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Heroine Netori 46

Heroine Netori 46

Chapter 46 – Romance Fantasy (11)

Rain Arman, who bothered me every day, has been quiet for a while.
Little by little, rumors were spreading that there was something between me and Rain Arman, so I was worried, but it’s really fortunate.
Perhaps the Arman family didn’t like the rumor, so I think they said something to Rain Arman.

Thanks to resume that, I was finally able to therapy again.
I put off making excuses for what I was going to observe so much.

And… From today, Louisa Aubert’s treatment also begins.
No worries.
In this ‘Heroine Netori’, there are more than tens of women who ate her under the guise of treating her.
If you do what you do, you will be successful enough.
No matter how much Louis or Aubert is the main character, she is a woman after all.

You can’t move if you put your cock on it.


“This is Louisa Aubert.”

You’re here!
Now, it’s time for healing.


“Then Louis Nayang, can you roll up her clothes?”

“… Yes.”

Louisa blushed and, as the man said, lifted her clothes to reveal her pure white flesh.
She was very shy, but in order to treat her, she had no choice but to follow the man’s advice.
Louis I tried my best not to be conscious of men, but

“Oh… !”

She couldn’t help but be conscious of the man touching her.
She was such a powerful stimulus to her, who had never had a relationship with a man in her two lives.
She felt so good that it was strange even though it was obviously therapy.
Ruina tried to hold it in, but she still couldn’t lift her head at the sound of her moaning.

The man looked at Louisa and spoke to her in a rather serious tone.

“… Miss Louisa? Perhaps… Has something bad happened to you lately?”

“Yes? Uh… What?”

Ruina was taken aback by the man’s sudden question.
Nothing bad happened. Incurable diseases can be cured, and the romance with a childhood friend is going well…

‘Ah… There is. The playboy prince…’

At that time, Ruina thought of the prince.
Unlike Lucius, who was timid and frustrated, the prince actively approached him.
She was Ruina who had stood up to his dash more than once or twice.
The prince who put everything aside and ran to hug her was the image of the male protagonist that her Ruina loved so much in her previous life.

But Louis I couldn’t accept the prince’s courtship.
Because the prince has Arya Meltz, and even if he defeats Arya Meltz, he will die soon.
So Louis I had no choice but to treat her prince coldly.
In the end, the prince shifted his attention to Arya as in the original story.

It was definitely what she had planned and what she wanted.
But… When he left like that, I was left with regret.
In addition, when it became possible to treat an incurable disease, the regret grew.

‘A selfish year… Look at how jealous he gets when he flirts like that because he flirts with another bitch… I’m really too ugly… ‘

“Looking at your expression, it looks like you’re there?”

“… Yes.”

“After… This is not good. As I said before, this curse is a curse that spreads throughout the body using pain as food. That pain includes psychological pain.”

“That word… ?”

“It’s a state where the curse has spread beyond the part that was cured last time. To be honest, it’s a bit serious. Of course, it is not at all impossible to cure.”

Ruina, whose heart skipped a beat at the man’s words, let out a sigh of relief when he was told that treatment was not impossible.
And she asked the man in a slightly trembling voice.

“It is possible…Did you?”

“Sure! By the way… A little bit where the curse spread… It’s an embarrassing place…”


“To tell you the truth, the curse has spread to my chest. So she has no choice but to touch that area for treatment.”


It was embarrassing enough just to touch my stomach, but to even touch my chest… It was something I hadn’t even thought of.
A man, not a woman…

Thinking that the man in front of her was massaging her breasts, her Louisa’s face turned red.
In addition, it was a treatment that somehow made me feel good, but if I could touch her breasts…

“Oh no!”

“Yes, that reaction is normal. I have no desire to force it either. However… Louisa-san, is this treatment? It’s not just a disease, it’s a dangerous curse that takes lives…”


“I am also an adult with a daughter about your age. I mean, I’m not a guy who’s mean enough to lust after you. So I won’t force you.”

“Ugh… “

There was nothing wrong with the man’s words.
For treatment, a man’s healing ability was needed, and that healing ability was an ability that could be demonstrated by direct touch.
Therefore, in order to heal, I had to be touched by a man…

Louis I tried my best to roll her head, but she couldn’t find another way.
To survive… She couldn’t help it.

“… Please. Be sure to keep it a secret from others. Until the death… Not even in death.”

“With all my honor, I will definitely keep that promise.”

“… I will believe you.”

“Then… Just a moment before treatment.”

The man left his seat and came back with a black eyepatch from somewhere. Then he handed over the eyepatch to Ruina.

“For treatment, we have to touch each other while facing each other, but then it’s embarrassing… So will you wear this blindfold? If you wear this blindfold, your sight and hearing will be paralyzed.”

“… I know.”

Ruina was suspicious of the man, but did not refuse the man’s offer.
She believed in the popularity of Deokbae Asil, who was famous in her original work and in the royal capital.
In addition, she was very embarrassed as the man said, so she didn’t have the confidence to look at the man’s face, and she didn’t even want to hear her own moans.

“I’ll be looking behind you, so take off your clothes and put on an eyepatch before calling.”


Ruina looked at the man’s broad back as she slowly undressed her.
Shame came over her every time she took off a layer, and when she even took off her underwear to reveal her breasts, she was so embarrassed that she fainted.

‘It’s crazy… This kind of ugliness at the academy…’

She was already breathing hard and she was breaking out in a cold sweat.
With her trembling hands, she managed to put on her eyepatch, and as the man said, her sight and hearing disappeared.
Her eyes went blank and she couldn’t hear anything.
But her sense of touch was still there, and she felt the cold air over her breasts.

‘This, being touched in this state? Ah… ‘

As sight and hearing disappeared, the sense of touch became stronger.
Even the slightest touch of wind made my heart flutter.
If a man massages his breasts like this…

‘Ah… It’s a big deal.’

Louisa instinctively realized.
What will happen to your body in the future?
I had to stop.


But I couldn’t stop.
When she called out to the man, he placed his hand on his chest as if he had waited.


Even just touching it, a tremendous amount of pleasure poured out.
It was on a different level than when I touched my stomach. It was much more dizzying and exhilarating. It was a feeling that my head was numb with good feeling.
She couldn’t hear it, but Louisa was clearly screaming obscenely.
Ruina’s waist bent at the pleasure she felt for the first time, and her body collapsed.
Then the man’s hands touched her chest to her.


The man played with his breasts like toys.
The feeling of being touched here and there made Louisa feel like she was about to go out of her mind.
I could feel saliva dripping down my lips.
But she couldn’t resist. I was just entrusting myself with the pleasure that a man gives me.

“Haaang! Ha… Hot, Ha! Ah… “

But it didn’t end there.
The man changed the way he gripped her breasts and touched both of his nipples her with both hands.

“Huh… ? Oh no… There… Hot… “

The man pretended not to hear and slowly stroked Ruina’s nipple of her.
Ruina gasped and begged him to stop, but the man did not stop.
Rather, he pinched the nipple with two fingers as if he was embarrassed.

“Kyaaah! Poetry, sir, what!”

At best, just as she was trying to get used to the caress, pleasure poured out again.
He felt his panties her getting wet with love juice.
The feeling of being wet was unpleasant, but more than that, the pleasure the man gave was pleasant.

“Joaaaaa… Ahh! Ha… Ha…”

Eventually, when the treatment was over, the chair Ruina was sitting on looked as if it had been soaked in heavy rain.


[Heroine Netori]
[B Romance Fantasy]
[ㄴ Louisa Aubert (protagonist, main heroine)]
[Video of a blindfolded beautiful girl touching her breasts and leaving.Mp4]

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Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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