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I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 318

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 318

Chapter 318 – Completion Review

Hello, this is Yahayo.

It’s been about two months since I finished it, and I finally got around to writing the epilogue and the full story. The epilogue was similar to a later story, so I ended up writing the review very lazily and late… Ugh.

In any post, I have to start with the most important things, so I would like to say thank you first.

Thank you very much for viewing this work.

If it weren’t for the people who read the novel and gave support in various ways through comments, this novel wouldn’t have been serialized for this long. Even though I lacked the skills and energy, I was able to write diligently because everyone said it was fun, showed interest in one way or another, and smiled at the kids in it.
Thanks entirely to our readers, we were able to progress to completion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again.

Now that we’ve finished talking about the most important things, let’s talk about some good things.
Actually, this is my third paid serial work. The first is ‘Living Together with Two Big Tits’ and the second is an all-ages work posted on another site, but if you raise the conditions by serializing more than 200 episodes, this work is the only one. In other words, it was my first time using it for this long.
Thanks to you, while publishing the series, I personally thought, wow! Difficult! There were often times when I did it. If he seemed immature, that would have been a big reason! (I wanted to make an excuse like this…)
…Actually, there were many other reasons for my immaturity, but anyway, I think I did my best when writing it. In the process, I learned and realized a lot.

– The word ‘harem pure love’ is contradictory in itself: pure love usually refers to 1:1 relationship, but the moment I heard that ‘harem pure love’ means you should be careful about such words, my eyesight darkened and my mind went blank. I had to break my common sense.
– There are more people who don’t like harems than you think: Why do I like this? Look at me! They said you shouldn’t do it carelessly. Why? Harems are the best, right? Wasn’t it?
– The most important thing in writing pornographic stories is nothing else but your own sexual desire: If you don’t have sexual desire, you can’t write pornographic stories. It won’t be used. Of course, my libido is healthy. I’m healthy. Believe it.
– There are countless ways to write or develop things in a more interesting way, ways to entertain more people, or things that are lacking in my own writing…

Yes, there was a lot to learn and realize.
To the point where I feel like I want to write something more interesting.
The thought that it would have been better this way, the thought that this kind of material would be fun, and the desire to write something that more people would find interesting… Things like that started blooming more and more.

That’s why! Anyway, my own empty self… No, I will fill up some energy and satisfy other conditions, so I will come back with a new work.
I also want to write about the harem story again, but anyway, I look forward to the day when I can show my work in front of you again, so I will stop talking about it for now.

Once again, thank you to those who watched this work until the end.
I would also like to thank everyone involved in this work, including Dune, who was more helpful than anyone else in the progress of this work (I learned a lot and received a lot of help!), PD Seo, who gave me feedback and advice, and the teacher who drew the webtoon. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you.

P.S. In the next work, there will be a heroine with the attributes of a ‘widow virgin, mother-in-law’, a heroine who is ‘100% attacked and can’t be tsundered even if she wants to be, a pitiful and weak-willed heroine’, and a ‘slutty heroine who doesn’t pay attention to what others think and shouts “Sssss!” I want to make it appear…

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

아이돌 하렘을 만들었습니다. 최면은 나한테 걸었는데
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There is a hypnosis app. So, I tried it once.


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