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Heroine Netori 49

Heroine Netori 49

Chapter 49 – Romance Fantasy (14)

“Hmm… It’s a temporary suspension…”

There was a random box that I had saved to open in case of a dangerous moment.
However, there was no sign of a crisis coming, so I just opened it this morning.
And the result that came out was the right to pause… Dogs are good in many ways.

When I installed the random box, the item I wanted the most was the right to pause.
This time, ‘Heroine Netori’ was so much more fun than I thought, so it was a pity to finish it all at once.
But luckily, it came out at once in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Whoops, you’re lucky.”

If you have the right to pause, you can keep ‘Heroine Netori’, and if you come back with the right to pause again, you can come and go between reality and this place at any time.
In other words, you can live another life.

Really… At first, I came here simply to quench my sexual desire, but as I lived, I became a very valuable ‘heroine Netori’.
First of all, a very precious daughter was born!
It’s a responsibility without pleasure, but… It doesn’t matter because I’m getting enough pleasure from other places.
Responsibility isn’t too bad either. I can’t hate Cecilia who shows me such a cute smile while appreciating each and every one of my actions.

“Then… When do you use this…”

I want to use it right away, but it’s just the moment I started treatment with Louisa Aubert.
I wonder if it would be better to put the treatment on track and stop it.

Wait, but this time the main character is the heroine.
Then, is the grade determined by the degree of fall and corruption of Louis and Auvers?
If that’s the case, should I be careful not to get to the S rank?
… Or wouldn’t it be better to just stop netori? If you’re doing netori for no reason and you raise the S rank for reasons you don’t know, you’ll leave.

… No, you can’t get treatment.
Then what if Louisa Aubert dies? So is it over?

Wait, it’s over… ?


I had goosebumps all over my body.
It was by accident that I came to treat Louisa Aubert. I didn’t even know he had ‘God’s Jealousy’.
But what if I failed to get a job at the academy and Louisa Aubert died under a curse?

“Fuck… “

If that happened, he would be separated from Cecilia forever.
It means that he must have returned to reality without knowing why, like the previous ‘Heroine Netori’.

I woke up.
More than I thought, I had to treat Louisa Aubert with great care.


Knowing what it is doesn’t change anything.
You just have to continue the treatment like now so that it is cured and you just have to capture it enough to not get an S rank.

The risk was too great to end with just treatment. What if he suddenly picks and dies for another reason?
Now that this has happened, in order to live this ‘Heroine Netori’ as another life, I need to keep Louisa Aubert by my side at all times.

Then… You can’t take an S grade, so you can’t completely corrupt it… Why don’t you make her a slave so she can always wait on you?
Oh, I wish this Every time I feel like I’m going to be completely captured, I’m harassed so that I can’t get an S rank, and even so, I can’t let the pleasure I give me leave me .


Good night. This is it.
Decided on this
It’s such a brilliant plan that even imagining it will make you erect.

“Haaaaa… “

Oh, but why are you so tired?
Is it normal to get so sleepy just because you rolled your head?

These days, my body doesn’t really look like my body.
Even when I wake up, I don’t feel refreshed, and the morning erection disappeared at some point.

“Is this something like a virgin ghost coming out every night to fuck and eat me?”

Uh… I’m tired, so I’m making all sorts of noises.


It’s been a week since Louisa Aubert had her breast palpable treatment.
During that week, she received the same treatment twice.
She continued to repeat the act that she thought would end with the first one.

Deokbae Asil questioned the curse that could not be cured no matter how many times it was repeated, but Louisa Aubert knew the cause.
It was a disease of her own mind.

The disease arose for several complex reasons.
The first cause was guilt towards Lucius.

In fact, Lucius is not to the liking of Louis or Aubert. Even when reading her original novel, she was more of a prince than a childhood friend.
Just as it is said that bad boys are more attracted to her, Lucius, who is timid and kind, does not find her very attractive.
Of course, he was really grateful for Lucius, who always looked only at him, but he couldn’t help it.

However… For one reason or another, the prince left him, and all he had left was Lucius.
In the end, she had no choice but to choose Lucius, crying and eating mustard.

But she couldn’t fully focus on Lucius.
It was because Louisa Aubert’s feelings for the prince were too great to fold it so quickly.

The prince, of course, was the most popular person in the academy, and rumors about him were heard everywhere, and naturally, she became more concerned about the prince’s rumors even with Lucius by her side.

Although she was disgusted with her appearance, she could not get rid of the regret she had for her prince, and the vicious cycle of her feelings continued to grow.

The second reason for her was her self-doubt.

It was obviously embarrassing and embarrassing, but even though it was a treatment, she ended up reaching her climax every time.
And it wasn’t just climaxing, but she was gushing out her love juice like a prostitute.
This left an indelible stain on the chair she was sitting on, and she had to pick up her underwear to change into after each treatment.

She was obnoxious and repulsive, and quickly she should have wanted the moment to end, but oddly enough, she was pleasant to be touched by him and loving, and she always wanted the moment to continue.

She said that after the treatment was over, she was at her worst moment, as if she had always been like that.
She told him that at the thought of being healed again, her body heated up, her breathing became rough, and her nipples stood up.
That’s how much she fell for the treatment he was receiving.

Two days ago, I felt like I was going to heaven when he applied a slimy, sticky liquid to my nipples that he said was a treatment cream.
Even though it had an unpleasant tactile feel and a disgusting smell, it felt good enough to be addictive.
He recalled the smell to the point of masturbating before going to bed.

I can’t do that.

It has become so.

It was natural for her to feel her self-doubt. Even if she thinks to herself, she has become so lascivious herself.
Even though I knew I couldn’t do it, I wanted to do more.
I shouldn’t have been touched, but I wanted to be touched more, and I shouldn’t have expected it, but I expected more.

Even though she feels self-defeating at her own appearance, which becomes more and more lewd every day,
She ended up enjoying the sense of immorality that was gradually degrading.

Her guilt, her self-loathing, her sense of shame and immorality, a mixture of emotions she had never normally felt, tormented her, and eventually her heart became sick.
Naturally, the disease grew as the treatment continued, so the curse that spread to her chest was regenerated even after each treatment.

So she continued to be touched by men.


Time passed and it was time for treatment.
Today, she took off her clothes to expose her breasts, put on her eye patch, and waited for a man’s touch.

Her nipples were erect and her panties were already wet.
Indeed, she was ready to be touched at any time.

I was expecting how much better I would feel today when suddenly a man put his hand into her panties.


The man’s hard, thick fingers nudged her clit and slid freely into her cunt.
Immediately, a pleasure that was incomparable to when her breasts were touched poured out.

“… What? Ha ha…”

For a moment she thought she was dreaming.
It was so hard to believe.
But the man’s finger touching her cunt was real.
The unbearable pleasure was the proof.

“Oh, no…”

Touching her breasts and touching her pussy were two different things.
No matter how lewd she became, she had no intention of allowing her to come this far.

Wasn’t this treatment in the first place? It was unacceptable to touch a woman’s precious parts without saying anything during treatment.

Of course she had to resist.
Take off your blindfold right now
Cover up
She had to get away from the man.


“Hah, ha ha… Haang…”

She just let out a sweet moan.

As if she had been waiting for this moment…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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