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Heroine Netori 44

Heroine Netori 44

Chapter 44 – Romance Fantasy (9)

“Luna! Good morning!”

“Siwoo! Good morning to you too!”

“Because it’s Lucius… “

“If I am Siwoo, then I am Siwoo hee hee.”

Recently, Louisa has changed.
Ruina, who was always cold and seemed like she would break at the slightest touch, disappeared, and Ruina, who had warm and positive energy, appeared.
As if she had gone back to her childhood, she had returned as Lucius fell in love.

It was her smile that was hard to see a few times a year…
All day now her laughter does not disappear from her.

Although he regretted that he couldn’t change her Louisa, Lucius liked the changed Louisa much better.
Her feelings for Ruina, which had cooled off, were rekindled.


“Would you please unbutton your clothes first and then lift them up? Just raise it so that you can see the heart.”


Louis I was embarrassed to expose her own skin, but she didn’t show it.
Getting her tested had happened many times in her previous life.
Although it was the first time I was seen by a man in my current life… She wasn’t embarrassing, and since she was for the inspection, she followed his words.

“This… It’s already been eaten up to here… Louisa, what the hell are you…”

However, the reaction of the man doing the test is unusual.
She made a serious expression when she saw the pure white flesh that clearly had nothing on it, and then she started to shed tears.

“Very… It must have been painful and painful… It must have been hard because of the pain that no one could understand… You managed to hold on until now.”


It was empathy.
It was sympathy that only a person who suffered from the same disease and lost a loved one could give.
It was the first empathy she received in her past and present life.

Naturally, her eyes were moistened.
She tried hard to pretend that nothing was wrong, but when she saw the man crying instead of her, she ended up shedding tears.

“The curse of ‘God’s jealousy’ pierces people’s hearts and torments them. Then, using the pain as nourishment, it gradually spreads throughout the body and eventually causes the person to die.
But you’re already cursed a lot. If this was enough, I would have felt the pain enough to want to die every day… It’s really amazing that you can hold on to this.”

What he said was true.
In particular, since she entered the academy, there has never been a day when she did not feel pain. She had to take as much medicine as she ate.
Even so, she was able to endure it because this level of pain was already the pain she had been through in her previous life.

But finally, the chance to get out of her suffering came.

The man who finished the diagnosis started treatment.


“I’ll start treatment from the periphery first. If you try to treat the heart excessively with this amount, it may have the opposite effect.”

“Yes… Please.”

The man put his hand on Ruina’s lower belly.
Then he began to heal using the heel.
At first glance, it was nothing, rather an act close to sexual harassment, but the green particles that came out of his hands made me believe that this act was a cure.
And it actually worked.
As soon as his warm hands touched her stomach, the pain disappeared for an instant. Instead of feeling like vomiting, I felt comfort like heaven.
Slowly, as he moved his hand clockwise, the comfort spread through his entire body.

‘Awesome… I feel so good. It’s warm and cozy… Not at all… No pain at all…’

She closed her eyes and fully felt his touch.
She smiled softly at the warmth he gave her, entrusting her body and mind her to him.
She passed that way for a long time, unaware that she was making small moans.


Then, when he put his hand her away her, he unknowingly let out a sigh of regret.

“How was it? Did you like it?”

“Yes… Very…”


That’s how Ruina’s first treatment ended.
Contrary to her expectations, her treatment, which was so satisfying, made Louisa feel refreshed.
She was amused as it seemed to her that only her hopeful future awaited her.

‘All I have to do is cure the incurable disease, escape the mother-in-law, and live happily ever after!’

But the joy didn’t last that long.
On her way back to her dormitory, she witnessed the prince flirting with Arya.

‘Ah… Why did I hide Now the prince has decided not to care… That’s right, just go.’

She quickly hid behind a tree, dumbfounded by her own behavior, but she couldn’t bear to leave her seat.
She also wondered if the rumors that the prince had abandoned her Louisa and wooed her Aria were true.

“Aria, are you free this Friday?”

“Yes, yes yes? Uh… Is there any?”

“Then let’s go somewhere with me.”

“Uh… Yes eh? This, that… Uh…”

‘Under! Well yes! Because you’re a flirt! Look at him doing that to another girl so quickly!’

Her Louisa was offended when she saw the prince beating Arya with the same words he used to ask her out on a date.
Quietly stepping back behind her, she fled from her post to avoid being noticed by them.


After the prince, who had arranged her date with her aria, broke up with her, she gave her signal, and his men jumped out of the grass.

“Prince…Is the operation a success?”

“Did I tell you? Because it works Originally, women are animals of jealousy.”

“But what if I go to Lucius or Jin like this?”

“Tsk tsk. You’re going to buy a present for that occasion. It’s more effective to give a gift with a twist after disappointing them once rather than just giving them a gift.”

“Uh? So, did you really arrange a date for Miss Arya and her?”

“Is there any reason not to?”

“Prince, what are you… “


“You want to go with me?”

“Ugh… It’s too much pressure for the two of you to go alone, and it’s the first time I’ve been there… Please, Miss Cecilia!”

How do I do this? Again, that flying fly clung to Miss Meltz.
But he said let’s go buy a present for Auveryang…
Hmm… Is the prince also flirting with Miss Auver?

Disgusting crap. He doesn’t know my subject too much when he’s not even the father?
The same goes for the escort knight that accompanies you. Shall we give the two of you an ‘education’?

“There’s nothing we can do. The two of them were going to meet and check it out at least once, so I’ll go with them. … But it’s also annoying. Why do you keep devaluing yourself?”


“I told you to think only of your father, Ms. Meltz. Do you want to be punished again?”

“Uh, uh… What? Oh no…”

“To Miss Meltz, all other men are disgusting. Miss Meltz is only interested in her father’s cock. Yes?”

“That is… Venomous? Then? Uh… Right! I see! That’s right, Miss Cecilia! All I need is your cock!”

“Whoops, yes. Miss Meltz will do just that. That’s why Miss Meltz exists.”


“Oh, how could Cecilia Asil, who was so famous, be so beautiful!”

What a disgusting person.
I didn’t change my appearance her to show you.

“I was worried about that rumor, but it turned out that it was a rumor that was born out of jealousy!”

… What is this person talking about?
It’s not the events of that day that you carelessly talk about…

“Anyway, nice to meet you, Miss Cecilia. Do you know who I am Miss Aria didn’t know me for over a week, right?Haha.”

“Please lower your voice, Prince.”

“Jin! You are next to me, what am I worried about!”

Under… Glad you came to check it out.
Incorrigible garbage that has no value in existence.
A human being who is better off disappearing from the world for everyone.
The same goes for you, who only watches from the sidelines.

Really… It’s stressful.

“Ugh? Woo-wook… Town… “

“What…? Suddenly ugh… Who? Hey contact me… Ug…”


“Kyaaaaagh! What’s going on? Suddenly, two of you fell down!”

“It has nothing to do with us. Yes?”

“Uh…Right. Yes.”

“So, nothing happened today. Go back to the dormitory like this, Ms. Meltz.”

“Yes, got it!”

Then… How should we dispose of these two wastes?
It’s easy to erase it from the world like this, but it’s cumbersome to clean up afterwards.
If I let it go, I keep messing with Miss Meltz and Miss Aubert…
Should I make it like I thought then?

Hehe, I thought it was too harsh, so I didn’t want to go this far… I can’t.

Then the prince and the escort knight… May the two of you love each other well!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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