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Heroine Netori 45

Heroine Netori 45

Chapter 45 – Romance Fantasy (10)

“Hasn’t Ruina-sama been very pretty lately?”
“That’s right. The cold Louisa-sama in the past was also wonderful, but I think the warmer Louisa-sama like now is even more beautiful!”
“They say women become prettier when they love each other~ Maybe Ruina-sama too?”
“Kyaaaaa! Really?”

Lucius was amused by the rumors around him.
It was a pleasure to be praised by the woman he liked.
In addition, Lucius’ mouth caught in his ears at the words ‘love makes you pretty’.
It was because, looking at Louisa’s recent behavior toward him, it seemed as if she was his girlfriend.

‘Really… It may have changed because he chose me and organized his mind… ‘

Rumors are circulating that the prince, who was the greatest rival, has lost interest in Ruina, and is messing with the freshman.
Likewise, the escort knight, who was a competitor, has not been seen for a while and is in a state of silence.
However, he himself is seeing Ruina every day and has made a date appointment for this weekend.
The thought of being one step ahead made Lucius feel like he had already won.

“Siw! Good morning!”

Look at that expression over there!
That beautiful smile that was never shown to princes and escort knights!
Lucius thought of that smile as a smile he showed only to himself, and developed his feelings for Ruina today as well.

“Yes? What? What are you staring at so intently? Am I that pretty?”

Right now, he only shows that smile, but if he goes out with Ruina and eventually gets married, he will definitely show them.
Louisa’s… Secret and dizzying parts…

“What, what! That look!”

“Uh? Oh, that’s…”

When Ruina blushed and took a step back, Lucius scratched his head and stopped walking.
He himself had dirty thoughts, but fortunately, Ruina seemed to have misunderstood that it was a reaction to his appearance.

“Oh my! As expected, the two of you are getting along well today!”

“These two always stick together! It’s really nice to see a good-looking man and woman!”

Just as it was about to get a little awkward, the girls who had been talking about Ruina earlier intervened.
The two were middle-class nobles who took care of Louisa by claiming to be classmates who envied Louisa.

“Are we just the usual us?”

“Oh my! Are you always acting like this? It’s romantic…! I respect you!”

“Everything… “

The two made a fuss as usual, and even though Ruina pretended to be okay, she couldn’t hide the raised corners of her mouth.
Lucius was very happy with this situation. It was a peaceful day that I hadn’t even thought of until the semester began.

“By the way, did you hear that rumor? Well the prince! They said they went to Kingdom Department Store with that freshman!”
“I heard that Knight Jin and that ‘Asil’ went with them! I heard they bought expensive accessories!”

‘These careless bitches!’

Upon hearing the two words, Lucius’ expression hardened.
I hurriedly looked at Ruina, and Ruina’s smile had also disappeared.

‘Shit… After all, do you still have feelings for the two of you… ‘

If you only focused on yourself, there would be no reason to harden your expression like that…
Ruina still seemed to care about the prince.
Lucius felt inferior to the prince and embarrassed about himself.

‘Like a prince… I won’t let you think about it again. I’ll make you look only at me.’

Lucius decided that he would definitely win Louisa’s heart completely, and left her ignorant two alone and headed for Louisa and her classroom.


“Ah! But I couldn’t tell you about that rumor!”
“You mean ‘the rumor’? Actually, the two of you might be like that…”
“It was something we only thought would happen in our delusions… “
“As expected, reality is better than imagination, isn’t it?”


“Hmm… You can’t see me well these days… I wanted to ask what happened that day…”

He’s always in the park at the back of Classroom 2, but I can’t see his face lately.
It’s not like I really want to see you or anything like that… I’m just curious!
Did you buy the present for Miss Ruina well, and what was the reaction like… I mean things like that.
We don’t know because he disappeared without saying a word and left us alone.
After all, even if they are princes, are they disgusting people like Miss Cecilia said?

“Whoa… What? Gnome? Are you sure you’re a gnome who signed a contract with the prince?”

I thought it was a waste of time today and was about to go back when a gnome appeared!
He’s a gnome who signed a contract with the prince with my help, so he’s a gnome in my memory.
I remember making a contract to live together in the real world without returning to the spirit realm, so why am I here alone?

“Yes? What? … What?!”

“They were like that?!”


“Miss Cecilia! Listen!! Yes! The prince and his escort knight!”

“Hehe, you said you love each other?”

“What? Uh, how did you know? Apparently, no one knows yet, the gnome…”

“There’s no way I don’t know what Miss Meltz knows, right? Whoops.”

“That… That’s right! Yes!”

After all, Miss Cecilia is amazing!
You’re so cute, you’re good at studying, and you really don’t know anything?
I can’t tell you how happy I am to be friends with Miss Cecilia.

“By the way, are you talking about another man today?”

“Yes? Uh… Is it? There… Shouldn’t that be?”

“Hmm… Unexpectedly, Ms. Meltz’s mental barrier was on the high side. I’ll have to give you a hint once again. So that I won’t forget this time.”

“Cancer? I… Miss Cecilia, what the hell are you talking about?”

Occasionally, Miss Cecilia tells a mysterious story. It’s a difficult story that I, an idiot, can’t understand at all.
But Miss Cecilia always says the right things… That’s all you have to do!

“Does Miss Meltz like my father?”

“… Yes?! Oh no? Teacher… Are you just a teacher?”

“But you think of your father every day, don’t you? Before bed, when you wake up, when you eat, when you take classes… Yes?”

“Uh…Is that so? Miss Cecilia says so, so it seems right…”

When I heard it, it really seemed like that.
It is true that I waited for the teacher’s therapy every day, and I always told Ms. Cecilia about her teacher.
I see… Was this ‘love’?
Always drawing the other person is love… Oh my… Am I in love right now?!

“It’s okay if you don’t feel ashamed. Whoops.”

“What? But what about me? First love, first love as a friend’s father…”

“It’s okay because I, my daughter, allow it. Because she will be unrequited love anyway. Whoops. It doesn’t matter that Miss Meltz loves her father.”

“Yes… Okay…”

Is it… Since Miss Cecilia, your daughter, said that, you must be right, right?
But my face is really hot.
Is it really that embarrassing to be in love? The teacher keeps popping up in her head and she’s at a loss!
It reminded me of the teacher touching my body… Ha… With her thick hands, my tits and pussy… I’m sorry…

“Miss Meltz must not expect love from her. She just needs to please her father with her body as she loves her father. You know?”

“Yes! I will!”

“So… At the next therapy, try to seduce your father yourself. With that lewd body mass.”

“That word… ?”

“Huh, give it to her father, the girl that Miss Meltz has cherished so far. You will surely be delighted.”

“Yes! …… Uh? Yes eh?! That!”

“I’m giving it to someone I love, isn’t it okay?”


“Isn’t it Ms. Meltz who soaked this pussy here thinking of her father every day? Look! Are you wet again?
Fufu, you’ll be able to greet her father’s cock through this hole. Simple, right?”

Ahh… Again, again! Miss Cecilia touched my cunt…
I’ll find out that my pussy is wet again… I’m embarrassed…

“Oh okay! I’m sorry…”

“Okay, then that will work.”

“But I… Miss Cecilia! I have something to tell you!”


I cleaned out one flying fly… That there is one more left.
It’s even more dirty, troublesome, and annoying flies.

It’s disgusting how they stick around like that every weekend.
Even though my father hits the iron wall, it really goes all the way… !
I really can’t anymore.

Look at that outfit Is that really a knight’s attire?
No matter who sees it, it’s a bitch’s outfit to seduce her father!

There is a certain number of people who will receive Father’s love… It’s not really even funny.
If I had only dedicated my body like Godmother, I wouldn’t have thought much of it.
You’re hoping for too many things.

“Oh? Are you Miss Cecilia? Did you come to see Deokbae? It’s cute~”

Under! What is this pretending to be friendly?
What is this appeal of being close to your father?

“Yes? Why?”

A bitch must act like a bitch.
A bitch who doesn’t know the subject needs an education.

“Hey, why are you so… Aaaaagh! You now Whoops, whoops! Oh no!”


Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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