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Heroine Netori 48

Heroine Netori 48

Chapter 48 – Romance Fantasy (13)

Arya Meltz has her ‘love’ for the first time.

Just looking at her Asil’s face made her heart race.
Hearing Asil’s voice made me ecstatic.
When she saw him, she wanted to be in his arms right away.
As soon as she smelled his body, her body heated up and her crotch became wet.

Her therapy was no longer just therapy for her.
Now therapy was precious time for her to be legally touched by him and suck his cock.

Although she regretted not being the only therapy she received…
She planned to win his love by offering her own virgin.

She was confident
In her own appearance and figure, and in her pure, her own virginity.
She felt superior to her other aristocratic women because of her own charm, which was of a different level.

Suddenly Louisa Aubert appeared and gave her her anxiety.
The precious daughter of one of the most noble families in the kingdom, the jewel of the royal road with a more beautiful and elegant figure than anyone else…
She appeared in front of her, giving off the smell of her deokbae and her asil.

Emotions she had never felt before living in Arya Meltz’s heart welled up.
Her heart ached and ached.
She hated the woman in front of her eyes with him.

She has everything she doesn’t have.
Money, power and fame… Although it was her Aria Meltz who longed for her living in a world different from her own in every way rather than resenting her.
I had no choice but to be wary of her as she approached her before I knew it and tried to monopolize even her own love.

So, as if she were marking her own
With her own scent, she covered him with the scent of Van Ruin or Auvers.

It was nasty jealousy.
It was like the whining of a child who didn’t want to have her own taken away.

But that alone was not reassuring.
She needed proof that she loved him.

‘I can’t! Also today… I need to make a fait accompli!’


Arya Meltz’s face was filled with his semen as he ejaculated at an unexpected timing.
She wiped her semen from her face with her hand, then brought it into her own pussy and continued to masturbate.
The muddy sound of semen mixed with love filled the infirmary.

Seeing her lewd appearance, Deokbae Asil stiffened his cock again even though he had just ejaculated.
Arya Meltz was delighted with the sight and climbed onto her bed, poised to make love to her.

“Teacher… It hurts a lot here… May I ask for therapy for this area today?”

She lay on her bed, spread her legs, then lowered her hands to open her own cunt.
Her pure pink cunt was already stained with her juices and his semen.

“With the teacher’s big, hard cock… Therapy… Please!”

Her cunt throbbed like it was lusting after her cock, and her waist was already starting to move.
An innocent girl who had never even held hands with a man until a month ago had become an obscene bitch who spreads her pussy to seduce men.

“Ha… Come on… Quickly!”

Already in her head was a man’s cock.
Having sexual intercourse with men was her only goal in life.
She couldn’t remember when, but one thing’s for sure, she wanted to have sex with a man.

“Ahhh, ah, ahhhhh!!”

And finally, as she had hoped, the man’s cock penetrated her hymen and entered her pussy.
A pleasure she had never felt in her life her penetrated into her brain, and she shed tears of emotion and pleasure.

“Joaah, teacher, haha… Sleep tight!”

There was no such thing as the pain of breaking through.
All she felt now was a sense of numbness in her head, the happiness of being connected with him, and the satisfaction of finally achieving her goal her.

“Hah, ha ha… Joe… Aaaaah!”

Every time the cock pierced the cramped vagina, the female sexuality came out naturally
She seemed to pass out as his rooted cock her touched her cervix.

“Ha, hot, ah! Ah ha… Haang!”

Men had no consideration for virgins.
To him, she was just a tool to quench his lust her.
The movement of his incessant poking of her cunt took her breath away.

But she was good nonetheless.
She felt pleasure in being used by the person she loved.
It was the moment when the value of her existence that someone had told her was fulfilled.

“Ah… Joe, I’m sorry… Ha, uh, ha…”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey…Haha… Ha ha!”

“Come on like this… Teacher… Ha ha, use it however you like!”


“From the very first love affair, the teacher made me cum inside me!”

“Ha ha… After that? Ha ha, wouldn’t that be the end?”

“Sure! Even though the teacher ejaculated, he immediately got another erection in my pussy and continued the affair! A cock banging on my nursery…”

Ha… After all, my father ate Miss Meltz.
I thought you would eat it after next month…Haha… I didn’t know that Miss Meltz would seduce you first.
Did the suggestion work too well this time?

“… Then he lifted me up and thrust his cock straight into me! How could you be so dignified…!”

“… What was your attitude like? Ha… Can you show me?”

“So… I’m lying down like this and I raise my back like this… It’s like getting hit!”

“Hahm… It must have been great…”

“Right! I almost lost my mind from the overflow of pleasure! And again…”

I’m envious of Miss Meltz, really…
I want to share love with my father like that… Why is there a wall of blood between my father and me…Haha…
I can’t help but masturbate while listening to this…
At best, it’s all about putting my father to sleep and serving my son…

… Whoops
But it’s okay.
You just have to endure a little longer.

If you wait a little longer, everything will change.
You just have to endure it until then.

If that happens, everything I’ve endured until now…

“Therefore! Like this, I wrapped my breasts around the teacher’s cock! I heard that the teacher’s cock is so big that even my breasts can’t cover it all, right?”

… Under! I can’t get over that chest.
On the outside, it’s always annoying because of your breasts, but on the inside, it’s not like that at all?

“… That’s how the teacher eventually ejaculated, and thanks to that, my breasts were covered with the teacher’s semen! By the way… That’s what it feels like to be loved… There’s something really good… ?”

… Oh? There again
I must have told you. Love, but don’t think of being loved.
Really… It was implied and it was not. Miss Meltz is really picky.

“The expression of the teacher who looks at me has changed, the touch of the teacher who touches me has become softer, and perhaps the teacher… “

“Miss Meltz.”


“You said you would punish me if I wished for your love one more time, right?”

“… That, but!”

“Take off your panties and spread your legs as they are.”

“… Yes? Wait! What punishment… Alas! Miss Lane? Why is the teacher here… Naked too… ?”

When we called Lane to punish Miss Meltz, she crawled out of the bathroom naked.
It’s attractive because it has an elastic body like a knight, but a bitch is also a bitch. Look at her her wet pussy her.
Were you excited to hear about Miss Meltz and her father’s affair? To be humble.
Like a bitch, the dog collar around her neck her really suits her.

“A teacher? Fufu, Ms. Meltz is also true! They are our pets. A lewd bitch who is always in heat.”

“… That… That’s right. Right, right! Our cute and erotic pet… Animal… ?”

Hehe, looking at it, I was really good at making it as a pet.
She used to be a really annoying and dirty old maid, but now she’s just funny and cute.

“Come on Rain! It’s to punish Miss Meltz, who still does n’t know her fault her. Go lick Miss Meltz’s cunt like a dog.”

“… Keeing… Beep.”

“Wait! Three, Miss Cecilia? Stop! What…! Wow! Poetry, I hate it!”

“Lick like this until Miss Meltz goes ten times. Got it, Lane?”

“Ki-ing… “

“Whoops, that’s nice.”

“Ah, ha… Don’t do it, sir! Hey, haang!”

Phew, if you do this, Miss Meltz will come to her senses her, right?
If you can’t… They should be punished more severely in the future.

By the way, me too… Should I stop masturbating?
I’m in a state of frustration because I can’t go properly.

Then, while imagining the sex with my father that I will have someday…

“Hey, Father… ♡”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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