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I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 317

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 317

Chapter 317 – Epilogue – Hypnosis Was Put on Me (Complete)

A few days later, at a wedding hall in Seoul.
Go Myeong-ok and her husband, Ryu Deok-seong, arrived to attend the wedding of her friend’s daughter and found themselves lost in the lobby.

“Let me see… It’s definitely the 3rd floor…”
“Hey, I can’t even find the way, tsk.”

Mr. Ryu Deok-seong scolds Mr. Go Myeong-ok, who looks around for a while.
He seemed to think that it would not be a good idea to leave it to his wife any longer, and he suddenly started walking away at a long pace.

“Oh my, where are you going?”
“Just try following me.”

Although he did not know the way, Ryu Deok-seong confidently walked forward with the confidence typical of an old man.
Go Myeong-ok was worried that she would get further lost and she followed behind him.
The couple soon came out of the lobby and into a hallway where no one was visible…

“Oh, I guess I can look at that.”

Mr. Ryu Deok-seong soon found the information board.

“It’s written here, Im Ha-eun! Wedding hall 2… Yes, you can go this way… Hmm? What is this?”

Look, I find the way, right?
Although he did not speak, he read the signboard with a confident voice and hints of nuance, and soon discovered something unusual.

“The groom Lee Se-jin and the bride Im Ha-eun… But next to them is also the groom Lee Se-jin? Groom Lee Se-jin and bride Shin So-ye?”
“Yes? I beg your pardon?”

Ms. Gomyeong Ok is surprised by her husband’s words and checks her information board.
As he said, the groom’s name on the sign next to him was also written as Lee Se-jin.
Lee Se-jin and Shin So-ye in the Ruby Hall, and Lee Se-jin and Im Ha-eun in the Topaz Hall…

“Puha, I don’t know who you are, but you are a blessed person!”
“What is fortune? Don’t say anything strange.”

Ms. Gomyeong-ok stabbed her husband’s side with a cluck to tell him not to act indiscriminately, and the man giggled and blocked her side.

“No, that’s strange, did I say something wrong? To have two wives on the same day, you must be so blessed that you die from being crushed by luck! “Am I wrong?”
“It must be someone with the same name.”

It was a natural thing.
Who would get married twice, on the same day and at the same wedding hall?
Rather, it was more reasonable to assume that people with the same name coincidentally used the same wedding hall.

“You never know!”
“Oh, you too. “You’re so noisy today.”

This time, the thrust goes in hard.
The man let out a “Ugh” Sound without realizing it.

“You and I, my intestines aren’t feeling very well these days, so if you keep poking me like that…”
“I’m stabbing you because you’re criticizing me.”

Even if it’s a joke, it’s not something to be excited about on someone else’s birthday.
It must have already been embarrassing for the people involved to confirm this situation, so how rude would it be to say it out loud?

“As he got older, he became a complete elementary school student.”
“Elementary school? “No, I’m not an elementary school student!”
“Oh my, are you lost?”

As the couple was playing for a while, a middle-aged man came running up in a huff.

“Whose wedding are you at? “If you tell me the bride’s name or something, I can guide you…”
“Yes, I came to Im Ha-eun’s wedding, and I saw the sign here.”

A man who is slightly surprised and subtly covers the information board with his body.
And he pointed with his arm to a door in the distance.

“Topaz Hall is over there.”
“Oh my, thank you.”

Following the man’s guidance, the old couple headed straight for the far door.
The middle-aged man looked at that scene for a moment, and then heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the two enter the door.


A man glances at the sign he is covering.
Behind the sign that guided Lee Se-jin – Shin So-ye and Lee Se-jin – Im Ha-eun’s wedding hall, there was another sign, although it was overlapping with the front sign so that it could not be easily seen.

[Lee Se-jin-Park Min-ji / Sapphire Hall]
[Lee Se-jin-Cheon Bom/ Diamond Hall]

A sign announcing a wedding other than Shin So-ye and Im Ha-eun.
When people who don’t know see it, they say, ‘Not people with the same name, but four people with the same name? Can four people have the same name? Is this possibly the cause of death? This is a sign that might make you say, ‘Is this a ‘let’s share’ party?’

“…You crazy person, you crazy person. “This happened on the same day and in the same place… I can’t live up to my name because of this bastard…”

The man who saw it one more time, Nam Jin, director of ‘Queen’s Entertainment’, sighed and raised his hand to his forehead.


They said it was a good idea, but it was actually simple.
We should all get married as soon as possible?

‘Then why don’t we get married with the four of us on the same day next week!’

To do that, I found a wedding hall with four halls, chartered an entire day, and arranged the wedding times for all four people to be similar.
In this case, you come out to have a ceremony with So-ye, then immediately have a ceremony with Ha-eun, then you have a ceremony with Min-ji, and finally you have a ceremony with Cheon Bom, then you have a reception greeting with So-ye, a reception greeting with Ha-eun, a reception greeting with Min-ji, and a reception greeting with Cheon Bom…
What was needed in this process was the help of Manager Nam, or rather, Director Nam.

“Yes? “All four of you are getting married on the same day, but you’re saying it’s going to be at the same wedding hall?”
“Yes. It’s a great way to get the wedding done equally for all four people and get things done efficiently. Therefore, please plan your route carefully.”
“Yes? “What is the route?”
“Guests will not come to other weddings.”

If there’s one thing to worry about in this perfect plan, it’s the route.
What would happen if someone who came to So-ye’s wedding and I made a mistake and ended up coming to Ha-eun’s wedding?
Aren’t you going to think strange things?
Of course, it’s okay to have strange thoughts, and I’ll only invite people who I and the kids can trust as guests, but it won’t hurt to be careful.

“No… Why did you do this to me…”
“Is there anyone else in the country who is as skilled as Director Nam in managing the audience’s movement at the concert hall and fine-tuning the schedule to prevent any disruptions?”
“No… That’s only necessary for children’s performances…”
“But even in this case, it’s a necessary skill. “Right?”
“No, no, wait… What is this…”

Although Director Nam was confused, he was persuaded by me and accepted my request, and thanks to this, a route was completed from the parking lot to each wedding where guests did not overlap and did not see other people’s weddings.
Thanks to this, the wedding in Korea proceeded smoothly.

“Do the groom Sejin Lee and the bride Shin Soye promise to always love and respect each other, respect their elders, and fulfill their roles as a true husband and wife no matter what?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”

“Do the groom Lee Se-jin and the bride Lim Ha-eun pledge to love and respect each other as a lifelong couple?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”

“Do the groom Lee Se-jin and the bride Park Min-ji pledge to be considerate of each other, work together, and live happily?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”

“Do the groom Lee Se-jin and the bride Cheon Bom-yang pledge to trust and respect each other and to be strong partners for the rest of their lives?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”

Four consecutive weddings took place without any problems, including the wedding vows, and there were no problems at the greetings at the reception that followed.
Even though there were a lot of people and hectic times, it was probably thanks to the cleverly planned movement routes that there was no overlap.
I can only thank Director Nam and the wedding hall staff.
… I was tired because I had to do the wedding march, exit, and reception greeting four times in a row, but that wasn’t a problem, it was something I had to deal with, hmmmm.


After both the wedding ceremony and reception were completed successfully.
As I was waiting for the kids to get ready and get some fresh air, Director Nam came next to me.

“Ah, Director Nam. “Thank you for your hard work today.”
“…Yes, it looks like you did a great job.”

Unlike usual, Director Nam nods his head without even a cursory greeting.
Now the ranks were reversed, but out of habit, I still treated him with respect.
Anyway, it was very awkward to speak informally to someone who was a senior in the industry.

“Please speak comfortably. “The work is all done.”
“Conveniently, what… You are the representative. “How many times do you tell the director that he shouldn’t be seen speaking informally in front of others?”
“It’s just the two of us anyway.”
“Even if it’s just the two of us, it’s not okay.”

As always, Director Nam accepted(?) My request as if he were rejecting(?) As always.

“Anyway, I was really thankful today. Thanks to this, the wedding was completed successfully without the guests moving around.”
“I don’t know how many times my heart broke today, haha… No matter how different the halls are, it was really difficult to organize and guide the guests so that they could not see other weddings in the same building. And not two pairs, but four pairs…”

Director Nam smiles as if in vain.
After saying that, he was speechless for a moment, but then he repeated the admiration he had shown me in front of me several times.

“Wow no, but it’s really amazing. No, four people? Even if there are two people, it’s enough to make people jump and go crazy, but if there are not three, but four? But no, really… Wow, all the kids in the group… Whenever…”
“It’s been a few weeks since I heard this, and I’m still reeling. What? They were actually in a romantic relationship? Even before moving to a company? “How did you not catch me all this time?”

It wasn’t that long ago that I revealed our relationship to Director Nam.
‘If we’ve planned to get married and get pregnant, wouldn’t it be right to tell someone close and trustworthy about our relationship? Was it just six weeks ago that you came to the conclusion, ‘We need allies to help us’ and told Director Nam?
Perhaps because of this, whenever Director Nam came up with this topic, he had to mutter for a long time and calm his head.

“He has good skills. “I never imagined that there would be someone around me who would start a harem… But more than anything, I respect you with all my heart because you were allowed by four people.”

Although it is thanks to the kids who accepted this situation rather than my ability.

“But how did you really do it? You said you started dating Soye at first, right? Ha-eun and Min-ji were next, so how did you convince them?”

It’s such a long story that it’s hard to even begin to explain it.
How many times has this person asked this long story in the first place? .
Every time I listen to it, I see people expressing admiration and enjoyment, and it makes me excited to talk about it. Is this the 5th time I’ve told you this?

“Ugh, that’s…”
“Lee Se-jin, Lee Se-jin, are you here?”

Just as I was taking a deep breath to explain the process of creating the harem one more time, someone who appeared to be a wedding hall employee came to see me.

“I have something to tell you about finishing things up.”
“Ah, if it’s work, I’ll do it. Sejin, you had a hard time running your tang. Get some rest. “I’ll go.”
“Oh, thank you.”

Director Nam leaves with just those words and heads off somewhere with his staff.
It was truly touching to see him do his best to help me not only in public matters but also in personal matters.

‘Anyway, I was going to tell you one more time about how I set up my harem.’

As expected, thanks to having talked about it about 4 times, the process is now pretty well organized in my head.

Get a hypnosis app,
Became lovers with So-ye,
Minji intervened while Ha-eun was on a date.
So the two of them stuck to me together,
Soye accepts the situation,
Somehow, Cheon Bom also got involved in this.
As I tried in every possible way to maintain this relationship and make my children’s dreams come true,
I created an idol harem.

‘Well, thinking about it again, it’s so perfect and touching… Oh right, I forgot the most important thing.’

The starting point of this whole process.
Without realizing it, I grinned and blurted out the process I had forgotten.

“They hypnotized me.”

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

아이돌 하렘을 만들었습니다. 최면은 나한테 걸었는데
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There is a hypnosis app. So, I tried it once.


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