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Heroine Netori 43

Heroine Netori 43

Chapter 43 – Romance Fantasy (8)

“Hee hee~ hee hee~ hee hee hee hee ♪~”

Today is therapy day!
Taking classes is fun and spending time with friends is fun, but my favorite time at the academy is therapy time!

It was awkward and embarrassing at first, but now I get it naturally without any such thing at all.
Now, when the teacher touches my pussy, I’m not ashamed at all!

“Aria? You came early. Could you wait until the reservation time? The time ahead isn’t over yet.”

“Yes! I’ll be waiting for you!”

You’re busy too…
In fact, I came at this time thinking that if I come early, I can receive therapy longer, but it’s a pity.
I’ve been greedy… Also, don’t think bad thoughts.

“There… Mandible! Alright… Aang! Ah, school! Ah… Haang!”

Oh my, as I wait in the waiting room, I hear moaning through the curtains.
By the way… This voice is Frieda senior?! He said that therapy is an obligation as the student council president, and that he doesn’t feel good at all…

“Aang! It’s too small there… Ah… Joe, please touch me harder!”

Do you like it very much?
Then it is. It’s the teacher’s therapy, so I can’t feel bad.
I thought it was strange, but it was also a lie. The old man must be shy.

“Miss Aria! Since we’re almost done, can you take off your clothes and come in?”


At first, I changed into short sleeves and shorts that were comfortable to receive therapy, but I took them off during the treatment, so these days I just receive them naked.
Naked inside the academy!
She has a strange sense of immorality that gives her chills, but she calms down quickly after receiving therapy.


After removing all the clothes she took off, she pulled back the curtains and went in to find Frida sunbaenim lying on the bed with her legs spread apart.
Seeing her drooling senior, she wonders where her usual charismatic senior has gone.

“Free Divers. She did a lot of work Let’s stop here for today and go in now.”

“Yes, yes… “

The senior shook her limbs like her newborn deer, barely got her clothes on, and she walked out of the infirmary.
But this… Aren’t they senior panties? Then she’s no panties now… It doesn’t matter.

“Please take good care of me!”

“Yeah, take care of me too!”

I climbed onto the clean bed on the other side of the wet bed and lay down on my face, and the teacher climbed on top of me and rubbed my shoulders on the back.
Ha ha… Feel good…

“Now, almost all of the parts that have come together have been undone. Still, Miss Aria will inevitably come together because of her breasts, so you have to continue receiving her therapy.”


Absolutely. It feels good and is good for the body, so you have to do it consistently.
The teacher massaged her shoulders, then lowered her hand along her back and touched my buttock.


Then, naturally, a moan came out of me.
On the first day, I tried to hold it in, but the teacher said it would get worse the more I did it, so now I can’t stand it and scream to my heart’s content.

“Ha, ha… Yes, yes, hang!”

The teacher got off me and went behind her, spreading my legs apart and she spread my cunt wide open.
At the touch of the teacher I’ve been waiting for, I could feel her love juice flowing out.

“It is already very wet. Were you excited to hear the voice of Freeda?”

“No… From the moment you come to receive therapy… Ha ha…”

“Did you get wet from the dorm? Yay.”

“But… Oops, ha… I was expecting… Haaang!”

The teacher’s finger went into her pussy!
My vagina was throbbing with my fingers digging into the vagina forcibly. Then the teacher scratched my G-spot with her finger.

Haha! There you are! Haaaaang!”

A good female sexuality emanated from me.


The teacher gently stroked her vagina a few more times before removing her fingers.
Unfortunately, I tried to tighten her vagina, but the teacher slapped her on the butt and quickly pulled it out.

“Aria. Today I am going to try a new therapy. It’s called cock therapy, and it’s helpful for face correction and skin care, so don’t worry and take it.”

“Now, cock therapy?”

“Yes. Now, just put this in your mouth.”

“Yes, yes? That… No that? Is it your mouth?”

Come on, sleep! The teacher took out the cock!
Do you usually take out your penis during therapy? And put it in your mouth?
Is it that big? Nonsense….

I think something is strange. Come to think of it, why are you naked during therapy?
Why did the teacher touch my pussy and not my genitals?
Why i…

‘Don’t be against my father’s actions.’
‘Don’t question my father’s actions.’
‘Follow what your father says.’

… Oh yes.
There must be such a therapy.
That’s right, there are pussy touching therapies, so there’s dick sucking therapies too!
What was I thinking?
You just have to do what you’re told to do.

“Haam… Oops! Whoops, whoops… It’s hot!”

I closed my eyes and bit on the cock, but it’s so hot!
I think my tongue is burning…

“So it’s good for you. It relaxes the muscles in your mouth.”

‘Is it good to relax… ?’

But what the teacher said is probably right.
I cleared my doubts and started to suck my dick again, but this time it wasn’t as hot as the first time.
Instead, something hazy and pleasant came rushing in.

– Haljjak, Haljjak.

When I instinctively lick the cock in my mouth, the cock twitches in my mouth.
Why are you in such a good mood… Why are you licking my cock?

“Churrup, ha ha… Chun, tseung, chueup, ha… Haljjak, Chureup, Haeung… Chew.”

The sweet feeling that made my brain go numb made me dazed for a moment.
When I woke up later, I was sucking the teacher’s cock like crazy.

“Drink… Chop, chuup, ha… Have a drink, sir. Haap, chu, jueup, hau…”

It was the same even after I came to my senses.
Sucking a dick is strangely addictive. I can’t stop sucking strangely.
So delicious, so sweet, so pleasant…

“Oops? Uh, kek, chorrokcolok, this, this?”

Suddenly the cock twitched in his mouth and he ejaculated his mouth full of semen…
When I spit it out in surprise, the teacher scolded me.

“Miss Aria, this is the core of cock therapy. So never spit it out. Got it?”

“Yes… I will never spit it out.”

Even if you didn’t say that, I thought so.
The semen that remained in my mouth that I couldn’t spit out was sweeter than my cock.
Originally, are men’s penises and semen like this… ?
Or just a teacher… ?


“Oh no! The therapy content is an absolute secret! No matter how much Miss Cecilia is the teacher’s daughter, she said you shouldn’t tell me!”

Today, when I return from therapy, Miss Cecilia asks what kind of therapy I received.
I always say it’s a secret! I can’t speak!
And it’s embarrassing! How do you tell your daughter that you sucked the teacher’s cock…
Besides, how the hell are you going to tell your daughter that you’re going to suck her cock tomorrow while sucking her pussy? !

“Okay… Starting from the next therapy, it’s 69 positions… I’m really envious… Ah! I can’t. Masturbate like this now. Lick my toes and pant like a bitch. I think that will make you feel better.”

“Hehe, you know?”


“Ha ha… Haljjak, chung, ha… Jew, Chu.”

Miss Meltz’s therapy seems to be going well without any problems. It’s a bit embarrassing, but you should understand. Because he needs a bitch to satisfy his father’s sexual desire.
And since I don’t have a heart like this… Eight! What a lump of fat!

“Kyaaaaang! Lower jaw, lower jaw… Churup… Ha ha… Cheop, Cheop…”

Oh? Won’t you take your mouth off my toes until the end?
Was your father’s cock that good?

I suggested, ‘Think of my toes as your father’s cock and masturbate while licking them.’ The effect is really amazing.
Whoops, looks really cheesy.

“Aang! Ha ha… Churrup, ha… Aang, haaang!”

Oh my, have you already gone? Because it’s really sensitive.
But you can’t stop. You have to do it until I feel better.

By the way… Today, ‘that man’ must have come to see Miss Meltz with an escort knight.
Miss Meltz, do you want to be a dirty bitch too?
You are the body that will become your father’s toy in the future. You shouldn’t be friendly with other men.
Even if it is the prince of the kingdom.

Hmm… It’s really my father and Ms. Meltz, and it’s annoying why the flying flies are bothering me.
How should I handle it so that my father praises me for doing a good job?

Whoops, I had an interesting idea.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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