman, the sword dragon Kim Yong’s skill itself was undeniably excellent.

“I know. There is no luck. Don’t die.”
“What if I win?”
“If we win, let’s commemorate”
“You have that.”

Midsummer wiggled her fingertips.
All of the clumsy acting is evident.

“Yeah, it doesn’t work.”

It was okay to joke. Where to fish

“Be careful, too.”
“Yass. When we fight, don’t go anywhere and stay by my side.”
“Of course. Where am I going to leave you alone?”
“Then it’s fine.”

I don’t know what the reason is, but Han Yeoreum smiled with satisfaction.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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