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Heroine Netori 47

Heroine Netori 47

Chapter 47 – Romance Fantasy (12)

“Ha ha… Are you really crazy…”

A lot was squeezed and a lot went away.
Even though it was being touched for the sake of treatment by a man she didn’t even like, she felt pleasure and climaxed.
It wasn’t just climax, it was gone to the point of spitting out love juice.
How embarrassed I was to see the soaked chair…

“I’m embarrassed, so how can I get treatment in the future… “

Deokbae Asil, who forcibly comforted him, saying that there were cases like this, but he clearly had an expression of disgust somewhere.
It was only natural that it was exposed that the famous daughter of the House of Auberg was a prostitute who went away during treatment.
I’m sure you’ve heard all the panting like a prostitute…

“No, but why is my body really so sensitive… “

It wasn’t like this when I first got treatment… Now even the slightest touch makes my breath rough.
It was a treatment full of pleasant warmth, but today it was a treatment full of unpleasant slush.
Maybe it’s the effect of ‘God’s jealousy’? Are you interfering with me in this way when I’m trying to heal you?
Then it’s the absolute worst curse!
Really… Why did I possess Louisa Aubert…!

“Whoa… Still, I’m glad it’s a real cure.”

To be honest, I couldn’t help but doubt it.
How do you think touching a woman’s body is therapy!
Touching the belly is suspicious, but touching the chest? I believed it because I really knew that Deokbae, but if it was an ordinary doctor, I immediately reported it.

“It would be nice if it was completely cured like this… “

With this treatment, all the curses that spread to her chest were cured. The reason to touch your heart like today is gone.
Now, just like the first day, you only need to receive sound treatment and be cured.
Then you can… Under… Also, if you are swung around by the playboy prince or an unknown escort knight, you don’t know when the curse will spread again.
If the curse spreads beyond the chest as well as the lower abdomen…

“Mi, crazy! Absolutely no way!”

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over my body.
At the same time, the pants that had dried up at best began to get wet again.

“Ugh… Upset… I have to go back soon.”

Let’s think only good thoughts. Only good thoughts.
Mental is also important. Just think positive!

“Oh? Hello! Louisa Auveryang!”

… But Aria Meltz, why are you suddenly here?


She has clean skin like a baby, big eyes like in a shojo manga, voluminous golden bobbed hair, and a very voluptuous body unlike a pure face.
Aria Meltz, who made Louisa Aubert, who was her main character, a supporting character and kicked her out of her work, became the main character and monopolized her male leads.
An attractive character that has turned even her readers, who used to curse at her for cheering for her Louisa Aubert, into her die-hard fans.
And… Like the original story, the true heroine who took away the male lead from me.
She appeared in front of me

“My name is Arya Meltz! I really wanted to meet you! Nice to meet you!”

What to do I’m not happy at all
I knew. That Arya Meltz wants to meet me.
I’ve been contacted several times to hold a tea ceremony.

But I deliberately avoided it.
Are you going to meet me and talk to him anyway?

How did you meet
How did you stole my heart
How did you get the dash
How did you lose your mind
How how… !

You were trying to find me to say something like that!

You’re annoying
I know that? Ever since I read the original, I hated you.

“Did you receive the gift well? It’s a gift I chose together with the prince… I hope you like it!”

Under! Gift? What gift?
Ah… The present he was supposed to give you?
Look at you pretending not to know anything with a smile on your face.
Yeah I didn’t like that part of you. You who stole everything from Louis and Auvers in that way…

It’s so disgusting.

“Uh… Are you okay? You look very sick… I heard that you are receiving treatment from a teacher you know, but it seems to be true…”

It’s so disgusting, really…

Year with me

What the hell are you jealous of?

It’s something I brought on myself.

I feel sorry for him when he puts up a wall with the prince like that, because he always leaves.
Lucius doesn’t even care that he caught all the fish.
Jealous of Arya Meltz who did nothing wrong.

I think I’m going to vomit from my own disgust…
It hurts again
I can feel the curse spreading again.
Deeper and wider than before…

“I’m sorry! I guess I was just talking… Then I’ll just go! See you next time!”

“… Ha… “

It’s the worst.


To be honest, I was a little scared, but it went surprisingly well.
I was prepared to hear one voice and touched it, but if it goes like this, it’s a dog’s gain.
In the future, I think I will be able to touch here and there with the excuse of treatment.

[Ah! Ah… Wow, kyaaaaa… Why is this… Sorry… I feel good… ]

[Huge… Ahhh… I don’t like nipples… I’m sick… Why do I feel this… ]

It definitely has a different taste from watching the video.
The correct answer was to ask the Duchess and get an eyepatch magic tool.
A video that leaves without knowing that you are being filmed is a piece of shit.

In addition, thanks to the magic enchanted in the eyepatch

[Ah… I’m going crazy… Ahhh, ahh… Haang! Ah… ]

[Jebaal… Just don’t touch here… Ha ha… Also below… Ha… Also below!]

I mean, it heats up so quickly.
I don’t think he even remembers it, but he held out his pussy to be touched like this. Oh, it’s really fucking bad.
If it’s this bad, I’ll be able to pick up a lot of views…

Well, no. It’s a waste to actually upload it.
It’s been a few years since I’ve been working on netori, but I can’t share this.
The video of the duchess fucking would be enough.

[Ah… Something strange… Something… Come away… Shera… ]

[Hasssss, hass… Aaaaa!!]

Whoa… The peppers are about to burst.
Everything is good, but I’m going crazy because I can’t pull it out. Next time, I’ll have to pull out one leg while teasing moderately.
I think it would be disgusting to pretend that it is a cream for treatment and spread semen all over the place…


“Teacher! I’m here!”

Oh, has it already been this time?
That is great. I have to choose Aria Meltz as it is.


“Teacher! Before coming here, I met the famous Louisa Auveryang! You were treated by the teacher, right?”

“Right. But don’t gossip.”

“Yes! By the way… Did you really only treat it?”

What. Are you quick-witted today?
Arya Meltz asked me, staring at my crotch.
With a face as if he knew everything.

“If you’ve been treated, you’ve been treated, what are you thinking?”

“Hmm… No nothing! I’m just curious.”

Arya Meltz nodded her head as if she was convinced to herself and then she clung to me as she smiled.
Was this child always this active?
The soft and fluffy feel of big breasts… It’s good, but…
It’s embarrassing when people suddenly change.

“Hehe… Teacher! Please take care of therapy today!”

“Yes… Please take care of me too.”

“I will take it off today. Ruler!”

“Uh… Thank you for doing so…”

Arya Meltz began to remove my clothes layer by layer with her soft fingers.
This… Are you a bit embarrassed?
It doesn’t just take off my clothes, it sticks to me as much as possible and gives off a dirty smell.
As if she was marking me with her own scent…

What is he really like?

Arya Meltz, stripping off her top, buried her face in her crotch and bit her jack with her mouth.
Then, without using her hands, she succeeded in removing my pants only with her mouth.

“Whoops… You are already hardened!”

Naturally, I got an erection, and Arya Meltz saw it, and she gave me a weird smile.
After that she bit my cock through her panties and she started sniffing and sniffing me.

“Hoo-wook… Ha… “

Oh shit i’m going crazy
It was my cock that I was very excited about touching Louisa Aubert, but she was stimulated like this without being able to release it, so it seemed like she would ejaculate soon.

“Chew… Ha… Chun, ha…”

“Wait, Aria… It’s okay.”

No really, why is he so naughty?
Aria Meltz went beyond biting her cock and sucked on her side, then touched her clit with one hand and masturbated to her.

I haven’t even started therapy yet…

“Ah, are you going to ejaculate now? No! In my mouth… Wow!”

Eventually, when I couldn’t stand it and tried to ejaculate, she hurriedly took off my panties, as if Aria Meltz was trying to get her into her mouth.
But as soon as I took off her panties, I immediately ejaculated and Aria Meltz’s face was stained with my semen.
It was really forced.

“Hehe… This might be good in its own way… I’m sorry… It’s full of the teacher’s scent…”

She made an ecstatic expression as she licked my semen from the corner of her mouth, still not stopping her masturbation.

“Ha… Tasty…Hehe, teacher… Haeup…”

Then I put my cock in her mouth and squirmed and cleaned it.
After that, she sucked up even the remaining semen in her urethra, looked at me with a satisfied expression, and then opened her mouth.

“Now… Therapy please!”

The goo of semen in her mouth made me erect again.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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