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I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 316

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me 316

Chapter 316 – Epilogue – Botebae Group Formation Completed

Has it been about 1, 2, or 3 hours since then?
After becoming so engrossed in sex that I didn’t even know how much time had passed.
As the early morning sunlight slowly began to creep up outside, I was holding Soye.

“Yes, Aang! Huh!”

Soye sits on top of me and hugs me tightly.
At the same time, her warm pussy clenched and sucked my dick with all its might.


Now, semen comes out almost reflexively.
Maybe it was because I had to squeeze it every now and then, but the amount of ejaculation wasn’t that much.

“Sejin, I love you.”
“…Me too…”

Soye kisses me while whispering love in a sweet voice as if to soothe me who is tired from repeated ejaculation.
At the same time, the warm pussy crinkles and sucks in my seat a little more.
After kissing him up and down for a while, he gave me Soye.

‘The kids are all stretched out… Should I take a break too?’

It was the moment when I was about to lie down next to Soye, who continued to look at me with loving eyes.

Lick lick lick.

I felt something on my cock that felt like it was about to explode, so I looked down and saw Minji waking up and licking my cock.

“Tsk, tsk tsk tsk, tsk tsk tsk, tsk tsk tsk, tsk tsk tsk…”
“Ah, Minji, just a little… Just a moment…”

It was not cleaning, but full-blown fellatio that called for ejaculation.
A selfish mouth that is full of sexual desire and wants to appease it just a little, and just greedily desires my cock and semen.
It lasted for about an hour, so I thought he might have fallen asleep, but I guess he was just resting.


But Minji wasn’t the only one who rested for an hour.
Ha-eun also quietly got up, crawled under me, and started sucking my spot along with Min-ji.
Minji, who had it all to herself, spits out the cock from her mouth, and the two of us thoroughly lick the glans and the entire cock pillar using only our tongues.

“Ah, yes, this is…”

I feel good.
Because it was overloaded, just licking it gently like this was stimulating enough rather than sucking it in earnest.


A new voice suddenly reached my ears, it was Cheon Bom.
Cheon Bom lightly bit my earlobe and then licked and sucked my neck.

“Yes, it’s done.”
“Puha, I’m standing again…”

Thanks to being sucked by three women for a while, my dick was ready again.

“Who do you want to do it to this time?”
“Please…Fuck me…Oppa…”
“I rested the longest. “It’s my turn.”

The three women lay down next to Soye, bickering.
Then he slightly opened his legs as if to invite him in at any time.


Of course, Soye, along with the three women, opened her mouth slightly.

‘I’m secretly greedy.’

The scene unfolded like that, with all four women tempting me to fuck them.
This is a blatant signal asking anyone to put it in quickly and get pregnant.
The cock was tired from ejaculating all night, but seeing this made it giggle again and become even more erect.

‘Who could bear to see this?’

Isn’t there a purpose for this vacation in the first place?
To achieve that, you need to do it at least 20 times per person.
In other words, you still have to work a little harder.
My dick is starting to hurt, but it’s still bearable.


Soye urged me while I was watching Four Women, and instead of answering her words, I moved her body.


The groans that had echoed all night filled the room again.

After that, while 5 days passed.
So, after about 100 hours of continuous sex-
Lee Se-jin succeeded in impregnating Shin So-ye, Im Ha-eun, Park Min-ji, and Cheon Bom.


A bit small stage.
The light illuminating the performers was weak, and Soye, Ha-eun, and Min-ji went up on the small, modest stage that felt quite crowded with just three people.


A sound like the one you hear when playing a tape, telling you that the music is about to start.
With that, the lights shined on them more intensely, and soon a song started playing.

“The light of the street lamp sways as if temptingly,”

Soye begins vocals in the center.
The combination of a sexy tank top and short jeans highlights her slightly protruding stomach.

“The breath that wanders beneath,”

Ha-eun moves to the center, touching So-ye’s fingertips as if touching a baton.
Step was more relaxed than usual, but instead held her position as if grasping something with the tip of her left hand, drawing her attention.
Nevertheless, what catches the most attention is her belly, which, like Soye’s, is very slightly protruding.

“Would you like to dance with me?”

The last person to come to the center is Minji.
He immediately grabs her attention by pushing out her breasts and highlighting her own strengths, and then definitely grabs her attention with his touch and lyrics that seem to invite her to dance.
As an onlooker, my gaze went from her hands to her breasts and to her belly, which was starting to protrude a little.

“This street whose colors have faded,”
“With our breath,”
“Why don’t you try painting it a lot?”

They keep singing.
The stage, which was perfect as always but presented in a different way than usual, made the viewers think that it was amazing.


The music that followed ended and the three women’s choreography stopped.
I was frozen for a moment without any reaction, and Soye on stage smiled at me.

“…How was it? What about the ‘6 People’ stage?”

Damn it, I was barely able to speak until I heard that there were 6 people.

“Giggle, giggle, I think I was really impressed.”
“Of course I have to eat it… It’s a stage where I’ve even reached the fruition of love…”

Minji says, patting her stomach.
After hearing those words, I finally came to my senses and hurried up to the stage and handed each of the three women their coats.

“Now, now, quickly put this on. “Warm up your stomach.”

The three women listened to me and obediently got dressed.

“Ha, he suddenly said he wanted to show me the stage, so I said something… What on earth were you thinking?”
“Well, Minji wants to give it a try.”
“Yes… I was wondering if you would like the Bottebae stage…”

What do you mean, Minji…
If you even use the technical term ‘bottebae’ (?) And say that I will like it, what kind of expression should I make…? .

“Minji said that men like this kind of thing.”
“Is not it! No!”

I’m just getting dizzy!
Right now it’s okay since it’s just a prank I’m showing to myself, but just imagining showing this in front of people is driving me crazy!
I think I once had a nightmare because of this!

“Don’t overdo it and take it easy. “The doctor also said that you should be more careful in the early stages after conception.”
“But actually, I’m so bored that I don’t want to do anything.”
“How long has it really been since we took this long of a break?”
“It’s never been like this since I debuted…”
“To be a professional, you need to know how to rest properly.”

Cheon Bom, who had been quiet until now, intervened.
She was also watching their performance next to me just a moment ago.

“What. “You came to see it because you were bored.”
“That’s right… You said you would practice together…”
“I quit because I couldn’t do it in the end. “I didn’t know Bom would be so out of shape.”

Of course, she was quickly overpowered by Ha-eun, Min-ji, and So-ye.

“Hmm, let’s talk about the wedding first. “We gathered today to talk about that.”

I know that if I leave it like this, it will continue to spread, so I take out the main product right away.

“Okay, wedding… I need to think quickly about how to have a wedding in Korea.”
“First of all, I’m the one who has been announced as a couple, so why don’t I just have a domestic wedding?”

The three women’s expressions change dramatically at Cheon Bom’s words.
The playful expression from just a moment ago disappeared completely, and it was a rather intense expression with a sincere ‘?’.

“That’s not true. “If you have to choose just one representative, it’s right for you to do it.”

At least Ha-eun mediates(?).

“No, no, let’s do all four. I’ll do all four. So don’t fight…”

And I also intervened.
I don’t want to see the four of you fighting even a little bit.

“Separately? “Then what is the order?”

Damn it, there was a problem with the order.

“As expected, it starts with me, right? “I’m the one who just said it and made it public…”
“Ugh, I don’t want to give up on this.”
“…Well, I feel sorry all of a sudden, but you and Bom usually eat together together, right? So how about starting with me this time? Wouldn’t that be fair?”
“In that case… It would be better to do it backwards… If I do it first…”
“Come on, let’s stop fighting and think slowly.”

The four women shook their heads at my words.

“Slowly? “There’s no time, you have to catch me quickly.”
“Just a little more and we’ll all be revealed. Can you still see it sticking out a little bit?”
“If it’s just a few more weeks… The dress… Won’t fit…”
“Yes, I guess so.”

Four women looking at me, each stroking their own bellies.
Not only the three of them, but also Cheon Bom’s stomach was already starting to bulge slightly.
Actually, they are right.
All four are still at a level that can be hidden by wearing clothes, but as time passes, they will start to become noticeable.


A wedding is a very big event.
I’d like to treat all four equally if possible, but there isn’t much time left.
If I postpone childbirth, I think it will be delayed for too long.
The idea is to have all four of them get married in no particular order, and if possible, to do it as quickly as possible…

“Oh, I have a good idea.”

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

I Made an Idol Harem. Hypnosis Bet on Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There is a hypnosis app. So, I tried it once.


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